Lakers Rumors: Isaiah Thomas Hoping For Free Agency Offer From Lakers? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="293"] The Los Angeles Lakers have a number of needs in free agency and a lot of money to fill up their roster. One of the major holes for t [new_royalslider id="293"] The Los Angeles Lakers have a number of needs in free agency and a lot of money to fill up their roster. One of the major holes for t Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Isaiah Thomas Hoping For Free Agency Offer From Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers have a number of needs in free agency and a lot of money to fill up their roster. One of the major holes for the team for the last few years has been at point guard.

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There will definitely be different options for the team. One of the higher end options would be Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry, but according to Basketball Insiders’ Alex Kennedy, there is someone else who may be looking to join the purple and gold:

Thomas has been a thorn in the Lakers’ side since he came into the NBA with the Sacramento Kings. While Thomas is only 5’9, he has shown that he can score on anyone, averaging over 20 points per game last season.

Thomas is a restricted free agent so the Kings could match any offer made to him. Thomas is also likely looking for a huge raise considering he made less than $1 million last year.

The Lakers have been linked to a number of other guards already whether by trade or free agency. In addition to Lowry, the team has been rumored to be interested in Michael Carter-Williams, as well as Klay Thompson via trade.

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The team will have a number of decisions to make, and someone who can score like Thomas, and loves the Lakers, is likely to intrigue the team. Much like Nick Young played all out for the team last year, Thomas could provide the same energy.
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  • Chris Park

    Yes Isaiah Thomas this guy is a complete baller, I’d take him over Kyle Lowry anyday

    • Marcus Franco

      He’s great and cheap but is defenseless.. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea

      • Jim213

        Definitely should be considered given the weak position at the 1. Four mil or so is possible as he’s been ranked as one of the most consistent pg’s of the 2013 season.A good asset to pick up and if things don’t pan out then he can be utilized.

        But one a bad note: Per Sean Deveney,the Lakers and Pacers may be discussing a trade involving Roy Hibbert. one word, NO!!!:


          yeah, I second that NO on Hibbert

          • Sylvia Ross

            Number three NO HIBBERT!!. HIBBERT is a big disappointment.

        • Marcus Franco

          Damn, this can’t be true.. Hope the F.O forget him and go after Monroe.. I don’t get it, he’s been a totaly disaster this year and Lakers still want him, he has nothing but a good defense and that’s all.

          Thomas is consistent offensively but as you said, he is considered weak to play 1.. He’ll be crushed if he play against those athletic pg nowadays.

          • Jim213

            Don’t get me wrong Isaiah is not the long term solution but it’s also about acquiring good pieces to have more pull down the road.

          • Marcus Franco

            Yeah I agree with you on that part but with draft coming on I think we can get a good player to be a long term solution.. I think Thomas and Lowry should be considered if we have nothing better than them.

            Do you know anything about Bledsoe ? He is restricted and It’s been a while since I heard the last rumor about him.

          • Jim Busst

            I remember when we could’ve traded Dwight for Blake Griffin and Bledsoe, I forgot if their was another Clipper being offered also but we should’ve done that trade. Blake is a beast, wouldn’t be surprised if he got MVP next season

          • Pelon

            Ya real talk.Fuck My Life that sad reminder vato.SMH at FO.

          • Jim213

            Just that the Nuns look to match any offer for him RFA. But in comes down to the draft first.

          • Matt Williams

            Suns are gonna put up the house to keep Bledsoe. We might not match, or want to match.

        • Zimmeredge

          Hibbert´s problems are simple. The guy is playing on a team where he is only the fourth or fifth offensive option whereas he should be considered as a third or second option. Yes second option. He is a massive présence down low and what you want from him is to stay focus, in the guy. We lacked shot blocking and a defensive minded center. So if he is not focus he tends to loose focus on the defensive as well. Pacers thought they could use him as a simple tip in center. But after what he has done in the po2013 (hammering the heat down low) he thought that he deserved some offensive system. He didńt. For hibbert to be a massive player like (18-12 and 2-3 blocks) you have to consistently feed him. Make Plays for him. He can shoot midrange, he puts his ft. He can play top of the key.
          Now for a trade it seems complicated. Nash+7 are not enough to match his contract or value. And it´s out of question that we drop our lottery pick for him.

          • Jim213

            Mental breakdown waiting to happen just like late in the season and playoffs. This is probably why Bynum got axed by the Pacers (late) but Bird ain’t no fool too being he’s been able to keep and draft solid players.

            Look at Green who went to the Nuns he’s turned out to be one of the best pick ups for them . If Bird’s willing to trade him it’s for a reason but I’d pass on him IMO.

    • asifyouknow

      Are you serious? Are you really serious? Kyle is a REAL PG my friend a winning PG….

      • Chris Park

        Tell me how Kyle Lowry is a winning PG?

        Currently Lowry makes $6~7 mil. He’s going to be asking for at least $10~12 mil. Whereas we can get Isaiah Thomas for $4~5 mil tops. Their stats aren’t even that different.

        I wouldn’t take Lowry for extra $5~8 Mil

        • asifyouknow

          Well, a winning PG is one that plays in a winning team.. Simple enough..
          So do you guys want to win or do you want to keep loosing? That is also really simple. Take a look at Thomas playing in Sacramento .
          He is a 5’9″ Rudy Gay, that should tell you all you need to know….

          • Chris Park

            LOL so Kevin Love a losing PF because his team never made it to the playoffs? And you would rather take Nene because hes a winning “PF” right?

            5’9 Rudy Gay? Kyle Lowry took 14 shots average shooting .423% while Thomas shot 15 shots a game while averaging .453… 1 shot difference per game wow!

          • asifyouknow

            Chris I watched both play because even though I’m a Spurs fans I fallow one of my Fav player Greivis Vasquez.
            Believe me my friend Kyle is a better basketball player than Thomas…. 10 fold:
            Kyle is a great defender , Thomas can’t guards his own shadow.
            Kyle has vision on the court, Thomas is looking for his shot and misses everybody on the court and the only reason he had so many assists is because he feeds Cuz inside and Cuz creates his own…
            But if that is what you need go get Livingston he is available. I say go get Vasquez but Toronto is not going to let him go.

          • YALL DUMB ASSES


          • asifyouknow

            lol…ok I agree but why do I HAVE TO BE A DUMBASS…LOL…LOL

      • Marcus Franco

        A Winning pg that took 8 years to develop his game to 15 ppg above… I don’t trust in this guy, this is a phase and soon he will be forgotten.

        • asifyouknow

          And of course Thomas will be a hall of famer…. My friend the argument is would you take Thomas over Kyle?
          I never read anyone say that they would rather have Thomas, the guy is just a shooter, he can’t run a team.
          Just watch some Sacramento games.

          • Marcus Franco

            No I’m not saying he’ll be a HOF and for sure I would take Thomas over Kyle, Thomas is young and has better stats than Kyle… Like I said Lowry took many years to become what he is now, he’s almost 30, I wouldn’t give a 3 or 4 years contract for 30 years old … To be honestly I wouldn’t take either of those two but if there are no good pg on market I would take Thomas for sure.

          • asifyouknow

            He just turned 28….Buddy Rudy Gay has hall of fame type numbers and yet he gets bounced around …Is not all about stats..

          • Marcus Franco

            Still, we’re in a rebuild process, Lowry will cost too much and I’m not so sure if he’ll keep these numbers in another team with a different team mates and different coach.. I’m not saying that it might not work but I don’t trust in this guy.. Thomas is young and I think he can provide too much for the Lakers, except defense of course

          • asifyouknow

            You are saying as a back up? Because that would be good , he can come in like Mills does for the Spurs and if he is hot he will score 12 points in a hurry…

          • Marcus Franco

            I’m not sure if you are serious or not but 12 points in a hurry seems to be pretty much a joke since he has average 20 ppg… Anyway, Thomas for a back up would be expensive and awesome at the same time!

          • asifyouknow

            12 is a bit over the top, but I have seen him hit 3 in a row from downtown, so he can put up some stuff in a hurry , he is a spark plug..

          • Marcus Franco

            I see.. Anyway, is time to something good happen in Los Angeles.

          • asifyouknow

            You do have money to spend ..Maybe Melo? Le Bron?

          • Marcus Franco

            I would like Melo but so far I haven’t seen any rumor about him… he’ll land on Rockets or Bulls, I would be very surprised if Lakers announce him in July.

          • Jim Busst

            Putting him as a back up won’t work I think. He already was drafted late, always gets looked over, he said it himself “I just want to feel wanted” and coming off the bench on the Lakers probably wasn’t his dream. And he’s already a starter so I think it will just mess with his game, he’ll know he doesn’t have as many minutes so he’ll ball hog a little more and 20 ppg is good for a starter, but if he got like 20-25 minutes a game the 20 ppg is going to turn into 10-15 ppg and 15 on a good day, his assists would go down to like 2 or 3.

          • Chris Park

            I would take thomas over kyle. Lowry isnt a franchise player nor an all star and to give a player like that at least $10mil?

          • asifyouknow

            I may agree that the 10 mill is a few mills much but you know someone will pay…..I think you guys are going after the guy big time and pay the crazy money…

          • Jim Busst

            He doesn’t need to run the team, Kobe is going to run the team and have the ball in his hands. Kobe is playing a different game now, he’s a facilitator even when Nash was on the floor Kobe still would have the ball. Thomas wants to be a Laker, he plays hard, and he knows who Kobe is, he will let Kobe mentor him. Lowry will get cocky and they’ll start to clash, I can already picture Kobe yelling for the ball and Lowry not passing it to him. I’m not saying Kobe needs to get the ball when he wants it but then they’re both going to try to show each other up because Lowry doesn’t back down. Not even Derozan was the leader of the Raptors because the way Lowry is, he has a killer instinct and isn’t scared. But two of those on the floor together aren’t going to mesh well.

          • asifyouknow

            There may be something there, yes maybe a better fit but not a better player than Kyle..

          • Jim Busst

            Yeah Lowry is the better player right now, he’ll provide toughness, and he won’t back down from CP3 or Westbrook. I just don’t think his attitude and pay will be worth it to see. But if Thomas was the same size as Lowry they would both be about the same, Lowry just gets the higher nod because his mentality.

          • Chrmngblly

            So how does Marcus Smart fit in your eyes? Do you see the same clash?

            I hope we run more of a Spurs-passing offense rather than Kobe doing a lot of dribbling. Whatever the new coach says.

        • asifyouknow

          Fair comment but some guys are late comers he should have 5 more good prime years left

          • Chris Park

            Agreed, we’ll see as long as its not over priced I wouldn’t mind Kyle Lowry nor Isiah Thomas, good to have a good conversation

      • MaruchanNigga

        You are the dumbest “fan” I know, it’s clear you don’t know the game. Here hold this L B***ch A$$ Nigga

    • Pelon

      Lakers past up the vato Isiah quatro times in second round of 2011 draft.Those putos Mitch and Jim messed it up.They could have had the hombre years ago amigo.Mucho gracias Jimbo Buss for nada.Loco Jim.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    interesting! I don’t ming having him for cheap


    But nobody wants to play for us remember?

    • LakerLore

      Isaiah Thomas is the equivalent of a nobody.

      • TheTruthKills

        20 ppg and 6 apg sound like a nobody to you?

      • the_lorb

        Isaiah Thomas had the same exact stats as Kyrie Irving last year 21 pts / 3 reb /6.5 ast. Actually, Isaiah Thomas edged him in each category last year.

        But Kyrie is totally a franchise player and Isaiah totally sucks right?

        • Jim Busst

          Kyrie would be a better choice on the Lakers then Thomas, but I like Thomas more then Lowry. Kyrie doesn’t want to be on the Cavs, he wasn’t playing his hardest and still put up numbers. A motivated Kyrie on the Lakers with Kobe, who Kyrie has said he wants to play with and looks up to, will play much harder then Kyrie on the Cavs.

          • MaruchanNigga

            How would kyrie be a better choice? Because he was 1 round pick? Isaiah Thomas was the last player drafted in the whole draft and is putting up 21 3 and 6.5. FOH bandwagon piece of shit

      • Matt Williams

        Isaiah > Kyrie. Guess being a nobody is cool.

      • DKWTTY

        I love when clueless basketball fans like to give their opinions on public platforms and embarrass themselves.

  • jeremy

    farmar and thomas wouldnt mind that at PG. farmar the more overall PG and thomas the scoring PG

  • LakersGetPG24

    Nah!!!! Not even on my radar


    Funny how people are criticizing Thomas, when was the last time any of you haters played in the NBA?

  • Josh

    Would be more interested in MCW or Rondo.

  • the_lorb

    Isaiah Thomas was better than Kyrie Irving last year according to the stats. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the Lakers uniform if he wants to take a hometown discount.

    • asifyouknow

      Yep if you are playing fantasy sports but in the real NBA is not even close. Kyle is a winning real PG….Sometimes folks need to know there is a difference between stats for Fantasy league and stats for real life…

      • the_lorb

        Kyrie and the Cavs are massive losers. The absolute worst in the league since he has been there. There is a reason Byron Scott got fired and they keep getting top 3 picks.

        You must be trolling me by saying that Kyrie is a “winning real PG.”. They just won 33 games in his best year yet.

        • Jim Busst

          Kyrie isn’t trying on the Cavs, if Lebron couldn’t do it how is Kyrie? Kyrie on the Lakers would motivate him to CP3 level

          • Zimmeredge

            So Kyrie has motivation issues? I dońt think that sounds good to me. We all Know How ball hogging Kyrie can be when he is motivanted. Last year when he match up against Kobe that was ridiculous. The guy only wanted to beat his Man with f***ing eyecups. Oh and HE IS INJURY PRONE.

          • the_lorb

            If Kyrie isn’t trying on the Cavs who have committed to him as the franchise player they are building around., he might just be the most poisonous player in the league.

            I am making a guess that he is absolutely trying, and his ceiling is lower than expected.

      • isaiah thomas to lakers

        You are a joke

  • Matt Williams

    We’ll take him. Isaiah Thomas on the Lakers could work. He’s not yet an all star, but he could be. If we somehow get Marcus Smart but we trade him, we should get IT. However I don’t see why you guys don’t want Roy Hibbert. He may have had one bad year but if he had a guy like Kobe on his side he be unstoppable.

  • jerrylai8

    What are you waiting for Mitch? This guy is a baller! (Sidenote: he was picked directly after Scrubby McScrub Sacre.)

    • Jimmy

      no, thomas was pick number 60 in the year before sacre was drafted

      • jerrylai8

        Oh really? Thanks for telling me!

  • Clifford Paul

    How is his defense though?

    • Badazztj12

      He may be small but not that small. One game last year vs the cavs, he held kyrie to 3/14 shooting 21%. Plus he gets steals.

  • Bryan Walker

    I like Isaiah but not for our team. I would try to get Smart and resign Henry.

  • dencio

    Isn’t the dude like 5’8″ or something? Total defensive liability. I have a feeling Marcus Smart might be gone by #7 but I’m REALLY intrigued by Elfrid Payton. He seems to have all of Smart’s skills (except for the bullish strength) but has a more dependable jumper. I’d rather get Payton rather than Randle or Gordon.

  • Srk

    Thomas is an upgrade from Farmar and Marshall. Not sure why some people don’t want him if he came cheap. Sure I wouldn’t give him higher than 7 million considering his size,but for 4 – 5 million he’d be a good signing.

    That said Sacramento would probably match that offer.

  • asifyouknow

    Awesome talking to you guys….good night

    • Pelon

      Buenas Noches.

    • Jim Busst

      Besides me, you seem like the only person that knows what their talking about


    Isaiah Thomas To L.A. Lakers That Move Right There Is Best For Business!!! Give That Man 4~5 Mil..He Has Earned It!!!#253#TacomaWA

  • LakerDownUnder

    Guys it’s all irrelevant as he’s a restricted free agent and the Kings will match whatever he’s offered.


    thomas is the remix of isaiah of the 80s but a shorter version. this guy is a good defender and shooter, this guy will be a good point guard along marcus smart, LAL should dump marshall and nash. LAL have enough cap space to sign free agents and even sign walk in rookies with talent if they wanted it depends if they want to wait till showbe retires.. kyle lowry sucks dont sign that dude. but isaiah is a good player that will be a excellent addition. LAL fans must hope that smart falls to seven or else the flakers will suck again next season.. if LA can find a way to sign sharpshooters similar to klay thompson and find 2 more like klay that can shoot and defend consisitently an hire a coach who is intense like popovich and play like the spurs in this years finals the LAL have a great chance have winning if they stay healthy with the right pieces and coach!! Thursday chapter 1 start cant wait!!!

  • Kb24

    Swap marshall for payton draft embiid at 7,if not,go for best talent(smart,randle,gordon,vonleh)

  • certified baller

    Please sign him. This kid has a whole lot of potential and is still young. If we could sign him we could then sign marshmallow so that we could draft randle

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    The little dude can ball, no doubt about that … but … I don’t see the Lakers offering long-term contracts to any free agent this summer other than LeBron, not even Melo, and I think Isaiah will want a 4 year deal … so … my guess is this is a no-go.

    - Bryant T. Jordan
    Author of: “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”

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