Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Will Not Sign an Extension with the Lakers

Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Will Not Sign an Extension with the Lakers


According to Alex Kennedy of, Dwight Howard and his representatives have informed the Los Angeles Lakers that Howard will not sign a long-term deal with the Lakers if they are able to trade for him. It’s always been rumored that it was more the public perception that Dwight Howard was always going to follow the lead of Shaquille O’Neal and head to LA.

It could be that Shaq has beaten that idea out of Dwight’s head during his tenure as the new TNT analyst. There have been numerous times that Shaq has called Andrew Bynum the best “true center” in basketball. Last night, Shaq even went as far as passing his superman cape to Blake Griffin after that monster dunk on Kendrick Perkins. Shaq believes it was his right to pass along the cape to who he thought was worthy.

Being that Dwight has been using that superman schtick for a while now, that could have been the final straw that broke the Lakers back in their attempts at landing the all-NBA center.

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It is now believed that Dwight will force his way to the New Jersey Nets where he will team up with Deron Williams to form yet another power team in the eastern conference.

Of course, we all know that Dwight Howard has been changing his mind more times than a girl picking a dress for the prom, but this time, it might just be for real.

Update from Mr. Kennedy

Update from Ken Berger of CBS

Despite assertions to the contrary, the Lakers remain firmly on Howard’s list of three teams he’s asked to be traded to, along with the Nets and Mavericks, multiple people familiar with the situation said.