Lakers Rumors: Jerry Sloan Interested in Coaching Lakers

Lakers Rumors: Jerry Sloan Interested in Coaching Lakers


Poor Mike Brown.

After winning his first game of the 2012-13 season and believing his job with the Los Angeles Lakers was safe, sources claim he may be destined for a pink slip in the near future.

Brown has been criticized this season for the implementation of the Princeton offense and many people don’t believe that system will work with players like Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard in the lineup.

According to HoopsWorld, the Princeton may actually not stick around in Los Angeles. According to a source, legendary coach Jerry Sloan may be on the Lakers’ horizon.

“Jerry Sloan to L.A. by December 1,” one league source predicted. “Nash and Howard are the new Stockton and Malone. He wants a ring, not to mention the money. He didn’t seriously consider Orlando, Charlotte or Portland [openings] over the summer because he knew Los Angeles would open up.”

Sloan was the head coach of the Utah Jazz for 23 season and developed his reputation as one of the greatest coaches in NBA history. Sloan coached players like John Stockton and Karl Malone, but he never guided his team to a championship. The Lakers have a very talented team this season, and Sloan has proven that he can coach talent.

Even though this is only a rumor, it would be interesting to see Sloan run the sidelines for the Lakers. He has a proven offensive system and is no doubt a hard worker. Kobe Bryant already had the luxury to play for Phil Jackson and it would be enjoyable to see him work alongside Jerry Sloan.


Check out Dwight talking about not being 100% at practice this week.


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  • Manny

    This would be great but not likely.
    All the Laker players have put in a lot of effort into learning the Princeton Offense.
    Hopefully it happens but not likely.

  • Pushbroom

    Hell no.

  • LongMy

    What Happens to Kobe than? If hes trying to run the ame gameplan and make Nash and Howard the new Stockton and Malone, where does Kobe fit in? If he’s trying to make Kobe be third fiddle thats a shit strom waiting to happen and can destroy our season or,make managment do something stupid like amesty someone they should’nt.

    • moshe


    • FL

      kobe still playing as kobe!…just pop up and wanting to have a ball to score!…

    • Jax

      Kobe will be a spot-up shooter or make something happen at the end of a shot clock.

  • hgh

    This article is just a mean tease. Come on now, yo know everybody wants this to happen.

  • mnk

    ummm…he never said he was interested. misleading title.

  • Daniel

    Make it happen please…Fire Brown NOW!!!!!!

  • Dee

    This is the next move that LA needs to make for everything to come together,Mike Brown is to soft & his character is to squarepants! In LA we need old school coaching like Phil,Jerry Sloan,ETC…To get on the players face & bring out the best they have!!

  • hookedonnews

    Would be great, but probably not going to happen this season. Kobe would flourish under Jerry Sloan, as well as Nash and Howard. Let’s face it. Kobe is going to get his points no matter what system they use. He’s always going to be the go-to guy. Would be great to see Sloan with a championship. He’s one of the best coaches ever and a class guy.

  • colo

    Yeeaa Fuck Mike brown …fire fire…

  • kmac_321

    Lol I was talking about Jerry Sloan coaching da lakers during the summer… and I’m not suprised this story came out … i knew it hahah

  • Ryan

    You have to really consider who Jerry Sloan is? To understand why this would not work. Jerry Sloan is an old school coach. He needs the ownership to be behind him over any player. To that all I have to say is two words: KOBE BRYANT. Management would not side with Jerry Sloan over Kobe Bryant any day. Jerry Sloan would bench Kobe if he did some of the stuff that he does with Jerry as the coach. Sloan is a great coach, but at the end of the day Kobe and Sloan working together would never work. He left after Deron Williams showed him up in front of his team. He would not tolerate players not following their coach and as you know Dwight Howard is a great player, but he has problems with coaches. If you were to really consider it why would it not Pat Riley or Phil Jackson before Jerry Sloan to come out of retirement to coach this team? Pat Riley knowingly likes to push teams over the top so why not him? Do you think he has too much loyalty to the Heat? Ya right he jumped from the Lakers to the Heat showing he has only loyalty to himself. Phil Jackson would love to come back the only question is his health is he healthy enough to come back? I would say to get another championship Phil Jackson would risk his health. Another coach to consider might be Jeff Van Gundy he is a great coach, willing to work with star players, and a perfectionist who would be able to fix the Lakers. Welcome your new coach to the Lakers, Jeff Van Gundy.

    • Jax

      No gundy is gonna be hired, Period.

    • RealityCheck

      Riley is president of the Heat. He’s not going back to coach some other team, you goof.

  • Jose Montes


  • Jep

    Pls. Lakers fired out mike brown.
    Bring phil jackson back or get jerry sloan to coach kobe,dwight,nash,gasol & metta.
    This lineup is very strong the only one is waiting for is new head coach.

  • Ivan Milosavljevic

    Jerry or Phill!