Lakers Rumors: ESPN Analyst Says Lamar Odom Wants to Return to Lakers

Lakers Rumors: ESPN Analyst Says Lamar Odom Wants to Return to Lakers


After trading Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks before the season for nothing more than a draft pick and a trade exception, the Lakers found themselves without their Sixth Man of the Year and the guy who anchored their second unit.

Now, with Odom expected to be bought out by the Mavericks next month, the possibility of Odom returning to the Lakers is seeming more and more likely.

Recently on ESPN Radio, NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith mentioned the mutual interest in both sides of the situation.

“(Odom) desperately wants to come back and wants to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Mike Brown desperately wants him back. He’s going to talk to Buss and Lakers hierarchy to see what they can do about getting Lamar Odom back.”

Smith has been close to Odom for much of his career. When Odom was initially traded to the New Orleans Hornets as a part of the nixed Chris Paul deal in December, he went on Smith’s radio program to discuss his feelings, so it’s safe to say Smith is a credible source in this scenario.

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Kobe Bryant expressed his desire to have Odom back earlier this season, and there have even been rumors that L.A. is looking to bring back Odom and another former Laker, Trevor Ariza.

The free agency period will begin next month.

  • Businessf1rst

    Bring Sasha Back… The Machine.. Keep GoudeLock.. We will have a Three point army..

  • Ortek5


  • Childresslsngls

    They should of kept the team as it was when they had ariza they shouldnt of got world peace they just won the champ usey you keep the team as it is and add to what you have and they didnt at all that why they paying the price.Mitch need to think think before doing anything to make sure that play can help

  • Nick Plekovich

    Kobe only shoots so much especially this year because no on else was producing on the offensive end.

    • Ronaldmtchll

      Kobe Excuse! can’t produce if you don’t touch ball.

  • Delusional

    You people have some of the most ridiculous aspirations for the team that is just not logical from the standpoint of the other team or this Laker team. Bring back Ariza? Ariza is set to earn 7 million next year and 7 million during the 2012/2013 season. Who in the world are the Lakers going to trade to the Hornets to acquire him that fit the same salary and still have a player that the Hornets want? I rather this team have financial flexibility so they can bring in more decent talent to the table. Bring Howard to the Lakers? He’s repeatedly stated that he does not want to wish to play for the Lakers. Bringing over D.Will won’t work unless a team is willing to pick up Gasol’s monster contract this year and next year.Gasol to the Bulls for Korver and Deng? Why in the world would they trade their starting SF and their backup? Now the Bulls have a loaded front court at the 4 and no players at the 3.  Most of you guys are delusional in thinking that the team can just pull off any random trade. Be realistic in the views of the other team. Lakers are literally taking a huge crap on other teams just to make ours better. That crap might work in 2k12 but not in real life.

    • Dnaylor52

       Howard has a back injury that may never heal right. I seriously doubt if he will ever get back to top of game.

      • Ronaldmtchll

        You are so right! But Lakers fans don’t hear you. They are like the guy who knows he’s being conned but greed blocks his reasoning power!

    • Ronaldmtchll

      Lakers fan are live in fantasy land.,


    It will not take much to get him from Dallas…just take that contract (and give us our draft pick back and he is yours and good riddance

  • Rbdvd

    All the talk about Odom, Ariza, etc. won’t mean anything until we first talk about Mike Brown. Brown was clearly out coached during the entire post season. If we get the players we want and keep Brown we may be scratching our heads again this time next year. 

  • Vsullins

    Agreed its gonna take more than Kobe shooting the ball 30 or 40 times a game. You aren’t gonna beat the elite teams like that. Odom and Ariza would be a good addition. Pau can cry his way to the Bulls if they would even take him. If thats the case send us Boozer.

  • Vsullins

    Where’s Robert Horry when ya need him sheesh! Haha jk but hell it wouldn’t hurt us none either.

  • Tombrady2randymoss

    Bring back ariza and odom, Trade Gasol and someone else for D will and bynum for Howard, OMG!

  • Captain

    We have more than a few problems. Mitch is only a GM in name. He now has to get the kid approval for everything. I have dealt with owners kid more then a few times and they are the worst. They honestly believe they know it all. From the beginning I said we are hiring a loosing coach with loosing asst coaches. None of them have won it all. Every team in the league want to beat the Lakers and bring their A game. We need a better coach and some solid asst. and I am not a fan of the kid, yes Bynum. Mentally, he just not there. Maybe never will be after 7 seasons. Odom is not the answer. We all  know who screwed the Lakers and he will never give in. Him and his buddy Stu Jackson, that looser that was fired for being incompetent by a team then hired by Stern. What a joke. I don’t believe that Seasen is the answer either. Made to many mistakes. OK, your turn.

  • garyb

    The one man we need back is……………….. Jerry West! Get rid of M.K. 1st, then Gasol, Bynum ans Sessions, for sure, along with entire bench, except Blake, Ebanks and Hill! Add D. Williams, D. Howard, Ariza and Lamar! Keep Metta, and add a couple of 3 point shooters to sure up the bench. And, then we’ll have a real powerhouse!

  • GolfToday

    Can we get back LO and give up Karsashian? If Lamar has to bring the Kardashian baggage, it’s doubtful he will ever return to form, not to mention the effect on the whole locker room.

  • Francis Townsend

    Yes, it is full time!!!  that we bring back Odom and getting back Ariza or Shawn Brown is a good thing

  • Me and Me and Me

    I would love to have Ariza back. He’s a great defender and can slash and cut to the basket. However, there is no reason for us to have Odom back. It doesn’t matter whether he never wanted to leave LA. For him to put forth so little effort in Dallas this year was inexcusable. We all get depressed. I’m depressed now because I still think gas prices are too high. It doesn’t mean I’m not expected to buck up and work for my minimum wage tomorrow. This guy was making millions, and putting forth a sad excuse of an effort this season. We would have no idea what we were going to get out of him production-wise. And Laker fans, remember, there were many games where it was obvious that he wasn’t putting forth maximum effort even when we had him with us. I say let him be some other team’s problem. We go young and athletic from here on out.

  • Camryn

    Sasha wasn’t that good..

  • markjsunz

    It may be time to rebuild, the Kobe show is over. The Lakers are playing good for three quarters then Kobe stops passing the ball to his teammates, he takes acrobat shots as he heaves the ball towards the basket so he can be the hero.

    Kobe is set to be paid 22 million next year and then 30 million the following which will take up half of the cap room. Assuming Gasol is gone and Bynum is making close to 20 million if he wants to stay who are you going to fill the other 11 or so spots on the bench with 10 million left in cap room, Maybe CBA players.

    The Lakers are in big trouble and it will not be resolved next year. The fans will scream to the heavens but maybe the lakers should bite the bullet and use the exception on Kobe and free up that money, unless you can find a trade partner and talk the prima donna into allowing a trade.

  • Mr.O so-Right

    Trade Pau to the sixers for AI and E. Turner, Trade Bynum for Howard, Sign Nash or Lowry…Nash is short term and our team would look like this, Kobe, Howard, Andre I, Odom and Nash…the bench sessions j. hill, Evan turner, Trevor, metta, blake and few more piece’s we don’t want to contend for a title we want to win.

  • Jayluv577

    we need both of em back, trevor and lamar. our 2nd unit is in bad shape. We also need a pt. guard because sessions showed his true colors by disappearing in the post season. Blake is a role player, and pau is good trade bait. I think a package deal w/him and some bench trash could put us over the hump.