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Lakers Rumors: George Karl Received Consideration For Coaching Job

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The search for a head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers has been ongoing since Mike D’Antoni resigned back on April 20. Although many candidates were interviewed for the coaching vacancy, Byron Scott has been offered the job and is currently in negotiations with the team.

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One former NBA Coach of the Year that didn’t receive much interest from teams with coaching vacancies is George Karl. The 63-year-old has been out of job ever since being fired by the Denver Nuggets after earning Coach of the Year honors back in 2013.

According to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, the Lakers were giving Karl more consideration for the coaching vacancy than what had been reported:

Karl has had his fair share of health issues over the course of his career battling cancer back in 2010. Karl won his battle with cancer and continued coaching the Nuggets with some impressive results.

With the Lakers seemingly on the verge of hiring Scott, Karl will likely have to continue waiting for his next opportunity in the NBA. Scott has been the frontrunner to land the coaching job in Los Angeles for quite some time and it comes as no surprise that talks with the team has progressed to this point.

It appears to be only a matter of time before the team announces the hiring of Scott.

As long as both sides see eye-to-eye during contract negotiations, Scott will become the new head coach of the Lakers officially locking up the last head coaching vacancy in the league.

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  • Daryl Peek

    Why?!? Karl absolutely loathes everything about the Lakers brand.

    • LakerLifer

      Because hes an awesome coach. He has done wonders with nothing, imagine what he could of done with Kobe and a decent complete supporting team. I was torn between Karl and Scott. I was rooting for Scott but preferred the proven record of Karl. Only time will tell on this decision.

      • LAstory

        What proven record?

        • Kenny Kline

          I think he’s referring to Karl’s 1131-756 win/loss record.

          • LAstory

            oooohhh that record that has had him out the NBA for years… what you and the fella who first posted this, it is more then your record that goes into coaching, I.E being a leader of men and not under minding players (Melo and AI), talking bad about players personal lives (Kobe), and causing issues with front office (Seattle and Denver and Bucks) speaking ill of other coaches which he lost out on coaching his dream job (University of North Carolina) so, he may have a record that impresses you… there is a reason why he has been out the league for years… and on ESPN and making statements that he is trying to show he has changed.

          • Mitch

            I think George Karl just like many fans i have talked to before they cheer on teams that have never even won a single championship.

            All George Karl and those fans of The Jazz,Suns,Timberwolves,Magic,Pacers,Pelicans,Hornets,Clippers Nuggets do is wish they could win just 1 championship and they keep talking about how good it would feel and how they need a championship so bad to seem like a legit franchise and they cry when they lose in the playoffs or miss the playoffs and they keep on hoping for a championship.That’s how George Karl and all those miserable fans are when it comes to the Lakers they hate and despise the Lakers for all the championships we have won.

            Those other teams and there fans along with George Karl can’t understand or accept the fact we the Lakers have won more championships than all of them combined and we have 16 championships and they all have zero.It’s surprising to me when i see bloggers on here trashing the Lakers FO and roster come on now you could very well be some hopeless Suns fan or some miserable Timberwolves fan or a stupid Clippers fan.

            It’s on you to support and love what George Karl hates and that is our Lakers the real champs.Please be more considerate of the Lakers next time you are upset and typing stupid crap.

      • dan8inch

        Karl hates the Lakers, has said it openly before. Plus Karl teams ate not great defense teams would only be a slight change from mike d

        • Swank

          lol you guys have no idea what your talking about

          • Salva T


          • LAstory

            No you don’t have any idea what youre talking about, George Karl has had this rep since the UNC days….they are stories you wont hear about Karl and the things he said about Coach Matt Doherty and coach Guthridge… Karl makes statements about people that comes back and bites him in the ass…. i.e Kobe comments.. Utah hired a rookie coach, GSW a rookie coach, NY a rookie coach, no interview from the nets, wolves, cavs…and because of his remarks about the Bucks FO he wasn’t even considered…so his record of burning bridges with Laker comments and disrespectful comments about Phil and you think his wife is going to hire him…as I said earlier the only reason he was considered, was the UNC connection to Mitch…

      • Steve Chavez

        I was torn between the two as well. I’ve always had respect for the way that Karl coached his teams and the respect his players had for him. They’ve always performed well and I can see why he was a high consideration. Time will tell indeed.

      • Daryl Peek

        Ignoring the hate Karl has for the Lakers brand I see? Ignoring the personal beef between he and Kobe?

    • LAstory

      And not too mention of the tension between he and Kobe over the comments about the “Denver” situation….

      • lifetimelaker

        My homie always talks about previous beefs with players and coaches. Fact is when money is on the table everyone plays nice and is professional. It’s a job.

        • LAstory

          Not when you reference Kobe’s issues in Denver… and we all know Kobe holds grudges to the slightest slight… any other dude I would be totally in agreement with you… but with Mitch and Karl relationship going back to Carolina days is what kept him in the running but I think the last 2 years of Kobe’s deal and Karl coaching him would be way too much drama..

    • Salva T

      Because he has the ambition to win a tittle, and is one of the best coaches ever

      • Daryl Peek

        Every HC has those ambitions. Best coaches ever is debatable.

    • The Truth About Homers

      You are completely off-base and delusional since you are stupid enough to think George Karl can’t coach the Lakers and put aside any issues from before.Also you must know George Karl trumps Byron Scott in coaching winning %.George Karl trumps Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni in coaching.Check his wins idiot.

      • Daryl Peek

        Really? Part of me wants to stoop to your Bitch ASS level with the judgmental. SMH Karl hates the Lakers and had very public issues with Kobe. This is factual. If he was so great, why aren’t other teams blowing up his phone? Please go have several seats and learn how to address folks with respect.

  • Andy L

    Maybe some other time Lakers hater. Buh-bye!

  • Badazztj12

    Hell nah. He is basically another Mike D

    • sonatona10

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  • Mike D’Antoni

    Part of me wanted to see what Karl could do with these young Lakers but then i’m glad he didn’t get the job cause it likely would of irritated Kobe to the pulp.

    Jimmy B is still envisioning that run and gun offense to the be staple of the Lakers brand basketball but that ain’t happening as long as Kobe is here.

    • LAstory

      Karl is the definition of small ball, run and gun offence… Scott will temper that with a mixture of both..

    • Bill

      You are a big troll nice try acting like Mike D’Antoni.

    • LakerSpartan117

      Didn’t Jim just hire Byron Scott?? Who doesn’t run that “run and gun” system.. Please stop bitching about Jim Buss.
      I mean he did give you a job!!! LOL!

  • LakerSpartan117

    He would’ve been another fine choice, but he runs a similar system to Pringles… not good for Kobe or Nash. So I’m happy that we chose Byron because he at least wants to run a post/P&R oriented offense. A slower pace.

    But we can always play slow with our starting lineup and fast with our bench. Put those young legs to work!!

  • Truth B Told

    Just what the Dr ordered…….Scott is a good mentor for the youth on this team and respected by the older……GP would be a good assistant coach…….I feel this team will over achieve and surprise a lot of people.

    • nash screwed the lakers

      “I feel this team will over achieve and surprise a lot of people.”

      That’s what I thought in 2011 (3peat), 2012 (dwight and nash), 2013 (healthy nash, kobe, and young blood).

      2014 FUCK IT.

  • nash screwed the lakers

    George Karl sucks.

  • kiko

    byron scott first choose and second choose george karl next head coach LA Lakers

  • Hugh9

    George Karl preaches Team ball/ball movement. He’s not going to be some doormat coach who will let the superstar run the show. He and Kobe who has the propensity to just swallow up entire offenses and just go off and do his thing would’ve clashed.

  • Basketball Reasons

    Basketball reasons has caused the Lakers demise.If not for BB Reasons this would be.

    PG Chris Paul
    SG Healthy Kobe Bryant Never Achilles Tear it happened from overusage by D’Antoni
    SF Wes Johnson
    PF David West
    C Dwight Howard Happy And Loving Winning On The Lakers

    F David Stern he is a no good SOB.

    Now this that rat fink bastard caused this mess.

    PG Steve Nash 40 years old and should be retired
    SG Kobe Bryant Injured with Achilles Tear and Broken Knee Cap
    SF Wes Johnson
    PF Carlos Boozer
    C Robert Sacre Scrub

    • Nashir Mohammed

      please tell me wes johnson isn’t on your starter list. please.

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