Lakers Rumors: Gasol ‘Quickly’ Re-Signs If Team Lands Carmelo Or LeBron Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="286"] The rumors surrounding Carmelo Anthony's pending free agent decision kicked into high gear on Saturday with talk of the Los Angeles L [new_royalslider id="286"] The rumors surrounding Carmelo Anthony's pending free agent decision kicked into high gear on Saturday with talk of the Los Angeles L Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Gasol ‘Quickly’ Re-Signs If Team Lands Carmelo Or LeBron

The rumors surrounding Carmelo Anthony’s pending free agent decision kicked into high gear on Saturday with talk of the Los Angeles Lakers becoming a serious contender for his services.

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If the Lakers are able to land Carmelo in free agency, expect another big-name free agent to follow soon after, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne:

The consensus heading into NBA free agency was that Pau Gasol was headed elsewhere. A lot of uncertainty surrounded the future of the Lakers franchise with little hope of contending over the next few years leading many to believe Gasol had played his last game in purple and gold.

Title-contending teams appear to be Gasol’s focus if things don’t improve in Los Angeles, according to Shelburne:

Although Kobe Bryant is said to be back to 100 percent and will be ready for the start of next season, no one knows how much he’ll have left in the tank or even if he’ll be anywhere near the same kind of dominant player.

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Fortunately, the Lakers seem to be in a good position with Carmelo at this point with a real shot at signing the superstar forward. With Carmelo in the fold and young talent like Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson potentially making an impact, the Lakers could be force next season.

Until Carmelo and LeBron James make their decisions on where they’ll be playing next season, there’s no telling what kind of roster the Lakers will have next year. Kobe, Steve Nash, and Robert Sacre are the only players under contract while Randle and Clarkson will likely sign before NBA Summer League gets underway.

If Gasol ultimately decides to play elsewhere, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Chicago Bulls are potentially two destinations at the top of his list.
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  • Chris Park

    So pretty much Lakers either end up with

    Gasol + Melo/ Lebron or they end up with none of them, hope its the former and not the latter

    • LakersOverEverything

      Yeah, that about sums it up lol.

      • your mother1

        Or end up with other players as plan B. Yessir.

        • daphnewbowden

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    • Redemption Rain

      Without Lebron and Melo we can get younger with Ariza, Lance, Thomas, Parson, and so forth. Also we have next years free agency and Kobe’s contract is up in 2 years. Our success is not going to be tied down whether Lebron or Melo makes their “decision”

    • Joseph Apohen

      A bird in a hand is worth two in the bush. Right now the Lakers don’t have either one.

    • OG RiceBone

      Lakers are going all or nothing

      • Joseph Apohen

        I am totally unhappy. They just lost Farmar. What the hell are they doing? When they finally decide, they will have left over FA’s and coaches. Do they really think they’ll get Melo or Bron? Get real Lakers. Looks like I might root for that team next door although I don’t like Doc making the Clips like his Celtics. Can’t he just forget that? If he likes the Celtics so much why did he leave?

  • courtney harris

    this is going to be a longgggg night. lol i have a test in the morning. i pray the man up stairs can keep my focused throughout the test!

  • courtney harris

    mitch was dead on when he said he was going all out. honestly its a hit or miss. they have 3 choices

    sign melo and pau
    sign lebron and pau

    sign neither and rack up decent role players around kobe

    2 of which don’t guarantee a ring, but guarantee a bright future.

    • Redemption Rain

      I like your 3rd option, Lebron is a pipe dream right now. Right now we should focus on improving ourselves, its going to take time to win rings again.

  • nash gots to go

    slow Sunday, when the fuck is Melo going to announce his decision?

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      It’s been said that he’s expected to announce Monday

  • LakerSpartan117

    Hey Every commenter!!! This is a warning to watch out for a certain commenter on this website!!!

    His name is Redemption Rain, and he is a commenter who will keep posting until he “wins” the conversation. He doesn’t reason with anyone and has a Disney fettish. He won’t stop commenting until he has the last word.

    I’m literally right now in a “last man standing” comment battle with him. He won’t stop replying calling me a “dumbass” in his posts. I’m just typing “K” over and over again.

    He is a bonafied crazy person/spammer who must not be fed. His literal goal is and I quote, “I plan on staying to stop fans like rival from thinking what they do so we can get back to having a logically conversation about basketball.”

    Just beware and I will keep posting this on every other article to warn people!! Stay safe and together we can end his ridiculous spamming.

    DO NOT REPLY TO HIM!!!! Again his name is Redemption Rain.

    Thank you.

    • Redemption Rain

      I am honor that I can get this kind of treatment! Thanks!

      • OG RiceBone

        LOL The Disney Fetish Part…. IM DONE LMAO! Light Yagami – Death note right?

        • Redemption Rain

          Yeah don’t know what’s it about but rival and Spartan are planning to be in a Disney movie. The comments you see, that’s the script!

    • rival

      And don’t forget his boyfriend Jeff

  • fuck nash man

    What ever happens, all I have to say is FUCK STEVE NASH.
    He had to play that 10th game to avoid the Medical Retirement.

    • TheLakers

      he did on purpose to screw the Lakers. but he is player, he did what was best for him. Mitch should have asked his doctors to not allow him or just level with him that they do not want him back.

      this one is on mitch.

  • fuck nash man

    I hope Time Warner Cable has some under the table side deal with LaLa Anthony to make up with the salary difference.

    • TheLakers

      The Buss can buy him a condo in Jamaica. Done deal.

  • GOD Chri$$$ #Depressed

    ” I’m only gonna stay with my girlfriend as long as she’s young and pretty “

  • Sti1lmatic

    All I know is that I’m ready for next season because D’Antoni was 86d. I hope we get someone because I hate when the guys at work talk smack when laker games get canceled. Or when the Clippers beat the Lakers and they think the Clips are winning the championship. Im looking forward the Julius Randle man handle the ginger candle.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Carmelo Anthony is yet to announce his selection of a NBA team to play for.Well The Lakers need a yes and that would go a long way in a partnership between Carmelo and The Lakers along with his BFF Kobe and also Pau Gasol will be right back playing down low on the post.I want to look at this from a basketball standpoint only right now.So Kobe would be the shooting guard and he is now said to be healthy and eager to start playing games again well he would handle the ball coming up the court about 25% to 35% of the time and then the ball would get swung over to Carmelo Anthony on the high post area and then boom isolation play for a score.

    Then on the low block we have Julius Randle one of the best left side low post scorers from the NCAA and a tremendous rebounder very tough player and Kobe or Carmelo would pass the ball into the post for Julius Randle to do work.Then you have Pau Gasol playing center and he is very skilled at scoring in the post area and he is also a top 3 low post scorer and the top passer from the post also Gasol is a great rebounder and he can knock down jumpers if needed.The Point Guard is yet to be decided but we have candidates already like Steve Blake,Jordan Clarkson,Kendall Marshall.

    As long as they pass the ball around for good open shots much like the Spurs offense and take their time in the slow halfcourt game they can be super dangerous on offense and they will get a lot of rebounds since Randle,Gasol,Carmelo even Kobe can all rebound great for their position.Kobe shooting guard,Carmelo small forward,Pau Gasol center,Julius power forward that’a a great 4 on offense.They could contend right away if all goes well.

    • Laker Fan

      You realize you just suggested that Carmelo Anthony “pass the ball around” right? Have you not seen Carmelo play?

  • Joseph Apohen

    Pau, I have always like you. Not just as an incredible athlete but as a person. You are epitome of class. I am tired of seeing you as an afterthought by the Lakers. Pack your bags and take your talent to where it is appreciated. I’ll always be thankful for the championships you brought us.

    • TheLakers

      Pau was great. He had his time. Shaq, all time great left the Lakers when it was time (prematurely in my opinion, Shaq still had 3 good years left in him, he won in Miami with WADE). Pau’s time to leave.

  • TheLakers

    Lakers should break the vault, which they can. Sign Melo and Lebron. If the NBA blocks them this time, sue the them.

    If the Lakers had CP right now, DH would be here too. Let’s face it, DH was not going to stay with over the hill bench playes in Nash and now Kobe.

    • Jay

      I wish lakers did not give Kobe all that money. It would have been easier to sign melo and bron to a max contract. Kobe is selfish for not taking a pay cut.

      • TheLakers

        Wrong. This is what the team owners wants you to think. Kobe is not selfish. This is brainwash. Owners are greedy pick pocketing the players.

        NO one said NBA needed salary cap. The owners brought the CAP, now they should pay the taxes. They can go the MLB way. NO LUX tax.

        Kobe did not come up with the CAP. The owners did. They are the ones who are greedy and selfish.

        This is American, the largest free economy in the World, or the only one that is closest to it.

      • TheLakers

        It is not Kobe’s job to take a pay cut. The Lakers team never give discount on the TV deals or the merchandising? Why is Kobe selfish.

        You personally, would never leave a dollar on the table. How can you ask Kobe to leave millions on the table.

    • Zimmeredge

      when we made the move with cp3, kobe just won the title. to this day, kobe is still a more valuable player than d12.
      oh btw it’s not about breaking the vault, it’s about playing within the rule. you can’t max both lebron and melo out. YOU CAN’T.

      • TheLakers

        I understand. DH is more valuable the KOBE today. He just came off a 26 p 13 r playoffs.

        There is no one in the NBA that would say Kobe is a better player today than DH.

        If Kobe comes back and plays and proofs otherwise, then, will talk.

        • AK

          you’re a idiot you dont even know what cap room is.. and only a idiot would pick dh over kobe.. dwight only had 6 playoff games too that aint shit to brag about kid kobe wouldnt of lost in the first round like that.. Kobe is a legend and still top 5 player in the league at his age have you forgot that quick or have you just started watching basketball?

          • TheLakers

            PER and other stat would not suggest that. CAP is an owner created concept. It is an imaginary junk. MLB does not have CAP. The six games that KObe played were woefully pathetic.

            As a Lakers fans, I will not lie to myself.

            I do not know what you do, but, let’s put a cap on your line of work. If the market pays you, $300/hour, and the boss says, no, I will keep the $200 and pay you $100, you would not agree with the CAP system either.

          • TheLakers

            Kobe lost to the Pistons in 2004 and 2008 in his prime.

            Kobe lost to the Suns leading 3 to 1 in 2006, in his ultra prime.

          • TheLakers

            2008 to the Celtics!

          • TheLakers

            “The Lakers by contrast are at the rock bottom of what could be a frustrating rebuild. Kobe Bryant turns 36 in August and is coming off two debilitating leg injuries in the last 15 months. If playing with a healthy 36-year-old Dirk Nowitzki has turned off suitors who aren’t sure about how much prime he has left, then what does Bryant have to offer?

            The only other Lakers under contract are Robert Sacre, Julius Randle, Kendall Marshall and what’s left of Steve Nash.”

            Tyler Conway, Bleecherreport dot com.

            I guess Tyler Conway is an idiot as well.

      • TheLakers

        Owners created the salary cap to brain wash the fans. We pay the money, why do not we put the cap on the how much the owners can charge us. Now that will not work will it, yet they are doing the same to the players, and the fans are suffering because of that. The owners created the CAP they can eat it.

        Lebron would be paid over $50 million per year. Kobe should have been over $60 million per year in an open market. The owners are stealing from the fans and the players.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Man until this day Kobe can come to the court and be athletic enough to be a problem for his opponent and he can drop 22 points and grab 5 rebounds and get 5 assists while shooting some 3 pointers and driving in for some hoops and finishes while drawing contact.Kobe is so for real and he is a All Star caliber player today and he is now looking like he never had any injuries.Mitch has said that Kobe looks great in workouts and other sources are saying Kobe is balling like he was never injured and he looks like the superstar player he always was.Encouraging and great news.

        • OG RiceBone

          All we need is Kobe’s high post, mid-range, clutch three’s, old man assists lol

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    Question is, if we don’t get Melo, and lose Pau, where do we stand with other FAs? Has the FO done a good job of getting guys like Ariza/Deng on board as plan B? I’d hate to see us miss on Plan A and then be scrambling to make up for lost time. Reminds me of last offseason.

    • Alejandro

      We had no cap space last off season,just veteran minimum deals and the small exception for $3.5 million and Chris Kaman accepted it last year.

      This off season we have lots of cap space like $28 million before we get rid of Nash.If we trade Nash $38 million in open cap room,if we waive him over 5 years $36 million,if we stretch Nash over 3 years then $35 million available to spend.Lakers FO know what they are doing IMO.They will make out like bandits in free agency.They will get their main guys IMO.

      • the_lorb

        People keep acting like 28-35 million dollars of cap space + Julius Randle + healthy Kobe + (MLE player or Pau) isn’t going to turn into a winning team.

        Lakers have plenty of cash and will be offering big roles to the biggest players available whether it is today, tomorrow, or next week. No reason to worry.

  • Wade>James

    LeBron wont come to the Lakers if he wants to pass Kobe in Championships

    • TheLakers

      Lebron is smart multi-hundred millionaire. He wasted 7 years in Cleveland and did not win one. He is entering his 12th season, with hi mileage on his body, no one wins that is human will win another 5 rings, to beat Jordan. I think Lebron is happy if he will win one more.

      Kobe had 3 rings by the end of his 6th season, thanks to shaq.

      Magic had 4 rings by the end of his 7th season.

      Jordan had 6 rings by the end of his 12th season.

      But, all of those players were gifted with great teams and coaches. Also, the system did not have the oppressive salary Cap that works against building good team. So, players did not have to move around. The teams got players to fill in the gap.

  • abel

    lakers are washed up

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