Lakers Rumors: Eric Bledsoe Headed To Los Angeles In Blockbuster Trade? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="304"] The Los Angeles Lakers have filled out the roster with a lot of familiar faces from last season's squad. Although it appears the team [new_royalslider id="304"] The Los Angeles Lakers have filled out the roster with a lot of familiar faces from last season's squad. Although it appears the team Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Eric Bledsoe Headed To Los Angeles In Blockbuster Trade?

The Los Angeles Lakers have filled out the roster with a lot of familiar faces from last season’s squad. Although it appears the team might be done making moves, an intriguing trade rumor has surfaced.

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According to Jon Bloom of Arizona Sports 98.7, Eric Bledsoe could be headed to the Lakers in a blockbuster trade:

As of right now, the Lakers already have three point guards on the roster with Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin, and rookie Jordan Clarkson. Kendall Marshall was recently waived and could’ve been re-signed if he cleared waivers, but the Milwaukee Bucks claimed him.

With the Lakers not confident in Nash’s ability to stay healthy for an entire season, the team wants security at the point guard position. Bledsoe would provide that, but he’d come at a hefty price.

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As Bloom suggests, the Lakers would be giving up Julius Randle in the deal along with Jordan Hill. If that is what happens, the team will have a surplus of guards and will lose two of their best frontcourt players.

Recently, it was reported that the Phoenix Suns were far apart on a new deal with Bledsoe. The 24-year-old was looking for a five-year deal worth $80 million. It doesn’t appear that the Suns are willing to pay that amount, especially with two capable point guards already on the roster in Goran Dragic and the recently signed Isaiah Thomas.

The Lakers have been rumored to be interested in Bledsoe for quite some time, but with three floor generals already on the team, it does seem unlikely that they’d attempt to make this deal.
Lakers Waive Kendall Marshall, Sign Xavier Henry, Wesley Johnson

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  • gundersonrogers

    Lakers should’ve gotten Isaiah Thomas when he was available. He wanted to come here. Sad.

  • Julius Randle Fan Club

    Best draft ever and we have the best player from that draft.Hell no we won’t trade.

  • Cliff

    Untouchable is Julius.KEEP r

  • kb24

    rather take my chances on rondo,why trade if we can sign him since nuns wont match

    • Lakers In Town

      No way please no Julius Randle trade.We will get Rajon Rondo in FA 2015.

  • Lakers In Town

    We love our players.We love our team.Go Lakers!

  • Danny

    The best trade for the Suns is this since Julius Randle is off limits he is a Laker4life.
    Lakers receive Eric Bledsoe.Suns receive Jordan Hill and Jeremy Lin,Robert Sacre plus a 2015 Houston First Round Pick and 2016 Second Round Pick.

  • Gerald

    Lakers can trade Jordan Hill and Jordan Clarkson with Jeremy Lin Suns would do that trade for Eric Bledsoe i am sure.The Suns are screwed as they can lose Eric Bledsoe for nothing or then can make a trade with the Lakers and gain a young power forward/center Jordan Hill and get a perfect complimentary point guard Jeremy Lin that will allow Goran Dragic to slide over to the shooting guard and they can have a extra blla handler at all times by having a guard rotation of Dragic,Lin,Isiah Thomas they also get Second Round Gem Jordan Clarkson plus the draft picks which is a great asset.For the Lakers it makes sense also since the team wants a good point guard that is committed to a lengthy contract and he can help out the team.Julius Randle will not be traded he is way above this kind of trade.

  • Skip

    Ya the Lakers will get Eric Bledsoe but without trading Julius Randle.Seriously Julius Randle is going to win rookie of the year and be a HOF player he is the best player i have seen coming into the NBA since LeBron James in 2003.Julius Randle is never getting traded he is our best player and favorite Laker player we love Julius Randle in LA he is our main guy.The Lakers and Julius Randle are one.


  • Thurmond Waits

    The Laker should try to get Bledsoe but they should not involve Randle in that trade. They need to include Nash, Lin and draft picks and someone else. Bledsoe and Randle can be our one two punch of the future after Kobe retires. C’mon Lakers – pick up Bledsoe but don’t give up the farm to do it.

  • Greg

    Eric Bledsoe is not worth a max deal that’s why the Suns have not signed him.Darius Morris was on his level a couple years back when they were both backups in LA.Actually Darren Collinson did a much better job for the Clippers as a backup pg than Eric Bledsoe did when he was a backup pg for the Clippers.This fool is using the Lakers as leverage screw him and never ever trade Julius Randle.

  • Not Intrigued

    Eric Bledsoe has bad knees that’s a big no no.He has had several knee surgeries.Not worth it i rather pay healthy players.

  • rosy lily

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  • Sam

    No way Bledsoe is injury prone he has bad knees.The NBA needs to change the rule regarding paying injured players that can’t perform to expectations.Amare,Nash and others eat up cap space and team money where is NBA workman’s comp?Yes get it right NBA Board Of Governors.Eric Bledsoe is going to cause some team hell because of his injuries and contract demands.The NBA must include a contract termination option to save franchises from injured players taking up lots of salary cap space.It’s logical to fix a wrong in the CBA.

  • Isiah

    Glass knees Eric Bledsoe is washed up.

  • Los Lakers

    Keep Julius Randle he is a monster man he is a superstar.Bledsoe is shit fuck him.

  • Rice Rice Baby

    Seriously Eric Bledsoe is poop.His knees are like a 60 year old.No trade ya’ll.

  • Q

    I would love to have him long term, but that’s too much to give, at least take Randle off the table…

  • Wesley

    Julius Randle is a great big man a once in a generation talent so you never trade a great big man for a great small guy in the first place just remember what Suns Ex Coach Cotton Fitzsimmons used to say never trade a great big man for a great little guy.The Scums are trying to get two great big men plus a first round pick for a durable rebounding machine like Jordan Hill just check his PER and you will find out Jordan Hill by himself is better than Eric Bledsoe as a player.Then the Scums want a once in a generation talent Julius Randle come on now he is the best left handed big man since David Robinson.What do they have to offer over there in Phoenix Suns headquarters lets see they must have Michael Jordan in his prime buzzer goes off negative they don’t have Michael Jordan okay maybe they have a young Hakeem Olajuwon yeah that’s not the case oh okay it’s a young point guard named Gary Payton right and he is in his 6th all star game oh no not Gary Payton?

    Oh okay then who is it well it’s crippled Eric Bledsoe a career backup who they got a year ago for fat piece of crap Jared Dudley oh this must be a April Fools Joke?Wait are they delusional Suns FO?Are they freaking crazy???Lower the offer demands Suns.Plus they want a first round pick LOL HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA they are crazy.

  • Austin

    Lakers need to keep Julius Randle forever.Nope on Eric Bledsoe his knees r done.

  • Conner

    Eric Bledsoe sucks he can’t shoot and he is a turnover machine plus he is always injured his knees are a big problem how many knee operations for him?Yep he is another Greg Oden career ending knee injury.No thanks.

  • Elias

    Who the hell is Mark Willard he needs to get his facts right.Julius Randle will never be traded and that’s that.Eric Bledsoe is nothing to write home about.Just a average guard with no real position he is a classic tweener and he is always injured with knee issues and he misses too many games.Bad deal for the Lakers.

  • kyle miller

    This would be the worst decision that Jim (BUST) Buss could possibly make IMO. Eric Bledsoe is a quality guard but nothing near the value of what the Lakers would have to give up here. Why on earth would he find it reasonable to stack a team with 3 point guards when you’re hurting bad for cap space. SMH

  • ceegee

    Pass! Bledsoe is not a proven and its not worth 2 of our best front court player.

  • America Rising

    The Lakers are a mess for even considering this

    • Wreck It Ralph

      Eric Bledsoe has horrible gimp knees and Lakers owner should sell the tam.

    • Wreck It Ralph


  • Alec

    Jordan Schultz @Schultz_Report · 51m
    IMO Bledsoe will take a huge risk to sign 1-year qualifying offer worth $3.7M w/Suns and become UFA next year. Leave 45M guaranteed on table

  • We Love Our Players

    Please keep Julius Randle.Juliu$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Timothy

    LOL ROFL Eric Bledsoe is a joke he needs a knee replacement dude is damaged spoiled goods and after the way he was injured last season not wanting him.

  • Frank

    If Bledsoe was healthy then maybe but injured Bledsoe is a crippled freak.

  • Thor


  • Tony

    Lakers please save the team from making a big mistake.We don’t need Eric Bledsoe this will be a huge mistake and this can’t happen.We can’t trade players.

  • Lamar

    We love Julius Randle.

  • k.

    Whoa! This just smells of a sports writer yearning to break a story but all it is, is a poor weak rumor! There is no logic to this idea of trading two talented big men for small PG who has yet to prove himself to lead a team. Sure Bledsoe has great athletic ability and play but that doesn’t translate to leadership ability. Makes no sense to end up with no front court depth. Don’t believe the hype! Have patience Laker fans, Randle is the truth!

  • Elgin

    Damn i just heard a trade is imminent.

  • Alvaro

    Seriously i have been reading and hearing from everyone the Lakers are getting Eric Bledsoe in a sign and trade from the Suns.That’s great news i like him.Some people are saying it is a done deal.Lets go Lakers!

  • Phillip

    Eric Bledsoe would be a huge upgrade over any point guard we have had in years.He is healthy and ready to play he is not injured and his knees are fine and he is coming to the Lakers in a sign and trade according to media reports today.

  • Lula Smith-Anderson

    If the Lakers get rid of Julius for Bledso will be the dumbest move ever,they need to get rid of players on the bench that didn’t do much of nothing last season,they looking for Nash to be healthy this season, not going to happen,he been hurt since he came to the Lakers,he don’t need to come back.

  • Kate Perry

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  • KillerKali

    come on guys this is just bogus….jordan hill can’t be traded, i wish these twitter reporters would learn the damn CBA before claiming inside info..

  • Vince

    I was listening to Stephen A. Smith and he said the Lakers better get Eric Bledsoe that the roster is garbage right now and that Bledsoe is legit and perfect for the Lakers and Kobe.I agree with Stephen A. Smith the Lakers are way better off with Eric Bledsoe and i am anticipating the Lakers getting Bledsoe in a S&T.

    • vinny tran

      Vince… ??? Why??? You have to listen to a guy name SAS. too much…. he should talk to his Knick and advice his east side how to get a Championship 2015 rather to Lakers Nation family…. GTFO…. the here…. good luck to his Knick to have A Championship Ring for another decade….. peace out… LOL…. Vince watch more ESPN name SAS…

    • Luke

      Stephen A. nor any other reputable sportscaster said anything even remotely close to the Lakers trading for Bledsoe, at least not in the last several months.

  • Victor

    Eric Bledsoe better be coming to the Lakers since we need a PG.Lin is trash.

    • vinny tran

      Victor….. Trash is a trong word, when you said Lin is TRASH… every morning, you look @the mirror…. and you see yourself, can you better then the trash which you had name it….. my advice to you, victor…. give yourself 5 seconds thinking before you talk which more better 4 U….

  • Leo Roland

    no way you give up Randle in trade.

  • rasputinslovechild

    Mitch, please do NOT trade Randle!!!


    Way too expensive, I’m going to be pissed if this happens, DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THAT WE COULDVE GOT BLAKE GRIFFIN AND BLEDSOE FOR DWIGHT HOWARD!!!!!

  • Josh

    I would take that trade for Kevin Love but not Bledsoe

  • Luke

    This story was leaked to Jon Bloom by his source in LA, i.e. his bartender. Bull. Point 1, If the Lakers wanted Bledsoe they would have offered him a max contract and not have to give up anything. Why offer assets now when they could have gotten for free. Obviously the Lakers are not interested in Bledsoe for his asking salary. Point 2, Arizona can’t get him to sign for what they are offering him now, so why would Bledsoe agree to a sign and trade for less money than he wants. Point 3 Rookies that have signed a contract are not eligible for trade for 30 days. Since Randle has signed he can’t be traded for 30 days. Point 4 Sports journalists should use their heads before they post such goofy baloney.

  • Rolling stone

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  • LakerSteve

    “Clippers run LA”???

    You sound like you’ve lost your memory or you’re suffering from delusions of grandeur – could it be dementia? Wait, is this Donald Sterling?

    As far as last year, the only thing I remember is the Lakers losing 319 player games to injury and the Clippers getting run in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Well, that and the Clippers racist owner saying black people shouldn’t come to Clipper games. Oh, I also remember seeing Clippers tickets being sold on Living Social!!

  • Christopher Vasquez

    dude.. win a championship.. let alone get to finals before u talk.. u probaly have a 3 peat tee in your closet… #getoffthebandwagon#

  • Christopher Vasquez

    NEWS HEADLINE : Clippers PG jumps off staples center rooftop after another 2nd round playoff loss…

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