Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Interested In Joining Houston Rockets?

Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Interested In Joining Houston Rockets?


dwight kobeIt seems like the ‘Dwightmare’ is a never ending saga.

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently fighting for the eight seed in Western Conference, and if the postseason were to start today, the Lakers will be on the outside looking in. Even though the team has played better as of late, there is still a lot of work left to do in order for them to make the playoffs.

If Los Angeles cannot crack into the top eight or if they fail to win a 17th NBA championship, there is a chance that star center Dwight Howard ends up leaving the team in free agency. Howard will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season and he will have the freedom to sign with any team he desires.

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The Lakers will do whatever it takes to convince Howard to stay with them for the long-term, but Chris Broussard reports that Howard is intrigued by the Houston Rockets and the direction they are going.

Dwight Howard previously wanted a trade from the Orlando Magic to either the Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers or Dallas Mavericks.

The Houston Rockets were involved in trade talks, but Howard appeared unwilling to commit long-term to the franchise.

But sources say Howard is aware that the Rockets have emerged as a more attract destination due to their acquisition of James Harden.

The Rockets have been trying to land a superstar player ever since Yao Ming retired due to injury and if they end up signing Howard, they will surely emerge as championship contenders. Houston has a great mix of talent and the team is certainly more athletic than the Lakers.

As of this point, the Lakers are currently 23-26 whereas the Rockets are above them in the standings with a 27-24 record. The Lakers know they need to improve themselves in order to keep Howard and without a championship this season, there is a strong possibility that Howard leaves the franchise.

  • Guest

    TradeMachine: Love and Cunningham to LA, Dwight and Jamison to Minn, Howard no guarantee in LA, Love wants out, Cunningham decent defender, Minn. +1 LA -1, yet I think LA gets the better of the two.

  • lajonn

    Let him go, in my opinion Howard is not as good as most people think, can’t hold on to that ball, can’t shoot from far, can’t post and can’t hit fee throws, you call that a super star? For the money that he would get if he stays in LA I am sure the Lakers can do better, the guy doesn’t even want to be in Lakers anyways what a fool (best franchise in sports) you all know Lakers will be back they always do.

  • See Tru

    Dwight is not a good fit for the Lakers. It is obvious he does not enjoy playing with Kobe or the current offense system. This situation will not change so trade Howard to Houston Rockets for Omar Asik, Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin and squeeze a 1st round pick too. These players are unselfish and would have no problem playing team ball. This would be a fair trade for Lakers and Houston. Do it Mitch, stop the Dwightmare 2.0!

  • Rocketsonfire

    Howard would be a better player and an actual contributor rather than a liability if he signed with Rockets. Why? It is not that Dwight physically not able to do a better job, it’s the mental part affect him and make him less effective and less efficient both in offence and defense. He is a sensitive person and he concerns a lot about what people think about him, his willingness to devote himself to a game decline when both teammates and coach not treat him and complain about him. He is just leaving himself down and down further. things will look quite different in Houston, Harden and Jeremy will make Howard reborn.