Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard to Sign Contract on July 10 Reviewed by Momizat on . The NBA's free agency period will begin on July 1, but players will not be able to sign a contract until July 10. Dwight Howard will be the most coveted free ag The NBA's free agency period will begin on July 1, but players will not be able to sign a contract until July 10. Dwight Howard will be the most coveted free ag Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard to Sign Contract on July 10

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The NBA’s free agency period will begin on July 1, but players will not be able to sign a contract until July 10.

Dwight Howard will be the most coveted free agent heading into the off season and this ‘Dwightmare’ has been dominating headlines for quite some time now. Over the past few seasons, Howard’s future has been in limbo and no one truly knows where he will end up. However, Dave McMenamin tweets that Howard does not want to extend his signing process and will ink his newest deal on July 10.

There have been reports indicating that Howard will not re-sign with the Lakers and will end up either in Dallas or Houston. Even though there is growing concern that the center will leave Los Angeles, he has changed his mind in the past and hopefully he will do it again before July 10.


Did you see our video about the Lakers hanging a Stay Dwight Howard banner? If not, check out our video below and don’t forget to click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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    IM HAVIN A DWIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    This situatio has goten worse and worse with Jim Buss making decisions,…..

  • Qing Zhang

    Lakers shouldn’t put up the sign ‘Stay’, maybe the Lakers just doesn’t want to be cocky and think too nice of D12, but you can’t ask someone like D12 to stay who only wants to be happy. You heard him, he just want to be happy, but the road to the trophy is tough and harsh and will not make him happy. You guys got it now? Houston and Dallas right now are too over their heads to get it, until……. of course, after they made him their first option on offense, they will realize how much of a sacrifice other players have to make to keep him happy.

  • CharlieMurphy!

    We can always bring back Kwame Brown. Then trade him again for an All Star.

  • wonrose

    Phil wont be coming to coach, he doesn’t want it. He wants the front office. He made it very clear. His voice and pointers will no doubt be there in the Locker room as they ask him for advice, but now I hear Mad dog is going to be the assistant coach? Like what will he do DANCE us to the finals? As for begging for one cocky player to stay……that is so beneath us. Idk what the Francise owner Buss is doing but it’s just pissing all the loyal fans to no end. I say let D-12 go. He cant commit…………LET HIM GO! How embarrassing for us to see a expensive banner and billboards begging for D-12 to stay…….seriously? Wheres the back bone?

    • nlruizjr

      How pathetic, the Lakers can’t even get decent assistant coaches, first some dude no one has even heard of out of the D-league and now, mr. happy feet himself who has no coaching experience, whatsoever, man just where the hell is Mitch and Jimmy Boy taking this franchise, looks like they are aiming for spot 32.!!!!!!

  • sdg

    F that Let him leave have some pride LA


    Screw that just trade him to the Clippers

  • Julius

    bring your talent to south beach coz they need a real center for next season so that u can get a ring.

  • jah

    As a Rockets fan, the Lakers got exactly what they deserved. And to the Author, Im glad your shitty writing and criticism of my Rox’s chance to land Howard has been proven to be B.S.!!! Good for ya, sucker! Lol…..HAHAHAHA!

    Now, when Howard sign on July 10th with the Rockets, it will be a beautiful day, a beautiful thing. Think about it:

    J.Smith (maybe)

    Doesn’t that look and sound better than your punk Lakers? Now listen, in Texas, there is no state income tax, no Millionaire tax, no oppressive Child Support laws, no broken down economy….or being broke as a state. Shouldn’t you be wishing Howard to habe these things to be happy?

    He doesn’t care about your selfish Kobe and Pringles Guy, Mike D’Antonin. We will use him right: inside/out. And Harden can defer better than Kobe so it’s a fit. Im just glad Howard have sense enough to leave your Liberal state and undeserving L.A. fans. Sound like a bunch of kids that ran away from Mexico to the U.S.

    Can’t wait til we meet in the regular season to b-stomp the Lakers. Curb-slap ‘em. Yo7 got what you deserved and your Franchise aing SHIT! My Rockets’ tradition of big men is WAY BETTER THAN YOUR FAGGOT BIG MEM.

    Ralph Sampson
    Moses Malone
    and now:Howard

    Big men belong in a Rockets organization, mofos!


      Typical little man complex… Lotsa bla bla bla with nothing to show for

    • avanhokie7

      Better than the Laker tradition of Hall of Fame CHAMPION BIGS?

      George Mikan
      Wilt Chamberlain

      I love Hakeem but other than him our bigs are ALL better

    • Hendrix2012



    Bunch of stupids… don’t you realize Broussard is one of the most notorious Lakers’ hater out there… he, along with most of the Eastern Sports Network (ESPN), will report whatever malarkey is necessary to upset and riles U all up… that’s what they do: Fake it till they make it, at your expense… Wise up!

    • exsocialworker

      I don’t beleive anything the media says until it’s already proven!

  • Big papa

    This’s for jah=ru sure u from Texas cuz u sound like bin laden grandkid…Well let me tell u something punk…Here in LA when u diss my Lakers u dissing myself and the rest of Lakers fan!!!!

  • Solomona Suisala

    If youll know and study Dwight in the past you will understand him, hes not leaving L.A, He likes and dream to play in big markets,big stage, and where is the nba big stage right now…?? you know the answer…NO WORRIES…lol

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