Lakers Rumors: ‘Dream Scenarios’ For Lakers Involve Embiid Or Love

Lakers Rumors: ‘Dream Scenarios’ For Lakers Involve Embiid Or Love


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The 2014 NBA Draft Lottery takes place on May 20 with the immediate future of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise hanging in the balance. The Lakers will have a high pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, but it may not be higher than the sixth pick.

With that being said, the Lakers brass will have limited options at that draft position, but the team may have a couple dream scenarios.

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According to Mark Heisler of, the Lakers would love to get their hands on Kevin Love or Joel Embiid out of Kansas:

The dream scenarios are hitting the lottery for a healthy Joel Embiid, or trading their No. 1 pick to Minnesota for Kevin Love. The Lakers will certainly make the offer; the Timberwolves might even go for it if Love, who’s widely suspected of wanting to join the Lakes, tells the Wolves that he’ll walk when his contract runs out in 2015, otherwise.

At this point in time, it is no secret that Love may end up with the Lakers in the near future. Rumors continue to circulate about the superstar’s desire to be a Laker, but there’s no guarantee that’ll happen until the summer of 2015 when he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

As for Embiid, the Kansas center will likely be selected in the top five if not top three picks in the upcoming draft. Embiid will be one of the most sought prospects in the upcoming draft along with teammate Andrew Wiggins and Duke’s Jabari Parker.

With the Lakers helpless to defend the basket this season, Embiid would be the ideal selection for Los Angeles in order to upgrade the frontcourt. The Kansas standout falling to Lakers is an unlikely or “dream” scenario, but if possible, he would be great fit if Pau Gasol leaves town.

Needless to say, anything can happen come draft day or leading up to the 2014 NBA Draft. The Lakers may elect to trade their pick, depending on position, or simply go with a player like Embiid or Dante Exum if available.
NBA Draft Profile: JOEL EMBIID

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  • Michael

    Embiid and his leaky back?!?!

    • Dino Madness

      Someone will take a chance if Embiid is available 6-9 then the Lakers should take a chance. If the Lakers win a top three spot then they should definitely chose someone else.

    • Jim213

      Things may not improve with K Love (defensively). I’d prefer Anthony Davis (waiting period tho) but we’ll see what turns out.

      • Pop

        K love is a beast… going 28/14 every game.
        I don’t mind a little lapse defensively.
        Just need a defensive center..

        • comrade24

          agreed. I think theres very few people in the league who can guard klove one on one. His slight defensive inefficiences are definitely overshadowed by his scoring, rebounding, and passing.

    • L.A BU11Y

      ill take that leaky back! this type of center is what the league has turn into now.. I want Embiid

  • ra

    All you need is Love (ya da da da da), All you need is Love, Love ….. Love is all you need (John Lennon, Beatles).

    • Blake Mullins

      If he was ALL you need, the Timberwolves would have some rings.

      • ra

        oh, ha ha ha! Well, that’s the T-Wolves. Remember KG was with the T-Wolves – no rings there. Once he went to Celtics, … ring-a-ding-ding.

        Same w / Love. LA’s the place for him. Period. He can make some music like Uncle Mike Love (wait, that’s the Beach Boys). “Wish they all could be Laker Basketball Players …”. OK?

  • cyborgspider

    Eh until it happens I wouldn’t put any stock in what these reporters say. Mitch is the only source I would take to heart.

  • 3339

    lets cut the crap if we are talking dream scenario, that involves getting a top 3 pick and Lebron James.

  • Lakers Fan

    I think people are overreacting about Embiid’s back. If the Lakers just so happen to be in a position to take Embiid, they shouldn’t think twice about it. With Love being a FA in 2015, there is a great chance the Lakers could have both of these players in our front court come the 2015-2016 season. My dream team would be:

    PG: Lowry/Farmar
    SG: Kobe/Meeks/Henry
    SF: Deng/Bazemore/Henry
    PF: Love/Kelly
    C: Embiid/Hill

    Coach: Hollins or Scott

    Since Deng is getting a little older and looking to win a ring(like every other player), it’s a good chance he would take a pay cut if the opportunity is there. He is still an elite defender and would be the player to guard the LeBrons, Durants, and Melos of the world. Man it would be awesome to have this team. A great mixture of defense and offense.

    • Omar

      Exum, Kobe, Ariza, Hill, Monroe. Bench mob: Nash, Farmar, Marsh, Kent, Young, Kelly, Okafor, Sacre Financially possible. Exum projected no more than 4 million. Nash 9,701,000. Farmar should be at 1,500,000 and Marsh has option for 915,243. Kent for 1,100,000. Kobe at 23,500,000. Use MLE (5.15 million) for Ariza. Young at 2,500,000 or 3 million. Re-sign Hill to 4,000,000 which is a good bump in salary and he’ll be a starter. Kelly should be offered 915,243 cuz he’s still a prospect. Monroe would be getting max money. 4 years. 58 million. First year to be 13.7 million. Okafor at 1 million. Sacre at 915,243. It’ll be about 68 million total which is good and possible since MLE is for over cap but below tax line and Monroe would be first contract to get. And re-signing most of roster shouldn’t be a problem with CBA rules. Hope somehow figure out 1 year deals for some players to make room for Love in 2015. Pretty much new guys Exum, Monroe, Ariza and Okafor. Bye to Pau :c

      • Vi5ion

        Would be a nice scenario, although Hill, and every other post playing big man on the Lakers roster(Hill, Kaman, Gasol) will NOT re-sign unless D’Antoni is gone. Also goes to Monroe, why would any talented Center wanna play for D’Antoni? They won’t get touches.

        • Josh

          If they set screens and roll to the basket, they will get all the touches they want.

    • Josh

      If you’re looking for someone to guard Lebron, Durant, and Melo, I’d rather figure out a way to get Jimmy Butler.

  • Jim213

    Wiggins and Exum should be the top choices for the overall #1 pick. The 5 has changed from the days of the past as Vonleh who can play the 4/5 fits today’s style of play better which goes for long distance.

    Guess FO hasn’t learned from drafting Bynum if they’re looking to attain a healthy long term career player (tho had a few good years w/Lakers). Aside of that if K Irving declines an extension with the Cavs I’d lean more towards trying to trade for Irving to address the weakest position on the team.

    • kookiebuger

      The weakest position is the SF on the Lakers but if the Lakers do draft Emiid he will be a stud, he doesn’t have an injury history like Andrew Bynum and Nerlens Noel did when they entered the league and from what I’ve read he has an excellent work ethic.

      • Jim213

        ?! Plenty of players who’ll be able to play the 3 (which goes for Kobe) next season but the 1, 4, and 5 need to be addressed if FO intends to turn things around.

        The Pacific but especially the West is filled with talented PG’s. Farmar, Marshall and unhealthy Nash don’t cut it to lead the team towards a playoff appearance as starters if it so happens to be next season. Definitely wouldn’t consider Embiid for the #1 overall pick.

        • kookiebuger

          That’s true but I think a dominant interior defender will slow down players like Westbrook,CP3, Parker, Curry,etc. from driving which can throw them off of their game plus Exum can always force his way to LA or the Lakers can sign Lowry.

          • Jim213

            Some say Exum may land 6th or 7th. But the pg’s you brought up are great to reliable shooters. Wouldn’t even take Deng for $10+ mil as Trevor Ariza is a better fit for $5 mil tho he’ll likely command $8+ mil in FA.

          • kookiebuger

            Lowry is a solid premeter defender so it might be difficult to scorer over both Emiid and Lowry, hopefully the Lakers go after him and sign him to a 9-11 million dollar deal which is fair when other Point Guards like Rondo is making 12 million, Curry is making 10 million, and Parker is making 12.5 million.

  • Omar

    Exum, Kobe, Ariza, Hill, Monroe. Bench mob: Nash, Farmar, Marsh, Kent, Young, Kelly, Okafor, Sacre Financially possible. Exum projected no more than 4 million. Nash 9,701,000. Farmar should be at 1,500,000 and Marsh has option for 915,243. Kent for 1,100,000. Kobe at 23,500,000. Use MLE (5.15 million) for Ariza. Young at 2,500,000 or 3 million. Re-sign Hill to 4,000,000 which is a good bump in salary and he’ll be a starter. Kelly should be offered 915,243 cuz he’s still a prospect. Monroe would be getting max money. 4 years. 58 million. First year to be 13.7 million. Okafor at 1 million. Sacre at 915,243. It’ll be about 68 million total which is good and possible since MLE is for over cap but below tax line and Monroe would be first contract to get. And re-signing most of roster shouldn’t be a problem with CBA rules. Hope somehow figure out 1 year deals for some players to make room for Love in 2015. Pretty much new guys Exum, Monroe, Ariza and Okafor. Bye to Pau

  • KingEmperor

    dont trade the pick keep will come at 2015 free agency..
    marcus smart is a franchise player for me

    • LakersHeatBeef

      I actually agree on Marcus Smart i am his biggest fan.He grew on me last season i was lukewarm on him but towards the end last season towards the draft he was clearly my #1 player in that draft but he decided to stay a extra year at OSU and now he is to me the best NBA ready player in the draft.5 years from now people will look back at this draft and they will say damn why the hell didn’t our team pick Smart.Yes he is going to be a superstar.Chris Mannix from Sports Illustrated has the Lakers drafting Smart at #6 in his mock draft.Oh BTW i agree Kevin Love is coming via free agency in 2015,we must not trade the pick that’s a big NO NO.

      • KingEmperor

        yeah your right and very correct men must not trade the pick..its time to develop our own draft pick talents to become a franchise player..

      • Jay B

        Lol no chance. I’ve played against him and Avery Bradley… Bradley better by leaps and bounds defensively, quicker, about the same offensively. No shot, not the greatest handle, not an elite playmaker. I don’t want anybody on my team that I’m better than lol

  • LakersHeatBeef

    This is a headscratcher about the Lakers wanting to trade a lottery pick for a player they can get 1 year later via free agency.I know Kobe wants to win now but at what cost?Never sacrifice the future for a 1 year rental that is just not smart.It’s best if the Lakers re-sign Pau Gasol to a huge 1 year deal and draft Joel Embiid or Wiggins or Exum or Marcus Smart or Jabari then 1 year later let Pau go wherever he wants and sign Kevin Love right away.If played right the Lakers will re-sign Pau to a huge contract for only 1 year and that will keep Kobe happy and then draft a top player in the draft also make some other moves for 1 year deals.

    Then come 2015 free agency Kevin Love will be a free agent and boom Pau and Nash will be coming off the books so their will be plenty of money to sign Kevin Love and then 1 year later in 2016 Kobe will likely retire and his contract expires and boom Kevin Durant becomes a free agent and their will be plenty of money to sign Durant.No need to panic for the Lakers FO keep the pick and draft wisely.We need to keep things moving towards the future IMO.

    • Dino Madness

      I don’t know if Gasol will come back for any money as long as D’Antoni
      is here. Security along with a good chance for another run at a
      championship will most likely be his priority. If we were to sign Gasol
      for a huge one year contract we won’t be able to resign our other free
      agents like Meeks, Hill, Kaman and Young let alone any other new free agents. All those players will require raises and even players like Bazemore, Farmar, Kelly, Henry and Johnson will get some type of raises. The Lakers will go over the cap and the repeater tax will be brutal for a team that might not make the playoffs again. In order to retain our current free agents Gasol cannot get a huge one year contract. Remember we have all the cap room because we only have like four players sign, that means we are in competition to resign our own free agents that came at huge discounts. Now many of them have proven themselves and they will get more money and longer contracts than the Lakers can afford.

  • vdogg

    DO NOT trade this draft pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • quickster007

    The Lakers have a better chance of drafting a point guard than getting Embiid. Keep the draft pick and let Pau walk and 19 millions of cap space The Lakers need a point guard than a center. The main reason you have Nash a has been and Farmar who are often injured. Marshall is below average who should have been out of the league by now. The situation will only get worst. Draft a point guard. I’d say Dante Exum or Kyle Anderson. In 2015, you have a choice of Kevin Love, Marc Gasol, Lamarcus Aldridge as free agents. I’d say Kevin Love Also, that year Steve Nash should be a free agent. Oh yeah, 9 millions is off the books. The Lakers can offer Love 15 millions and maybe get Marc Gasol for the center spot. He is asking around 15 millions a season. Why? the NBA is giving an additional 5 millions of cap space in 2015. It’s 63 millions of cap space. In 2016, when Kobe leaves, 24 millions of cap space. I’d say go after Klay Thompson for the shooting guard. He probably wants 7 millions since he is only making 3 millions at the present time. The most important thing a new head coach before the 2015 season starts. I’d say Byron Scott or Lionel Hollins.


    i don’t think love is the right guy for LA. lack of defense

  • KingEmperor

    lakers must draft a point guard pick over marcus smart or dante exum..

  • KingEmperor

    top point guards in the draft for the lakers marcus smart strength and power or dante exum speed and quickness

  • Shannon

    I don’t believe that about trading the pick. I know Mitch said it’s a possibility but why make the same mistake twice of trading for someone who is soon to be a free
    agent only for them to leave like Coward did. They can’t allow the assumption or arrogance that he will stay to happen again.

  • bigcat

    Is there a Kobe in this draft?a Worthy? A Magic?…..nope so trade the pick..Lakers don’t build through the draft….they reload… so get Love now…so by 15 your fighting for the title…

    • kookiebuger

      Kobe and Worthy weren’t even considered franchise players it’s a draft it’s unpredicteable plus why risk our future for Love who’s shown that he can’t lead a team to the playoffs in his 5 years in the league and can always opt out and go to the Bulls in 2015…

      • Gekko

        LOVE will attract other free agents. It builds momentum. Free Agents see the start of something and they get excited about being a part of it. Without Love, they are looking at a team with a coach that is about to fired for a historic losing season with a dessimated team due to old age and injuries. Not to mention a front office that is in question. In short, they have short term memories and forget all about the 16 banners hanging in the rafters. Gain momentum with positive things.

        • kookiebuger

          But why would Love choose LA over Chicago? They play in the weak East, he will be paired with a solid defensive team, and he will play along side a star in Rose (if he is plays 1/2 as well as he did in his MVP season that will be enough to make them contenders paired with Love).

  • DC

    As soon as the season starts Nash’s expiring contract becomes a valuable trade asset, maybe for Tyreke Evans(3 years @ 11 mil/year) so if the Lakers can resign Pau and sign Lowry the line up would be
    1 Lowry (10mil)
    2 Mamba (24)
    3 Tyreke (11)
    4 Julius Randle (4)
    5 Pau (6)
    Bring Henry(1.5), Meeks(3), Swaggy P(3), J Hill(4) and Farmer(2) back for the 2nd team and Sacre(1) , Kelly(1) Manny Harris(1) to fill roster. Thats not a dream team but strong and realistic, could even sub Lowry for Bledsoe

  • David JP

    I wish the Lakers could get K-Love and keep their pick. PIcking up a quality all-star player via free agency and keeping nick young doesn’t sound too bad either.

  • Kevz

    Exum please.

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    I THINK WE SHOULD RESIGN NICK(3yr6mil) BAZEMORE(2yr2mil), Henry(2yr3mil) , Farmar(2YR2m),Gasol 2yr8mil Player O. Hill(1YR 3mil) or WES. Sign Greg 3yr12m. Melo 3yr 18m. Draft Smart.Adriene Payne. Rodney Stuckey 2yr5m. McRoberts 1yr1.5mil. 5:Smart, Kobe, Melo, Greg,Gasol! Bench: Nash, Rodney Nick, Hill/WES Henry, ROB, McRoberts , Payne, Bazemore, Farmar

  • KB24


  • KingEmperor

    why the lakers steal another talents from other team!! why they cannot develop their own draft pick’s talent..

  • Zimmeredge

    No not embiid for love but embiid and love playing together in la. Look at the wolfves when they play a much defending/RIM protector center like gorgui dieng instead of pekovic alongside love, they won many games. I guess if you give Time alongside gasol to embiid to develop as a player and refine his offensive game. Giving him 20 minutes per game for his first season. Then you can go for love in 15 and have a great combination of rebounding, RIM protection, assists, points everywhere around the court (embiid has a decent stroke). Add a major perimeter player such westbrook or irving and you are good to go. Some good young role players that we already have.

  • charles chang

    i think the lakers shouldn’t trade the first pick if they got the first pick, do they just have one pick or not??

  • Hawk

    If they keep it they really need to try and land a star someone who is not only good but can excite the crowd. That’s why I like Exum or Parker, they have star capabilities and star personalities. If Embiids back is fine it would be really hard to pass on him. Pgs are a dime a dozen dang near every team has one, LA can get a free agent pg. It’s athleticism at the 3 and 5 that really gives them problems. Aaron Gordon might not be so bad either, a possible answer to Blake Griffin and LBJ would be great.

  • Gregory Choa

    First of all, I think we all need to accept the fact that Mike D’Antoni will be back next season, as well he should be – he’s under contract and, despite what Kobe expects and fans are hopeful of, next season is a transition/re-tooling year.

    Secondly, Pau is probably the best free agent out there this summer and the Lakers would do well to re-sign him for next season and draft Embiid if he’s somehow there for the taking. In spite of conventional wisdom, Pau and MDA can co-exist, especially with a healthy Kobe Bryant in the fold. Pau Gasol said that he’s found “common ground” with coach Mike D’Antoni, and wouldn’t rule out re-signing with the Lakers if D’Antoni remains the head coach. “The last few years I always kept on my mind that this could be my last day [with the Lakers], so let me try to enjoy it,” said Gasol. “I’m going to listen closely to what the Lakers will have to offer and say about the team’s situation and position [after the NBA Draft].”

    D’Antoni, in many respects, is the right guy to get the Lakers through next season. The trick will be to draft wisely this summer while re-securing Gasol, acquire Love next summer when he becomes an unrestricted FA, and then look to get Kobe his 6th ring in ’15-’16 before going after the real prize in the coming FA market – Durant in 2016 – to become the next face of the franchise – when Kobe finally hangs ’em up and his salary comes off the books.

    • Swagzilla

      Pau is far from the best free agent in this class, Melo,LeBron,Wade,Bosh,Lowry,Stephenson,etc. are all better, younger, and are efficient on both ends of the court. Why would Love join the Lakers next year? The Bulls are in a much better situation then the Lakers when they can offer him a max contract next year and would Durant join the Lakers? OKC is the 2nd best team in the West who will be the best next year when Duncan and Pop retire. Why would he join the Lakers who would probably be a 8th seeded team at best, the Lakers need to rebuild from the coaching staff to the roster.

  • Pearberr

    Lakers should negotiate a deal w/ the Timberwolves… pending the actual draft.

    If Exum or Embid are available when our pick comes up, take them. If they aren’t, send it to the Timberwolves (Assuming they agree of course).

    I am totally sold on Exum. Boy needs to add a few pounds, but when he does he’ll be a very quick, very smart point guard who is an excellent defender and able to easily finish at the hoop. He’s also got no mid range game, which is probably where Kobe should focus his efforts going into the end of his career.

  • L.A BU11Y

    I do not understand, or can’t comprehend why the Lakers would even think of trading their top 10 pick for Love? he is a free agent 2015, we can’t wait? what happen if he opts out after the end of next season and go to the Knicks? or some where else? we have to start thinking.. if I would trade the pick it would be to Cleveland for Irving if not I would keep it…. My wish is getting the #1 or #2 spot and getting Embiid! I been wanting this young man since I seen him… perfect fit for the Lakers and Mike Dantoni would have to play him.. he would fit perfect… but I highly doubt that we will get either one of those two spots, so with the 6th spot in the draft I would get Marcus Smart.. try to sign Leu Deng, and resign Gasol, R.Kelly, Meeks, Farmar, X, Wesley, Hill, you will have to fire Mike Cant Coach AStoni to get Hill and Gasol back management.. get to it! but with a line up: Smart, Kobe, Deng, Kelly & Gasol.. we will def be back in the playoffs.. and 2015 get Love or one of them top free agents.. THINK LAKERS.. THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emir mulaku

    Now this would be all time lakers team rojon rando,kobe , carmelo,love,embiid…

    • greg

      kinda lik my roster a lil better doe…

  • greg

    if we get kevin we should pick up greg monroe, deng, and sign kyle lowry, thats a fantastic roster along with kobe at the 2

  • borsalino12

    The Lakers have chances to draft from 1 – 3 seeds and from 6 – 9 seeds. #4 and # 5 seeds are not available for us.So, if J.Embiid is in our reach, we should definitely draft him, if not, we have to choose between Noah Vonleh and Aaron Gordon. Trading our pic is not a option.We can get K.Love as a free agent straight, in 2015.

  • bubba

    I thought the Lakers can’t trade their number 1 pick??

  • droberts

    jay b if you’re better than him then why aren’t you in the league…?

  • jay b

    Not going to make a ton of excuses. Im under the radar right now first year playing after torn acl, working my butt off to get there though. Im proud of the dude, know him a little bit, but because I’ve played some guys in the league and others in this draft, I believe there are better players available for my favorite team, through FA and through the draft.