Lakers Rumors: Gary Payton Candidate For Coaching Staff? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="302"] Head coach Mike D'Antoni resigned back on April 20 and even though there's been seemingly endless rumors surrounding his potential re [new_royalslider id="302"] Head coach Mike D'Antoni resigned back on April 20 and even though there's been seemingly endless rumors surrounding his potential re Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Gary Payton Candidate For Coaching Staff?

Head coach Mike D’Antoni resigned back on April 20 and even though there’s been seemingly endless rumors surrounding his potential replacement, the Los Angeles Lakers have yet to hire his successor.

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All signs point to Byron Scott becoming the next coach of the Lakers and now rumors are starting to surface about who might be on his coaching staff. Gary Payton has emerged as a candidate, according to Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times:

With no head coach in place, it is a little difficult to speculate about potential assistants for the coaching staff. Despite that being the case, if Payton is truly interested in becoming an assistant, landing in Los Angeles makes sense.

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Payton is a California native and had a good working relationship with Kobe Bryant during their short time together in Los Angeles. Payton joined the Lakers back in 2003 in the team’s attempt to build a superstar roster that included Kobe, Shaquille O’Neal, and Karl Malone.

Until Scott is hired or if the team decides to go in a different direction, there’s no telling who’ll be on the coaching staff next season. Payton could be an option, but it may be too early to tell.

Kobe Bryant’s message to Jeremy Lin

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  • vdogg

    it would be a great decision to bring in ‘the glove’. let him tutor lin and clarkson in the art of playing defense at the PG spot.

    • Zimmeredge

      Tutor? Haha he will go on the court slap their faces and trashtalk them like hell. If Scott ends up being the good cop expect Gary payton to be the bad cop.

      • lakers_824

        Lmaoo thats gary for you…..he gonna talk mad ish and get all in ur face…..wouldnt mind having him on the sidelines just another mentor for these young bucks to be around…and maybe he can teach nash how to play D lol

    • Steve Smith

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    • DJSlik

      Being from the Bay Area GP is already familiar with Jeremy Lin. In fact JL’s agent set up a 1 on 1 friendly with GP and GP didn’t show.



    • rival

      you really think they dont know who the coach is by now? of course they know maybe they’re just trying to keep you in suspense.

    • TheZuluNation

      What rival said…

    • Redemption Rain

      They probably can’t come to terms in a deal……Scott does not want the D’Antoni or Brown treatment if things don’t work out. So he is probably demanding some kind of commitment from the Lakers on paper.

      • Badazztj12

        I been telling most of everyone that. I mean like damn do you want what is best for the Lakers future?

        • Redemption Rain

          The thing is would Scott want a short term deal? What if we pay him like 30 mill for 2 years. That’s 15 mill for one year as a head coach….

          • Badazztj12

            If we can get Gary Payton long term as assistant. I dont mind Byron long term as HC. They will make our team a top 10 defense for sure

          • Redemption Rain

            I don’t know how I feel on Scott as a long term coach, but yes I would love Payton to come here.

          • Badazztj12

            What other choice we have as HC. JVG? Nah

          • Redemption Rain

            The coach that I wanted isn’t available anymore, but Scott isn’t a total fuck up like D’Antoni was….I just don’t see Scott doing worst then D’Antoni that’s for sure.

          • Badazztj12

            Defense will get you wins. Offense is for show. That what Jim thought. Because he wanted to bring back “SHOWTIME”

          • Redemption Rain

            You mention defense, the coach I wanted was Hollins.

          • Badazztj12

            I know I wanted him too but I think FO didnt come to agreement or Hollins didnt want to wait until we filled out roster

          • Redemption Rain

            Hollins could have given some input on which players he wanted on the team. But I think Hollins leaving Grizz might be a reason why Lakers FO didn’t hire him.

          • Badazztj12

            I did seem pretty strange why he left when they made it the WCF. Trust me if they would have loaded up the bench with shooter the very next year. They could beaten Spurs

          • Redemption Rain

            Idk I heard a theory on ESPN radio that Hollins was let go by the Grizz do to some kind of basketball disagreement,,,,,,

          • Badazztj12

            Scott used a Princeton offense for Jason Kidd and for CP3 because they were ball dominant pg’s. I can see Scott installing a Princeton offense for Lin. He does know how to use big men. Kevin Martin and Chandler

          • Redemption Rain

            Sorry I go by stats and records and Scott is ummm ok…..

          • Badazztj12

            Well you know the record wasnt his fault. He got in Cleveland with no help around him when Lebron left. They made his record worse. He is known as a good rebuilding coach by leading Hornets to playoffs. He has pieces in LA and will have more pieces in next years FA;s. Guys like Asik or Jimmy Butler will be good

          • Redemption Rain

            Its a shame that the Princeton offense didn’t work too well with Kyrie Irving so I can only speculate how it would work out with Lin. He was a good coach for the Nets, ok coach for the NOH, and bad coach for the Cavs. Honestly thank god that he wasn’t coaching the Cavs last season, because idk how Brown and the Cavs lost to the depleted Lakers team last season.

          • Badazztj12

            Well you know Kyrie is score first pg(ballhog). Its made for a pass-first pg. Kidd was a great passer but couldnt shoot. CP3 could do it all. Kyrie could pass but thinks about scoring first. Lin is balanced

          • Redemption Rain

            If the Lakers get him for long term I’ll trust him to turn the team around in 3 seasons.

          • Badazztj12

            By the way the Princeton offense will do wonders for this team. When Mike Brown installed the Princeton offense before he got fired earlier that season. Kobe was shooting more off screens and getting touches in post high efficient shots. I think they said he average 32pts 6assists 5reb during that stretch. Nash wasnt used to the offense because he mostly played ball-dominant. It required for the pg to sometimes to sets picks off-ball

          • Redemption Rain

            Looking up some old game stats. Back in 2012-2013 season

            Kobe first game had a 78% FG with 22pts. But sadly LA still lost to the Mavs.

            next game versus the Blazer Kobe had 30pts with 50% FG

            checked the next 3 games before Brown was fire, and your right Kobe was efficient and scoring tons of points, but the Lakers hardly win under Brown, poor defense letting teams score more then 100pts. Idk what Scott is going to bring that Brown couldn’t. Hopefully defense.

          • Badazztj12

            Yup and does preach defense. But damn 78% and Kobe just did that off skill? Image him and Young doing this.

          • Redemption Rain

            LOL at first I though it was a typo, yep scored 22pts on 78% shooting….

          • Badazztj12

            I am guessing he most likely bring back the Princeton Offense if he gets hired since we got a decent pg. I am going to look up it so I can get a better read of it

          • Badazztj12

            Dude this shit is like what the Spurs do. Read the defense and keep moving the ball until you got a high % shot. Lots of cutting also(Wesley best plays for lobs). The PF can play at the 3pt line and drive into the bastket(seen flashes that Randle can do that) The C is ALWAYS at the bucket. Lots of rebounds for Hill. Want the link?

          • Redemption Rain

            The Spurs pass the ball all around to an open shooter, I don’t think Scott’s system is anything like Popovich.

          • Badazztj12

            Well I can see this working for Lakers. Nash struggled because he only used to doing pick and rolls/pops. With a full training camp of Princeton Offense. This team will be wearing down defenses with all this cutting and passing. Making it easier to defend on defense with decent energy

          • Badazztj12

            watch this video. This is beautiful basketball. It that wont take much time for these young guys on our team to learn this during training camp.


          • 16 of em

            i think brown was under more pressure than scott would have WHEN hired..right after phil..tough act to follow for brown

          • Badazztj12

            Kobe shot over 50% too as well as Gasol because they got more high efficient shots at the bucket. Lin can play on-ball and off-ball.

          • Truth B Told

            As we all know (some) that stats can be mis-leading…..If you are going by records (winning) then you have a lot of coaches with winning records out of work…….How many do you have out there that have gotten to A NBA final…….There weren’t a lot of teams trying to get to Hollins…….Scott like many of those former Lakers hate seeing the state the Lakers are in…….Scott coaching and Patton as an assistance is a nice move.

          • Redemption Rain

            What coaching are you referring to when you say some are out of work? Are they retired? Are they working in the FO or are they working as a analyst in ESPN? I don’t think its necessarily a good thing just to hire someone who is a farmer Laker, I’ll hire someone who has a system and the resume that spells success.

          • Truth B Told

            Let’s see….Karl who wants to coach again…..Del Negro..who has a winning record…..Mark Jackson….Good coaching record….Even Mike Brown….Dunleavy………Coaches with winning records…It’s not about the records all the time…..

          • LakersOverEverything

            It’s true, stats aren’t the best way to judge a coach. Look at mike brown in Cleveland. Wasn’t he .700+ with lebron? They were getting 60+ wins back to back. I don’t think either of us would say brown is a great coach.

          • 16 of em

            stats dont always show truth…we were horrible in a lot of categories but why? poor coaching, players giving up on the coach because they knew his system was a failure..fake injuries and some real…stats can lie my friend

          • 16 of em

            our team is simalar to that nets team

          • Ray-Marcus

            I like Scott but JVG is even better…only missed the playoffs once

          • Truth B Told

            That would be fine if you are only talking about playoffs…….That’s why coaches with these winning records are out of work…..Teams don’t want to just make it to the playoffs……They want to be at The Big Dance (NBA Finals)…….Lakers aren’t about playoffs…….It’s Championships.

          • 16 of em

            i think hed sign two years to match kobes contract..but money may be the issue with him having roots to us

    • 16 of em

      fa real…never seen his

  • Derek Clark

    Can’t hurt to bring him on board. The more development Lin and Clarkson have the better. And remember, Nash is still around this year as well. You may see Jeremy and Jordan really flourish at the PG position this year.



    So is this telling us Byron Scott hired or nawwww.

  • OleLakers


  • courtney harris

    this is just tiring. its not this blog fault, but man this is really getting old, i dont understand why we dont have a coach. they must be:

    1. trying to use scott as a stepping stone coach and hes not going for it
    2. trying to figure out how to fill the last two spots on the roster (even though we are over the cap)
    3. already agreed to hire scott and now the assistants come into play.

    for whatever, the lakers being hush hush is really just getting old. they may just wait and hire a coach a day or two before training camp.

    hell at this point, mitch you and jim coach the team since yall put the roster together. who knows the direction of this team better than the person(s) cutting the checks..

  • Isaiah

    It’d be pretty chill to have Gary Payton as an assistant. Preaching and teaching the team defense and hustle. Lakers just need to stop this stalling and hire Byron already. The Lakers FO can sometimes be annoying when they drag out things when they don’t need to be.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    to me I think we need an head coach first before we talk about the CS lol

    • TheZuluNation

      They probably already know who they want.

  • Badazztj12

    Oh shit. I dont mind Gary Payton as long as he bring that defebsive mindset to the Lakers

  • TheZuluNation

    I think that would be great. We all know The Glove was a hell of a defender.

  • Mark

    THE GLOVE! one of the greatest defensive players of all time. did jordan nasty in the ’96 finals man. man, he’s one of the players i wish played in today’s era (along with jordan, pippen, prime kobe, rodman, oakley, ewing, etc.) because today’s era is cotton-soft. if russell westbrook gets pissed at patrick beverley, he would scream until he’s blue in the face if he had to play against the glove!

    bring him on board!

  • Badazztj12

    Byron Scott Head Coach (experience)
    Gary Payton Assistant
    Top 10 – 5 Defense in NBA

  • Jonah

    Gary Payton is the perfect coach for the Lakers defense.

  • Lake Yes Yes Ya’ll

    Hell ya Payton can mentor Jordan Clarkson.Also coach up everyone as a mouthy.

  • Juanito

    Lakers are a Hollywood tragedy.There have been some bad decisions,but also a dose of bad luck

    By Bradford Doolittle ESPN Insider July 24,2014

    Check this story out if you have ESPN Insider.It’s sad for Lakers fans like me.

  • Bill

    GP is the perfect defensive coach.

  • vmart24


  • Bryant T. Jordan

    I’m all for adding GP to the staff … greatest defensive PG in NBA history imo … no-brainer hire, period.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post,
    Bryant T. Jordan

    Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”

    The book that PERFECTLY PREDICTED Julius Randle being drafted by the Lakers AND LeBron James returning to Cleveland MONTHS AGO!

  • 16 of em

    wouldnt mind that move..hes a western

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

    Do it!!

  • Lakers4Life

    Haha…Gary on the list now?! This is getting better by the minute. Man this is going to be a disappointing season to say the least!

    • ColeWorldNoBlanket

      Way 2 encourage a team u claim 2 be a fan of…douche bag.


    Maybe this coaching search is more of a coaching staff search now! I mean maybe the reason the FO is taking so long is because they are trying to rebuild a culture. I mean the team is realistically no championship contender, but maybe this is the way to begin for the future. The Knicks are building an identity from Phil to the coaching staff to beginning towards the players with Melo as the cornerstone. Well maybe with the Lakers striking out in free agency this year, maybe this is the 1st option to creating a new culture. Randle, Swaggy P, Lin, Clarkson, and I a big maybe on Kelly could be the cornerstone for the future, but I think the only way to build on these guys is to have not just a coach to help them out, but the entire coaching staff. Just like in football where you have coaching for offense, defense, special teams, quarterback and so on and so on. Maybe the Lakers need to do the same in legitimate coaching in offense, defense, guards, forwards, and centers.

  • Mike Brown

    so our head coach(Scott) and a assistant(Payton) can play better defense then our entire team.

  • purp& goldpride

    I.would love for mouthy payton to be an assistant coach here. His personality fits LA …and after what happened in Brooklyn, something tells me payton & kidd would have a personalized clash.

  • In Mitch We Trust

    Gary Payton was working for Fox Sports 1 last time i saw him on TV.Ya lets get Gary Payton as a assistant coach oh wait we need a head coach first lol.

    I am sure if Byron is hired he will bring Dave Miller to his staff.Gary Payton is a Oakland guy and a good friend of fellow Oakland native Jason Kidd the Bucks coach plus Gary Payton played for the Bucks and he has a better young group to teach and coach with Jabari and Greek Freak.

    So it’s a toss up where he ends up since the Lakers are a team he played for and he is a good friend of Kobe Bryant also he has Julius Randle and Jeremy Lin to teach also he can mentor Jordan Clarkson and teach the entire Lakers team how to play defense.I think Lakers will edge out the Bucks.

  • KB24

    KOBE BE LIKE 27-6-7-10STLS-1 BLK

  • Truthb3Trolled

    Payton would be a great addition to the coaching staff. GP, along with player development coach Steven Nash, will help impart great knowledge to seriously bolster the chances of Lin and Clarkson paying off big.

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