Lakers Rumors: Dante Exum Likely Won’t Fall Past Orlando Magic Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="290"] Once it became evident the Los Angeles Lakers would have a high pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA draft, the consensus has been that Aust [new_royalslider id="290"] Once it became evident the Los Angeles Lakers would have a high pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA draft, the consensus has been that Aust Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Dante Exum Likely Won’t Fall Past Orlando Magic

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Once it became evident the Los Angeles Lakers would have a high pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA draft, the consensus has been that Australia’s Dante Exum would be the player most likely headed to the storied franchise on June 26.

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Exum was seen at multiple Laker games at the Staples Center while sitting next to an agent he shares with Kobe Bryant in Rob Pelinka. Along with making multiple appearances at games to watch the Lakers, Exum labeled Los Angeles his “best option” on draft day.

All signs appeared to be pointing to Exum heading to Los Angeles until the result of the NBA draft lottery came in. The Lakers will have to wait until the seventh pick to get the best available player and it is highly doubtful Exum will still be waiting to hear his name called.

As Evan Dunlap of SB Nation’s Orlando Pinstripe Post suggests, the Orlando Magic likely won’t pass up on drafting Exum:

A quick survey of several mock Drafts posted in the wake of Tuesday’s Lottery reveals a consensus, of sorts, regarding whom Orlando will select with the fourth overall pick. All five mocks featured here peg Australian combo guard Dante Exum as the Magic’s man. Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress, Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com, Ricky O’Donnell of SB Nation, Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, and Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports all agree that Exum will slip to the Magic at no. 4, and that Orlando won’t let him drop any further.

Although Exum may be off the board by the time the Lakers are on the clock next month, Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State could be there for the taking. Smart isn’t receiving the same kind of hype as Exum, who may ultimately be the most talented player in the draft this year, but the point guard might be the right fit in Los Angeles.

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As of right now, there’s no clear indication of whom the Lakers could be targeting heading into the draft. Exum is certainly an option they’d seriously consider if available, but with it potentially being unrealistic, the door is open for other candidates like Smart, Noah Vonleh and Aaron Gordon.
Lakers Kobe Bryant’s Advice To NBA Draft Prospect Dante Exum

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  • KB24

    Lakers pleaseTRADE THE PICK TO SUNS for their own 2014 1st rd pick and our own lakers 2015 1st rd. pick we can use phx pick to draft ennis then trade 2015 and 2019 1st rd pick for embiid especially if he is healthy then pursue rondo and love come free agency,add deng too and kirilenko or rookie 2nd rd for SF position lockdown defender RONDO-BRYANT-DENG-LOVE-EMBIID bench:pau gasol 8 mil per yr player option 2nd yr., try to resign him to a 20mil/4yr deal when he opts out so we can free more money for love,rondo,etc.,swaggyP24mil/4yr,t.ennis,blatche,sacre,re sign xavier,baze,farmar for vets Rondo,ennis,farmar,bryant,young,xavier,deng,rookie lockdowndefender or a vet elite defender or 3D GUY ala danny green,baze,love,gasol,embiid,blatche sacre

    • Chris Park

      Lets stop being delusional now

      • Andy Chadburn

        As a Laker fan myself, I apologize for the other Laker fans being absolutely deluded. This dude must be playing 2k14 with trade restrictions off.

        • Kb24

          The only trade here is either embiid or love not rondo,deng etc.

        • Russ

          No wonder everyone calls Lakers fans delusional!SMH

        • lakeshow

          LOL true that

          • lakers suck

            You mean horror show.

    • TheTruthKills

      Let me get you a ladder for all that reaching.

    • VillainKing

      don’t trade the 7th pick Lakers that’s all I can say to you..

    • Russ

      Dude you lost me at trade the pick to Suns.Delusional much???

    • what?

      Stop smoking them weed homie

    • lakeshow

      My man my man…. uve been playing way too much 2k14….. get urself together -.-

    • Montel

      “The [Lakers are] interested,” Smart said. “I’ve seen that. They found out a little bit more about me – not just as a player, but as a person. They were very interested… I think it would be a good fit. They’re looking for a point guard. Someone that can come in and man that team and take control, and you know that’s the type of person I am. I’m a leader, and I feel like it would be a perfect fit.”


      • comrade24

        I hope this happens but his comments are slightly alarming…

        “Someone that can come in and man that team and take control” Ummm, you know Kobe’s still on this team, right Marcus? Careful young fella

        • Montel

          ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo
          Marcus Smart’s lane agility time of 10.82 is faster than John Wall (10.84), Russell Westbrook (10.98) and Chris Paul (11.09)

          Alex Kennedy ‏@AlexKennedyNBA 10s
          Marcus Smart doesn’t look like a point guard, he looks like a linebacker. He’s going to be a tough, tough PG match-up with that frame.

          • comrade24

            I agree. I went to OSU and have attended several games the last two seasons. Marcus is a defensive force on the court and what you don’t see so much on tv is his demeanor on the sideline. He’s a natural leader, and will develop into a great one under Kobe and Nash’s mentorship. I hope FO picks him because it would be a shame not to draft a young guard when you have two future HOF’ers in the twilight of their career to mentor him to greatness.

      • lakers suck

        As long as kobe is with the Lakers there will be no point guard with l.a. cause he will kill anyone that’s trying to touch the ball.

        • vdogg

          you know nothing about the lakers.

          be gone.

    • comrade24

      What? no Lebron? No Michael Jordan? No Magic? psshh

    • comrade24

      I’m pretty sure everyone stopped reading at the word “Rondo”.



    • TheTruthKills

      Just give up already. Embiid is going in the top 3 and we don’t have the assets to trade for Love. Just embrace the rebuild.

      • They call me Pringles

        If we can just pay the NBA to hype up Robert Sacre’s status. Hahahaha

    • lakers suck

      Why would kevin love go from a bad team to a worse team . wake up. Be realistic.

  • CCX

    Not likely, surely. That’s the only mild silver lining to the Lakers falling a spot in the draft.

  • vdogg

    the only way the lakers get exum is if he absolutely refuses to work out for anybody else. i don’t know if he will, but i do know that smart is working out for ORL early next week.

    • mjfadaway

      Even if somehow Orlando doesn’t take him, Utah or Boston will. He ain’t slippin to 7

      • LAL

        I think you are missing the point of what vdogg is trying to say. Actually it could work if Exum issues an ultimatum that if any team other than the Lakers draft him, he will go to Euro League instead of playing for the team that drafted him.

        If that’s the case, no team would draft him because they will be wasting their lottery pick for someone who would not play for them. It’s very similar to Kobe’s situation when he entered NBA. He wanted to play for Lakers only. That’s why he slipped to 13th pick (not because nobody wanted him but because they knew he won’t play for other team than Lakers).

        • Terrence

          Kobe also wanted the Sixer’s to draft him, but they used their number one on Iverson. Laker’s were his fall back team.

  • Russ

    Marcus Smart is better than Dante Exum IMO…Lakers will be happy to draft Smart.

    • mjfadaway

      Idk about that. I’d take a lot of guys over Smart. I’m not sure where his head is at times. Plus this might sound silly, but I can either see him having weight issues or back problems down the line like Baron Davis which ended his career sooner than it should have.

      My guys in this draft since we obviously ain’t getting Wiggins would be Exum, Gordon, LaVine, and Ennis.

  • Larel

    Lakers should trade their pick along with gasol for 4th pick from Orlando

    • vdogg

      why the hell would ORL do that??

      • LakerNation

        Because we are the LAKERS. All other franchises are LOSERS and must bow down to US and give in to whatever WE demand, because we, as the LAKER NATION lord over all. Hail, Lakers! Hail!

    • comrade24

      1: Orlando can sign him outright. they don’t need us if they really wanted Pau. 2: Would people please shut up about trading Pau? Hasn’t this guy been through enough trade rumours? If I were Pau, the only way i would resign with LA would be with a no trade clause. Sick of hearing this disrespectful crap

  • what?

    The 7th pick still has value, though not enough to trade for Kevin Love. Smart, Randle, Vonleh, or Aaron Gordon will become impact players and I suggest keep that 7th pick, get one mid-tier FA (Lowry, Bledsoe, Luol Deng, Greg Monroe), and pursue a big one next summer. Lay the foundation, maybe go to the 2nd round of the playoffs, and go big in 2015.

    • comrade24

      exactly. I say take Smart but there are a lot of talented players in this draft. Hopefully FO will look at many of them work out, and choose the one who will make the biggest impact immediately. If you draft a pg, sign a big man in FA. If you draft a big man, go after a pg in FA. Either way, let’s fill the roster out with more talent than we had last year and at least make the damn playoffs so it’s a more attractive destination to FA’s next summer.

  • Old skewl laker

    Do not trade the pick. You never know what can happen at the draft. Top five players could drop and fall to us. Take the 2013 draft as an example.

  • Martin Cabrera

    dude what about this three way trade with Lakers, T’Wolves, Grizzlies

    Grizzlies get: Pau Gasol (via sign & trade), Wolves’ 13th pick
    T’Wolves get: Zach Randolph, Lakers 7th pick
    Lakers get: Kevin Love

    Griz now have the 13th and 22nd picks in the draft and a decent trade-off of Randolph to Gasol that will allow them to still contend…the Gasol bros together

    T’Wolves also get a decent trade-off with Randolph that will at least keep them competitive, and if it doesn’t workout, they have a bunch of cap space after one year. And then of course, they can get a potential future all-star with the 7th pick or, at the least, a strong building block for the future.

    Assuming Love picks up his 2015-16 player option as part of the deal, he will be there for both of Kobe’s last two years. Try their best to build a solid team of 1-2 year contract guys around Kobe and Love to compete in 2014-2015. If they fall short, Nash will be off the books the following year and they should have enough cap space to go for a player like Kyrie or Rondo.

    After Kobe retires, there will be a ton of cap space. Sign Love to the max and go after guys like Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, and Damian Lillard. Boom! Hire me as Lakers GM right now Jimmy!

    • LAL

      Not going to happen! Wolves will get better offer than this. There is a possibility that Cavs might offer their #1 pick for Love or Houston packaging Asik + Lin + Parson for Love.

      I’d say, we use the draft for rebuilding and try to sign Love in 2015 instead. Even with Love next season, the Lakers won’t win the title for so many reasons: no depth, no cap left (after signing Love), team need time to gel, no calibre coach, etc.

      • Eazy

        Talking about Love going to any team that he would not resign with is just plain stupid. Why would the Cavs waste resources on someone they they KNOW would leave ?

  • LAL

    “All signs appeared to be pointing to Exum heading to Los Angeles”

    If Exum really wants to play for the Lakers, he should issues an ultimatum. If other team draft him, he will go to Euro League and the team will be wasting their lottery pick. This is actually similar to what happen with Kobe when he entered NBA.

    That’s the only way to teach NBA for helping Cavs!

  • NYLakerJ

    Smart or McBuckets to the Lakers at 7…each would be major upgrades and each would compliment Kobe.

  • numb1lakefan

    i am the ultimate lakers guru meaning mitch kup and i think alike when it comes to the roster..if we dont get exum then you have to go with smart at #7 smart and bazemore can be that deadly front court combo especially with the great ability to steal the ball and get to the rim easily and both have good defensive skills..secondly lakers are gunning for melo to make a big splash in the off season because kobe wants to “win now”..picture melo in a lakers jersey with the yellow headband on just plain sick and for the bench you gotta keep swaggy p,rkelly and meeks..melo,meeks,swaggy p,kelly can and will be the new show time the rest is up to mitch

  • AC

    Cavs Developing players for others teams.


    I have this strange feeling that if Steve Kerr flops this upcoming season Steph Curry will bolt from G State with being said who would you choose K Love or S. Curry to come to the Lakers !!!

    • TheTruthKills

      Love and Curry will both be on the Warriors by the all-star break next season. Take it to the bank.

      • MRBIGGK70

        LOL.. Man that was sooooo funny my cheeks is hurting as you a stand up comic !!!!!

        • TheTruthKills

          My “act” is nothing compared to yours. Thinking we can get Curry or Love is is pure comedy. It’s almost insanity. If you believe that Curry or Love will be in a Lakers uniform anytime soon I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

          • MRBIGGK70

            Whooooo ….. A King Of Comedy Original foreal !!! For you to think Curry and Love to be on the same team at GS !!! The both of them would be in a Laker Uni waaaay before putting on a GS Uni and that’s the TRUTH !!! Oh yeah how much for the Bridge in Broooklyn is going for I’m interested !!!!!

          • MRBIGGK70

            For your FYI i never said the LAKERS getting either i simply asked who would You choose to come to the LAKERS Curry or Love !!!

  • Bruce

    Either Smart or Randle, both can come in and play and make impact right away.

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