Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Not Expected to Return to Los Angeles

Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Not Expected to Return to Los Angeles


dwighthoward2011The Dwight Howard saga is nearing an end. After nearly three years of speculation, Howard is expected to announce his final decision on Friday afternoon. But, for those in Los Angeles at least, it’s not sounding remarkably encouraging.

In a new report from ESPN, it seems those close to the Laker organization aren’t expecting Howard to return to Hollywood.

After team sources initially indicated the Lakers were feeling better about their chances after their face-to-face meeting with [Dwight] Howard on Tuesday than they did coming into it, pessimism began to creep back in Thursday, stemming mostly from ongoing questions outside and inside team headquarters about Howard’s ability and willingness to co-exist alongside Kobe Bryant and play for coach Mike D’Antoni

This is similar to what we’ve been hearing for weeks now. Dwight, presumably at least, is leaning towards leaving Los Angeles and joining either the Houston Rockets or Dallas Mavericks.

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Following his meetings with five different NBA teams, Howard escaped to Aspen, Col. to mull his decision and try and decide what he wants to do.

With Hakeem Olajuwon, the legendary Houston Rocket, saying he believes there’s an 85 percent chance Dwight comes to Houston, it seems those in the Space City are a little more optimistic than the ones in Tinseltown.


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  • Rob

    DH12. You will be like Chuck. The one being laughed at. Team after team, chasing and chasing that ring. Then became the most dominant to no RING CAREER! If you stay with us you’ll be like Shaq the one laughing at Chuck. If you like it the other way around. So be it!

  • CloudSean

    DH will never be the top dog in Houston. Rockets are J. Harden’s team.

  • Silky Johnson

    pretty sure whatever team he goes to will just be signing on for for years of mediocrity

  • Anomaly37

    No one wants to play for coach pringles. Lakers are digging their own graves latching onto this fool. There’s no excuse now that Mike Brown is off the list. Dumbasses picking basketball’s Andy Reid over the best center in the game.

  • cboy420

    just go to houston already. we don’t want u, your’e not laker material.

  • Rick

    If Dwight does leave, sign & trade for future draft picks, and build through the draft, be more selective on players who are young, athletic, and skilled to build this Laker team. Avoid offering long term contracts, which our past future picks were sacrifice to unload them, like Fisher and Walton……

  • E Bandit

    The Lakers will be fine fine if Howard decides to play else where. No hard feelings for the big man, just didn’t work out. Time to move forward and get things in order for another run.

  • Grafiz

    Lakers will be OK and better team without DH12! Go Lakers! Go for the next ring!