Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Unhappy, Not Opposed To Trade

Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Unhappy, Not Opposed To Trade


Dwight HowardChris Broussard of ESPN talked about Dwight Howard on the Mike And Mike In The Morning at ESPN Radio. Check out what he had to say about the Lakers big man.

“All indications are no. But Dwight is not happy. He’s basically miserable. He doesn’t like the way he’s being used in Mike D’Antoni’s system. He and Kobe doesn’t have any personal beef but it’s hard for him to play with Kobe. Is Kobe gonna shoot? Is Kobe gonna pass? Dwight would certainly welcome a trade to Brooklyn. But I think the Lakers will call his bluff, even though Dwight hasn’t requested a trade and he will not. He doesn’t want to hurt his image anymore and request a trade. The Lakers can offer 30 more million dollars than anyone and one more year of security. They’re all in to make sure that he will re-sign there. If he doesn’t, there still is the sign-and-trade option at the end of next season.”

And then there’s Alex Kennedy from Hoopsworld with this piece about Dwight Howard.

For the second year in a row, Howard’s future is up in the air at the deadline and everyone around the league is curious to see what happens next with the superstar center. This time, Howard is in a large market with a star-studded supporting cast, just as he wanted. However, he’s just as unhappy in Los Angeles as he was when he was the big fish in a small pond in Orlando.

Even though Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak has assured Howard that he won’t be traded before the Feb. 21 deadline, rival executives believe the 27-year-old may still be moved. The Lakers have fielded calls for Howard and are keeping their options open.

So basically, Broussard and Kennedy are saying is that Dwight Howard is not happy in Los Angeles.

It’s an adjustment for everybody. Mike D’Antoni is still trying to get used to the players and the players are still trying to get used to D’Antoni. But honestly, it seemed so simple. You have one of the best pick-and-roll point guards in NBA history in Steve Nash and you have the best roll man in the league today in Dwight Howard. But yet, he doesn’t want to do that, preferring to post up instead. He’s not exactly the best post-up player in the league; sometimes, it gets frustrating seeing him lose the ball when he’s posting up.

—- See Dwight Howard through the years in photos! —-

I understand where Dwight is coming from when it comes to holding off the deal until the offseason; the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) has made it that players can make the most money after their deals expire. But he keeps talking and complaining, which has turned off a lot of the Lakers fans. The Lakers are in a bit of a conundrum here as he hasn’t played as well as he did in Orlando and yet they’re trying their best to please him.

I’ll personally still be surprised if the Lakers do deal him but I’m definitely not surprised that he’s not happy in Los Angeles. He hasn’t really sounded happy much of this season (some former players think he needs to change his attitude) and it just sounds discouraging that he seems to put himself ahead of the team.

  • kevin

    the man is first in rebounds and 5th in blocks and he is freaking injured dont trade him

    • Sue Tuala

      AND…Did it get him anything, NO not a damn thing. Howard represents nothing but DRAMA, WHINNING, and loves to talk crap about those that have done more then he has ever done in his entire career. If he was really that injured, then why did he play in the all stars? He’s not injured, he’s a fake…He needs to get the hell out of LA…He don’t fit in the city of cahmpions…

      • Caligirl90210

        Besides the one time he complained about not getting any touches, what else has he complained about…his torn shoulder?? That’s a legitimate complaint if you’re in pain. Dwight is not the only one unhappy. Hell everyone on the team is, even Kobe. The fact is. the Lakers are old & slow and the coach doesn’t know how to get the best out of the players we have like the great Phil Jackson just stated in a Sport Illustrated interview today. He’s the one that needs to be gone.

    • Caligirl90210

      Exactly!! Folks need to look at the stats before they jump on the “trade Dwight bandwagon”….SMH!

  • Steven Lopez

    can a laker source please forward this to Dwight? “DWIGHT YOU’RE A PUSSY”

  • markdaShark7

    Drop his ass!! He has the stench of a loser.

  • mike8

    I’d love and welcome a deal if we can get K. Love & Derrick Williams!!! Dwight should’ve learned..we LA fans will love you or hate you…and us hating you…I promise that’s not what you want!!!

  • serek

    Ship that bitch ass out of here he cries like a little girl we don’t need u we won 2 championship without u punk we won with Kobe and gasol let’s get Kevin love baby who really wanna play for my Lakers

  • Sue Tuala

    Dwight Howard has been nothing but drama since he arrived in LA…That’s not what the LAKERS need. Dwight is immature and likes to stir up drama, LAKERS should have noticed that when they had the drama about him and Van Gundy. DH somewhat snitched and said some stuff about Van Gundy to the owners in Orlando, and then when he was confronted he claimed he didn’t say anything. Man, what kind of crap is that. For whatever salary he is getting paid from the LAKERS, that some wasted money that could be paying someone better then him. This dude will never get a championship, he’s expecting for a championship to be handed to him on a silver platter, man get real with your sorry self. Everyone earns what they work hard for. Mitch something needs to be done with DH and fast. He obviously doesn’t fit in the LAKERS organization, and claims that he doesn’t want to be here, so why hold onto someone that’s not doing anything for the LAKERS…Get rid of him! You can send him to the moon for all I care…

  • wildrover4

    I read about a possible Josh Smith and Al Horford deal with Atlanta. If he is leaving anyway, the Lakers could do worse.

  • 10tiger83

    Trade D. Howard for A. Stoudemire A.S.A.P !!!

  • Caligirl90210

    Fans are funny. They talked trash about LeBron when he didn’t play up to everyone’s expectations his 1st year, healthy I might add in Miami, then came back the 2nd year & shut everyone up. Do we really want this to happen with Dwight on another team?? These are not Dwight’s words folks, these are the unapproved comments & opinions of the media who are the ones creating all the drama so they can keep a job….SMH!

  • Touchzone8

    The guy has no heart. This is why he’ll never be a champion. Move the guy. He and Lamar are in the same boat, huge on talent, but no heart.

  • Los from lakes

    Howard is the best center in the legue don’t hate look at it this way the coach is just not the right fit for Los Angeles lakers so if you want to get rid of somebody get rid of that coach the guy has lots of talent players and still can’t figure out how to use them wtf what a jack should of just keep mike brown is that was the case howard no matter what he is the best for the lakers welcome Howard you will get there an make LA proud and the hatters will change there minds see the game and know the game b for you hate

  • disqus_QEeM4VKtfK

    Trade DH he has no post game no perimetet shot cant hit free throws turn the ball alot trade for the whole bobcat team Mj makes good deals for other teams hahaha!

  • disqus_QEeM4VKtfK

    Whats wrong is the system.they shoot too many 3s n not making them n d antonie says keep shooting 3s plus no body rebounds that points for other team

  • disqus_QEeM4VKtfK

    When i see laker games it feel like d antonie n DH are both the problem

  • Juan Dela Cruz

    Deal with DH12 now or never

  • JohnC

    Is this a COINCIDENCE? I mean: why BOTH Pau and Dwight – top big names of this beautiful game – are open to be traded with this system/coach?… just wondering.