Lakers Rumors: Jordan Hill May Not Return If D’Antoni Is Still Coach

Lakers Rumors: Jordan Hill May Not Return If D’Antoni Is Still Coach


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It’s no secret that Laker forward Jordan Hill and head coach Mike D’Antoni are not exactly what one would call best friends. Therefore, the following news should come as no surprise.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, if D’Antoni is still the coach next year, it is highly doubtful that Hill will re-sign with the Lakers as a free agent this summer:

“It is doubtful that Hill would re-sign with the Lakers as a free-agent this summer with D’Antoni still the coach, sources told Yahoo Sports.”

Rumors are already floating around that Hill could be headed to the Brooklyn Nets before the February 20 trade deadline. Although trade rumors have been involving Pau Gasol lately, Hill may be the player to end up leaving the Lakers before this Thursday. If the Nets were to trade for Hill, the Lakers would only be relieved of his salary, receiving no players in return.

The acquisition would come at quite the cost for the Nets though. They would be shelling out a big $17 million in order to absorb Hill’s luxury tax penalty on his existent contract with the Lakers in this potential acquisition. The Nets are eligible for an extra $5.25 million due to the disabled player exception they received after Brook Lopez’s season-ending foot surgery.

This deal has only been in the beginning stages of discussion, but the two teams have all of three days to come to an agreement. This would be an interesting move considering the history between D’Antoni and Hill. Hill has averaged 8.5 points and seven rebounds per game so far this season and could be a good addition for the Nets as they try to make a run at the playoffs if they are willing to pay up the money for the deal.
VIDEO: Jordan Hill Doing What He Does (FUNNY!)

  • Evan

    With the way players disappear to the bench (DNP-CD), the way he throws players under the bus, and his general distaste for post play, I don’t see many players wanting to play for him in general.

  • jesse

    Well its not like he’s coming back either way some team will probably overpay for him… might aswell trade for a young asset

    • nlruizjr

      not so, he would come back if MD is out as coach, so Mitch “Do What You Gotta DO” !!!!!

  • C*HarrisTHEboss


    • Jim213

      Not sure if the coach will stick around next year as even Kobe has somewhat of a distaste for his style of play which Mike seems to be going with mostly as opposed to adapting to the roster. Hill’s a favorite @ Staples for his hustle so we’ll see what happens.

  • Paul Coleman

    With D’Antoni always someone is in the doghouse, if not more than one. Bosses like this are to be hated since they operate on fear and don’t produce good results.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    On the real I don’t blame Hill I hope MDA gets fired badly after the season I love J-Hill and I want hi to stay for a while

  • shai2408

    Although I don’t think D’Antoni is a championship caliber coach and I think the Lakers need to make a change soon if they plan to do anything while Kobe is around, I still gotta give it to him for being able to stay pretty level-headed with the issues the team has has this season.

  • NickOld

    If this is true, good luck to this guy somewhere else. In the 2 years he played under MDA hes been putting up higher numbers than this previous 5 years. This guys the next Earl Clark waiting to happen.

    • Daryl Peek

      The funny thing is, I don’t think most understand the Earl Clark reference you mention. Clark has struggled mightily now that he’s no longer in the D’Antoni system? Shawne Williams and Wes Johnson are having better seasons than Clark so far… even Ryan Kelly is doing better than Earl.

      As you said, Hill is having the best production of his career under MDA but MDA hates him?!? Kaman has put up better numbers in his brief PT this season than he has in the last three or more years. Chris was a Clipper the last time he played this good and Blake Griffin was an injured (09-10) rookie on the roster at the time. At the end of last season and in the month of January this year as Gasol got healthy his numbers have NEVER been better in his career. Pau is playing the second lowest minutes per game of his career and is taking more shots per game than he’s ever did in his career. Pau’s numbers on the season are just slightly under his career average. Even Sacre has thrived in the D’Antoni system?

      When you look at Dwight Howard’s numbers this season VS. last year under D’Antoni the difference is marginal at best across the board. D12 blocked way more shots with the Lakers in the D’Antoni system. Gasol and Kaman when given PT are blocking the same amount of shots as Howard. The Rockets team D is the same as the Lakers was last season with Howard, but MDA is at fault for bad D?

      All of those career best numbers by big men this season under D’Antoni but people keep saying he hates big men and doesn’t know how to use them properly?!? I really find the production and issue thing interesting. Again, we have 4 centers who’ve produced when given PT. MDA cannot start 4 centers or even give 4 centers PT on a consistent basis. Someone is always gonna ride the pine.

      • NickOld

        I think the MDA’s system is working against him in these cases, guys started putting up numbers and they think they’re much better than they actually are. And fans who only look at box scores starts thinking guys like Kendall Marshall is allstar material. Heck Hill and Kaman are trash that no one wanted and people here are talking like they’re so good that the coach should cater to their superior talent… Seriously

      • nicetry

        Nice try but you don’t know how to use question marks. #Fail.

        • Daryl Peek

          I apologize for grammatical errors. O_O

      • Sam

        Definitely MDA’s system gets people great stats. We score more, assist more, and have great spacing for better shots overall. What hurts us is our defense and rebounding. Opponent’s FG% and shots made is abysmal, and that’s why we lose games. That’s why on paper, all of our players are putting up numbers. Even D-league players and rookies can thrive in MDA’s offense, it’s just that he doesn’t seem to put enough emphasis on building a defense. Our rotations and help defense are non-existent, which really hurts us because most of our players are not good individual defenders. It’d be really nice to pair MDA with a coach like Monty Williams.

        • Daryl Peek

          Agreed, talent is the key. The Lakers were better defensively last season with Howard and Metta playing for D’Antoni than the Rockets are now with Howard, a much younger and more talented roster 1-12 this year. Dig that?

          MDA is not a great or even good defensive HC but give him good defensive players they will perform. Injuries have decimated this roster. At 10-9 the Lakers were middle of the pack defensively. As the injuries began to mount creating line up inconsistencies the defensive rating fell dramatically. If I’m correct the team was only giving up about 101 to 102 points a game (same as the Rockets now) when the bench mob was clicking up til 10-9. 105 is where they are now.

          The Blazers are giving up 104 a game and are one of the best teams in the west?

      • C*HarrisTHEboss


        • Daryl Peek

          LOL that’s because most wont “Stop, look and listen” when facts are presented.

      • Stan

        My friend your picking pepper out of gnat shit, sure you can find thousand of things he’s doing right, but the Lakers have never looked worse and millions of things MDA is doing wrong. Who are Jimmy Buss ?

        • Daryl Peek

          Injuries, that’s all.

      • Chrmngblly

        Yeah, well, the trouble is all those other teams are killing us in the paint and on the boards. The hidden truth is that these troops are not really playing the MDA system as he wants it played.

        Nobody but Ryan Kelly seems to have the range to do the “stretch” part of the 4 position in his system. I don’t think the Lakers keep tabs on defense anymore either, BUT, MDA seems to have the confidence of the ownership, none-the-less. Go figure.

        I imagine MDA does have what Peek calls “penis envy”. Many of us would, too, if we had to walk through the showers after practice and games with NBA level players. D’Antoni also used to be a player, himself, of course, but he was just a small guard and played in Italy. So I don’t blame him for being secretly antagonistic towards the large team “Big Men”.

        I think that everyone who is healthy is for sale at the deadline. I hope they keep Pau. They might as well. What are they asking for for Nash? Does anyone know? What a waste of a perfectly good jerzy. Why do we ever even let Nash suit Nash up? Even if he plays brilliantly, we can’t build on Nash. He is over; His career is over. This is starting to remind me of that Gunga Din spoof movie where Gunga Din refuses to die, bullet riddled though he may have been.

        We need to remember to flush.

    • nlruizjr

      so why can’t MD be the next MB waiting to happen ???

  • Michael

    I tried to be patient and supportive of D’Antoni, but his mismanagement of players has finally put me off. He seems in his element now, playing poorly to improve lottery results, as he did in his NY tenure. Let’s make a change and get a coach of a higher standard. George Karl would be at the top of my list…

  • Jay Brodes

    dantoni should be fired..period!!!

  • Elden Campbell

    I mean other than Steve Nash, I don’t think I’ve heard one other Laker say they wanted to play for MDA. Not DwightMare, not Pau, not Hill, not Jamison, not Kaman, and the list goes on. Majority of guys go around the subject and will stick it out and just play, but if those that have played for MDA don’t even wanna play for him, then why the heck are we keeping him!?!?! Unlike Phil, players would give up a lot for him, just to be coached by him.

    • Daryl Peek

      Blake, Farmar, Young, Johnson, Meeks, Williams, Kelly and X have all said they loved playing for MDA. Guess which group of Lakers has played best for him this season? All of them including Hill which was the bench mob that led the NBA in scoring before all of the injuries.

      Now couple this with the fact that Gasol, Kaman, Hill and Sacre have all had some of the best production they’ve had in years, or ever in the case of some when D’Antoni has given them PT. How is that possible when he does not know how to use big men?!? Or better yet, his system does nothing for post up players?

      • Antzer

        Hmmm best years production isnt what we are looking for, we want to win games. I dont care if they are having good or bad years as long as we win. If none of them got injured, this team isnt a championship caliber. The players mentioned above love playing for mda because of freedom to shoot, freedom that potentially increases personal production that leads to increase in pay check. Mda system is showtime without the championship. We need the right players n coaches to win championship n we currently lacking both.

        • Daryl Peek

          Things have not worked out in the win loss column due to the injuries and lack of elite talent as you correctly state but you can’t blame the coach for that.

          The question was posed about players and their disdain or liking of the coach. Championship is off topic and we all knew from the jump this was not a championship team as constructed therefore your point is not valid in this convo.

          • antzer

            you stated how our players love playing for MDA n had their best production this year and Im making the point that sure, players love to play for a free system that will potentially boost up production which equals paycheck (for most of our 1 year contract). However, this isnt what we are looking for. I dont care if players love to play for MDA, what I care is winning the ring n the players that loves playing for MDA,, Nash including, have not won anything w/MDA, anything that counts. This is relevant to all of as Lakers fan.

          • Daryl Peek

            Again you’re off topic as the question was MDA and players liking him. Not only that it matters not what were looking for as fans in a season where the FO was handcuffed by many other different factors that could not be controlled.

            Your talking best case scenario hypothetical’s. I’m talking what’s really gone down. The injuries skews the view of what could’ve been therefore you cannot formulate a true sense of what D’antoni could’ve done with a healthy roster.

            Again, the ring theme does not fit this subject matter and it’s not fair to even go there when the team was not of that caliber to start as many have said.

            Phil was not winning a ring with this team or the one we had last season. Rebuilding is the situation and coaches like D’Antoni, Del Harris, George Karl and Paul Westhead are great at rebuilds. That does not mean they are the long term plan. Constant coaching change is not a good thing as you need the stability of continuity to build a winner. Again this is our reality and we need to be patient as rebuilding a dynasty team is not an over night thing.

          • Chrmngblly

            No, Daryl, you should always blame the coach for defensive effort. Always.

          • Daryl Peek

            Lets see? Last season with Howard and Metta the Lakers were better defensively than the much younger and talented 2014 Rockets are now with Howard. How is that possible given the Lakers were too old and slow last season with a non defensive HC in D’Antoni?

            Could injuries have something to do with it? The team was ranked 15th in defense at 10-9 this year giving up just over 101 points a game.

      • Chrmngblly

        It defies belief. I agree with you, Daryl. Maybe the FO has overachieved. Maybe D’Antoni is the coach the Lakers have really needed all along.


        • Daryl Peek

          Maybe they just made some bad choices like Dr. Buss and West did in the early 90’s that caused those two losing season from 92-94.

          Did I forget to mention there were no injured players back then but the team was still so sorry Magic quit because he didn’t want to coach that group?

          • Chrmngblly

            Is this what they call a smokescreen, Peek? You always hash up a bunch of shit nobody remembers and then conclude that you were right all along at the end of it. I’ve seen you pull this before.

          • Daryl Peek

            Funny how you keep a mental log of what I say? Am I wrong? Did these things not happen? If not then my bad.

  • Robert Perez

    Mike d ruined the Lakers in 2 quick seasons…

    • Jim213

      SMH, the responsibility goes on FO they hire and fire.

      • Robert Perez

        FO put together a superstar team, they were expected to atleast go to the finals. Instead they were the joke of the NBA that season. Mike didn’t know what to do with all that talent. The team hasn’t played Defense since he’s been here, is FO supposed to handle that too? He chased away Dwight and now gasol Kaman and hill are unhappy in his system so they want out too, NO BIGS WANT TO PLAY FOR THIS MAN. He didn’t manage kobes mins, had him playing ridiculous mins and now he may never be the same, was FO supposed to come down and take Kobe out of the game? Tell me how FO is going to convince FAs or any Big who isn’t going to get playing time til someone gets hurt to come to L.A.. we can’t even use “L.A. is a great city to play in” because they’ll probably go and sign with the clippers!

        • Jim213

          ‘Defense since he’s been here, is FO supposed to handle that too?’
          Don’t forget they hired Mike Brown first! and replaced him with the current coach, Who gets the blame there? yes FO but as long as he gets replaced after the end of season it be best for everyone.

          ‘He chased away Dwight’ No, Dwight wanted Phil back and Kobe gone. FO didn’t like his proposition in the end but didn’t have any other plan aside of Dwight.

          ‘NO BIGS WANT TO PLAY FOR THIS MAN’ Seems like it but I’m not in favor of the coach it’s just that it’s FO’s problem on the floor. So everyone can say to get rid of him but FO is the one who needs to be pressured to make the changes.

          ‘He didn’t manage kobes mins, had him playing ridiculous mins and now he may never be the same, was FO supposed to come down and take Kobe out of
          the game?’ Agree, once Kobe returned I was for him getting 20 minutes or less but the injuries didn’t help though Kobe does what he wants too.

          ‘Tell me how FO is going to convince FAs or any Big who isn’t going to get playing time til someone gets hurt to come to L.A’ Get rid of the coach after the end of the season while bringing in a starting rotation and not filling it with bench players mostly. Again they hire and fire staff which goes for players too.

  • Daryl Peek

    I know most see me as pro D’Antoni but it’s not that at all. I’m just reading the signs on the wall. The FO is locked in on him it seems. Players need to be moved to get under the luxury tax, not coaches. Every move made has been to help MDA in getting the kind of players he needs. Marshall, Harris, Williams and all of the additions from the off-season were all brought in to fit MDA coaching style, and done so within reason given the financial constraints facing the franchise.

    Add all of that up, D’Antoni will be back next season.

    • Sylvia Ross

      Please don’t say those words IDIOT WILL BE BACK NEXT SEASON. What did we do wrong to deserve this NO COACHING IDIOT ? I guess when we do get a good coach we will appreciate him because this has been pure HELL!!!

      • Daryl Peek

        I just separate my feelings from what’s clearly in front of me in reality. I don’t like D’Antoni but I don’t hate him to the point of disregarding his basketball accomplishments. NO, he has not won NBA championships but our next HC will likely be in the same boat. Outside of Phil, who’s absolutely done as a HC all of the other head coaches most are clamoring for are again pretty much the same as MDA big picture.

        • nlruizjr

          No, I think most of them can coach defense.

          • Daryl Peek

            Most of them have no rings which is the thing most throw up in D’Antoni’s face.

    • Sam

      Agreed. I don’t think it’s fair to blame MDA for a terrible season with our current roster. Two of our three best players were out almost the whole season, and the third has been dealing with injuries all season. Other than that, we have a whole mess of garbage players – literally players that were thrown away by other teams – that MDA has worked with to have the most productive season in some of their careers. Our defense is bad, but think about our matchups almost every single game. It would take an extraordinary coach to get Marshall, Meeks, Johnson, Kelly, and Gasol team to defend well against a Curry, Thompson, Iguodala, Lee, and Bogut starting five, and that’s the EIGHT RANKED TEAM IN THE WEST. Laker “fans” and definitely Jordan Hill should stop using MDA as a scapegoat.

      • Daryl Peek

        Couple all of that with the fatigue factor in the back court. Marshall, Blake and Johnson have no back ups at the PG, SG and SF positions. What team can sustain 4 quarters of solid defensive basketball playing like that?

      • nlruizjr

        Sam, are you saying that the “Fans” don’t have a right to complain when they are paying his salary, I think the “Fans” have every right, to say what they want, especially when they are used to having a winning coach and not a “Loser”. After all it was MD that made the comment that he will have a 15sec. offense, meaning no defense, that should have been a red flag to Mitch, right then and there.

        • Sam

          First of all, I never said fans don’t have the right to complain; I just think that their complaints are not really well founded. I agree. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it’s ignorant. I just stated my opinion that it’s not fair for fans to blame MDA, and that they shouldn’t keep using him as a scapegoat. Then I explained why I thought that they shouldn’t.

          Secondly, “Fans” don’t really pay their salary. Fans watch the games, creating revenue for TV providers and stadiums, which partner with the NBA and the Lakers organization. If you try to use that logic to say fans are paying their salary and should have some sort of control in what happens in the Laker organization (i.e. firing MDA) that’s like me saying that since I don’t like Lady Gaga’s song lyrics, she should change them. After all, I buy her music, which is basically like paying her salary. she should accommodate me.

          Third, Laker fans are used to having a winning coach along with winning PLAYERS. This was my main point, that given MDA’s faults, he’s not entirely to blame for the Lakers bad season. We have a really bad roster riddled with injuries and MDA’s really trying to make the most of it. I really can’t think of a coach who can do much better with this team. Can you? If so, maybe you can get the Lakers to hire him since you pay their salary and all. lol jk just teasing.

          Lastly, I don’t understand how does a 15 second offense mean no defense. Does that mean an offense that uses up all the shot clock necessarily indicate an amazing defense? no. It just means we have an uptempo offense. I think they’re pretty irrelevant. we can still have good defense (not saying we do) with a 15 second offense just my opinion.

  • Sylvia Ross

    I know he will be a happy camper just knowing he doesn’t have to deal with that idiot of a coach any more. If you leave Jordan, thanks for everything.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I really don’t give a hell anymore,this is a bad season filled with injuries.I am sure the coach has a bad record this season.MDA is 18-35 this season just to go on record i am not a fan of Mike D’Antoni yet i have just given up on him completely after seeing what i have seen.It’s not all his fault but i just love defense and this team plays no defense since MDA got here.Before he arrived as coach the Lakers were a top 15 defense with Mike Brown coaching them.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    MDA has a valid contract next season,another long season in store???Hope not!

  • tired fan

    News to management, if this guy is coach again next year a lot more seats will be empty and it won’t be just players bailing out on this team. Is Jim Buss really that blind?

  • Sam Saab

    great! get rid of our only defensive minded and rebounding player, this doesnt sound good to me…

    • Laker Man

      Whatever they do, don’t get rid of Kobe, Hill or Swaggy P!
      Nash is the first one they should try and dump.

      • Chrmngblly

        Yes! Thank God. That’s the next big move. Get him of the floor and down the road. Geez. This is torture watching him hang on like this. What happened to the pride? Nash is just angling for one last payday.

  • SD

    If I’m Jordan Hill, there’s no way I’d stay unless I KNEW that I’d start (meaning Kaman/Gasol were gone which both likely will be). However, we’ve seen D’antoni opt to start Sacre/Williams/Kelly over Hill and in general, give them playing time over Hill many times this season (I don’t mind Kelly getting some of those minutes.) Hill has earned AT LEAST an opportunity to play significant minutes (25 a game). He won’t get that with this coach. He’s a player I enjoy watching play, and if he could have a coach that truly believes in him and his potential, I’d like to see him go wherever he can to find that.

    • Daryl Peek

      I like Hill but he will not start no matter where he goes. He showed he’s not starter material when he started running out of gas playing starter minutes. People are too fixated on reserve players abilities in bashing MDA. Do I agree with D’Antoni starting Sacre over Kaman, hell no but Hill is not this great NBA talent most make him out to be.

      Again. 4 centers have done well playing for MDA this season when given PT. He can’t play all four and when he does bench one of them, no matter who it is the haters will come complaining.

      • SD

        I don’t think he’ll start on many other teams if any. I’m saying if he stays HERE with our current crop of big man. I certainly thought and still feel he could have started alongside Pau because their numbers playing together were good. Hill is not…in my eyes a 20-10 guy in this league, but he can average a double double, I think. Starters minutes are around 35-40 a game. I think he could do fine at 25. Also, Hill is easily one of the best rebounders in the league, especially on the o-glass. Since Brown gave him a chance, he’s produced quite well in the minutes he’s gotten. Also, coaches (head/assistant) in my opinion can help mold guys, teach guys how to be a starter, help them get conditioned properly, learn to conserve energy. But some guys do play better off the bench for lots of different reasons.

        You clearly didn’t really read or understand my previous comments. I’m not bashing D’antoni. I think he’s done the best he could do this season given the circumstances. I’m pretty realistic as a fan of this team and basketball. There are only a handful if that many guys currently on this team that I think should be here next season. D’antoni’s style clearly gives players an opportunity to showcase their offensive skills. He may be one of the best coaches in the NBA at doing that if not the best. There are plenty of things I disagree with…well maybe only about 3. Other than that, I don’t have a problem with him as the coach. Not right now.

        • Daryl Peek

          Hill is very inconsistent all around in his game. When he was playing along side of Gasol and thriving he benefited from the healthy guards as everyone did. This is a D’Antoni staple in how he coaches. When Blake & Farmar went down so to did everyone else. Hill is not the kind of player who can create his own offense and is not a good rim protector contrary to popular belief.

          Hill is all energy and runs out of gas in long spurts and this is why he got benched. There’s more to the story than just the stuff most talk about in bashing MDA’s decisions. When Hill fell off his offensive production of early in the season his defense suffered also and his rebounding dropped too. What good is he if he’s not producing anything? A coach is then forced to look elsewhere at that point.

          Again I don’t agree with MDA on Kaman but I understand his Hill decision. Kelly was part of the plans going forward. This is why they kept him over Marcus Landry so the stretch 4 experiment was inevitable, especially given the Hill struggles and other injuries. I happen to think Kelly is better playing a Spencer Hawes like role as a stretch center. Kelly did better when he was manning the 5 and is underrated in the post or taking another big off the dribble with his pump fake shooting ability. We saw flashes of him going strong to the rack.

          This season is just one big mess and we can’t point the finger at one thing or person. Everything imaginable has just gone wrong. Sigh

          • SD

            OMG. lmao I never…in any of my comments bashed D’antoni. His system isn’t a great fit for Hill. I’m not mad at that. It’s life. Hill has thrived alongside Pau since Brown was the coach when I first saw Hill play. I don’t blame D’antoni for this season or last season. I still don’t think Sacre/Williams deserved time over Hill at the 4/5. That’s my personal opinion regardless of the coach. This team plays a TON better when it’s healthy with guys who are playmakers and that is ABSOLUTELY D’antoni’s system at it’s best. I don’t as a I said before have a problem with Kelly’s minutes. I like him. He has room for growth and more potential than I anticipated. Hill’s “struggles” were coupled with Pau’s resurgence. (his rebounding only dropped when his minutes dropped, but the rebounding numbers were mostly consistent regardless). He had 1 bad shooting game as a starter…went 1/9 and he fouls too much. You can look at the game logs for that.

            I honestly have no idea where all of the dialogue in your last post is coming from because i haven’t made ANY of the assertions you’re saying I made. Please, re-read my comments. Hill…leaving isn’t about in my thoughts…MDA…it’s more about Hill. He deserves more minutes and MDA likes a stretch 4 which Hill is not. I’d be happy for him if he moved on. That’s no one’s “fault”. It’s just facts.

            If you re-read my posts, you’ll see that you truly overreacted. I haven’t made any of the claims you’re saying I’ve made or had the thoughts you’re assuming I think. Maybe the other people have you feeling the need to defend, but I’m not blaming anyone.

            And the fact that you called me a hater?! lmao Really? Please re-read my comments/posts, tell me where/when I bashed D’antoni. Stating a fact isn’t bashing. Examples of bashing: He sucks. He can’t coach. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. I hate him.

            I stated FACTS! lmao I offered only 1 criticism in that I’d play Hill over Sacre/Williams. I wouldn’t even call it a criticism. It’s more of a matter of basketball style/preference.

          • Daryl Peek

            I didn’t overreact. I didn’t say you were D’Antoni bashing. I didn’t call you a hater either. I said many bash MDA over his moves and no matter what he does haters will complain. We both know this is truth. If you weren’t complaining that means those comments didn’t and shouldn’t have offended you as they were not directed at you in how I worded them.

            I won’t call anyone that if they don’t accord themselves as such. When I say haters that it pertains to those who say fire this idiot, ETC…

            Correct me if I’m wrong but you seem to be overreacting to what I said? I also offered the same critique of MDA when it comes to Kaman being benched.

            Now as for Hill. His numbers dropped when he went down from running out of gas due to not being accustomed to playing heavy minutes like that. Hill admitted he was getting gassed and had suffered a minor injury so MDA dropped his minutes and went to more minutes for Gasol who had been asking for more because he could not get into a rhythm playing the low minutes he was early on.

            Again this is where the no matter what MDA does some will complain not taking the full context of why things were done the way they were into account. In some cases you have those who will complain MDA has overworked Gasol and others but they completely ignore other mitigating factors that played into the decisions I.E. Pau wanting more PT given he was only playing about 25-28 minutes a game early on. Or the mass injuries that forced him to over extend Blake and Marshall.

            We’ll agree to disagree on Hill in D’Antoni system. Again, Hill thrived in the PNR with the second unit playing center back in November when the bench mob was on fire where Farmar and Blake were hitting him for lob dunks and lay ups off the screen roll. It was a complete feeding frenzy with the second unit on both sides of the ball and Hill rarely played next to Pau during that time. Williams was balling defensively also and MDA was still experimenting with Johnson as a stretch 4 at the time.

            Again Hill ran out of gas and suffered a minor injury. Pau squashed his beef with MDA and started to ball as his minutes increased with better health. MDA tried Sacre and he did well in PNR defense. Kaman was injured also, remember? I still scratch my head on Kaman not being the first center off the bench? I don’t question the stretch 4 theme at all because that is his basic system principal.

          • Chrmngblly

            It’s the Jim Buss magic touch.

      • Chrmngblly

        What 4 centers? Pau and Kaman, then who? Hill’s a 4/5–Kelly’s a 4.

        • Daryl Peek

          Pau, Kaman, Hill and Sacre.

          Hill is more of a center than a PF. Hill would be an old school PF which is almost non existent now days.