Lakers Rumors: Houston Rockets to Offer Asik and Lin for Dwight Howard Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers will have a busy free agency period, and their top priority is to bring back center Dwight Howard. Howard will become an unrestricted fre The Los Angeles Lakers will have a busy free agency period, and their top priority is to bring back center Dwight Howard. Howard will become an unrestricted fre Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Houston Rockets to Offer Asik and Lin for Dwight Howard

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Jeremy Lin, Omer AsikThe Los Angeles Lakers will have a busy free agency period, and their top priority is to bring back center Dwight Howard.

Howard will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1, and the Lakers will do whatever it takes to keep him for the long run. However, there is growing concern that Howard will leave the Lakers this summer, with teams like the Houston Rockets and Atlanta Hawks rumored to be possible destinations.

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The Rockets have enough cap space to spend on Howard this summer, but the team has bigger plans and is looking to add two superstars this summer.

According to ESPN, Houston will offer a sign-and-trade to the Lakers which will ship Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin to Los Angeles in exchange for Howard. As a result, the Rockets will be able to go after Chris Paul and put him alongside Howard and James Harden.

The threat of the James Harden-led Rockets signing Howard away from L.A. is very real to the Lakers, sources said, which means the Lakers will eventually be getting a sign-and-trade pitch from Houston as well. The Rockets will have the cap space to sign Howard outright after the expected shedding of Thomas Robinson’s contract, but sources say that the Rockets will certainly attempt to convince the Lakers to take in return Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin in a sign-and-trade deal for Howard, thus theoretically keeping alive the possibility that Houston could preserve its cap space to pursue Chris Paul and possibly pair Howard with Paul.

However, with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the NBA will severely punish those teams with a large salary cap. At this point, the Lakers will have a plethora of cap room for the summer of 2014, but that could all change if they take in multiple large contracts by conducting a sign-and-trade for Howard.

Lakers Nation wrote earlier that the team would rather have Howard walk rather than pull the trigger on a sign-and-trade because of the punitive luxury tax. Nevertheless, the team should look into possible deals such as the Asik-Lin one if they know the All-Star center will not remain in Los Angeles.


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  • Chris

    No… just no…

  • luvlakers

    nooooo not these two players! not worth it.

  • luvlakers

    Maybe, Blake Griffin & Bledsoe

  • Denzel Boksingero

    Hahahha. An average PG who beat the Lakers while playing as a Knick and without Carmelo Anthony.

  • 3339

    rockets should be fined if they actually make that offer

  • kolob12

    why would the lakers sign and trade howard when they can get players in free agency if howard leaves. Let howard leaves without a max money that’s what he gets for not being loyal to the lakers. Still there’s jefferson or bynum in free agency to help gasol at the front court, and spend the extra money to sign a small forward to replace artest and get a combo guard to complement kobe and nash at the backcourt. Just retain hill,clark and blake and let the others go. Not to mention the coach. How about let Steve Nash be the playing coach if he can control kobe’s ego. Let the Kobe system work here and hire a formidable defensive coach to look at the D.

    • LMFAO

      Bynum…Andrew Bynum? R U Mental…is this Metta World Peace texting as “Kolob12?” Who r u, seriously? Bynum wanted out of L.A. Some one should disconnect your internet connection to this site, immediately!

    • MJ

      The Lakers are way over the cap ($20 million without Howard), they can’t sign anybody in free agency except for the tax payers exception ($3 million). Texas does not have a State Income Tax, so signing with a Texas team will mean more money in Howard’s pockets (about $4 million per year). Same is true for Chris Paul. Also, Houston could make the trade offer to both L.A. teams (Lin, Asik and Robinson). The first one to take the deal gets those players and the other team gets nothing. If no sign and trades work out (both L.A. getting greedy), Atlanta has the cap room to sign them both.

  • bobbyhundrez

    as a rocket fan. its a good trade d12 sucks and asik and lin are on the come up. they are great players and will show that this year. yall just dont know

    • Cheese Burger w/ No Lettuce

      So …since I’m not a Rockets fan, chances r that the Lakers would come out bttr if they kept D Howard and entered a sign and trade deal w/ hometown rival Clippers sending Pau Gasol, and Jordan Hill for Bledsoe and Blake Griffin. Seemingly cause if Howard walks and signs w/ Houston, the Lakers will avoid the severe penalty of luxury taxes retaining cap space if Clippers agreed to the trade that is not possible no matter how u look at it…Lakers r waving 30 million “mula” in Howards face. The question is: Will Howard and CP# turn dwn top dollar for a not-so promising, not guaranteed shot at the post-season or even finals series w/ Houston for a title ring n less pay?

  • lakersmob

    Jeremy lin is a beast at gettin in the paint. Hes as quick as lightning .he just came out of a knee surgery n still average 14 and 7 with harden hoggin the ball so much.dont get it twisted lin is elite at his best. He drop 38 n 7 on lakers than 28 n 14 on defendin champ mavericks n this year he destroyed knicks drop 38 on spurs drop 29 on thunder dominated the lakers. Give the kid a chance

  • kulafu

    Ramneet, can I have some of what you are smoking

  • boogie cousins

    rockets are not getting CP3 because he now wants to sign a contract extension with the clippers

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