Lakers Rumors: Dan D’Antoni To Coach Marshall Thundering Herd Reviewed by Momizat on . Last month, Marshall University reportedly reached out to current Los Angeles Lakers head coach and former alumni, Mike D'Antoni about its open head coaching po Last month, Marshall University reportedly reached out to current Los Angeles Lakers head coach and former alumni, Mike D'Antoni about its open head coaching po Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Dan D’Antoni To Coach Marshall Thundering Herd

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Last month, Marshall University reportedly reached out to current Los Angeles Lakers head coach and former alumni, Mike D’Antoni about its open head coaching position. With D’Antoni still under contract, Marshall University has decided to move in a different direction.

According to ESPN’s Jeff Goodman, the Thundering Herd have decided to hire Lakers assistant coach, Dan D’Antoni:

The Marshall Thundering Herd will fill their coaching vacancy with NBA assistant Dan D’Antoni, multiple sources told ESPN.com’s Jeff Goodman on Thursday.

Dan, the older brother of Mike D’Antoni, has served as an assistant coach with the Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks, and Los Angeles Lakers. Like his brother, Dan also played at Marshall where he averaged 17.5 points as a junior in the late 1960′s.

With his brother returning to West Virginia, the Lakers have not met with D’Antoni to discuss his future as the head coach. While there have been conflicting reports, GM Mitch Kupchak stated recently that the team will take a couple weeks off before evaluating the season.
Lakers Coach D’Antoni On His Future, ‘Ludicrous’ That His Style Of Play Causes Injuries

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  • Nguyễn Nam Thành

    Hey Dan, can you take your Brother to Marshall. maybe as your assistant.

  • Luke Walton

    AH COME ON! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MARSHALL TAKE BOTH D’ANTONIS! I will contribute $1 if you take Mike as well.

  • 3339

    1 down 1 to go. come on now

  • lovethoseknicks

    Lakers fans don’t seem to remember how well LA played last year down the stretch last year to get into the playoffs when Dwight and the rest of them were almost healthy even though they had little time to create team chemistry under MDA’s system. They want to blame the coach for losing with this year’s D league squad that was hurt most of the season. Seriously, LA fans have lowest BBall IQ in the NBA!

    • Doug Fuller

      Thanks “love those Knicks. A man who gets it! I think besides mismanagement of bigs he’s done a decent job and he was known for not using bigs long before Jerry Buss made HIS last choice and hired him. His system is what everybody knew it to be,,, extremely 1 ,2 and 3 friendly but a nightmare for the 4 and 5….don’t blame Mike too much. Now that said I don’t want him for coach next year because Kobe doesn’t…and for good reason Mikes system is the fastest paced on earth and Kobe wants to pace himself so he can play 3 more years and every center on earth hates him. :) but if we decide to keep him I understand why,, he develops guards like no other coach ever and we most likely will get a guard in the draft. And YES you are correct MOST lakers fans are complete idiots but some of us know basketball very well.

      • Jim213

        Smh, most of the blame goes to FO tho some opinion otherwise. But since you’re talking about basketball IQ, how long has it been since the Knicks won a title? If you said four decades you’re correct. “The coach had nothing to do with it.”

        Guess the coach doesn’t have nothing to do with the high TO rate and not motivating players to compete on a nightly basis? Agree, he gets much of the blame but if you’re so up for the coach sounds like you’d be interested in him going back to the Knicks (smh).

        • hookedonnews

          What makes you think the coach didn’t address the TO rate? I have heard him address it numerous times & its effect on the defense, and there’s no reason to believe he didn’t talk to players about that watching film and at practice. As I have said before, I am not the only one who believes he did motivate the players to play hard. That only goes so far when you’re over-matched.

          The Knicks have been afflicted with bad management. They have had some good coaches, but even a good coach can’t overcome a bad owner & FO. Maybe Phil Jackson can make a difference there. We’ll see.

          Of course, the Lakers FO bears some of the blame. The CBA is a part of the story as well. This guy doesn’t sound like he’s all in for Mike. It just sounds like he understands that coaching was not the most significant factor in the Lakers fortunes this season.

          • Jim213

            ?! Averaging close to 15 TO’s a game is focusing on and fixing the issue #10? But just hoping that those bad management days don’t creep up on the Lakers for the next decade.

          • hookedonnews

            Have you looked at the TO numbers for GS? Is that Mark Jackson’s fault? Think he hasn’t addressed that with his team?

          • Jedi Mamba

            Big difference is that Mark Jackson will preach defense to his guys and uses his bigs Lee and Bogut the right way. Oh and his team made the playoffs without a problem without a majority of his players getting hurt for the season by not running them into the ground.

          • hookedonnews

            D’Antoni was using an 11 man rotation when this season started with no one playing big minutes. No one was run into the ground. What you had was injuries that resulted from players bumping legs with other players and breaking bones (Kobe & Young), Nash whose problems stem from the broken leg that occurred before MDA got there, Blake who had an elbow problem, Henry who has a history of knee issues and who fell on his wrist, etc. It’s time to stop blaming D’Antoni for injuries that have nothing to do with minutes or pace. This is the kind of nonsense that’s often repeated, and it’s frankly based on nothing. Where are the 319 games lost to injury on the Rockets or any other team that plays with pace? Mark Jackson’s emphasis on defense and how he uses Bogut (I would not call Lee a big) is not relevant to the turnover issue which was the point of the discussion.

          • Chrmngblly

            It doesn’t matter what the facts are with you, hook. It doesn’t matter how many different people shame you, your brain never engages.

            Completely disregard the Lakers and these two injury-riddled years. MDA should never have been hired to coach the Lakers in the first place. No MDA-coached team has ever played D. So all these injuries are no more than a convenient excuse to cover up one more team that doesn’t play D either. What’s embarrassing is that the man doesn’t learn anything from watching who’s winning and who’s not.

            Same as you.

          • independentbynature

            Exactly !!!

          • hookedonnews

            Actually I’m one of the few looking at the facts. The belief that MDA shouldn’t have been hired in the first place is the primary reason for the insanity that’s been going on in LA since he was hired. That and the fact that most of these people know virtually nothing about D’Antoni. They repeat the same old cliches about defense, etc., but they really don’t know anything about him. The defense this year was bad. There were some exceptions to that, but in general it wasn’t good. The question is why? Because MDA doesn’t care about defense, doesn’t teach defense, 3 point shots missed mean you can’t get back on defense, etc.? That’s the conventional wisdom which completely ignores the injuries and the talent on the roster. Then why didn’t the Suns lose 2/3 of their games? How did they win 62 games if they played no D? And why wasn’t their team decimated by injuries like the Lakers if MDA’s system causes injuries? Most people in LA have gotten their information about D’Antoni from people like Stephen A. Smith who quotes something he said 10 years ago as if he said it yesterday. I watch a lot of sports, and I do a lot of reading. No one has shamed me on these threads because I know what I saw this season, I know the history of this coach as well as what he and other coaches have said this season and last, and what the players have said. You & others like you conveniently ignore the unprecedented number of injuries and pretend another coach would have made a significant difference. If someone had told you before the season started that Kobe would play 6 games, Nash 14, and the team would have a combined 319 games missed due to injury you would have expected the season you got regardless of who was coaching.

      • comrade24

        i have been noticing more and more lately how incredibly myopic a large majority of Lakers fans are and how bad the mob mentality is. I’ve said it before but to reiterate, i’m not D’Antoni’s biggest fan, i think there are better coaches out there but i think D’Antoni is being unfairly judged on some accounts. People say over and over that D’Antoni’s system is bad for bigs yet Pau Gasol had an outstanding year, Jordan Hill had a career year. Amare Stoudamire arguably had his best years under D’Antoni. Howard didn’t flourish because he’s a whiny little prick with no offensive game and didn’t want to be a pick and roll center even though that’s what his talents are suited for. He wanted to be a back to the basket, traditional big man but he doesn’t have the foot work or general agility for that. The real problem was the FO mismatching coaching with personnel.

    • VanDeezy

      NO S$%^ SHERLOCK

    • ra

      OK, I’ll say this again. I’ve said it several times on this site:

      Mike D’Antoni was hired principally to team with Steve Nash, and help execute the offense that was actually quite successful during the Phoenix Suns era. But this time, we would have DH and KB24 as part of the team. What a dream. It was certainly a wish of Jerry Buss to have this work optimally.

      MDA’s system (working efficiently) relies on a number of things. His system thrived in 2006 and around those years ‘because of’ Steve Nash. After Steve got injured 2 years ago (2nd game), we did not have a ‘premiere’ PG to run the offense.

      Also, in 2006, the Suns had several ‘gazelles’ (like Leandro Barbosa, the fastest man in the NBA at the time). 7 seconds or less. No focus on defense. Let the other team score, and then run it back in 7 seconds for a quick score — OUTSCORE the opponent.

      The system worked optimally then (except in the playoffs, when the Spurs played ‘tough’ ball, e.g., Robert Horry’s clip of Steve Nash, and the subsequent suspension of Stat).

      MDA’s system (with MDA at the helm) works differently with different players, notably less efficient without ‘superstar’ players involved.

      But that’s not the issue.

      The issue is principally this: Players around the league may ‘not want’ to play with MDA, period, system or not. That changes the status of drafting, signing, etc., in the new CBA. The Lakers can’t just tool up signing any free agent. They have to carefully pick who will be here, and who will be part of the future – not an easy task.

      But if someone does ‘not’ want to play with MDA, or his style (with him at the helm), then it LIMITS who are on the table to trade for, sign, draft, etc.

      That’s it. That’s the big issue for the FO.

      MDA is a good coach, actually. But this issue will not go away. It has to be dealt with. We can only sit, and watch.

      • hookedonnews

        No basis that I’m aware of for your opinion that FAs wouldn’t want to play for Mike D’Antoni. Maybe Carmelo Anthony wouldn’t want to, but there’s been no indication that the Lakers have an interest in acquiring him. I can see Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, Kyrie Irving, and just about any great FA you can name fitting into D’Antoni’s system seamlessly. That includes LeBron, Bosh & Wade. Now maybe some old, slow center who wants to play back-to-the-basket would be less than enthusiastic, but I don’t think that’s the kind of players the Lakers are looking to acquire. The Lakers aren’t the only team with a similar type of offensive system. This is a non-issue as far as I can see.

        • J Taylor

          Kobe “has no interest” in playing for D’antoni.
          Gasol doesn’t want to play for D’antoni.

          There is no defense with D’antoni.

          • hookedonnews

            That statement about Kobe having no interest in playing for D’Antoni is just another rumor which has not been verified, and Kobe has not indicated that in his public statements. Gasol’s recent statements on his blog directly contradict what you just said. As for defense, name one great defender on the Lakers. Add an Ibaka, a LeBron James, a D-Wade, etc. to this team and see if the defense doesn’t improve. A stable lineup with a good rim protector would also be helpful.

          • independentbynature

            Sounds kinda like your rumor about why Antoni resigned from the Knicks,doesn’t it,Hook?You use rumors when it suits you and dismiss them when it doesn’t.There’s a name for that.It starts with a H.Just a clue for you……

          • hookedonnews

            A rumor is something circulated by one person that goes around and is repeated. What I have said about MDA & Sloan is the generally accepted opinion of anyone that is knowledgeable about the subject. Someone putting out the rumor that so and so has said something or is going to do something and it never being verified by the facts is what I object to. Some of those are just made up. There are no other reasonable explanations for those resignations. You can believe what you want.

          • independentbynature

            It’s not confirmed,therefore it’s a rumor.Just like all the rumors you criticize everyone else for repeating.You just pick and choose which ones you like.Hooked on Antoni.

          • hookedonnews

            My opinions on those subjects are not based on rumor. They are based on observing what when on in both places and coming to an obvious conclusion. The problems with Williams & Anthony were not a secret.

          • independentbynature

            You were not privy to it.It is your opinion based on conjecture.Like what you called J Taylor’s comment.If you hate something,don’t you do it,too.Just sayin……

          • hookedonnews

            I think there’s a difference between claiming someone said something when there’s no evidence to back it up and watching a situation unfold in front of you, hearing the participants in that situation make comments about it, etc. and making a judgment about what went on which is the same judgment that virtually everyone I’ve ever heard comment on it shares. What I said about Sloan and MDA in NY is common knowledge not my personal theory. Williams was complaining openly about Sloan’s system, and the problem between MDA & Melo was well known.

          • independentbynature

            First of all,the situation did not unfold in front of you.You were not a witness to it and you did not hear it.I see no difference between the assumption you made and the one that J Taylor made.If anything,he has more to go on than you do since Kobe did say he wasn’t sure Antoni had earned another year.You fail to take into consideration that Kobe likes Antoni personally and it’s hard to criticize someone you like,no matter how deserved.The fact that he didn’t out and out support him speaks volumes.And with Sloan,there were references to him not thinking he was getting enough support from the F.O.Neither Antoni or Sloan ever blamed those players publicly.And Antoni was hated by Knicks fans,just like he is here.Your assertion that he doesn’t react to fan pressure is blatantly false as evidenced by his “find another team to support” statement.You seem to have an inability to discern your own opinion from fact.

          • hookedonnews

            What are you saying–that I couldn’t know what was happening if I wasn’t in Salt Lake City or NYC? This was not something put out there by one guy as a rumor. This was reported on extensively. I heard Deron Williams with my own ears. How do you get your information? Sloan thought he wasn’t getting enough support about what? Was it just a coincidence that Williams was making all these statements at the time? Of course, these coaches weren’t going to come out publicly and blame the players. They didn’t have to.

            I have already addressed your statement about MDA’s comments about the fans. That was in response to a question, and has nothing to do with what I was talking about. He was defending his players in that comment, and he’s said more than once that he doesn’t listen to all the noise out there on blogs like this. I don’t imagine most coaches do.

            I think you’re overstating the case about the Knicks fans and D’Antoni, although they’ve got their share of that type of fan just like LA. It doesn’t matter what the fans thought. That wasn’t the reason he left. We’re just going over the same ground here.

            D’Antoni’s system is based on unselfish play. He was building a good young team which was gutted by the Anthony trade. Anthony refused to be a team player. He was going to be there at least another couple of years, and D’Antoni was in the last year of his contract. It doesn’t take an Einstein to understand why he left, and the fact that Anthony was the problem was widely reported. If D’Antoni was going to leave because of fan pressure he would not be in LA right now.

            You’re acting like these are just my personal opinions, but they aren’t. And your assertion that you can’t know anything unless you’re there in person to witness everything that goes down is a little strange. If that were the case, you couldn’t know much of anything. That’s the purpose of the news media, and I’m not talking about rumors posted on LN that contradict each other practically on a daily basis.

            You keep repeating what Kobe said and ignoring the 2nd part of the statement. The only reason I mentioned it was because he understands that the injuries do matter. I wasn’t implying it was a blanket endorsement.

            You’re entitled to whatever theory you hold about Sloan’s resignation or MDA’s resignation in NY. But there should be some reason to believe it. I’m not sure why we’re still discussing this.

          • Dwayne

            Hey idiot asshole bitch how can you look your ugly retarded self in the mirror??You are lying through your ugly buck teeth defending your butt lover.STFU and stop posting bitch.

          • hookedonnews

            Why don’t you go back to your porn site unless you have something rational to offer. Maybe you think insults are the way to win an argument, but that’s for 10 year olds. I don’t know what you believe I’m lying about, but I assure you that I don’t find it necessary to lie to win an argument with someone like you.

          • John Brown

            Do you know why Kobe picked #8 when he started playing? It was Mike D’Antoni’s number. He grew up watching MD and his dad play ball in Italy.

          • hookedonnews

            Yes, I was aware of that. Kobe idolized D’Antoni when he was young.

        • Jedi Mamba

          Jordan Hill and Chris Kaman will not resign with the Lakers if Mike DAntoni is the coach next season as well. I don’t see anyone jumping for joy and announcing that they would LOVE to play for Mike D also!

          • hookedonnews

            Neither one of them has said that. Kaman has said he could see coming back and has recently defended MDA. Hill had the best numbers of his career this season and has nothing to gripe about IMO. If he chooses not to come back that’s his choice. More than likely it will be a money decision.

            Apparently you don’t do a lot of reading because Steve Blake and a number of other players have said they love playing for D’Antoni & Meeks said WE ALL love playing for MDA. I have also heard LeBron saying good things about D’Antoni. Think Kendall Marshall, Henry, Young, Farmar, and Johnson who have had career years don’t like playing for D’Antoni? They have all said they’d like to stay in LA. Same for Bazemore who was languishing on the bench at GS.

          • Josh

            I don’t see anyone jumping for joy and saying they would LOVE to play for Gregg Popovich or Eric Spoelstra or Scott Brooks or Tom Thibodeau any other coach.

          • Chrmngblly

            If we could get any of those guys, I bet the players would say exactly that. Is that what you mean?

          • independentbynature

            No one over 6-6,that’s for sure.

      • Chrmngblly

        Not to mention also having Shawn Marion in his prime. But—-still no D.

      • Chrmngblly

        Everything you have accurately stated and all the Laker injuries and jailbreaks(D12) notwithstanding, MDA teams never play D, no matter what team or what year.

    • nlruizjr

      How do you know how Phil or Pop would have done with this squad, it’s impossible to tell unless Phil or Pop would have coached the Lakers and please your comparing two coaches that have been to the mountain top to a wanna be coach that hasn’t been to a hilltop muchless a mountain top, your analysis just doesn’t fly.

      • hookedonnews

        Both Phil Jackson & Popovich have had bad seasons when they didn’t have good players, and neither one of them has faced this number of injuries. Of course, no one could predict exactly what would have happened with a different coach, but common sense will tell you the talent level and the instability of a lineup where you had players going in and out constantly because of injury is not going to provide the environment for success, especially with the level of competition in the West. If Kobe and Nash had been healthy they might have been able to work around some of this, but they weren’t.

    • Amir Rashidifar

      You are an idiot! Coach is everything… look back to when Phil came to LA for his first season, he took the same damn squad who barely made it to the playoff the previous year to win 3 back to back championships. What do knick fans know anyways! You guys wont win shit for years to come

      • Josh

        Well, there you go, folks. Hire Phil Jackson to coach any team with any roster, and he will win three consecutive championships. Like he did for the Bulls without Jordan and he did with the Lakers between Shaq and Pau. Who needs a roster with multiple hall-of-fame-caliber players?

  • http://growingforward.net Scott Asai

    Mini-me? Both are cut from the same tree…the idiot tree that is.

  • Bob

    Fire Mike D’Antoni and then we are finally back to being the Lakers again.Good riddance…Dan D’Antoni is a joke he looks like a little horse jockey shit kicker.

  • Dennis

    GTFO D’Antoni.Fire Mike next!

  • purp& goldpride

    Welp….one d’antoni down one more to go

  • George

    Dan D’Antoni is a assistant coach and most assistant coaches twirl a thumb up their behind doing nothing at all.He meant nothing to the Lakers.Mike must go.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Everyone knew Marshall wanted a new coach and they got Dan now.Mike is used to having his brother with him everywhere he goes maybe he will go with him.Or better yet he will realize nobody hardly wants him and the fans hate him so he will do what Dwight Coward did and just runaway from it all and get away from the bright lights of LA he can’t be hated for being a rebel and trying something new on his own.Leaving the Lakers is best for Mike D’Antoni as it was for his brother.

    • hookedonnews

      News flash–Mike D’Antoni is not listening to what fans are saying. No coach is hanging on the words written on blogs like this. Not all fans hate him. I can’t think of a coach I have hated. I haven’t been thrilled with the job done by some coaches, but this irrational hatred of D’Antoni is beyond what reasonable people engage in. I didn’t think Mike Brown was the right guy for the job, but hatred? No. You’re engaging in wishful thinking if you believe MDA is going to leave the Lakers voluntarily. Not going to happen. He has $4 million reasons not to.

      • independentbynature

        News flash–Antoni was sure listening when he told us to find a new team to root for.Now wasn’t he?He responded to the Knicks fans “wishful thinking” by resigning.It happened once before.Let’s hope for a repeat.

        • Josh

          I’m pretty sure the Knicks resignation had a little something to do with his entire roster being ripped out from under him and replaced with Carmelo, who just wanted to isolate on offense and ignore his coach.

          • independentbynature

            Whatever it takes,Josh.Sign Melo.

  • Matt Williams

    Wrong D’Antoni, Marshall!! Mike is the one you want. He had the coaching experience. TAKE HIM PLEASE!! We’ll pay you!!!

  • Sylvia Ross

    Well, one dantoni had enough sense to quit before he was fired, I guess he’s tired of being run out of town. Hopefully, Pringles will be the next to exit left. Please let this dream come true.

    • hookedonnews

      Dan D’Antoni has never been run out of town, and neither has his brother. You’re dreaming if you believe he’ll walk away from $4 million. Why would he? I’ve never heard of a coach leaving a job because fans weren’t happy with him.

      • independentbynature

        Wrong,wrong,wrong.Antoni resigned under pressure from the Knicks,March 14,2012

        • hookedonnews

          Wrong. He was tired of dealing with Carmelo Anthony. He was under no pressure from management to resign. That wouldn’t be ethical or appropriate (or legal). He left NY for the same reason Jerry Sloan left the Jazz. He was tired of dealing with a diva.

          • independentbynature

            He never said that,so you are assuming that was his reason.Knicks fans were calling for his head for the same reason we are.NO DEFENSE.If you are right,then I’m all for signing Melo and asking him to do it again.

          • Sylvia Ross

            Thanks independentbynature.

          • independentbynature

            You’re welcome,Sylvia.You were right.He was run outta town.Just ask any Knicks fan.

          • hookedonnews

            Everyone knew why he left NY (but you apparently). He never wanted that trade to be made, and he knew Carmelo wasn’t going anywhere. He wasn’t going to trash Anthony in public anymore than Jerry Sloan was going to say Deron Williams was the reason he left, but everyone who follows the NBA knew why those decisions were made.

            I don’t know how you “run a coach out of town” when he has a contract. I don’t know why you care, but there’s no reason to make things up. He could easily have stayed and finished the season just like Sloan, but neither one of them chose to do that. Ironically Utah traded Williams after Sloan left. If they had done that earlier, he would still be there I imagine.

            Guess what–coaches don’t resign because of fans. D’Antoni has said more than once he pays no attention to the noise. A lot of fans have little understanding of what goes on with a team. Why would a coach or a FO base decisions on their opinions? D’Antoni has gotten a lot more heat in LA than he got in NY and hasn’t resigned. That should give you a clue.

          • independentbynature

            You are the one making things up.Your statement is pure conjecture..In fact,Jerry Sloan denied that D. Will was the reason he left.And if Antoni pays no attention to fans,why did he display his little hissy fit by telling Lakers fans to find a new team to root for?You are the one who needs to get a clue.You constantly display your cluelessness with your ridiculous defense of everything Antoni.You are not a Lakers fan,you are an Antoni fan.I have no problem with that,but why the pretense?Guess what–Antoni couldn’t take the heat of his failure in New York and resigned.You made a false statement and you didn’t like being called on it.That is the only FACT here.I don’t care why,I’m just hoping for a repeat.

          • hookedonnews

            Coaches don’t leave in the middle of a season (especially a coach like Sloan who had been there that long) unless there is a problem that they don’t believe can be dealt with. I know what Sloan said, but no one believed him.

            Who died and made you the judge of who’s a Laker fan and who isn’t? Not being a MDA hater and being a Laker fan are not mutually exclusive. I was a Laker fan before D’Antoni hit town, and his leaving would not change that.

            I didn’t make a false statement. Anyone with any knowledge of what went on in Utah & NY knows what happened there. It was not the heat of failure that made D’Antoni leave NY. If it was, he would have left LA this season. It was the knowledge that nothing was going to change. Carmelo Anthony wasn’t going to be traded and wasn’t going to suddenly become a different kind of player. I’m sure D’Antoni didn’t believe he would be offered a contract extension, and I doubt that he would have agreed to one if offered. Some things just aren’t worth it. Trying to make an offense work that’s based on unselfish play with someone like Melo is never going to bring you anything but a headache.

            With Sloan’s history in Utah, no one believes he left for any other reason than being tired of dealing with Williams who was their marquee player. Coaches don’t just resign out of the blue because the team is losing or they’re having a bad season. There was no other plausible explanation for his resignation.

            D’Antoni’s statement about the fans was made in response to a question. That doesn’t mean he’s glued to blogs like this hoping that fans will love him. No coach does that. Coaches are concerned about their players and the FO. You can’t control the opinions of fans who often operate without the facts and on emotion. It’s nice to have fan approval, but no coach is going to resign because they don’t have it.

          • independentbynature

            Hooked on Antoni should be your name.Just more conjecture based on rumors.But then,you always criticize everyone else for citing rumors,don’t you?Anyone with any knowledge of what went on in Utah and NY,does not include you.

          • hookedonnews

            Well, you figure out why Sloan left Utah. I don’t know why this is such a topic of interest. As I said, those are not just my opinions. You’re entitled to yours. I don’t think you know what I “always” do.

          • independentbynature

            Well,you finally got that right.It is your opinion.And you are entitled to it.I don’t know what you know,either.I don’t know that Antoni is always right.I’m not his fan.I want what is best for the Lakers,not Antoni.

          • hookedonnews

            I never said D’Antoni is always right. I want what’s best for the Lakers also. I think people like Mitch Kupchak are smart enough to make that decision, and if they decide to fire him so be it. I just believe he hasn’t had a fair shot because of the injuries. Kobe said the same.

          • independentbynature

            Kobe said he isn’t sure Antoni earned another year. I don’t think the decision will be Kupchak’s.I think it will be Jimmy the horse trainer’s.And yes you always excuse everything Antoni.You’ve been pretty consistent on that.Steady as a rock,in fact.

          • hookedonnews

            Kobe also said he hadn’t had a fair shot because of the injuries. Not being sure is not the same as saying he should be fired. I imagine Kupchak with have some input on that decision because Jimmy has already said he’ll resign if things aren’t on track in 3 or 4 years.

            If I had to guess, I’d say MDA won’t be fired. If they were going to fire him I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have done it when the season ended. Of course, he could still be fired, but why drag it out?

            You’re also consistent in your inability to understand that I’ve already said that I would say the same thing about any coach under those same circumstances. If Byron Scott had been the coach this season I imagine your attitude about things would be different. I don’t expect miracles from coaches who have very little to work with.

          • independentbynature

            If Scott would have been the coach,defense would have been played.I dislike Antoni’s system as much as his decisions.The system is flawed,making it impossible to move in the right direction.Injuries or not,it won’t work.So,it really doesn’t matter what the circumstances are.You think the Suns under Antoni were a championship quality team.I don’t.That’s why they didn’t win one.It has nothing to do with an inability to understand you.I just don’t agree.

          • Chrmngblly

            Hook is such a little MDA d*ck sucker, no offense to d*ck suckers. It is like he has no brain.

          • independentbynature

            Not exactly language I would have used.LOL…But,the point is valid.

          • Chrmngblly

            Yeah, I thought of pulling a punch, but apologizing to d*ck suckers for calling Hook one seemed too funny to hold back on.

            I can’t believe the FO is thinking of bringing MDA back at all and MDA is off in never-never land haggling over a fourth year guarantee. What does it mean? Maybe that will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

            I am agog.

          • independentbynature

            Let’s hope that is a deal breaker.

          • Chrmngblly

            Yeah. How can MDA possibly imagine they would extend his contract based on the results we have so far. You would think MDA should be able to make us a mediocre team, at least. If he stays, some are saying we don’t really need a center, I guess, just an athletic big to play the stretch5. That’s weird to me. What do you think?

          • independentbynature

            He wants a stretch 4 to play the 5 and a wing to play the 4,giving us no rebounding and no rim protection.The whole system just prioritizes offense over defense.There is no balance and we all saw the results this season.Even when it was run well in Phoenix,they were doomed in the playoffs when the game slows down.I just hope that Antoni is not going to influence the draft.

          • Chrmngblly

            Sloan left because he didn’t get the support out of his owner that he felt he needed.

          • hookedonnews

            It was all related to Williams. Jerry Sloan would have finished that season if it hadn’t been for D-Will. The owner really blew it.

          • Chrmngblly

            no kidding

          • Chrmngblly

            Yes, coaches can be run out of town. We just make it tough for them to walk down the street. We insult them to their wives and kids. We egg their homes and cars.

            I want to show restraint here and NOT suggest poisoning their cat. lol

          • hookedonnews

            Didn’t Steve Blake have a dead dog in his yard after missing that 3 point shot a few years back? I know he got death threats. I don’t know any coaches who have quit because of crazed fans, but anything is possible. The question was whether or not MDA left NY for that reason. Anyone who followed the situation knew that fans weren’t a factor. If fans mattered, he would have left LA months ago.

    • independentbynature

      I had to do a double take when I saw the headline,Sylvia.Alas,my eyes aren’t as good as when I was younger.Wrong D’Antoni.A lot of us have the same dream.LOL.

  • Adam Hedrick

    Why coach should be fired. He has zero championships. He has a losing record as lakers head coach and didn’t do well as Knicks head coach. He doesn’t preach defense . He likes fast paced high offense quick scoring bball , which Nash and those young athletic guys on the suns could do. The lakers don’t have guys that can do that. And Kobe doesn’t operate that way and Nash is older and hurt a lot. Pau gasol doesn’t fit in his system , Kobe doesn’t particularly like him, magic Johnson doesn’t think he is good and Carmelo Anthony is possibly looking to go to lakers… But he won’t if coach is there . Lakers are wanting to keep pau, but he doesn’t wAnt to stay with coach. Lakers want to win now while Kobe can still go strong . Mike D’antoni isn’t the right guy for the job and he never has been . The most realistic options would be Kurt Rambis or Byron Scott . We can’t get a top 3 coach . We can’t get coach k from duke . So next best choice is a laker guy who knows organization well and played here and won championships and can relate to players

    • Chrmngblly

      Why is this so hard to explain to MDA’s worshippers?

      I don’t think Rambis is our guy, either, I think Phil drags him to NY, at least on his staff. Byron is OK, so is Lionell Hollins, Kevin Ollie….who else?

      Balance and teamwork, folks.

  • TheTruthKills

    Congrats and good luck to him.

  • Jedi Mamba

    A good majority of Lakers season ticket holders want DAntoni FIRED! This guy is effecting ticket prices and whether people want to go see the Lakers play or not!

    • Josh

      I’m not in LA, but I would guess Kendall Marshall, Wes Johnson, Robert Sacre, Xavier Henry, etc. have a lot more to do with ticket prices and fans’ interest in attending games than anyone wearing a suit on the sideline.

      • independentbynature

        Read the comments.That would be a wrong guess.

  • Lakers4Life

    No worries. Dumbtoni will follow his brother out of the Lakers, very soon. Just keep an eye out for the headlines over the next few weeks.

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