Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Traded by the End of Next Week?

Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Traded by the End of Next Week?


Last week, Orlando Magic GM Rob Hennigan traveled to Los Angeles to speak with Dwight Howard about possibly staying with team. It’s no secret that this was a desperate attempt to save face with the team failing to find a suitable trade partner that would give them the right package in return.

As predicted, Howard stuck by his trade demand and was adamant about being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers as soon as possible. If that deal couldn’t be done, Howard was open to the prospect of a deal sending him to the Brooklyn Nets in January. Another option was leaving the team via free agency after next season.

Needless to say, not much changed after the meeting as the same stance was reiterated by Howard and the Magic’s front office still has to figure out a way to trade the superstar center before he walks away from the team in free agency and leaves Orlando with nothing in return.

Obviously, the Magic don’t want Howard to walk without receiving players in return or at least a package filled with draft picks. With that being said, the team will almost certainly concentrate on getting a deal done in the next two months to avoid backlash from fans starting the season with Howard on the roster.

Reportedly, the Magic’s front office may be much closer to making a deal according to Sam Amico of

“Several of those sources told FOX Sports Ohio on Saturday they believe Howard could be traded by the end of next week.”

At this point in time, it’s difficult to believe anything that is reported about a potential Dwight Howard trade. With months of trade speculation and no movement, there’s no telling when Howard will be dealt. One day Howard is headed to Los Angeles and the next he’s on his way to the Houston Rockets. There’s no clear view of how all things will pan out before next season, but it appears that something must be done in order for the team to come away with assets in return.

The Lakers remain the most likely destination for Howard with Andrew Bynum being the best bargaining chip and Howard stating that he’d like to come to Los Angeles. Even though a trade to the Lakers seems to be the best option, anything can happen from here on out.

  • lakerdude4life

    In other news my sources tell me Hennigan wants to meet with Howard 20-30 more times before making any trades.

  • Ojdaddydolla

    Don’t remember Howard saying he wants to play in LA, but I guess you know your crowd, I suppose.

    • Wtorres_12773

       because your not on top of it like other’s. He did say it to family and friends. Google JRUDOLPH knows Howard well also DH’s family and friends and is a very reliable NBA source. But he said it’s up to the Magic to trade him but thats Howard does want to go to LA

      • Mmitchel80

        You belive everything this wishy washy clown tells you. He told Van gundy he loved him and back stabbed him. He told Orlando he wanted to reup for a year and then said he was tricked into signing. What a guy.

    • Mmitchel80

      Don’t recall Bynum saying he was gonna sign with Cleveland.

  • david16

    I think Orlando should bring Howard to LA for bynum since bynum is the only valuable. Piece unless the magic would rather. Take brook lopez instead. I wouldn’t bet on it.

    • Ojdaddydolla

      ORL will never take Bynum, it will be 3 team deal.

      • david16

        True that would be the other option.

      • Mmitchel80

        You right Orlando won’t take Bynum plus no other team will take him without a max contract. So Dwight to LA it ain’t gonna happen.

        • Certified420Smoker


      • Certified

        Hey you never know asshole your crystal ball broke last week..

        • Ojdaddydolla

          No crystal ball, just common sense.  You don’t trade one guy that doesn’t want to be there for another that doesn’t want to be there.  Hennigan will go with the Houston deal way before a Bynum for Howard trade.  Hope Cleveland is willing to work with us, and you got your guy.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Plus if they hang on to howard into the season to trade him to Brooklyn their offer won’t be what they would have before they resigned Brook Lopez. Brooklyn would probably send Lopez and maybe a pick or two and take back a decent contract. And I’m pretty sure Hennigan knows that so he’ll probably be dealt to either LA or HOU. But since Howards people warned HOU that he will just walk, they will probably think twice before sending potentially good rookies to ORL just to lose him to DAL in the off-season.

  • BillyDrago

    Screw howard..guy is waaaay to unstable (mentally) changes his mind all the time (cant trust him) not to mention his back surgery keep Drew who knows what he can achive if he puts his mind to it.

    • Nate

      That’s a big if…

      • BillyDrago

        I agree but i have faith in drew that he will mature. I look at it like this.. he should feel honored to be a laker if not he can go kick rocks all the way to brooklyn or wherever he might end up..simple as that.

      • Mmitchel80

        Nobody is a bigger IF  then Dwight Howard. It’s been going on for 2 years and nobody still don’t know where this  BIG clown is going.

    • H953572

      And despite the troubles he’s causing off-court, on-court he still is dominating

      • BillyDrago

        Yes, I can’t deny that D12 has been most dominant C in the leauge BUT keep in mind that last season was the only season that Drew has played 60+ games and we pretty much saw what kind of a monster he can be..reason i would take drew over howard is…Better ft shooter, better offensive player, younger..and has the potential to become even better than last season..he just needs to stay healthy..and if the lakers landed howard, well i wouldn’t bitch about it but i would prefer Drew.

        • Mmitchel80

          You forgot BADBACK lost ATHLETIC skills. 2 more good reasons.

          • Certified

            MBitchel80==D   Hey Pathetic gay boy, your a jealous faggot that probably doesnt have shit.. Just like your NBA team aint sorry ass Team!!

      • Mmitchel80

        You want him to stable off the court too. He’s crazy as hell! With that big stupid grin.

        • Certified1100

          Typing Error but you know WTF Im trying to say!!

  • Sk1lls

    i cant understand why some of u guys  are so against dwight…I know that this hole howard drama is so annoying but he still the best option 4 Lakers 4 now. Andrew is gr8, but only since last season, DH12’s played incredible since 7 y? Bring him to LAL and then some1 to out bench, maybe trade  using Josh an Troy? Would be gr8. Anyway i’d be happy to se dwight in purple and gold when season starts.

    • John Duong

      Troy is a FA.

  • Justint3z

    My sources tell me Howard want’s to be traded to the Bobcats so he can become owner with MJ

  • Kmac_321

    Are we all sleeping right now? Cause ya…. I think were all in a nightmare…

  • Nikko10

    please stop. report when Howie is holding a Laker gear next to Mitch. 

  • Jey Mgee

    we’ll wait until finally D12 wearing LAKERS uniform..

  • Ernest Smalls

    Really getting tired of this whole Dwight Howard saga. If he wants to play for the Lakers, it should have been done by now. Who wouldn`t want to come to L.A??? He a very good player, but he`s not bigger than the game itself. With or without him, the Lakers are going to do fine. With Steve Nash and a improving bench, OKC and the Heat better watch out! Dwight!……quit stalling and come on and get some rings because you`ll be playing with winners & champions!

  • psMiraj

    Bynum is an improving player, and I would not give him up for Dwight Howard. D12 maybe the best center in the league now, but I dare anyone to say that when Bynum reaches Dwight Howard’s age. Dwight is not as dynamic as Bynum is, which is why he’s more consistent right now. Bynum does have his up and downs, but he’s learning to become a better player on court and off court. Let’s face it, both Dwight and Bynum are immature, but do you really want a Drama Queen like Howard become the future of this franchise? The man that got coach Stan Van Gundy fired along with Executives, destroying the Magics franchise. The “man” who can’t make decisions and insists on being traded; not only that, but not giving the GM a choice by pinpointing teams. I don’t trust him, and he’s too far down on my list to become a Laker. Lakers should stop wasting their time and resources on Dwight and get on working on the training camp so that Bynum can come out as a beast next season. We all know he is capable on his offense, but Coach Brown now has to prove himself by improving the defense of the team. Mike Brown no longer can make excuses because now he has Nash to take care of the offensive end. If there is anyone to blame next season for not getting a championship, it should be Coach Brown. Screw Dwight, and lets get on to the Lake Show!

    • psMiraj

      If Kobe retires in 2 seasons, I can see Bynum becoming the Franchise player of Lakers. The departure of Kobe can also get Lakers a lot of cap room to add on a better PG to help Nash rest, and a Shooting Guard(s) (depending if Lakers sign a SG before the start of the season) to replace Kobe.

      Not only am I excited for the Lakers the upcoming seasons, but I know the Lakers will be successful in the future. Mitch is awesome! 

      • josh

        do u think kobe will retire first than steve nash?

        • psMiraj

          To be honest, I don’t think Kobe is going to retire in two seasons. Not until he gets at-least 7 rings; 6 to tie MJ, 7 to beat him. 

          I don’t know what Nash’s intentions are in the future, but from the way he is acting right now, I think he will retire. He did enter the league with Kobe, but he’s older. He also shows several hints that he is thinking about retirement, since his primary reason to come to LA was because he could be closer to his family. He said that he will take the punishment of losing fans, and he respects Suns fans, but he wants for his children to come first. Nash is here right now to get us a championship, and that’s all. He needs a ring.

          We have a lot of veterans right now, but after our current championship years, Bynum can provide for us a way to build around him. There are a lack of Centers in the League, and Bynum is set out to be the best. 

      • Mmitchel80

        I agree.

    • ToNeLoC804

      I agreed with nothing that u said

      • psMiraj

        Cool story bro? 

  • Darwin Gomez

    The way i see it .. Howard is a great news for lakers nation. Even if theres a 50-50 chance risk for one seasion .. (upgrade on defence and offense) who knows what he’ll do if he gets a ring .. Just saying ..

  • Afmdbayabos

    if ever . the lakers will be another championship team caliber.

  • Malik

    This is non-news. A rejurgitating of things already known and said. We already know the Magic will wait til early August to trade Howard. Yet, another writer come forth as if he’s got some breaking news on new details of the Howard trade and the Lakers fanboys’ heart just flutters with every stroke of the pen. Smh.

    Delusionalism — if that’s a word.

    Now, somehow, a magical thing supposedly happened. The Magic will do a straight-trade with the Lakers. Even though, the Lakers lack the assets the Magic want but it’s easier for Lakers fanboys to believe in these magical events that changes every hour, every minute and situated on the same “past source” of information. I guess because a writer re-worded the same old news differently, its a complicated magical procession of information that make it real this time.

    What is real?

    Real is the belief of a magical event of articles, reworded, to give it a sense of “being real.” In real time. All one have to do is exercise basic delusionalism (a real word now) —- and common sense is not allowed in the world where there is a magical flow of events. You see?

    You simply say, “I want Howard.” And a writer will come forth from the magical realm somewhere…..and then pen an article, like this one that make the heart flutters. It all works out for the betterment of both parties. The writer get pays and the Lakers fanboys get to live another day in delusionalism. Ignorance is bliss, right?

    • Mmitchel80

      The writer don’t tell the fanboys (Theirs two side to the story) Bynum is not gonna leave 20/25million) money on the table to make Dwight Howard and his fan boys happy.

  • Demon

     lakers should think of a better sf than mwp! they should have got kirilenko

  • joelsky

    As the world awaits where will D12 will gonna end up let’s hope that the Magic front office will finally look eye to eye with the Lakers office and get the deal done. As much as Lakers wanted to get D12 (and D12 wanting to play now  in LA finally ) all of these negotiations wont materialized if one party doesn’t agree. As what they say ” it takes two to Tango”. Hoping Lakers and Magic executives to agree with their terms to finally close this never ending saga as soon as possible.

  • lakerfan!

    honestly i rather have DH over the 3point shooter,joging down the court,didnt come to play tonight just to get payed bynum..are we sapose to wait 10 years for him to mature?.i also want to say that i like and respect howard for more then hiss bb skills,i realy like the man for what he does for kids and charity’s.he puts smiles on hundreds of kids with cancer and others medical problems.he donates money and his time,and the kids love him hes superman to them.ive read through alot of coments in alot of blogs and no one ever menntions what howard does outside of basketball,what a shame.if we get him great if we dont cool cause he still will remain a cool ass dude in my book.please dont bash me for my spelling and gramer im not as educated as most of you.

  • Ojdaddydolla

    I cry every night knowing that our team is too old to beat the mighty OKC Thunder

  • Minorkle

    Dwight is making Lebron’s “The Decision” look like a masterpiece of PR work

  • Andre

    i love dwight and all and i want him to come to the lakers but he just needs to tell the nba idc i want to b traded now bcause this trade talk is really getting on mii nerves REALLY

  • Bubb McFlyy

    I’m a Lakers fan all day long & I honestly don’t even care enough to even care about this anymore.

  • Cronkright1

    Dwight wants to go to the nets not the lakers he told Stephen A Smith that he doesn’t want to follow in shaq’s footsteps or be compared to magic. He may have changed his mind but the nets will always be his top choice just last week he also said he wouldnt sign an extension to stay in LA if traded there. I would love too see him on the lakers but I honestly dont think its gonna happen

    • Miller_kyle94

      he wont sign an extension with anyone…not even the nets….he gets more money, as does bynum, if he signs as a free agent


    shut up will! you are ranting unintelligently! WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD, DWIGHT. make your stay with us memorable.

  • Sheldonvaughan

    Howard is way beter than Bynum, Howard took the magic to the finals, and Bynum acted like we wasn’t on the court through out the playoff’s wasn’t evenj a factor. so i take Howard