Lakers Rumors: Dante Exum ‘May Be Angling’ For Lakers To Draft Him

Lakers Rumors: Dante Exum ‘May Be Angling’ For Lakers To Draft Him


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As this long, disastrous season reaches its final stages, eyes are turning toward the upcoming off-season specifically the 2014 draft. The Lakers are expected to have a high lottery pick, currently sitting at sixth should the season end today. One player the Lakers have high on their desired draft board is Australian phenom guard Dante Exum.

Exum, who is signed with Kobe Bryant’s agent, Robe Pelinka, has been sighted at multiple Laker games and is currently working out in Los Angeles. Despite recent reports that Exum could be trying to force himself to the Lakers, other teams are still interested in his services.

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According to Chris Manix of Sports Illustrated, teams are completely aware of Exum’s desire to play in Los Angeles. However, this will not stop them from drafting the young guard:

There have been reports that Exum, who is represented by Kobe Bryant’s agent, Rob Pelinka, may be angling for the Lakers to draft him. But two executives from lottery teams said that wouldn’t stop them from drafting Exum if he’s available.

Although Exum decided to pass on attending college, scouts and GMs alike rave about the young guard’s potential. Many believe that if Exum was currently playing college basketball, he would be in discussion for the top overall pick.

With the Lakers currently in flux over which direction to go and Kobe wanting a quick turnaround, it is yet to be seen what the team will decide. Recent reports have the Lakers open to trading their upcoming pick in hopes of luring Kevin Love from Minnesota, which would leave them out of the Exum sweepstakes altogether. Others believe the team should simply wait a season and surround Love with both Bryant and the lottery pick from this off-season.

The 2014 draft class is full of players who could one day have a drastic effect on the league. While Exum may want to be a Laker, teams may find it hard to pass upon a talent of his degree. The Lakers will have a lot of decisions to make in the upcoming months as these choices will have an impact on  the future of the storied franchise.
NBA Draft Profile: DANTE EXUM

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  • Jim213

    If the Lakers don’t land a top 4 pick doubt Exum would be available but it’s possible.

  • Omar

    I think Randle would be the 4th pick. So if Lakers get to 5th pick they can get him. Assuming Orlando nor Boston get him

    • Chrmngblly

      Hogwash. Randle is a plodder who will never go sooner than Exum. Randle is only 6-9 and can’t jump. He’s a bully-boy type that may find NBA bigs are bigger, stronger and faster.

      • Exem117

        You clearly haven’t watched a single Kentucky game this year. Randle has major ups and can run the break by himself. He’s like an ultra-athletic version of Z-Bo. Also, rebounding is the skill that translates best from college to the NBA.

        • Chrmngblly

          You clearly have only watched Kentucky games this year. I watched him play. He plays like Glen “baby” Davis.

        • Jim213

          IMO, not many TOP players coming out will have a big impact wherever they end up next season. Vonleh has more upside IMO than Randle. He lacks game presence to which he struggles to assert himself within the paint. Looking at his stats not a long distance shooter too.

        • $99752914

          Randle cant shoot like Z-Bo… he is to left dominate, i’m sure he’ll work on that, only being 6’9 is going to be a challenge for him guarding bigger, stronger and faster 4’s in the NBA. I see Corliss Williamson type player…

          • Paul Sharpe

            Randle is Exactly the same height as Z-Bo, 6′ 9″, more athletic and only 10 lbs lighter… Corliss Williamson is 6′ 7″; 2 full inches shorter…

          • $99752914

            Wasn’t referring to Randle’s height… I stated his height in my post… 2. the way Randle plays is exactly like Corliss… Z-Bo is a outside shooter, that mostly plays 5-10 feet out, turn around jumper that’s deadly, not athletic but still gets boards… Randle can’t shoot, can only play on the block, he’s body is big amongst college kids, but is no where is he ready to bang even with the likes of Jordan Hill or Chris Kaman, he’ll get stronger he may even develop a little jumper..but he aint no Z-Bo… again, I see Corliss Williamson… maybe a Tristen Thompson.

  • sbooth44

    The Lakers will probably be out of the top 4, due to the Eastern Conference strategy of tanking it, so Exum, WIggins, Parker, and Embiid, will be gone before the Lakers pick. Marcus Smart or Noah Vonleh is more likely.

    Kevin Love? — The Lakers would be stupid to trade away any draft picks for a player who they could get for nothing as a F.A. a year later.

  • meep

    Lakers have to get him if we get a guard. That if he there when the lakers pick. If not smart would be my next pick for a guard

    • DJ

      Smarts attitude concerns me.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Damn May 20 can’t get here fast enough that day is like a birthday party all the ping pong balls are unknown where they will determine the Lakers future.So yeah Wiggins is my top guy and Dante Exum is now my number 2 guy.

    My top 10 as of today.Draft board.

    1.Andrew Wiggins
    2.Dante Exum
    3.Jabari Parker
    4.Joel Embiid
    5.Marcus Smart
    6.Julius Randle
    7.Aaron Gordon
    8.Kyle Anderson
    9.Noah Vonleh
    10.Tyler Ennis

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Dante Exum will be a Laker one day.Hopefully in 2014 but maybe later on.

  • vdogg

    you get the feeling this kid is dying to be a laker, and i LOVE THAT! the lakers have a rough schedule down the stretch, so a top 4 pick is certainly possible. exum could be the lakers PG for the next 15 years.

  • Zimmeredge

    interestingly, Kobe’s not talking about him that much. He talked about Wiggins and Parker telling that mentored them but he didn’t say anything about Exum despite the fact that we know that Exum trained with Tim Grover, has the same agent, wants to play in the Laker uniform (or at least in LA) and wants to learn from him.
    The silence on him is revelating.

    • exumoyea

      thats because kobe was asked to choose between wiggins and parker only dumb ass.

      • Zimmeredge

        why are you insulting me? it’s really easy to speak like that. I know that he was asked to choose. but nobody asks him about Exum. Fans nor media… strange. and he could have turned them back to back and give another name.

  • Brandon Leong

    if Lakers want a Kobe-like player to rebuild, Dante Exum is one of the best draft picks available, seeing he’s looking forward to joining Lakers, you know his loyalty is there

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    Get Smart, or Exum! It’s Going To Be Embidd,Wiggins, Parker,Smart, Exum, Randle, Noah, And So on

  • Jeff

    Ok… So when they say lottery teams, that could mean anyone from a tanking eastern conference team to a decent team competing for the 8th spot in the west. I doubt a team with a pick in the top 5 are going to chance there big pick on someone they are unsure about when there is a deep pool of talent.

    Also, can’t he limit which teams he works out for? He’s not in college where his talents are on display all the time. If the team can’t see him up close, they are not going to chance it.

    And the biggest point: no executive will openly say they aren’t going to challenge the lakers and let these kids dictate where they want to go.

  • America

    Can we draft an American player who can play “sticky” defense. International experiment is over. They can be roll players.

    I fully expect American and America Haters to bark.

    The Los Angeles Lakers is an American team so live with it.

    • LakerBoy

      No barking here. But you are a muppet for writing the dumbest statement I have ever read on Lakers Nation..

    • LakeSHOW

      someone smack this guy please lol

    • Amercia

      There is a reason, as good as Nash and Gasol and Dirk (He is an all time top 50) are, they can not play defense. They system out the US is more focused on MDA style. Run up the court, throw up stones.
      If you recall, if you can, Pippen used to lecture Kukoc on simple things like rebounds.

      International basketball, are MDA minded. Grab and run and burn and crash. That is a fact. Nothing to be shame of.

      Again I expect to the Fake Americans or haters to complain.

      • DHill24

        On your theory that International players can’t play defence have you heard of Patrick Ewing, Dikembe Mutombo & Hakeem Olajuwon? All from International backgrounds..

        Also if you want some current players for example, how do Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol sound? So these International guys (the latter being the reigning defensive player of the year) can’t play defence at all?

        • America

          They Ewing Hakeem and Motumbo were fully American trained.

          Where did Ibaka and Gasol attend college? Not going to wate my time looking it up!

          • comrade24

            Mutombo, not Motumbo… dumbass… oh, and wait, not wate. damn

          • America

            You are trying so hard to give me a lesson in how to write American. Looking at the way you write looks like it is from……………
            Well, if I say it then you will say “racist”.

          • American

            You are an America Hating parasite. I have not done anything to you. If I do not want an INTERNATIONAL PLAYER, THAT IS MY RIGHT. YOU WANT A FOREIGN NON-AMERICAN PLAYER, THAT IS YOURS.



            GOT THAT.

          • America2

            well it looks like you’re abusing your “right” by making others agree to opinion.

          • moho


    • comrade24

      obviously, you didn’t learn your english in America. Role players, not roll players dumbass.

      • America

        You have a hollow brain. Do not need to ever waste money to CT scan your brain. Your poor cerebral perfusion pressure is evidenced by the way you think ( or cannot think).

        Look at Americana, Roll players is all right.

        It is clear the way you write is not going to win you any awards either.

    • MJ

      Explain Tony Parker then, dumbass???

      • America


  • Douglas Carlson

    I had heard a little while back that Exum said he could shy away teams by saying that he will stay in Australia for another year. But would hope the Lakers would take him.

  • cyborgspider

    “With the #1 pick in the NBA Draft, the Milwaukee Bucks select Dante Exum from Australia”

    [Dante stays seated] “I’m good, Mr. Silver. Just skip over me this time”

    “Uh, ok. Umm, Milwaukee? Who’s your second choice? Ok, Joel Embiid. Come on up, son.”

    [Embiid gets up from draft table, pulls a muscle in his back, shakes the commissioner’s hand while laid out on a stretcher]

    “With the #2 pick in the NBA Draft, the Utah Jazz select… Dante Exum from Australia”

    [Dante stays seated] “Pass.”

    “Really? Sigh… ok… Utah… you guys get Jabari Parker. No I don’t care if you wanted Wiggins, Jabari is Mormon, it’s an untapped audience goldmine for us. Alright, moving on, with the #3 pick, the Sixers choose… Dante Exum.. oh boy”

    [Dante rolls his eyes, shakes head, remains seated]

    “Ok I get it. Philly, take Andrew Wiggins. Your tanking efforts have been rewarded”

    [Philadelphia spends next ten years in mediocrity, fired coaches and traded superstars. Cause they’re the Sixers and haven’t been relevant since that one year where the Lakers went 15-1 in the playoffs and beat them in the Finals]

    “AND NOW. THE LAKERS. WITH THE #4 PICK, in a stunning surprise, select…”
    [Dante leaps to the podium, knocking over Adam Silver and rips off his suit, revealing a #7 Lakers jersey underneath]

    “MEEEE, BITCHES. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI! Tell Kobe I’m crashing at his house tonight!”

    Ahh. Draft night can’t come soon enough.

  • America

    If the Lakers bring another International player that cannot play defense. DOC Rivers here I come.

    • vdogg

      do us all a favor and head over to doc’s office NOW. you’re not a laker fan. be gone.

      • Devon Samuels²⁴

        Nuff Said!

      • America

        Joke. To be a Lakers fan we have to listen to you and vote for AU player!

        Clippers built a great team. To ignore that is disrespectful.

        • vdogg

          i am not ignoring it. they DO have a great team. i respect them but i still loathe them. besides, i would never root for any other team but the lakers. oh and btw, the clippers’ owner is a proven racist slumlord.

          • America

            I am not into “his racism”. But, Doc CP and Griffin has aspirations to win. If they did the homework then they deserve it.

            I have always likes the Lakers because the Buss are really nice family.

            It is pathetic that a lot of people rip them up. They treated Kareem, Magic and Kobe and all their players nice. Much better than other owners.

    • Devon Samuels²⁴

      I agree with Vdogg just leave already & please don’t bother crawl back you never was a Lakers fan to begin with hate fake ass bandwangons that threat about leaving STFU & just leave smh

    • comrade24

      Clippers colors are red, white, and blue. it’s a perfect fit for you.

    • MJ

      Get out of here, Clipper fan. When the going get’s tough, that’s when we find out who the true Lakers fans are.

      We don’t need you.

  • Aussie Longley

    Dante Exum plays like Michael Jordan on offense i watch a ton of his games.His defense is good enough to not be a big problem.

    Put it this way Kendall Marshall plays much worse defense than Exum also Steve Nash play worse defense than Exum,i would compare his defense to Magic Johnson you know good enough to win 5 championships despite being more of a offensive player.Basically the defense he plays is similar to Tony Parker right now.

    His defense gets him teased by his teammates they call him Ante instead of Dante leaving out the D because his defense is not so good lol but you guys already do that with D’Antoni calling him Antoni so it will be a easy transition to Ante Exum lol.Yes he is a great young player all joking aside.His offense is like Michael Jordan modern new age twist to it this kid is a futuristic kind of kid.You will all love him i guarantee it.Farewell Lakers Nation bloggers.

    • America

      To Compare his defense to Magic is an abomination. Magic covered 1 to 5. Can this guy do that.

      Can he play power forward?

      Can he play Center?

      • comrade24

        I’m amazed you can spell power forward.

  • Marty Susman

    I hope the Lakers don’t give away their first round pick for Love for several reasons…First off it won’t help them next year, they still will be losing team meaning Love will not be a very happy player. Better t wait till 2015, get Love for nothing, have the first round pick & so on…..As for Exum, zero point in guessing, have to first wait for the ping pong balls to settle & see what pick the Lakers have….

    • MJ

      If Kobe returns to health, and Kevin Love is added, then that makes them a playoff team instantly dude.

  • michael

    Can’t we get him over FA? Then we might have a chance of 2 good picks or exum and love.
    Would like that.

  • hoperhetoric

    only Wesley Johnson works hard on his Dribbling skills & work out
    more, so he can attack the paint like Wiggins & Exum who can create
    their own shots! These 3 are all equally athletic. Kobe should mentor wesley Johnson & Xavier too!

  • Paul Sharpe

    Exum can simply tell all the other teams that he’s leaving them, guaranteed, after his 1st contract is up, and signing with the Lakers… Nothing illegal about that, just giving them a heads up on what the player likes and wants… That should scare off a few teams…