Lakers Rumors: Could The Clippers Be Going After Dwight Howard? Reviewed by Momizat on . In a strange turn of events, it looks like the Los Angeles Lakers might not be the only team in Los Angles who will be vying for Dwight Howard's services this s In a strange turn of events, it looks like the Los Angeles Lakers might not be the only team in Los Angles who will be vying for Dwight Howard's services this s Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Could The Clippers Be Going After Dwight Howard?

Dwight HowardIn a strange turn of events, it looks like the Los Angeles Lakers might not be the only team in Los Angles who will be vying for Dwight Howard’s services this summer. According to Reid Laymance of the Houston Chronicle, the Clippers are looking to clear up some cap space to bring in Howard along side Chris Paul.

“There is new competition, by the way. A few executives around the league have learned since the Clippers’ season ended with a first-round playoff loss to Memphis that they are probing ways to dump enough salary to make a run at Howard. Other personnel execs said they doubted that the Clippers could free enough money to make a serious run at him.”

With no one really knowing what Howard’s mind set is going into this summer, he can end up almost anywhere as long as the team has the cap space to bring him in. Teams like the Dallas Mavericks, Brooklyn Nets and the Houston Rockets have already been rumored to be looking to go after Howard in free agency. The Clippers, who have to worry about bringing back Paul, had been completely out of the picture until now.

It will be difficult for the Clippers to clear up space, however. Although Lamar Odom, Ryan Gomes, Chauncey Billups, Ronny Turiaf, Ryan Hollins, Matt Barnes and a few other guys who were making the league minimum all come off the books this off season, they’ll only have enough cap space to bring in Howard should they let Chris Paul go as well — or if they trade either Blake Griffin (which they most definitely won’t) or DeAndre Jordan (whose outlandish contract coupled with low production would prove to be difficult).

The Clippers are only have $45 million committed to contracts for next season, but if they bring Paul back for the Max, he will likely make over $20 million, which will likely put them right around the salary cap. Considering the fact that Howard will have to sign a long term deal as well, that would put the Clippers way over the cap. Just Paul, Griffin, Jordan and Howard would put the Clippers at the threshold, for the next two years, and they’d still have to fill out their roster.

Even with this news, Howard re-signing with the Lakers seems to be the most likely scenario as he ultimately holds the most leverage with the Lakers and can sign for the most money for the highest number of years. Many believe that the money he would lose by signing with another team wouldn’t be worth having to come back to Los Angeles for another year despite not fully enjoying his first season in the City of Angels. Furthermore, the backlash he’d receive from the fans in Los Angeles — who are still largely Lakers fans — could destroy his psyche.


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  • TeddyOrwell

    It would be a good move for the Clippers, but could Dwight co-exist with Paul and Griffin? I mean, I know they would play well together, but can Dwight stand not getting all the attention?

    • lakers_824

      dwight just wants a fun vibe around and clippers is the perfect situation, remember he was laughing with the clippers after lakers lost to them. As much as i hate dwight i cant lie that would be the perfect situation but if he leaves ohh boyy there gonn be trouble. On another not lets trade pau for dwights friend josh smith in a sign and trade.

      • http://twitter.com/DHanna213 Derek S. Hanna Jr

        Man I’ve been screaming for Pau for J-Smoove for the last 2 years

      • TeddyOrwell

        It’s not gonna be much fun for him with Chris Paul yapping at him constantly as he is known to do to everyone all the time. It might not be fun to play with Kobe sometimes because he is….well, let’s face it, Kobe is OBSESSED with greatness. But Chris is not all fun and games either. Dwight needs to realize being an elite team is not a lighthearted thing. He’s learning though. I’ve noticed he’s made an effort to not be as smiley and jokey all the time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lauro.torres.376 Lauro Torres

    just kill urself if you leave the lakers dwight !!!! ( besides u played like a bitch with the lakers

    • sylvon harris is 12

      not cool bro shut the FUCK up!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bert.cisneros.1 Bert Cisneros

    Would much rather lose with Phil than win with Mike, no offense, Mike, but it takes a winning mentality geared towards WINNING the Finals, not winning 50 or 60 games a season then crashing in the playoffs. Losing with Phil is not good, but we know his work plan ethic and championship mentality. If he loses it won’t be because he didn’t know what he was doing, most probably, because the horses weren’t there and that failure would fall on the laps of other people.
    No, Phil is not God, but he’ll do until the real one shows up with 12 or 13 rings.

  • quickster007

    If the Clippers are smart. They would just bring in Hakeem Olujawon to teach Deandre Jordan the post moves that Dwight is doing. Hakeem is the one who taught Howard those post moves after they loss to the Lakers back in 2009. If D12 decide to sign with the clippers the Lakers should get Deandre and bring in Hakeem Olujawon to teach him those post moves.

  • Fhhvvj

    Sick and tired of hearing about the clippers being all up in the Lakers Mix They are like the ugly chick who thinks she deserves a part of all the attention her hot friend gets. Fall back

  • sylvon harris is 12

    hi yall

  • sylvon harris is 12


  • sylvon harris is 12

    who thinks HOWARD COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!

  • sylvon harris is 12

    plz tell me

  • sylvon harris is 12

    ill be back tomorrow

  • ProLAL

    they will resign Paul or else Clippers will be boring. they are stock with DJ they just have to work with him.. more room for improvements but before that happens Lakers is back..

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