Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Working Hard Despite Trade Talk Reviewed by Momizat on . Dwight Howard has been the focus of trade talk for the better part of a year now. Since he hasn't signed an extension with the Orlando Magic yet there is plenty Dwight Howard has been the focus of trade talk for the better part of a year now. Since he hasn't signed an extension with the Orlando Magic yet there is plenty Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Working Hard Despite Trade Talk

Dwight Howard has been the focus of trade talk for the better part of a year now. Since he hasn’t signed an extension with the Orlando Magic yet there is plenty of speculation that the team will look to trade him before the trade deadline on Feb. 24.

Still, Howard has managed to play well despite the potential distractions this situation can create. Even though he didn’t have his best performance of the season Sunday night, scoring just five points with four rebounds, Howard continues to do whatever he can to help the Magic win.

According to Sam Amick of SI.com, Howard hasn’t changed his stance on wanting to be traded to either New Jersey, Dallas or Los Angeles. But, that doesn’t mean Howard isn’t going to work hard every night on the court.

“Nothing has changed. There’s no need to focus on anything else besides going out every night and playing hard for 48 minutes or however long I’m on the court. All that other stuff is up to the Magic and up to my agent.”

There’s no question that the trade demands have been a distraction in Orlando. Head coach Stan Van Gundy even admitted as much. But that hasn’t stopped Howard from doing whatever it takes to help his current team win.

In this end this makes Howard look better in the eyes of Orlando fans, as well as the eyes of potential suitors looking to trade for him. Much like Kobe Bryant or Carmelo Anthony, two players that both asked for trades at some point in their careers, Howard is still playing well with this looming uncertainty.

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  • Marty Susman

    Lets think this over before we all jump on the Dwight or nothing band wagon… Who out in basketball land would be great for the Lake Show ???

    Well Kevin Love would be great & if he refuses to accept a long term deal he might be available to us…

    Westbrook is not liked or wanted in Thunder land & getting him could be the replacement in the future for Kobe…

    LaMarcus in Portland could be had maybe for Gasol since Portland needs a center/power forward combo……

    Or the Lake Show could do as I have been saying, trade everyone over 25 for 2012 1st round picks & that would also be Kobe if he wants out rather then go through a few years of rebuilding, Kobe could be worth the Pistons 0r Nets or both unprotected 1st rounders.

    The bottom line here is Mitch & Baby Buss have a few ways to go. Sure the last way would make the lakers the lowest payroll team in the league as well as the youngest but if the first few are around, that could also be a good thing…

    The only thing I am begging for is if the Lake Show do not make a major trad/trades PLEASE play BOTH rookies as well as Ebanks so they can begin to learn their way around the NBA……

    • Inpho67

      @Harv2177 great Idea..makes perfect sense!Marty: KOBE has a NO TRADE CLAUSE!

  • Harv2177

    No matter what…Getting Dwight Howard is a no brainer…Bynum stock is at an alltime high…Trade Blake,Metta,our picks from Lamar and Bynum for him…I think people forget Turk is a good player and at 6’10 and can create his own shot..we still have the revolving door of Dwight,Gasol and Turk..allowing barnes and ebanks to split minutes..seeing what Goudelock and Morris can offer..and right after that trade send Gasol to the Nets for D Will..the front offices intentions in the beginning was to get Dwight and Paul…Williams is in the same boat and just like the NOLA trade it would be fair for us and the Nets giving them a good two man combo with Brook and Pau..we would have what we wanted and if LA can’t see the stars are aligning for them with Lopez going down and the fact that will and dwight want to play with each other,they would just be teamed up with Kobe..the possiblities are endless of making the Magic happy(bar none injury)Bynum being the main component so u have a double double guy and Gasolin NJ helps them a lot..in our case our 5 would be Williams,Kobe,Ebanks,Turk and Dwight…with barnes,kapono,Goudelock,McBOB,Murp and Fisher as the bench…u got defense,exp,shooters and an uptempo offense..and what should be good chemistry with a facilitator,shooter and down low presence…we are contenders again and have the one two punch for past the kobe years..this whole situation is for the lakers to lose or win win win…PERIOD

    • Kayla D Star

      dumb move!! PERIOD

  • Harv2177

    Looks like someone on this panel doesn’t know Laker basketball..must of been one of those that was for the Caron Butler/Kwame trade…smh

  • Harv2177

    @Inpho..thx…I look at it as if Stern doesn’t do what he did for “basketball reasons”…we would atleast have Paul..and in this case what someone doesn’t understand that this is a PG driven league where in the 80-90s it was a CENTER’s league…Shaq,Pat,David,Hakeem,Kareem,Parrish,Sikma,Smits,Sampson etc etc…and as much production Gasol has bought to the team in a case like this..if u got the chance you can’t pass up on free agents of that calibur..a top 5 best defensive,non-injury prone,likable to bring other free agents type guy and a top 3 PG which can put up the same #s as Paul,Nash and like I have always said..D Will is Jason Kidd with a jumpshot and tenacity..He can control the tempo,score and by it being a big mans’s game a 6’5 PG that is a pure PG that will allow other players with a lesser skillset to blossom…ala what Paul did for Chandler and West and what Nash and Kidd are doing for Marion…and that’s the element LA has missed since Magic…a pure,not ball dominating(Baron,Westbrook)scoring PG..from Sedale Threatt to Van Exel…Fisher came about becuz he is a leader and a ironman that can spot up and play D..but as father time has caught up he will get slower and more PGs will exploit that…Fisher is still a great edition becuz of his locker room presence and exp but everybody knows we need a facilitating PG like Paul,Nash or D Will..not a scoring one like westbrook or Chauncey..there great players but in our offense we need to keep everybody invloved…so with that being said what big 3 looks more championship esque Kobe,Gasol,possibly could miss games Bynum or Kobe,Howard and a top 3 PG…

  • Bsecret702002

    Bynum,metta for Dwight and hedo straight up then next year Walton retires and amnesty hedo contract and sign deron Williams

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