Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Reportedly Leaning Towards Leaving LA

Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Reportedly Leaning Towards Leaving LA


NBA: Houston Rockets at Los Angeles LakersThe Dwight Howard saga continues, but this time it’s taken a seemingly unfavorable turn for the Lakers. According to Chris Broussard of ESPN, Howard is leaning away from the Lakers, and is reportedly unlikely to return to Los Angeles next season.

Here’s Broussard’s report;

There is very little chance of Dwight Howard re-signing with the Los Angeles Lakers this summer, according to sources close to the situation.

Howard is willing to forgo the extra $30 million the Lakers can pay him to play for a coach and in a system he feels will better use his skill set, one source said.

This is certainly disheartening for the Lakers, who just spent loads of money on Dwight Howard billboards that are strategically placed around Los Angeles, including one on Staples Center. It would take a fairly determined desire to leave town to leave $30 million on the table, but Howard’s displeasure with Mike D’Antoni’s system and his inability to coexist with Kobe Bryant appear to be the main issues.

The Rockets’ James Harden and Chandler Parsons have reportedly been in constant contact with Howard, in hopes of luring him to Houston. And, at the moment anyways, it appears it just might work.


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  • Lakers 4ever

    And so the drama continues…if he wants to leave then so be it.

  • Eric Santana

    Great we can get someone like Paul George in 2014.

    • TeddyOrwell

      Problem is Indiana would never part ways with Paul George. And Larry Bird is back as GM of the Pacers. I think he’d rather slit his own throat than let the Lakers get Paul George.

    • Martin Susman


  • Danielle Fair

    If he wants to leave then leave he didn’t give it his all last year even though he was hurt you could see the displeasure in his face!!! We can find someone else that is loyal to us!!! And that will want to play for the Lakers! We do need to get rid of Mike D’Antoni however his style just isn’t one of LA’s!!!

  • Miegal Bostick

    Let him leave. This is the freakin lakers we are talking about. We don’t need him we have a legacy. If he doesn’t want to play as a Laker that’s fine. Let him go chase a ring in houston Thats never…never going to happen. He doesn’t believe in hard work, and he doesn;t back his decisions as a man. He deciding to come to the lakers was a career move. In my opinion a major character flaw. I’m sick and tired of him trying to ruin Kobe bryants legacy. He can fucking co exist with kobe. He just doesn’t want too. Kobe has done things for Howard I’ve never seen him do. Never. i WOULD LIKE hOWARD BETTER IF HE JUST KEPT IT REAL. Let him go we take away our offer of a max deal only offering you 50. Please go. Bynum we want you back if you want in. .

    • Kenny Ray Martin

      EVERYTHING was dope until you said Andrew Bynum…..

      • jj

        He’s still pissed that kobe stole that first ring from him in the 2009 finals.

        • Donovan Webb

          Stole?? No bruh, Lakers were just a better team in 2009.

    • Josh

      I agree with you, but we still need him, and without him the lakers might not even get into the playoffs, because of the retarded coach. Get rid of Dantoni because howard is right about him. Hes a terrible coach, dont forget the Knicks also had problems with him. He’s not good for anyone. If Dwight stays and he leaves and the lakers go back to a system around a bigman then the lakers will be able to contest with teams like Miami for the championship. But i agree dwight is a baby and acts like a teenager.

  • 8bitjeff

    Let him go. The Lakers should never have to beg any player to stay. Players should be begging to just have the chance to live and play here.

    • Martin Susman


      • player462

        Where’s Lakers’ future. Who’s going to be your next franchise player? Chris Duhon? The Lakers have no draft picks, Nash is old, Kobe is injured and probably not going to come back big at this age. If Dwight left, they Lakers are more or less screwed.

  • Luis Olea

    We really need to get rid of Mike D’antoni

    • Lakers4ever

      Co-sign 500%!!!

    • Martin Susman

      OH, WOW I am with you 100%… Dwight & D’antoni NEED to get the hell out of town…

  • Doogharry

    Dwight is a dwightmare. He is not Laker material. He is too self-absorbed to be great. Don’t let the door hit you in your sorry ass, Dwight.

    • Martin Susman


  • mubsgoboom

    Dwight is definitely not worth 30mil. GTFO of LA you pompous baby!

  • fugazi71

    Good, I’ll take the cap space thank you. Although little Jimbaco Buss will probably do something stupid with it.

  • Steve.

    I think he’s better off that way. At the end of the day, if he can’t resolve chemistry issues with Kobe and D’Anthony’s system, then he’s endangering the next season for the Lakers, for another crappy season.

  • Guest

    Call me crazy but if we get Pau back in the center position and add someone like Josh Smith…we are going to be lethal

    • Real Lakers Fan


  • Majamäki

    Seems like he won’t be happy regardless of where he goes. He needs to realize that he’s in a killer situation and only he has he ability to make the best of it, or keep on running away.

  • TeddyOrwell

    I had a feeling this would happen. It’s not a bad move for Dwight. Houston would be formidable with Harden, Parsons and Howard. And it might not be that bad for the Lakers. Well, maybe in the short term it would be, but if they suck next year, at least they’ll get some fresh blood in the draft. And it frees up money for other big fish.

  • Brian Smith

    If he wants to leave, then he has the mentality of a scared little girl who can’t handle the pressure. We need someone that would rise up with pressure, not buckle under it.

  • ByeDwight

    if the Lakers are bad next year they can draft the closest thing to kobe ANDREW WIGGINS that kid is insane good,

  • solomon li

    Is this really a surprise? No. Can we find other players to win without him? Yes.

  • Shian Storm

    Then he’s a wuss who can’t handle the pressure of playing for the Lakers. Let him go, or sign and trade for someone with a backbone (no pun intended)

  • Michelle Serna

    Do a sign and Trade with Clippers i rather have Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe better off something than nothing all we have to do to win games if in lead is to just foul dwight he cant hit Free throws lol but thing is if we can get a high pick for pau gasol i would i know if we can get Josh Smith and pay a decent Center like jj hickson we be ok and amnesty metta for sure lmk what ya all think

  • Michelle Serna

    This other option for a Sign and Trade on Dwight since he has GS also as a place to play why not this trade

    Dwight,metta and nash


    Harrison Barnes,Bogut and Bazemore a young guard or 1st round draft pick

    plus saves us cap space to sign FA’s like pg will bynum who we like

  • Eddie Lazaro

    sweep his CRY BABY Lazy Ass to Houston. He is not a CHAMPIONSHIP caliber material. No Killer INSTINCT, CHILDISH, and a LIABILITY at CLOSING. Too much HYPE and not worth that much MONEY.

  • J Lee

    Dwight Howard reportedly called L.A. fans “the most unappreciative group of people ever,” going on to say that people in Los Angeles are “ungrateful.”

  • 3339

    before you call Dwight a baby just put yourself in his shoes

    1) just had a huge/very involved back operation followed by a brutal recovery, yet eveyone expects you to dominate immediately

    2) played for a coach that doesn’t appreciate you/ want to use you. dantoni sucks

    Dwight is a very sensitive person. Thats ok. If he had a coach that would use him, his personality wouldn’t matter or be questioned because he would be dominating. He is 2 good a player for this bs.

    Lakers will forever regret allowing him to leave.

  • jwickabdurrahim

    Let him walk. Use the money to sign Al Jefferson and Monte Ellis or Brandon Jennings.

  • Real Lakers Fan

    Don’t believe anything you read in this site, “close source”, come on!.. this is all gossip and speculation, sign and trade this crybaby and be done with it, thank you.