Lakers Rumors: Gasol For Stoudemire Trade Talks Never Took Place

Lakers Rumors: Gasol For Stoudemire Trade Talks Never Took Place


With the Los Angeles Lakers struggling as of late, the trade rumors have begun to surface once again in the City of Angels with Pau Gasol at the center of it all.

After acquiring Steve Nash and Dwight Howard over the summer, Gasol was thought to have dodged the bullet yet again with the Lakers able to pull off both moves without sending the Spaniard elsewhere. Although the Lakers roster has added two superstars without giving up Gasol in return, Los Angeles might still be considering moving the two-time NBA champion with talk of Gasol not exactly fitting the mold of Mike D’Antoni’s offense.

The most recent trade rumor involving a big-name in return for Gasol was a potential deal with the New York Knicks in exchange for Amar’e Stoudemire.

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D’Antoni’s former team has been on a roll this season and appears to have finally turned the corner in the Carmelo Anthony era. Unfortunately for Stoudemire, Nash’s former teammate no longer seems to fit in New York and might be forced to come off the bench as a result.

Stoudemire is apparently content with coming off the bench once able to get back on the floor for the Knicks, but trade rumors continue to swirl with the Lakers supposedly targeting the veteran forward.

Reportedly, the rumors about a possible Gasol for Stoudemire swap have no merit according to Marc Berman of the New York Post:

There’s been speculation there were talks between the Lakers and Knicks about a Stoudemire-Pau Gasol trade but a source claims nothing took place.

This trade scenario doesn’t make much sense for either team for a few different reasons.

First of all, the Lakers’ front office doesn’t want to take on any more salary and they’d do exactly that with an injury prone Stoudemire. Gasol’s $19.2 million for next season would be off the books, but the Lakers would be taking on Stoudemire’s $21.6 million for next season and $23.4 million for the season after that.

Along with the Lakers taking on Stoudemire’s huge contract, the Knicks really don’t need Gasol with Anthony thriving at the power forward position. Gasol, like Stoudemire, would be one of the highest paid players off the bench.

Although some believe Stoudemire might get back to form rejoining Nash and D’Antoni in Los Angeles, the move simply doesn’t make sense for both teams and it’s doubtful anything comes to fruition moving forward.

  • Kareem of the Crop

    Definitely hurt! That’s a terrible trade. You don’t trade someone as skilled and bright as Gasol for a overhyped doofus who has never won anything and can’t even crack the Knicks starting line-up at this point like Amar’e. The “Knowledge Is Power” tattoos on both his biceps tells you all you need to know about that dimbulb.

  • Dating

    What the hell. Lakers are trying to be Suns During D’antony era as HC of it. I mean common lakers nation, no Gasol, no championship…

  • Sti1lmatic

    Gasol for a lifetime supply of SOFT tacos (taco king).

  • Tiquan

    come on now at least amire brings everynight his work ethic is always there on and off the floor man, and he is just as good shooting that midrange shot as pau

  • carlo

    i love GASOL but you got to trade him to someone STRONGER and BETTER

  • Michael Babineau

    why is every former Suns player in a rumor about the Lakers acquiring them?

  • Scott Millar

    I don’t like that D’Antoni keeps saying once Nash gets back all these problems go away. So the coach is hanging his hat on a 38 year old guard that has never won a champioship, does this bother anyone else??

  • logan12th

    Why is your every update about trading Gasol? Ddn’ Mike D. just say he thinks Pau will work out fine in the system? Sounds like a lot of wishing and speculation on YOUR part is what’s really going on, because Amare is no upgrade over Gasol. He definitely can’t shoot, has been injured forever, hasn’t played a game all year, and is not as good a post player either. So nobody is buying Lakers management discussing that. The ability to run the court a little faster is not a skill.

  • Hillarysamanbaby

    Trade Gasol and Nash for Durant and Westbrook. Start Jamison at PF and start Durant at SF, make Metta 6th man. Or trade Gasol and Metta straight for Durant and Westbrook with #1 draft picks for 2 years.

  • kb

    going to be good trade