Lakers Rumors: Free Agent Leandro Barbosa Still in Talks with Lakers

Lakers Rumors: Free Agent Leandro Barbosa Still in Talks with Lakers


After the Los Angeles Lakers signed free agent guard Jodie Meeks, the consensus was that the front office was done in free agency and would concentrate on signing rookies Robert Sacre and Darius Johnson-Odom.

As expected, the Lakers’ front office did just that by bringing in a few extra bodies for training camp with the additions of Reeves Nelson and Greg Somogyi while signing Sacre. With these moves, the Lakers appeared to be done with only Johnson-Odom left to be signed.

Reportedly, that may not be the case with free agent Leandro Barbosa still talking to the team according to Alex Kennedy of via Twitter:

With little space and playing time left on the Lakers roster, it’s uncertain how interested Barbosa may be in terms of signing with Los Angeles. Apparently, no team is eager to sign the former Sixth Man of the Year and that puts him in a tough situation as he may have to resort to a role that the Lakers will provide.

One perk of signing with the Lakers is proving his worth to the team next season. If Barbosa can prove to be a force off the bench in the backcourt at point guard and or shooting guard, Lakers Coach Mike Brown might get him more involved with an increase in minutes. If signed, Barbosa would be competing with quite a few players in the backcourt for playing time.

One reason the team might be leaning towards signing the Brazilian is his ties with Steve Nash. According to Kennedy, Nash has been recruiting Barbosa:

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not the Lakers ultimately offer Barbosa a deal. The offer will most likely be one year for the veteran’s minimum. If Barbosa does sign, there’s a good chance players like Andrew Goudelock, Darius Morris or Darius Johnson-Odom might end up being sent down to the D-League for the majority of the upcoming season.

In case you missed it – Dwight Howard talks about starting over in Los Angeles.

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  • Rich Kid Yellaboy

    we be a A1 Team Straight Hitters Barbosa,Kobe,Nash,Meeks,Howard,

  • Noelacab

    Definitely a plus for the team.  We need Barbosa just in case, Nash is no spring chicken.  Get him already…

  • Colo Maldonado

    Yea sing Barbosa Mitch…Lets Do it

  • Kmac_321

    The NBA around the league is so pissed right now! LOL cheat codes for LA Lakers!

  • Dennis Tj Townsend

    We definately can use barbosa on the team…the more the better!!!

  • Snakewest1

    im not skip bayless or steven a. smith/ but  i think they would both agree that
    our bech is ok. but it still needs a little more help, barbosa can very much be that help and  more.
    yall all forgetting he did play with steve nash and was six man of the year aslo. he can put up points
    along with jamison. if i was mitch i wouldnt sleep on this deal. it can convince me and every body else out there that we are giong to win the title may more than one.

  • Bill Brown

    We still need a younger point guard and a better 3, our small forward is the great missing piece in this excellent team. When going gets tough, and the thunder, San antonio, clippers and heat defense becomes so tight because of their youth and faster leg, we need a 3 to shoot and a point that could run.

  • Bill Brown

    Sign leandro and trade blake for a younger point guard

  • MadDamon

    haha U MAD LAKERS? 😀

    Barbosa knows which team is the best for him 😀