Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Leaning Towards Houston Rockets?

Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Leaning Towards Houston Rockets?


Dwight Howard JPGIt’s been a quiet off-season so far for the Lakers in terms of personnel changes. While there have been plenty of ideas thrown out by various media outlets, actual rumors coming from the teams themselves have been quiet. The league generally asks teams that aren’t involved in the playoffs to keep their rumors and chatter to a minimum until the playoffs are completed, which could explain the lack of talk coming from the organization.

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Regardless, the big fish in Los Angeles this summer is Dwight Howard, who becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1. Howard has said multiple times that he expects to take some time to make his decision, but a new report from Ken Berger of CBS Sports states that while Los Angeles is still a possibility for the three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, it’s the Houston Rockets that are intriguing him now.

With six weeks to go before Howard becomes an unrestricted free agent, the team that is said to intrigue him the most is the Houston Rockets, according to multiple people briefed on internal conversations surrounding Howard’s free-agent decision. The Rockets have a young star, James Harden, who has proved himself worthy of playing the leading role for the franchise; a budding 3-point shooting threat in Chandler Parsons; a defensive-minded coach in Kevin McHale; and Omer Asik, the kind of 7-footer Howard is believed to want next to him in the frontcourt.

The Rockets are a couple of minor moves away from having room to sign Howard; they have a team option on Francisco Garcia’s $6.4 million and Carlos Delfino’s $3 million is fully non-guaranteed, for example. If they chose to or needed to make a trade to create room, they have numerous attractive young players on tradable contracts, such as 2012 No. 5 pick Thomas Robinson.

This certainly isn’t what the Lakers want to hear.

Still, if there’s one thing we know about Howard and where he intends on playing, it’s that there will be a whole lot of rumors before a decision is actually made. For now, this is the latest news, and we’ll wait and see what he has in store for us.

Welcome to the Dwightmare 2.0, Los Angeles. Be sure to bring a friend.


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  • millinium13

    get rid of that BUM anyway!….cant even post up!…..

    • Karrem Ballislife Nasr

      and you cant block shot or dunk on someone. and he has worked with hakeem olajuwon on his post moves so back DH12 bro!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • richard

    with his inability to make a quick decision, he is only hurting himself more. Lakers cant prepare and plan a good team for him as time passes away

  • dsizzle

    hes a bitch that is all he will never get a ring hope your happy with yourself and career cause even adam morrison got two rings

  • Cali Jeff

    The Lakers should force his hand, no more of this bullshit.

  • Uncle luq

    d12 can work with hakeem, pat ewing,david robinson,robert parish, and shaq all he wants …hes not worth putting a franchise tag on him for 6 yrs plus over 100 mil $
    for what ? to dunk, catch alley oops , set picks , rebound and block a couple shots ???
    yes in the eyes of the computer that’s a lot …. but not worth 100 plus million bucks…look at serge ibacka … pretty much can do the same as d12.. maybe not a strong .. but at least other teams will have to respect his 15 -18 foot set shot …with d12 post ups .. cant shoot free throws …when the lakers are making runs ..teams hack a howard ,attitude stinks and he gets lost on defense a lot more than people give him credit for… (Please do not give me the bull crap d12 is the best center in the league)… because if you are comparing him to todays centers ..brook lopez …Tyson chandler …Andrew Bynum ..that aint saying much … all … LAKERS DO US ALL A FAVOR ..GO AFTER ANOTER POSITION ..POINT GUARD (CP3)

    • tweak

      Dude you sound like Kobe Bryant! You dont happen to actually be Kobe are you? LOL Pls tell me i am talking to Kobe Bryant! LOL

  • Platnum Tattooz

    Fuck a Dwight big bum Azz, Being tall don’t make u good! He’s done nothing in His career to make somebody need him. #Next