Lakers Rumors: Dario Saric Only Wants To Be Drafted By Lakers Or Celtics Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="290"] Another international draft prospect is causing a bit of a stir with the 2014 NBA draft right around the corner. -- Lakers Nation Sto [new_royalslider id="290"] Another international draft prospect is causing a bit of a stir with the 2014 NBA draft right around the corner. -- Lakers Nation Sto Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Dario Saric Only Wants To Be Drafted By Lakers Or Celtics

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Another international draft prospect is causing a bit of a stir with the 2014 NBA draft right around the corner.

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According to David Pick of Eurobasket.com, Croatian Dario Saric only wants to be drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers or Boston Celtics:

Saric may not be a top tier prospect like Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid or Jabari Parker, but the Croatian has been mentioned as potential target for the Lakers heading into the draft. The team appears to be open to all possibilities and Saric might be a player the Lakers brass roll the dice on come draft day.

Over the past few months, Dante Exum has been the one player rumored to be intent on being drafted by the Lakers. Exum had been mentioned frequently as a candidate to be taken by the Lakers since being dubbed a potential high draft choice, but at this point in time, all indications point to the combo guard being taken somewhere in the top four.

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With Saric letting his preferences be known, the Lakers may take a hard look at the Croatian before making a decision on which direction they’ll go in the draft. With talk of Kevin Love being on the trading block and teams seemingly willing to wheel and deal on June 26, anything can happen with the Lakers potentially trading the pick for a player like Love or additional picks.

Saric could be the typical stretch-four in the NBA that every team in the league seems to cherish these days. Ironically enough, Saric might have been perfect for Mike D’Antoni’s system, but even with a new head coach, he’s still an attractive option for Los Angeles with the seventh overall pick.
NBA DRAFT LOTTERY: Lakers Get No. 7 Pick

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  • jon

    Ugh who?????

    • eitan

      he’s a point forward that plays in Croatia

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Interesting!So Dario is trying to force his way to the Lakers,now we need Dante Exum to pull the same stunt.I would love to see the Lakers get Dario as a unrestricted free agent if nobody drafts him since he only wants to play for the Lakers and Celtics he just destroyed his NBA drat stock by saying that stuff.It’s possible he could go undrafted.Why the hell would any team draft him if he will never play for them???Lakers can buy a pick and draft him i suppose.

      • Carter

        My top 7 is like this.Draft board.

        1.Noah Vonleh
        2.Andrew Wiggins
        3.Joel Embiid
        4.Aaron Gordon
        5.Jabari Parker
        6.Dante Exum
        7.Julius Randle

        • KB24

          Fact: exum,saric,randle,embiid ALL wWAMTS TO PLAY FOR THE LAKERS….no shooting guard….well we have KOBE or maybe wiggins at the 2 if he would not force his way to raptors…..i have a feeling that the celtics will trade its 6,17(if they domt want saric) lac 2015,bkn 2016,celtics 2018 and possibly philly 1st rd(2 2nd rd picks for sure)

          • Carter

            Exum is worth drafting at #7.Randle yes i like.Embiid in free agency 2022.Dario yes if we can get another pick.

    • ajani brown

      hes really good watch his highlights on youtube hes 6’10 and hes playmaker can shoot hes solid

    • They call me Pringles

      Dude is good man. His versatility reminds me of Lamar. And his footwork reminds me of Manu when he drives to the hoop.

      • erase

        imo, he has much better vision than odom. i’ve never seen odom making those crazy assists as saric, and his mentality is very different. he likes to get into duels more often.

    • Ish

      The Lakers FO would be crazy not to try everything in their power to get this guy.How the hell can you not at least try to get a additional first round pick to get this guy?I mean watch his full game and you will understand what i am saying.He is a all around player much like a young Toni Kukoc and those type of players are once in a generation.

      The kid is a mix between Dirk Nowitzki and Toni Kukoc and no other team will draft him since he only will play for the Lakers or Celtics.And i can assure you if the Lakers draft say either Marcus Smart or Noah Vonleh and comeback and draft Dario Saric at 16-20 that would be a huge steal for the Lakers and the best Lakers draft since 1996 Kobe Bryant+Derek Fisher.

      Lakers can start working on a trade maybe send out Ryan Kelly and Kendall Marshall plus Bazemore and future picks whatever they want,whatever it takes lets get Marcus Smart+Dario Saric or Noah Vonleh+Dario Saric or Dante Exum+Dario Saric or Julius Randle+Dario Saric just get 2 studs and we are set from this loaded famous draft.Mitch won’t draft Dario Saric at #7 but he never said he won’t buy a pick or trade his youngsters for a mid to late first round pick to get Dario Saric.

  • Will

    He’s a good player. But

    Heard the C’s fanbase is big on him though.

    • borsalino12

      What a post is this?
      He’s a good player, but do not want. !!! Have you seen his video clips to say DO NOT WANT moron?

      • Will


  • Mitch

    Los Angeles Lakers
    Needs: You name it, they need it
    Picks: 7

    Marcus SmartTalk about a sorry state of affairs for a team that was a contender up until very recently. They have the number 7 pick in the draft, but that won’t be enough to fix their issues. They have major issues at literally every position. The point guard position features a broken down Steve Nash on the cusp of retirement and Kendall Marshall who played well last year but still may not be the long term answer.

    At shooting guard they have Kobe, but even if he comes back at 100% from last year’s injuries problems, will be 36 next season. They don’t have a single forward under contract for next season, and the only center under contract is Robert Sacre. They will probably look to convince Pau Gasol that sticking around Los Angeles is best for him, but even if they do, that’s a bare bones roster with little youth or athleticism. Their roster situation makes life difficult for general manager Mitch Kupchak. As far as the draft, he’d be wise to remember three simple words: best talent available.

    It doesn’t matter who the best talent on the board is, it would be in the organization’s best interest to take that player. If the Lakers are lucky, that player could be Marcus Smart, Julius Randle, or Dante Exum who, shares the same agent as Kobe and seemingly would love to play for the Lakers. Athletic West Coast PF prospect Aaron Gordon would be a fan favorite for their pick, but in reality he’s much better equipped to become a key complimentary piece than a franchising changing star. There is always the off chance that LA would be able to trade the pick, but for it to make sense for them, they would have to get an all-star caliber player in return for it and the 7th pick likely isn’t enough to return that kind of haul.

    And in reality they would be moving in the wrong direction, chasing a window that has already slammed shut. The draft is simple for the Lakers, but building toward the future around this year’s 7th pick is anything but. Keep in mind this could all change if they can find a major free agent willing to come aboard, but as far as the draft, the options for the Lakers are limited. With that being said, it’s got to start somewhere, and hopefully for the organization it starts with a star player in this year’s draft.


  • Mitch

    Hell no Dario Saric is not worth the #7 pick and he is not coming to the Lakers.He should withdraw from the draft or maybe just shut his mouth and play for any team that is nice enough to pick him.The player i want us to draft is Marcus Smart and i hope we get him at pick #7.

    Marcus Smart is a awesome physical specimen and a great floor leader a man with great length and amazing strength.He is faster than Chris Paul and Westbrook also Wall that did it for me i was convinced he is the guy i want on the Lakers.We got Marcus Smart coming in for another workout plus he worked out at the Wasserman showcase.Plus he has been working out in Los Angeles for a month now.He CAN shoot yes he CAN shoot the basketball.

    Also his vert is 33 and max vert 36 that means he can do some serious dunking and shot blocking,rebounding a very good jumper.Ultra competitive and he plays top of the line defense like a young Gary Payton.Marcus Smart is a absolute steal at #7 also he can score and control the game with his ability to drive to the hoop and finish with or without contact and his pull up jumper is amazing.He is getting much better at making long jumpers and 3 pointers.

    Also Marcus Smart is a great passer he finds the seams in the defense and exposes teams with his offensive skill set a great passer and a great post up guard also a tremendous cutter he cuts to the hoop like Dwayne Wade a superb slasher.

    • VoteNoOnSmart2014

      this comment is embarrassing and irresponsible. dwayne wade, gary payton, chris paul? shot blocking? very good jumper? Easy with the hyperbole there man. Did you watch this guy at all in college or are you just making claims based on highlight reels or what you have heard people say? His only NBA level talent is his defense…and its not gary payton level. his jumpshot is average at best. he scored most of his points in college driving into the lane, flopping and making free throws as a result of horrible college reffing. c’mon MANNNNNN.

      • Al Haldie

        You sound like u are only talking hear say-and you are the only one that does not like him..

        • Zimmeredge

          I like very much smart i’m very supportrice of his talent but to say that he is a mix of Paul, wade and payton all in the same guy is a bit too much. Let him be marcus smart for a start then it should ok for him.

        • borsalino12

          Another stupid post ! What is wrong with this site?
          Dude. I suggest you to go to all of the Lakers forums, not just this one and see what the people say about your favorite Marcus Smart.
          Any person, who does understand even a little bit from this game will laugh on your comment.Why would we need to draft a PG, when there is one available through the free agency and he is one of the best in the league at the moment. He plays in Toronto and if you have watched his team in the playoffs, you would not talk this kind of BS now.
          But, obviously, your understanding of the game is very, very limited and you can’t see farther than your nose.

          • VillainKing

            borsalino12 this is my greetings for you again…FUCK YOU borsalino12 FUCK YOU borsalino12 FUCK YOU!!!!Lakers draft Marcus Smart!!!

          • borsalino12

            Villain(Idiot)King this is my greeting for you again. Fuck you, fuck your little Vietnamese girlfriend and fuck your mom in the ass.He,he,he,he,he,he,he……he,he,he.FU.

          • VillainKing

            hehehhe…your the idiot here borsalino12..fuck you and fuck you…hehheehhe…no I did that to your mother I fuck her in the ass and in the mouth..And guess what, she love it..hehhehh

          • VillainKing


      • Mitch

        You are making hateful remarks on him.Are you the Texas Tech fan?

      • VillainKing

        I saw Marcus Smart play basketball and I can tell you he is a very great player..

    • Guy

      You dont know what you are saying…Dario Saric is best Europe player since Drazen Petrovic and he also had Kobe’s work etic.He would become best European player in nba ever and win some championships

      • kookiebuger

        You make this bold claim based on what? Several great European players didn’t pan out well in the NBA in the past.

        • erase

          because he owns pretty much everything he attends in europe. check his record, both on junior and senior level. the only player that has done the same was drazen in his age.

    • Dario Saric

      STFU, you idiot. You think you a genius or something? Maybe Lakers should hire you as coach and GM (Great Moron)

    • borsalino12

      Calm down dude, calm down. Nobody is going to use the pic # 7 for him.
      Mitch has hinted that he will try to make a trade to get mid, to late 1-st round pic. We may end up with 2 pics, so with the second one, he may try to get Dario Saric, the best player of FIBA for 2013 and Adriatic League final’s MVP for 2014.Just imagine for a second, if we can have two young combo forwards like him and Aaron Gordon to play at 3 and 4. Add Jordan Hill at 5 and you have a front line with superb athleticism and outstanding defense. A head-coach like Lionel Hollins will make wonders with this guys.

      • VillainKing


    • lkrpwr

      I agree

  • coachanonymous

    ABSOLUTELY NOT. Watch the draftexpress on him he’s a fit for the spurs (everybody is really I know) but he’s just not somebody who looks like he can fit into a lakers system with the coaching candidates that have been mentioned. Who is he gonna guard? I say we get Exum if he falls, Aaron Gordon, Randle or Smart, maybe even trade down and try a Zach Lavine as a project since we’re gonna be bad next year anyway, but absolutely not dario saric

  • disqus_A6Af0kUZy5

    he was a lottery pick last year but withdrew from the draft, because lakers/celtics weren’t in the lottery

  • They call me Pringles

    The good thing about European players is, they can command where they want to be drafted by threatening to stay in Europe. Although Saric would be a nice pickup, he’s just not worth our #7th pick, which we can use to address our other needs like a point guard for example. If it’s true that Mitch is trying to trade for an additional pick in this years draft, then it would most likely be for a European.

  • Colin

    The Lakers are bigger than the NBA,start treating them like that.Give them the best coach possible,the best players possible,the best college player possible,help the Lakers become what they truly are and that is a championship team used to having a dynasty team.Stop NBA with all the bias against the Lakers all the hidden agenda against the Buss Family all the propaganda against the Lakers all the hate towards the Lakers.STOP trying to make the Lakers the laughingstock of the NBA,STOP trying to send over every piece of shit player over to the Lakers,Stop manipulating every trashy coach and player into the Lakers unwilling hands,stop pressuring the Lakers into being a bad franchise that needs a long rebuild,JUST STOP NBA!

    The Lakers are the gold standard and that is the way should be treated fairly with the highest respect and dignity also with honor and be proud of the Lakers people running the NBA they have helped make the NBA a product worth watching and they have generated lots of money and interest over all these years.The Lakers have 16 championships enough said.

  • Colin

    If the NBA wants to make peace with the Lakers then allow the Lakers to get Dario Saric by letting them buy a pick in the mid first round from say the Bulls or Suns and then warn all the other teams not to select him since he is not coming to their team.Only Lakers and Celtics can draft him and get him right away.The NBA needs to build back the Lakers or else risk losing a huge fan base and lots of money and revenue sharing also big T.V. ratings.This is a small way of assisting the Lakers in getting better for crying out loud even buying a second round pick to get him should be allowed by the NBA and it sharing partners meaning the other 29 teams we are one???????????????Yeah lets act like it then,quit trying to fuck over the Lakers every chance you get NBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Be fair you gotta be fair.The NBA controls everything trades,free agency,draft,coaches they control where everyone ends up.Help the Lakers build back up and stop hating the Lakers.

    • wangkon936

      The NBA SERIOUSLY owes the Lakers’ big time for that Chris Paul trade cancellation fiasco.

  • wangkon936

    If he somehow ends up dropping to the second round, then the Lakers can get some cash and buy a 2nd round pick to nab him. Other then that, no with the 7th pick.

  • wangkon936

    Trade the 7th pick for the Sun’s 14th and 18th picks. Draft this kid and LaVine. That would not be a bad draft for the Lakers.

  • Mathias

    Hmm, everybody seems pretty down on Saric, how many of you have actually seen extensive tape of him playing? Not just highlights, but actual games? I know I haven’t, but I’ve heard fantastic things about his game and versatility. He’s a 6’10″ point forward who’s just won MVP in his league..his league is of a higher standard than the NCAA. He sounds intriguing to say the least, I’ve read numerous scouting reports saying this guy would’ve gone top 5 if he was playing in college. Just because he isn’t the all American super sexy draft pick like Randal or Smart might be, doesn’t mean this guy won’t come into this league and compete straight away.

    • wangkon936

      I like Euros. They have real skills. They can pass, hit the “J,” good, box out, fundamentals, etc. I wouldn’t burn a high draft pick on them though. I would utilize a 2nd round pick on one with good potential, let him “stew” in Europe for a few years and then bring him over.

      • erase

        dude, i’m croat, we are probably nation that critices our own players the most. we knew ukic will fail and warned u about it, we knew petrovic would be good, the same as kukoc being decent. imo saric has the most potential since he is all-around player. check only one his match, u’ll see a player named saric everywhere on the field. his shooting drastically improved since last year so i guess he has potential to be great shooter in coming years. add to that his size, versatiliy and already outstanding vision you just can’t see even in NBA nowadays from tall players and u’ll get an incredible player

  • Zimmeredge

    I live in Europe and i can tell this kid is a gifted boy. If Pau stays with us. They could form a huge offensive duo. Defensively, saric is also good. But his offensive versatility is very good. He reminds me of a young Pau. Almost the same skill set in a body and frame of Tony kukoc. Great rebounding ability (both ends), great shooting ability, can point with good floor vision.
    But a lot of people are forgetting about one big thing: his experience. He’s playing professionnel bball since he is 16yo and he continues to develop as a pro year after year.
    Anyway we need a pf over a pg or sf or c. Eventhough i’d like to seem him in PnG uniform i think our main target are randle vonleh and Gordon.

    • Mathias

      He’s a point forward, we could pick up an alright pg to play off the ball in free agency

      • Zimmeredge

        We will give our best to get the best pf in the draft if we cańt then we might trade down with the suns for their late lottery pick and another first round 18 or 27 the suns have). This way we might be able to get ennis, payton, napier or Smith pg that are almost as good as smart imo and either a sf like warren, hood or mcdaniels or a pf/c like payne or capela.

  • Mike B.

    Man, I just checked out Dario’s highlight reel; at first it seemed fairly banal, but then it started showing off his passing skills, and I was just blown away. The guy has a lot of balls and verve and flair, and he’s just all over the map (in a good way) skill wise, and totally NBA ready, not to mention an MVP euro champion at age 20. He’s basically the #1 prospect in Europe. I know people are turned off because no one has heard of him, but from what I’ve seen, he’d be a damned steal at #7.

    • Mike B.

      He has the skill set to literally take over a game.

    • Poncho

      Hell ya lets get Dario Saric man.Can you imagine this guy getting drafted by the Lakers in the late first round that would be a huge steal shades of the Vlade Divac pick back in the day.Buy a late first round pick and select Dario Saric.And at #7 draft the best American player available.Lakers can trade Ryan Kelly plus future picks if necessary.Lets get the young studs.

      • Mike B.

        If we pull that off it would be quite a coup.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      How’s his defense? I read he lacks the size to body up, or the quickness to cover smaller players.

  • Oliver

    The Lakers need to draft Marcus Smart at #7.Trade Ryan Kelly and Kendall Marshall plus a 2019 first round pick and a 2015 second round pick for the Bulls 16th pick and we absorb the contract of Carlos Boozer.With the 16th pick the Lakers draft Dario Saric one spot ahead of the Celtics.DO IT MITCH!

    • wangkon936

      “Trade Ryan Kelly and Kendall Marshall plus a 2019 first round pick and a 2015 second round pick for the Bulls 16th pick and we absorb the contract of Carlos Boozer.”

      That’s a lot. Carlos Boozer’s contract is $16.8M. That’s a lot to eat-up. How about we trade a future first round pick and two second round picks and maybe Ryan or Kendall (but not both) for Chicago’s 16th pick?

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        The earliest first rounder we have is in what, 2019 (as Oliver mentioned)? That’s an awful long way away. We’d most likely have to package multiple young players.

        • wangkon936

          Nope. 2016. That’s our next first round pick.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Oops, I meant the earliest first rounder we can trade.

          • wangkon936

            Yeah, then that would be 2019, because of the “can’t trade consecutive year draft picks” rule in the NBA. Dumb rule IMHO.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Save teams from themselves. Some need it. Lakers probably would have traded this years pick away if they could lol.

      • Zimmeredge

        We shouldńt trade any draft pick. It could kill our mid-long term future.
        They’ll try to rebuild for Kobe but they Know that it´s a fifty-fifty situation. Either Kobe gets back and do well this season with the roster he has take a po spot and go through too the semi finals then they might make big moves next summer or it´s not working and they will bet on the future. Having no draft picks put us on the situation where we are at now. Old team.

        • wangkon936

          Dude… you are trading to get two first round draft picks in 2014. So what if you trade away your pick for 2016 or 2018? You are getting two (count them) picks in 2014! Future not forfeited!

          • Zimmeredge

            Two for one draft pick this year and we pick our 2019. If i’m not mistaken we canot trade another draft pick for a year or two. We have to draft the guy and then trade him. We have used the “trade draft pick” too much for the last couple of years.

          • wangkon936

            You do what you need to do to improve your team. The 2014 draft is an unusually deep draft. I would trade to get another pick in this draft. You may not see another draft as deep for five or more years.

          • eddie mac

            So why would a team take the trade if it’s so deep? Why take your bad picks or your bad players when they have a chance to draft a good player an lock him up for years on a cheap contract?

          • eddie mac

            Your not getting 2 2014 picks trust me. Your picking at 7 an that’s it. Look long an hard at your roster an tell me who’s taking any of that shit from a lottery roster an giving to a pick in what’s said to be the deepest draft in years? Those late round picks are gold to decent teams in a deep draft. If the bulls hit at 16 on a good player they have him locked in on a contender for cheap cheap. Not trading that for some guy named kelly no one outside la knows or any other garbage you idiots think you can give away

      • eddie mac


    • borsalino12

      Drafting Smart is the stupidest think we can do, when there is available a lot better PG via the free agency (Kyle Lowry). We need to use our pic to address our need at the front court (A.Gordon or D.Saric)
      Say NO on Marcus Smart. he is the new Ron Artest of NBA.

      • VillainKing

        FUCK YOU BORSALINO12 your the STUPID here!!!!
        Say YES on Marcus Smart for the Lakers!!!!

    • eddie mac

      The bulls are gonna amnesty boozer to have space for melo or love why the hell would they trade him to take back 2 contract that would take them out of the running for them. You guys are dumb asses. Be real. You got 7 an that’s it. I don’t know who you will get but you won’t get wiggins, embied, parker, exum or vonleigh or however you spell his name. Hope for smart or Gordon an be happy. An by the way no matter what saric says he’s goin in the top 15 no one cares who he wants to play for. Be smart fans please, you guys sound like jack asses!

  • Sarunas

    Dario Saric is a great player.The Lakers should draft him at #16 or #19.Trade in.

    • eddie mac

      Why wouldn’t the team at 16 or 19 puck him then an lock him up on the cheap for 5 years? It’s idiotic to think someone should give him to the Lakers when they can just do it themselves. Besides that saric isn’t goin outside the top 12 anyway. Anyone who’s smart an objective that’s followed basketball an drafts knows no team cares who he wants to play for. You draft talent. He’s not the 1st or 2nd pick sayn I don’t wanna play for this one team picking there. He’s a 7 to 12 picks saying he wants to play for 2 teams an no team in the nba will let a guy like that hijack the draft. If that’s what he even said in the first place. Prolly said I’d like to he a laker or celtic

  • Vlade Divac

    Mi…HRVATI !!!

  • Mitch

    I would never pick Dario Saric with pick #7 but i would surely pick him anywhere from 14-45.So if the Lakers have to buy a pick or trade some assets like Kelly or Marshall plus future picks then that would be fine.Also i am keen on the Lakers getting the very athletic big man Mitch McGary in round number 2.Buying a pick in round 2 would help the Lakers get Mitch McGary,huge upside for him.Also at #7 i want to see the Lakers draft Marcus Smart.Very athletic Marcus Smart+Very skilled and talented Dario Saric+Very athletic big man Mitch McGary that would make me ecstatic coming out of the draft with those 3 players.GO LAKERS!

    • eddie mac

      Ya sure you gonna get all 3 of them. Your the next great basketball analyst.

  • Kevin

    Dario Saric is forcing his way to the Lakers.

    • eddie mac

      Yep because that happens never. A guy goin 7 to 14 in the draft get to force there way to teams all the time huh smart guy. Email me the last guy who picked his own team in the draft. Not the number 1 pick saying I don’t wanna play for the team picking at 1. But a guy who’s projected 10 saying there’s only one team il play for. Itsme.edsm1984@yahoo.com I won’t be expecting an answer since it’s never happened but hey maybe you can ask me how to be a smart fan when it doesn’t happen again this year.

  • Steve Nash

    Lakers should sue the Phoenix Suns for trading a defective product to them. In return, Lakers should receive a first round pick from the Suns.

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    People get excited about players wanting to play for the Lakers, but think about this: Many of us (including the Lakers, it seems) want the team to acquire Love.

    Would picking up Saric hurt those chances? If we use our #7 and then trade players to get another 1st rounder, that leaves us with less young talent and depth. If we move back, that would mean we skip out on a player like Smart. If we draft him at #7, same deal.

    Not to mention, why would we do all that to draft a player that plays the same position as the player we’re trying to pursue?

    Draft Smart, pursue Love in 2015. Sounds like the best idea to me.

    • Gregory Gaylen

      Real need is getting a FA PG and Lowry fits that to a T… using #7 to pick up a young player is intriguing, but if that #7 and whatever else nets Love, roll those dice. Otherwise, it’s about getting younger, better, without mortgaging the future. C-Gasol, PF-Saric, SF-?, SG-Bryant, PG-Lowry, isn’t a bad start.

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        The thing people keep forgetting is Gasol + (Insert defensively challenged PF here) is going to be a line up that gives up way too much in the paint. Gasol was great for the Lakers 3-4 years ago, but each season sees his defensive performance drop. How many small name players had career games against Gasol? Mix that with a PF who has little size (225lbs?) and lacks much in terms of athleticism, and you’re looking at a very porous front court.

        Also, how much $ is Lowry going to command? Enough that it would harm our chances of signing Love in 2015? People are saying 10-15 million. Mix that with Kobe and Nash, plus the guys they resign, and you’re trying to put us in repeater tax territory.

        Bring in Hollins. Drafting Smart brings you a potential PG of the future (with amazing defensive abilities and an incredible motor) for 2.5 million who can be mentored by one of the greats for a season. Signing Deng brings you another defensive player. After that, we try to bring back some of our role players, bring in some 1-year guys at C, maybe PF, and this season we can probably hit 35, 40 wins. This season will be a “set up” for next season.

        The offseason of 2015, we go hard after Kevin Love and Asik. That gives us a PROVEN NBA offensive talent in Love and a great defensive big man in Asik (which will be necessary with Love).

        2014-15 Roster?
        PG: Nash, Smart, Marshall
        SG: Bryant, Bazemore
        SF: Deng, Young, Johnson
        PF: Kelly, Hill
        C: ?, Sacre
        - This will drop us below the luxury threshold, saving us from the repeater tax.

        2015-16 Roster?
        PG: Smart
        SG: Bryant
        SF: Deng, Young
        PF: Love
        C: Asik
        Then fill in quality rotation guys.

  • lurKer-90

    has anyone heard that kings are willing to trade their #8 pick for a vetaran player!?
    lakers FO should look in to this! just saying.

    • Duhhhhhh

      Another genius. Yeah, because lakers have so many great veteran players under contract that will land them the 8th pick, right?

      • lurKer-90

        i said to look in to this, NOT TO PULL THE TRIGGER GENIUS!!

  • LegendInMyMind

    If Exum’s gone, and so is Vonleh, then I say take a chance on him.

  • VillainKing

    7th pick for the Lakers is Marcus Smart..

  • Manu

    No team wants a Fran Vasquez situation.Only Lakers or Celtics is a promise.Get it.

  • Les

    Aaron Gordon next Lakers pick up…Not crazy about Saric but he dictates where he plays.

  • Big Game

    Lakers gotta draft Noah Vonleh at #7.Marcus Smart is good but not top 10 worthy.

  • Nicholas

    Dante Exum,Zach Lavine,Kyle Anderson,Tyler Ennis,Elfrid Payon these are the top 5 Point Guards in this draft.

  • Mario

    Dario Saric is really good i think he is a much better passer and distributor than Zach Lavine and Marcus Smart.Saric is amazing at passing.Marcus Smart is too much of a tweener and a very big hot head that can’t shoot worth a damn,so i would pick Dario Saric over him.

    My top 10.

    1.Andrew Wiggins
    2.Noah Vonleh
    3.Aaron Gordon
    4.Joel Embiid
    5.Jabari Parker
    6.Dario Saric
    7.Dante Exum
    8.Julius Randle
    9.Doug McDermott
    10.Zach Lavine

  • Doug

    Top picks i hope are around for the Lakers are Noah Vonleh,Aaron Gordon or Zach Lavine.Players that we gotta pass up on they just suck are Marcus Smart he just another D-League player like a Darius Johnson-Odom also pass up on Julius Randle he is too much of a Ruben Patterson without the defense.Draft Vonleh.

  • Angelo

    Why would you want to play for either team. They’re heated rivals. It’s either you hate one or the other.

  • Rak

    HE WILL NEVER BE A STRETCH 4….his COMPARISON IS LAMAR ODOM he is not a stretch 4 ….saric is more of a point 4 not stretch……he is slow and poor defender….we need someone at the 3 who can limit durant,lbj,melo,etc. like kawhi,jimmy butler,etc….let him go to celts….btw rondo,wallace,bass,will be traded to nyk for shumpert,tim jr,chandler,barg,fel and jeff green will go to a 3rd team

    • erase

      he ain’t no slow lol

  • Harvey

    Lakers need to focus on these players and draft the one that sounds best.

    Quick breakdown of each player.These players are in Lakers 7 range.

    Noah Vonleh Good shooter from the outside.Is a great rebounder.Needs to gain 15 more pounds of muscle.Learn some post up moves.Needs to be more passionate get a better attitude on the court act mad.Good shot blocker.Not a center.Is a PF.
    NBA player compared to P.J. Brown/Robert Horry

    Aaron Gordon Great athlete plays above the rim,plays very good defense and can make his passes to his teammates.Unselfish player willing to sacrifice to win games.Plays hard and has a great motor.Good person.Needs to bulk up and learn how to make free throws because he is a awful free throw shooter.Also must improve his outside shot it’s not good enough yet.Must work on his game.He has no real position a tweener just not the right size.
    NBA player compared to Kenneth Faried/Cliff Livingston

    Julius Randle Good low post player on the college level how will that translate to the NBA?He has a good time playing the game,he is a double double machine.He makes free throws.A decent passer.Undersized for a power forward too bulky must lose 15 pounds to be more quick.Bad on defense.Short arms.Wingspan is not impressive.Bad outside shooter.Gets stripped way too easily because he puts the ball way too low.
    NBA player compared to Gary Trent/P.J. Tucker

    Marcus Smart Tough guy with a lot of emotion and passion towards the game of basketball.Plays great defense has tons of moxie.Very competitive with a huge motor.He plays very hard.Is strong as an ox and he is rugged.Has good length and he is athletic.He can’t shoot the basketball.People will play under him and force him to shoot the ball and he will struggle unless he improves his jumper.Shot 29% from 3 point territory.Is slow and lumbering due to having too much bulk.Just started playing point guard in college.Hot temper gets him in big trouble as it did when he pushed a innocent fan and he got suspended.
    NBA player compared to Randy Brown/John Bagley

  • AceRimmer

    I’m not sure he has completely disclosed what his expectations of this draft are. I don’t think he would mind being drafted in the top 5 (even though he wouldn’t end up in Boston or LA)., so this statement of his is a bit misleading. I also think he wouldn’t want to play for the C’s or LA if they select him with their lower picks. It’s because he has to pay at least $700 000 to his current team as a buyout if he wants to leave and going below the 7th pick just wouldn’t bring him a high enough rookie salary to do it.

    I am also amazed at how poorly Saric ranks among you guys, although it’s understandable since you haven’t really watched him play and are commonly sceptical of Euro players if they aren’t freakishly athletic (which they usually aren’t).
    But other than above average athleticism, Saric has it all. His bb iq is way, way off the charts. His court vision, passing, decision making is on a level higher than most current NBA players, not just this draft class. In addition to that, he is a baller, absolutely loves basketball, plays with energy, hustles, rebounds and has an unmatched work ethic so he’ll improve all the weaknesses he currently has as he already has done (shooting, defence e.g) and when he puts some muscle on he will be a dominant PF in the NBA. He is also a leader, he’ll turn your team on just by his mere presence, make them play like there’s no tomorrow, his energy is contagious.
    I am convinced he is worthy of a top 3 pick, so I find it strange to see ppl saying #7 is too high for him… What?! :)

    • indes

      I also have feeling he would be steal anywhere outside of top 3. Forget what I said, he is absolutely THE best player in this draft. I’m quite sure all of his weaknesses as draft “experts” suggest are being down to the fact he is playing against players way older than him and their ignorance due to him being European.

  • erase

    tbf this dude is probably the most underrated player in this draft. i have watched him the other day he is playing against elder man and constantly owns them. despite his size, he has incredible handling, solid shoot and terrific vision.

  • BigE

    he’s an awsome player, but the celtics are going to get him at 17 because nobody else is going to touch him. they are going to get a steal that should be in the top 10 – but not quit 7. we will get a better player – either Smart, Randle, Vonleh, Gordon

    • eddie mac

      Stop please! What do you mean no one will touch him. No one cares if he said he wants to play for 2 teams. If he’s best on the board or best availible at a need position he will get drafted anywhere from 7 to 14 most likely.

  • gabriel

    Lakers Already Getting a Aaron Gordon , But I Think They Should Trade A Few Players Who Wouldnt Hurt The Lakers To Trade Like Nash , Meeks , And Gasol For Kevin Love. I Think That Would Be Good Enough For Kevin Love

    • eddie mac

      If you think that’s good enough for Kevin Love stop watching or thinking basketball your an idiot. The Lakers have NOTHING not one player anyone will trade for. Pau fell off a cliff the last 2 years an he’s a fa. No one else on the team is tradeable.

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    A. I don’t know anything about Saric except for the little reading I just did. Sounds like a tremendous offensive talent, but middling in terms of defensive ability. As a fan, I love defense. I love steals, blocked shots, athleticism. Can Saric do that? If he can’t I like the idea of drafting Smart and going after Love in 2015 Free Agency

    B. If the Lakers do use their #7 on Smart, what are the chances we can trade young players to get ourselves back in the first round? I know people want to go after Love (myself included), but if we get Saric and he turns out to be as great as people claim, that would leave more money in 2015 to go after players like Marc Gasol, Klay Thompson, Asik, etc. Which, wouldn’t be a bad thing to me.

    • eddie mac

      What young players would get you back in the first round. An think about this. Anyone you are willing to give up to do it why would that team want them. Little secret to all you idiots. When people trade these golden picks for young players they do it to shed salary! !!! Do you get it now. If you give the Warriors say Marshall an say kelly for their first round pick just for an example guess what your getting back with it…… 3 yrs of overpaid injury prone over paid bogut. I know the Warriors don’t have a pick because they traded it to the jazz last year an look what they sent with it. Tons of bad salary. That’s what every team in the lg does. So if you think your gonna be a player in fa 15 then your not getting anymore picks in this draft. Just THINK

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        Climb off your high horse and stop throwing insults. I never said we COULD, WOULD, or even SHOULD. I asked a damn question because I had no clue what the plausibility of trading for a late first round pick could be. So, if you want to start insulting people, go run somewhere else because this post was not deserving of any of the attitude you just threw out.

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