Lakers Rumors: Howard’s Agent Claims He Will Not Sign Extension

Lakers Rumors: Howard’s Agent Claims He Will Not Sign Extension


Dwight HowardNews broke out last night that Dwight Howard was willing to sign a long-term extension with the Los Angeles Lakers, and euphoria swept across the city. The Lakers were always concerned about Howard’s reluctancy to test free agency if he was acquired and they needed to make sure he would stick around for the future. However, with the reported news, it seemed as though the Lakers’ wish came true.

Not so fast Los Angeles.

It appears as though Howard never changed his mind about the Lakers. According to Howard’s agent. he will test free agency next summer no matter where he plays, whether it be in Los Angeles for Brooklyn,

“Dwight’s position has remained unchanged since the end of this past season,” said Dan Fegan of LaGardere Unlimited. “He fully intends to explore free agency at the end of next season, regardless of what team trades for him, including Brooklyn.”

Howard informed the Orlando Magic that his top choice was the Brooklyn Nets, but the two sides could not come to a favorable deal. So the next option for the Magic was to explore a trade with the Lakers.

The Lakers, Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers have been talking about a deal, but it has hit many roadblocks. The major impediment of Howard not signing an extension with the Lakers seemed to have been solved, but it looks like the issue has emerged again.

*Update – The main reason for this is to make sure Dwight Howard doesn’t break any rules by promising to sign an extension. This promise would be against the rules of the current CBA.

  • Asdsd3

    what part of this don’t you guys get? his agent went out to clean up this mess because it is “ILLEGAL” for a player to promise to the OTHER team that they will re-sign after the 2012-2013 season. Which means the LEAGUE DAVID STERN can BLOCK the trade because it is ILLEGAL to promise for a NEW contract.

    • Margarite

      Who cares Dwight needs to go away! I am sick of reading about him for 2 years.

  • Lana

    Lakers need to move on. Time to keep improving the bench. Dwight can go fuck himself for holding all these teams and players hostage.

    • Paradigm

      wow…..”dwightmare”indeed…..I dont even know what to think….or feel….last offseason Lakers were involved in and fucked over by some unprecedented bullshit, seems like they are yet again this offseason…its pulling at my heart strings and blowing up my anger meter…this may leave me insane….

    • Elverdadero07

      siiiiiiii por favor que ya dejen a howard y enfoquemonos en la banca y punto no quiero escuchar mas de howard.

    • Steve Chavez

      Nice call Lana. You said it a year ago. It applies so well.

  • Bori

    Ok enough of this. Screw this chump and strenghten the bench and the Lakers will still be the team to beat. Stop this primadonna nonsense

  • yenz

    dwight howard is a little bitch men!! he needs to go fuck himself we dont want his ass anyway

  • Jorge Montanez

    Of course his agent would say this! What else is he going to say?! He wouldn’t be a good agent if he didn’t try to make his client as much money as possible. It’s all about leverage. It amazes me how some people can be so ignorant

  • Elieu24

    Fuck Dwight. Piece of shit. His best chance of willing he just going to throw it all away. 

  • Danielcho83

    so he is staying in orlando or he’s going to lakers for one year

  • Lake

    Someone should teach D12 and his agent a lesson. Let D12 hits FA next season and all teams just team up and refuse to sign him.

  • mike

    He’s ruining our chances of getting players for the bench, the Lakers should just move on and Howard can go fuck himself

  • Runway1407

    i dnt care if hes drama i still want him for the lakers wtf ya people insane…stop believeing all these sources…when u hear it on a video from him then cool but stop bitching about all these  stupid sources!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bet all of u guys talking shit will buy howard jersey next season # just saying!!

  • Roberto Corona Ramirez

    Whatever….Do what you must big man!!! LakerNation will still rock this mutha, with or without this dude or that dude…

  • Runway1407

    people are so stupid…if he signs an extension he can only get two or three years depending if hes traded or not…if he doesnt sign extension then he can get a max deal for 5 years!!!!! people are so retarted…find out wtf ya gonna bitch about before ya post ignorant comments

  • Reymanansala

    why am i not surprised?!

  • Carlos Alvaro Melendez Vergara

    You all need to calm down, his agent just said this because you can’t make promises like that according to the rules of the CBA. The agent is just protecting his client, Dwight would be Laker for more than a season.

  • Lakerfreak

    Gosh everyone hears what they want to hear and reporters don’t pay attention to details!
    Last night it was reported Howard would “re-sign” with the lakers. (which he is willing to do) but then people started reporting that Dwight will sign an “extension” which is completely different! Now Howard’s agent is saying he won’t sign an extension, which he never said would happen. Howard hasn’t changed his minds. Reporters just need to keep facts straight and report the truth so that people would stop blaming Howard and cussing at him when he doesn’t deserve it. The boneheads changing Howard’s words deserve that. And for all of those who don’t like it welcome to the new CBA where you make more money becoming a free agent and re-signing with your team then you do by simply signing an extension. That’s Howards plan, go to a contender, re-sign, get paid max dollars. It’s the same reason that CP3 declined the extension – to re-sign with the clippers next summer and get max dollars for more years.

    Last thing, fellow fans, look at how is writing something before you report it, remember their reputation and proceed accordingly, it’ll keep you’re heart strings where they belong.

    • H302182

      I for one don’t care whether or not Dwight will end up wearing the purple and gold, but according to the update, he isn’t allowed to promise an extension. So maybe, once traded, he will sign for an extension. Though Buss, Kupchak, and the rest of the organization should really just focus on getting a better this offseason or maybe even midseason.

  • Lakerfreak

    I meant who not how. Sorry

  • Cary Rumley

    Please fans understand, Davis Stern can in no way veto this trade if it happens, he may be able to have fined Howard if this statement had stayed “valid” but just because of that he can’t veto the trade, he was only able to fuck us in the ass with no lube over CP3 because the league owned the Hornets.

  • J Taylor

    This is EXACTLY why agents ruin good things. I completely GET that this is exactly what is in the best FINANCIAL interest of D.Howard. As an agent, this is exactly what he should be suggesting, but in reality, it’s sad. It’s also shortsighted as this method of hardball could backfire and find Howard in a terrible situation for the upcoming season.
    – What happened to the good old days when guys got traded and were happy? 

  • ddddddddddddddddddw

    you people who are getting mad at dwight howard are dumb! HE ISNT SAYING SHIZZ! an your mad at him?! its the damn media you should be getting mad at not the player

  • Flavio Francisco II

    This is a bullshit for fans from LA Lakers. Left out Howard and Bynum, Fuck both Bynum and Howard. 

    And will be better to post a shit with Howard when he will sign with LAL.

    What a fuck is this Bynum, You knew you will be trade in other team. After all fight you just say I don’t want to be trade.

    After all the attempts we made, you now come with the same shit from Howard. Why do not you spoke it at the same time and only now after Howard accept, you open your ass just to even delay negotiations, you’ll fuck you up ok.

  • Ramil Ybanez

    this is issue sucksssssssssssss!!!!!!all team should not read and listen about his situation focus on what you have coz this guy will kill your team…..

  • Beshown

    i say fuck it and let them play with their dicks all offseason.  im just not gonna get my hopes up. keep gasol keep bynum. this is all a ruse to upset and stir the puplic up. for viewers and recognition. if we would all just stay the fuck out of it. they would be able to conduct business privately and shady as usual. this world deals like this on the daily. we dont see it. its just dollar signs. but not for me. im a fan and i love competition. i dont love the hysteria in between. i love basketball. not this he said she said. 

  • Charlie11c

    Fuck Howard, Lakers can win championship without him anyway, the roster looking very solid 

  • Liborio

    Forget him! We have Bynum already!

  • renjo

    what if this guy will have career ending injury? karma is always around us

  • Margarite

    The Lakers look stupid running behind this clown! Bynum will end up a better player then this clown.

  • Mrw

    Now rumor has it that the lakers are going to include Paul in the trade, to Cleveland. This will allow Cleveland to sweeten the pot for Orlando and the deal is done.  It’s a lot to give up, but Mitch thinks that securing Dwight will be the long term piece to build around for a near term and future championships.  He appears to be going all out so the deal can be consummated and they can then begin working on strengthening the bench.

  • Frank Anthony Fernandez

    Fuck bynum n Howard trade bynum for love n rubio or Fernandez



  • AJ

    i am sick and tired hearing about this guy. lakers management should not bother to bringing him here. we have kobe,steve nash, pau,bynum, Ron A..  WE DOT NOT NEED D.HAWARD.
    SIMPLY D.HOWARD CAN GO AND FUCK HIMSELF.     he will never win championship by himself. specially he caused his coatch to get fired !!