Lakers Rumors: ESPN Analyst Believes Lakers a Possibility for Deron Williams Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers have been surrounded by different rumors since their season ended at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder two weeks ago. While nothing The Los Angeles Lakers have been surrounded by different rumors since their season ended at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder two weeks ago. While nothing Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: ESPN Analyst Believes Lakers a Possibility for Deron Williams

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been surrounded by different rumors since their season ended at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder two weeks ago. While nothing is certain, one off-season move that is expected to take place involves moving forward Pau Gasol.

There’s no question that Gasol is the team’s most movable asset, especially if they’re determined to keep Andrew Bynum. But two consecutive lackluster post-seasons may have decreased Gasol’s value in the eyes of other teams.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the rumors of a sign-and-trade between Los Angeles and the Brooklyn Nets from surfacing, in a move that would bring Deron Williams to L.A. and send Gasol to New York. ESPN’s John Hollinger talked about this possibility during his weekly chat last Thursday, and was asked whether or not he felt this move was possible.

Yes I do — if New Jersey decides to salvage with a Gasol-Deron Williams sign-and-trade. I have to think the Lakers would be partial to such a deal.

Hollinger went on to mention the amount of puzzling moves the Nets have made in the past, using them as reasoning behind the team making a move like this.

Recently, a report surfaced that stated the Nets would rather see Williams leave via free agency than exchange him for Gasol, but that may not be the case. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • lakerman34

    Lets stop this nonsense. Deron goes to Dallas. Lakers should only go  for what they can get. Send Pau to HOU for a package of Scola, Lowry+Picks/Dragic+Dalembert, send Bynum+MWP+Blake to ORL for Dwight+Earl Clark.

    HOU wants Pau, Lowry all but said he wants to leave HOU, and ORL is not going to get a better offer than what the Lakers have to give.

    Then use TPE on Beasley, call it a summer.

    PG Kyle Lowry/Sessions
    SG Kobe Bryant/Ebanks
    SF Michael Beasley/Ebanks/Clark
    PF Luis Scola/Hill/Clark/McRoberts
    C  Dwight Howard/Dalembert

    • lakerman34

       Excuse me, even better, use TPE on Brandon Roy, forget Beasley. Start Ebanks at the 3, Roy is 6th man.

      • Lapoint Chris1987

        naw i like your first trade ebanks isnt a starting SF hes not good enough the only problem is as much as i want d12 on the lakers cuz im a huge laker fan,  hes gonna be a net before hes a laker cuz thats where he wants to be



    • 2knyce

      sounds like a nba2k12 trade

      • Sti1lmatic

        yeah but we would of also of gotten dragic lol in 2k12

      • lakerman34

         Not at all. HOU offered all BUT Lowry for Pau last year. Earlier this summer, Lowry said that he and Coach McHale can’t exist. The way Dragic played last year, HOU doesn’t lose much by re-signing and starting him. They send Scola out as well to make the salaries workout.

        Also, ORL was going to take Bynum+MWP+Blake for Dwight+Turk. This is before Bynum BLEW UP at the end of the season and showed that he’s a franchise kind of guy. Also, Dwight has had it in ORL, and he regrets getting rid of his ETO.

        Read a little bit. Maybe you’ll learn.

    • http://twitter.com/iKontra_ Tierre Penderazdoun

      That wouldn’t even be a possibility to happen on NBA 2K Association mode.

      • lakerman34

         It’s very possible in the NBA though. I don’t know about video games. This trade works out salary wise, and makes perfect sense to all parties.

    • Richtight

      I like ur thinkin, fella

    • Big D

      No concept of salary cap cost. SMH

      • lakerman34

        Except it works salary cap wise for all teams, and Lakers actually SAVE $2-3M with these trades.

        SMH. Read. Learn.

  • LAWestCoast

    Deron Williams is the one point guard i wanted the lakers to get. or ty lawson would be good.

  • Dotzurii

    change mike brown  ……get deron and iguodala that is the best

  • lakers4eva24

    @Wali:disqus : Exactly ! Overall Gasol has been pretty good his whole career and I know the Nets will not let Williams walk away for nothing .They traded a lotto pick for Gearld Wallace and he can opt out and leave too!

  • Jj

    Why are some Lakers fans saying trading Pau would be a mistake? Are you kidding me? If it’s a bad trade, then sure. But for Deron Williams? HELL YES. Pau has been completely USELESS in the past TWO years. I appreciate everything Pau has done for L.A., and he is still a very skilled player. But you shouldn’t have to criticize and try to motivate a player in the playoffs! The game Kobe was sick, Pau has 3 points and 3 rebounds! Keeping Pau would be a mistake, because with him we haven’t gotten past the 2nd round in 2 years. Also while having 2 7-footers can be an advantage, it’s also a disadvantage – but it slows us down. There’s a reason Sessions performed so well with the 2nd unit when both weren’t on the floor, it’s because he could push the ball and easily get down to the paint for a layup w/o both of them standing there.

    • M.A.

      “Keeping Pau would be a mistake, because with him we haven’t gotten past the 2nd round in 2 years.”

      Yeah. And WITHOUT Pau the Lakers don’t go to three straight NBA FINALS, much less win two of them.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HTVFLJYUPF76NT6SJY26SMUGBQ BOXxxxXO_O

    get rid of coach brown for brian shaw or kurt rambis, get  a  Dominant PF , a shotblocker, a great rebounder, and a defensive stopper…Ibaka, kevin love, aldridge, cousins,milsap ,lowly,faried… Get D. Howard and D. Will……

    • ArealisticLALfan

       Everything that you’re saying is completely idiotic.

  • Constance Canty

    Get rid of Mike Brown, Gasol,Byum, and the lakers need a bench,3 point shooters.

  • Makersnation

    Trade Bynum for Coward. Trade Gasul for D-Will or Ty Lawson. Trade Matt Barney. Murphy. Mcroberts. Blake. Sessions. especially mike Brown for Brian Shaw. Bring back Ariza, too

  • Juliancuban

    What about a 3 way trade guys?
    Lakers get – Iggy & D-will
    Sixers get – Gasol
    Nets get – Elton Brand 
    Trade machine works and remember the sixers want to relieve cap space and since the nets dont want gasol they get a younger good pf less salary works for all teams

    • Fivks

      Um no. Besides that helping the lakers only, Philly doesn’t shed any cap with that trade because Gasol makes more than brand. AND NJ doesn’t get a young good PF Brand is 33 and making 18 mil a year. I’m a laker fan and I feel like these people are on drugs for some of these trades.

    • Henokgaim

      Why would the Nets trade Brand for Williams if they can get better offers?? 

  • Phil Jackson

    Trade Bynum, Move Pau to Center, acquire a fast/defensive minded PF.

    Unlimited championships.

  • lakers24/7

    PG Holiday/Sessions
    SG Kobe/Roy
    SF Iggy/Ariza/MWP
    PF Odom/McBob/MWP
    C Bynum/Hill

    This would be a dominating team too bad its not gonna happen lol

    • Henokgaim

      Cough cough Cap space, did you even think before posting that?? 

  • Henokgaim

    Dang Brookyln Said they wouldnt trade Deron for Pau, instead trade Bynum to Brooklyn for Deron Sheesh a trade is suppose to help both teams saying Pau for Deron is just being selfish. In stead package Bynum+draft pick+Blake to orlando for Howard and Clark keep Gasol, sign Odom for a vets minimum amnesity MWP and sign Beasly. Thats a plan. 

  • junjun

    maybe if Deron William trared to LAL LAKERS the LAKERS will have more support from deron,because deron can help lakers by scoring and guarding with steve nash wow two best guard, all the world what to u think lakers will be the best in the histery if deron william trated to LAL LAKERS i voted

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