Lakers Rumors: Derek Fisher Not Expected To Become Next Lakers Coach Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="244"] The Los Angeles Lakers have made it clear there's no rush in hiring the next head coach of the storied franchise. With the team missi [new_royalslider id="244"] The Los Angeles Lakers have made it clear there's no rush in hiring the next head coach of the storied franchise. With the team missi Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Derek Fisher Not Expected To Become Next Lakers Coach

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The Los Angeles Lakers have made it clear there’s no rush in hiring the next head coach of the storied franchise. With the team missing the mark on Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni, Mitch Kupchak and company want to make sure they have the right man for the job in what will likely be the final two years of Kobe Bryant’s career.

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One name that continues to get mentioned as a candidate for the head coaching vacancy in Los Angeles is former Laker Derek Fisher. Although Fisher has no coaching experience and is still currently playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the five-time NBA champion’s name continues to be mentioned as an option for the Lakers.

Although Fisher is considered a candidate at this point in time, Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding reports it is not expected that he’ll be the next head coach of the Lakers:

Regarding Derek Fisher, certainly a more novel option given his lack of coaching experience, two people told me on Tuesday not to expect him to become the next Lakers head coach, which is no surprise. Fisher has always been unsure about the grinding life of a coach.

Currently, the frontrunner for the coaching vacancy in Los Angeles appears to be another former player in Byron Scott. The team has only interviewed a handful of candidates thus far with Scott being one of the few that had Jim Buss in the interview along with Kupchak.

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As for Fisher, there’s no telling the direction he’ll take once the season is over for the Thunder. The New York Knicks have also expressed interest in talking with Fisher in an attempt to reunite him with Phil Jackson.

Both the Knicks and Lakers want to turn things around quickly, but are realistic in terms of knowing that it is a process. The next head coach for both teams could have little to no experience as a head coach with Fisher definitely getting some consideration.

The Lakers prefer the next coach of the team have experience, but are keeping their options open.
Lakers GM Kupchak Says Next Coach Must Get Most Productivity Out Of Kobe Bryant, Plus Likelihood Of Trading The Pick?

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  • Evan

    No surprise trust me on that.People i talked hated the idea of Derek Fisher being the Lakers Head Coach and they kept mentioning Lionel Hollins as the Lakers coach they want and need.But these people i talk did seem sickened by the idea of Derek Fisher being the Lakers coach they seemed stunned and bothered by it.They are Lakers fans from the Kareem 70′s era.

  • Evan

    People i talked to hated the idea of Derek Fisher being the Lakers head coach absolutely hated it.They were furious and they seemed really angered and bothered by the mere mention of it as if they were offended.

  • Eazy

    Fisher would be better as an Asst for a few years.

  • JohnSmith00

    Fish is a stand up guy and there is no doubt in my mind that some day he might make become a fine coach in the NBA, but now with the Lakers is not it. Here’s hoping that Rambis and Dunleavy get crossed off that list soon too.

    • Chrmngblly

      Yes, cross off Rambis and Dunleavy. But I don’t know about Fish. I am liking him more and more. He’s played point in every style there is. I think if he gets a couple good assistants, he could pull it off sweetly. No matter who the coach is, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the next couple years. We need a players’ coach more than ever right now. The other really bright guy is Luke.

  • J Taylor

    Is the Lakers front office waiting for one of the coaches still working, or are they waffling?

    I want to believe that Mitch is secretly putting together backdoor deals for upcoming free agents and building a team before he makes a decision, but I can’t say that for certain.

    Between the next coach and the upcoming offseason, the do need to make a splash and bring the glamor back to the team. As of now, the Lakers Allure and the Lakers Charm is a bit lackluster.

  • Jim213

    Per Jeanie Buss tweet: (likely in relation to the Phil?jeanie melo story).

    “FYI-I do not talk about players (NBA rules) UNTIL they are officially #Lakers,” Jeanie wrote. ”Then they become family & I love them forever. #Lakers4Life.”

  • ra

    Read what was written above:

    ” … two people told me on Tuesday not to expect him to become the next
    Lakers head coach, which is no surprise. Fisher has always been unsure
    about the grinding life of a coach.”

    1st: two people .. two people. Who? 2 friends, Buzz & Jeff? Billy & his dog Fido? Sources please.

    2nd: Fisher “.. unsure about the grinding life of a coach”. Possibly – and is this the reason for the title of this article? In other words, ‘not to expect’ means ‘don’t expect Fisher to WANT to be a coach” ???

  • corky carroll

    I agree with the guy who said Fisher as an assistant first. Fish could be an amazing coach, but who knows? We need a real deal right now. Hollins sounds best to be of what we have so far. BScott? Has a pretty bad record, but did play next to Magic, Kareem and Worthy and that has to count for something. BScott with Fish as assistant? Geeze, I hate this time of year…… too much, what if and maybe that…. But still stick to GET BACK JERRY WEST in the FO…. And, if only real life was like that new TV show…… if only they could resurect CHICK.

  • Lakers4Life

    Yeah no shi*t. Only a small minority of dreamers actually thought that Fisher can head coach the Lakers. Similar to Byron, he’s just another guy among the Lakers family but definitely not fit to coach the team. Maybe 10 years later we can reconsider him.

  • Andrew

    This is the worst coaching hiring process i have ever seen in my life.Lakers front office was quite for 3 weeks then suddenly news comes out red hot coaching candidate was staying at uconn then Lakers got bad luck and got the 7th pick no moving up at the lottery.Then reports surfaced piece of crap Mike Dumbleavy was interviewed by Mitch then Scott was interviewed then Rambis,Gentry then the old school L-Train comes cooch cooch into town to meet Jim Buss and Mitch hell ya bring those DVD’s lol .This is the best this FO can come up with really??????

    I like to think they would actually hire Lionel Hollins and get this over with.Embarrassment by having so many crappy retreads interviewing and Hollins and Gentry can get hired by the Cavs or Jazz to top off this travesty.Misdirection by the Lakers front office is torment on us Lakers fans.

  • captain

    56-145 you guessed it that’s the coaching record for Kurt Rambis as Head Coach.Turrible.

  • Ted

    Oh ya baby we are all on pins and needles over the next Lakers Head Coach not sike j/k yawn this will be the final we have hired Lionel Hollins as the head coach because he brought some VHS tapes and Jimmy Buss loved them and Lionel was reluctant to let go of his VHS tapes his old school VHS player works like a champ.Jimmy Buss goes to the goodwill and buys a VHS player to watch the defensive schemes Lionel Hollins has on the VHS tapes at his home.

    Then he says Lionel Hollins do you have any DVD’s and Hollins says why didn’t Mike Brown leave enough of those DVD’s with you?Jim Buss says no just let me know if you have DVD’s and old school Lionel Hollins says yea i have Blu-ray and Jim Buss says you’re hired and then they do a group hug with Mitch and dance to John Travolta songs while watching the Steve Harvey show yea lol ha ha ha.

  • Ben

    As long the coach coming to the interview brings DVD’s he will be hired ask Mike Brown about that.Lionel Hollins will show up in the morning tomorrow with a DVD collection of the Steve Harvey show lol ha ha ha.Jim Buss will get a kick out of the show also Lionel Hollins will make some personal coaching DVD’s for Jim Buss and then he will be infatuated with Lionel and Jim will hire Lionel Hollins on the spot once he gets those DVD’s.This is crazy the way interviews are being set up daily.Apply in person bring GED or High School Diploma.NOW HIRING

  • kiko

    try hire Tyrone Corbin Flex offense or Avery Johnson and terry porter next head coach la lakers

  • Rick

    Byron Scott went to the finals 2 times in a row with a crap of a New Jersey team. He is a great coach. LA is silly for waiting to get him on board. It’s just a joke to wait. Fisher has no experience and is just hanging on with OKC, missing shots left and right.

    • Jed

      Yes, he got to the finals on a crap NJ team, but also in a Crappy and Putrid East at that time. You think the East is weak now outside of Miami? Those years when the Nets went to the finals were hella worse. The top teams were all on the West and the West Finals routinely outdrew in ratings the actual NBA finals v.s. the Nets, because the West Finals was widely viewed as the real NBA championship series.

    • Srk

      Great coaches don’t have their players turn on them like the Nets and Hornets did. Making the Finals in a terrible conference like the early 2000s East also isn’t a big accomplishment. He won’t be much better than the 2 Mike’s, if he’s even better at all.

  • Srk

    So much for making a “splash”. So far it’s looking like it’s going to be a mediocre retread. Hopefully Hollins is the top choice since he’s the only above average coach of the guys they’ve interviewed.

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