Lakers Rumors: Derek Fisher Considered ‘Secondary Candidate’ By Lakers

Lakers Rumors: Derek Fisher Considered ‘Secondary Candidate’ By Lakers


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The Lakers have begun interviewing candidates for their head coaching position. So far the team has spoken formally with both Mike Dunleavy and Byron Scott, two candidates who have years of NBA coaching experience.

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Apparently that is no accident. The team has been linked to former point guard Derek Fisher, but Fox Sports 1 NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the team considers Fisher a ‘secondary option’:

Though Fisher doesn’t have any coaching experience, he has long been considered one of the best leaders in the NBA, and was even named President of the NBA Players Union. With guys like Mark Jackson and Jason Kidd recently assuming head coaching roles with no previous coaching experience, many believe that Fisher could be next in line.

The Lakers are a different type of organization, however. The team will likely be going through a slight rebuild this season, but they don’t plan to stay down in the lottery for long, and may not have the patience to stick with a coach growing up with the team.

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A new coach is not the Lakers immediate priority at this time. The team is focusing on the draft, where Mitch Kupchak hopes to land an impact player. But the team would like to have a new coach by draft night, and it looks like that coach will be someone who has sat on the bench before.
Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak Q & A: Kobe Bryant, NBA Draft, Coaching Search

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  • Jim213

    Byron Scott on @ESPNLA710: Scott on Kobe: “He’s gonna have to change his game a little bit and he knows that. He knows me and I’m an old-school type of guy.”

    Scott:”For us as ex-Lakers, to watch these #Lakers was mind-boggling. That’s not the type of Lakers we remember. Defense wins championships.”

    Magic Johnson Tweet:”Great to see my former teammate Byron Scott get interviewed for the Lakers head coaching job!”

  • Ryan

    Lakers are in rebuild mode so why not hire Derek Fisher and let him grow with the team?????Come on guys you claim we are rebuilding since we lost Dwight Howard yet you are scared to hire a inexperienced coach?????Where is the logic here?Lakers FO is delusional and they are just worn out and tired.The Lakers FO is afraid of new ideas and bright minds.They are stuck in stupid.

    Seriously Derek Fisher will be perfect for a rebuilding situation he is a positive guy that understands the needs of young players as he has mentored Russell Westbrook,Kevin Durant,Reggie Jackson,Serge Ibaka,Jeremy Lamb lets just call a spade a spade the Lakers FO is lingering in a pool of their own mess.Nothing good or sensible about passing up young up and coming coaching candidates in favor of Mike Dunleavy and Byron Scott or Lionel Hollins that is just not a good direction to go in.It’s better to try to always win,throwing in the towel and giving up by hiring a idiot crappy retread makes ZERO SENSE.

    Hiring a young coach that can help the players develop is the perfect plan.Derek Fisher makes too much sense so as always the Lakers FO does the complete opposite trying to look smart but at the end they always end up with egg on their face from their mistakes.They act too smart and arrogant for their own good.They out smart themselves by acting too clever and they out think themselves and lose everytime.They try to be different than everyone else and they fail because they go against conventional wisdom.

    • Jim213

      That’s what I’ve been babbling for awhile + given that he still resides in LA (to my knowledge) he may likely opt to stay in LA as opposed to live in the East similar to Kerr. However, one issue would be if Scott would join the coaching staff still given that he brings solid experience and could help both the team and the future coach (if he doesn’t get the HC position).

  • ra

    Yes, now I think that out of the available people, Scott & Fish are good candidates. Here’s the ‘plus’ for Fish. Nobody knows Kobe ‘better’ than Fish. Teammates through the ups and downs – they fought wars together. Recall years back that it was Fish-good cop — KB-bad cop. That’s how they (as teammates) ran the Lakers during their recent Championship run.

    Fish can implement many different offense schemes (chances are, he won’t use the Triangle with a new/young staff). But he’s played with the Warriors & the Thunder (currently). He’s aware of ‘fast break’ basketball, and other modalities. He knows things that many players don’t, and his defense is especially good (certainly if executed by some of the newer players).

    Most important, his players relations is exceptional. People like Fish (yes, the ESPN and TNT goonies like him too). He knows how to do that well, and that is ‘always’ part of the process. Phil knew how to manage players, in a different way.

    Anyway, since he is also in the Lakers family (or, has been for years), then it’s a good fit.

    Byron Scott. That’s a different article. This is about Fish.

    • Oliver

      I agree with you Derek Fisher is the best guy possible.A pure winner on and off the court.A 5 time champion with the most wins in playoffs history and a clutch player and also a very popular figure in the locker room during his days as a Laker.A true leader that Kobe endorsed.

      Derek Fisher is the best winner and he never lets a loss stop him from coming back and winning the next time out.Derek Fisher is a very smart guy and he knows basketball inside out since he is a Point Guard that ran the Triangle Offense.He is the best friend of Kobe that’s huge plus.He knows how to use Kobe to his biggest strengths better than anyone in the world that’s his former back court mate.

      Also Derek Fisher is so popular in the NBA circle he was named NBA Players President and Rep and that means he has connections everywhere in the NBA and the Lakers had him as a player for several years and 5 championships this is the dream coach to have for the Lakers.He is interested in coaching in the NBA next season.Do it Mitch!

  • Kb24

    Head coach b.scott asst. coach DFISH

  • Derek Clark

    I would hire D.Fish as an assistant coach first and let him see how the head coaching game works. Then maybe he can work his way up and land himself a head coaching job in the future. Bottom line though is, I believe Fish belongs somewhere in Laker Nation … just not yet as a head coach. Let him learn the ropes as Shaw did under Jackson.

  • Andy L

    Disagree. I think Fish is too good a friend of Kobe’s for the latter to take directions from him. Scott, on the other hand, had more of a mentor role for Kobe so I think Kobe would be more comfortable taking orders from him. Fish would be a nice assistant though.

    • Josh

      Where have you been the last 18 years? Kobe “takes orders” from no one. He respects Fish and Scott, but Kobe does what Kobe wants to do. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, either, since Kobe probably understands basketball better than ANY coach that is hired this summer. The coach’s job will be to get the rest of the roster to stay engaged and not just stand around watching Kobe work.

      • Andy L

        Well, for the last 18 years I’ve seen Kobe fall in line once or twice… It WOULD be a bad thing if Kobe did what he wanted though, even if he is a great student of the game, as he would take too much upon himself to get a W. This is where I believe Scott’s words would carry more weight than Fisher’s.

  • Mathias

    I’d say an experienced, respected coach would be a better fit as they’re more likely to keep up on minutes restrictions on kobe and Nash, fisher has no experience coaching and thus won’t really have a clue how to deal with ageing veterans who need strict minute management. B.O.B man, BRING ON BYRON!!

  • kliff richard

    my top 10 consider contenders next head coach LA Lakers
    1.Quin Snyder atlanta hawks
    2.Dave Fizdale Heat
    3.Pete Myers Warriors
    4.Nate McMillan Pacers
    5 john welch nets
    6 Chip Engelland Spurs and Chad Iske 76ers
    7 Rex Kalamian okc thunder
    8 Tyronn Lue clippers
    9 Jay Triano portland
    10 andy greer bulls

    • Pablo

      Great list my dude.Snyder and Fizdale gotta get hired eventually by a team.

  • Pablo

    If the Lakers do hire Derek Fisher they better make sure he hires great assistant coaches to help him out in his first year.So like Messina as top assistant along with Dave Miller and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Cooper.

  • Barkley

    Derek Fisher is a legendary great natural leader.Lakers FO better hire him.Mike Dumbleavy is TURRIBLE TURRIBLE TURRIBLE!SMH YA’LL

  • Michael

    why not get Lionel Hollins ?? he know’s how to handle the roster physically and mentally … plus he can help the Lakers with that Defense issues … … also i wish for the lakers is to Trade the 7 pick for rajon rondo… we need a point guard who is good on distributing the ball … trade the 7 pick for rondo… target melo and get a healthy defensive center … boom championship contender

    • Darryl Johnson

      Best response on here

  • Adam Hedrick

    Rebuild?? Wtf? You should be going full force for a championship this year. I know we don’t have a team. But we will have a healthy Kobe. And tons of cap space

    • wangkon936

      This… is the heart talking, not the mind.

  • FrankL2010

    I would like to have Byron and the head coach and Fish as one of the assistants. He can help in so many ways

  • layupdrill

    Yo guys think Fisher is respected in the league? They FIRED him, his own “co-workers” from being their Union President AFTER he single handedly ousted mainstay Billy Hunter (which was a good thing). What does that tell you? You think free agents like LBJ, KD, current president CP3 or anyone else will want to play for him? And what has he done as a point guard lately? Average 5 points and 2 assists on the second best team in the west?

    Come on folks- I’m surprised at the lack of knowledge about sports here. It takes YEARS to learn how to coach, to wake up every morning, come up with game plans and exercises and really execute this. You think PJax was born overnight? Give Fish 5 years as an assistant somewhere else, and then let’s talk about him. In the mean time, this is the Lakers we’re talking about here. Best job in the NBA even when rebuilding. Time for someone like Byron, Karl or Van Gundy to step in, who are available, hungry and know what they’re actually doing.

  • wangkon936

    Rather… what his kids CAN’T do.

  • CCX

    You do realize it was Kobe that first approached Mitch and Mike Brown with the idea of running the Princeton, largely as a means to take play calling out of Brown’s hands.

    Kobe has stated he likes to be coached, Byron will do just that – coach him and also tailor the play style to best fit. He’s the best choice out there and hopefully brings D Fish in as his assistant – who he spent a year playing with.