Lakers Rumors: Could Team Consider Adding Carlos Boozer? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="139"] With Pau Gasol, Jordan Hill, and Chris Kaman all unrestricted free agents this summer, and questionable at best to return, the Lakers [new_royalslider id="139"] With Pau Gasol, Jordan Hill, and Chris Kaman all unrestricted free agents this summer, and questionable at best to return, the Lakers Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Could Team Consider Adding Carlos Boozer?

With Pau Gasol, Jordan Hill, and Chris Kaman all unrestricted free agents this summer, and questionable at best to return, the Lakers have a huge hole in the front court looking ahead to next season.

With a lottery pick in hand, and a lot of cap room available, the Lakers are well-suited to address the issue. And one such solution could be Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer.

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Boozer does have one more season left on his contract, but the Bulls could amnesty Boozer this off-season. If that were to happen, Boozer’s agent could play a role in the Lakers pursuit of the big man, according to Hoops Rumors’ Chuck Myron:

If the Bulls do amnesty Boozer, Stein suggests there’s a chance that agent Rob Pelinka, the rep for Boozer as well as Kobe Bryant, will encourage the Lakers to submit an amnesty waiver claim. That would almost certainly be a partial waiver claim if it were to happen, meaning the Lakers would pay a portion of Boozer’s salary while Reinsdorf would be on the hook for the rest.

There are a lot of ‘ifs’ surrounding the possibility of this pickup. The Bulls apparently would prefer to trade Boozer as opposed to amnestying him. The Lakers may also not want Boozer’s salary on the books, especially if it hinders them from signing someone else they consider a target.

Boozer does only have one more season on his contract, and as was said by Myron, the Lakers could make it a partial waiver claim so it wouldn’t put the entirety of Boozer’s $16.8 million salary on the Lakers cap.

The move could make sense for the Lakers as a one-year stopgap, and the agent ties between Boozer and Bryant do make it a possibility. But there are far too many things that would have to happen first to consider this anything more than speculation.
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  • Jim213

    If the coach stays not sure who out of some of the top players (including FA) would want to play for the Lakers. But seems as Boozer doesn’t fit Mike’s system so IMO it may be another Kaman like acquisition. Being acquiring another high salary player to have him be a bench warmer b/c given he’s not suitable to the preferred style of play (run and gun).

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      $3 million is a high salary? Sure, it could have been spent more wisely, but it’s not much in NBA dollars.

      • Jim213

        Yes, re-edited but guess it didn’t come thru a few hrs back. But it was just saying that it would’ve likely turned out to be another bad picked up for the team given the coach’s preferred style. But it may be an option given Mike’s resignation (IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT).

  • Kobe24

    So they thought Just cause the whole Donald Sterling Fiasco in LA we just forgot about Mike Dantoni the fans ain’t forget Jim n Mitch the attention is gone now when are going to fire Mike.

  • Predator>Boozer

    Given the same minutes at this point in their careers Jordan Hill is the better player. Boozer has sucked for a good 2-3 years now.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Boozer’s first below-average season of his career was this past year. Hill is in his prime and is the better player right now, but someone is going to pay him $8-9 million next season, while Boozer might be amnestied and could be had for $3-4 million.

      Generally speaking, the guy who plays more minutes is the better player. That’s one of the main stats Jerry West and Mitch Kupchak look at.

    • borsalino12

      Absolutely right.

  • Davis3023

    Excuse me??????

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am strictly going to talk about picking up Carlos Boozer at $3.5 to $4.5 million dollars on a 2 year deal it’s not bad considering the Bulls overpaid him at over $16 million dollars per season but the Lakers can just skip Boozer altogether and please no crazy trade scenarios this would be a amnesty waiver claim by the Lakers for a low amount of money less than $5 million dollars per.I would say yes if Pau is gone for sure which is very likely.Jordan Hill is not coming back.

    Also Kaman is gone.Lakers are left with Ryan Kelly at Power Forward yikes,maybe signing Carlos Boozer is not all that bad.The Lakers are drafting a Point Guard and this is a major indication Kevin Love is not coming via trade.But anything is possible.Boozer is not a flashy basketball player,but better than nothing lol.

    • L.A BU11Y


      • LakersHeatBeef

        Yeah i am not sold on it.Boozer is just a stop gap Power Forward just like Carson Palmer is a stop gap at QB for the Cardinals in football.

  • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

    I’ll Take Boozer over Sacre Any Day!!’

  • Matt

    shouldn’t we be worrying about our coach first before picking up more big men that don’t fit in our current coaches system? Just a thought

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      If he can set a pick and roll to the basket, he fits.

      • Chrmngblly

        See, Josh, that is exactly the kind of guy Mitch will try to avoid. There are plenty of young scrubs in the D league that can give us that.

        It all begins with Pau. I say sign and trade Pau for Tyson Chandler. New coach. Bring back Hill.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          I still don’t think the Knicks are allowed to make that move. It’s a little bit ambiguous, I guess, but the CBA says a team over the apron cannot receive a player in a sign-and-trade. I guess it could work if the Lakers sign Pau, and then later trade him to the Knicks, since the Knicks would be able to receive a player as long as the incoming salary is lower than the outgoing salary.

          I think Pau is still one of the best bigs in the game. He has very high basketball IQ, and that matters more than anything when it comes to a 7-game series in the playoffs. I think Pau will be a much cheaper option than TC…thank you vertigo for probably scaring off a lot of other teams.

          • Chrmngblly

            You may know more on this subject than me. I looked into it and I figured that the worst restriction was on the sign and trade part. I love Pau but I think he would be more valuable to NY than to us because of what you said about NY’s salary cap strategy and, of course, Pau already knowing the triangle. Worst case, with the consent of all involved, we would have to re-sign Pau and keep him for 6 months and then do a standard trade on Dec. 31st. We need to throw Nash in on the deal to create salary flexibility and then take someone back on the trade to make the numbers match. It could be done and would keep us out of the Monroe/Davis bidding war for a better guy. Nash’s contract goes away at the end of the year and everyone is happy. Who can they send back worth around 4 million?

  • taikens8

    Mitch, WHY IS DAN-DUMIE STILL THE COACH FOR THE LAKERS!!!!! FIRE his a$$ ALREADY!!!!! This is to much!!!!!

    • Sky

      I wish we could fire him. But we got so much money waiting to be figured out. It’s got so some many potential directions to flow. Paying him and a another coach is what would have to happen. There is money we could save by picking up his contract, but not really this year that doesn’t factors against the salary cap. We need all are money to go strictly to players options this year to bust out as contenders. We got free agents a really good draft pick or 2 to pay for and virtually the entire roster is off the books and the few that are, are already taking up so much money and we don’t really know that they can play. NASH is getting paid to play or not play and Kobe! There is no bigger fan than me, but he’s getting a lot which I am good with he’s earned in as far as I am concerned, but I still haven’t seen him play much. It’s all very very ify. As messed up as it is we might be better off hoping we get less injuries and keep are coach tell we can fire his ass when we can doing it without paying for another person in the organization to do nothing. A lot of wasted money as been thrown out with Jerry Bus’s kids at the helm yet he did start it before he died banking on Howard staying. We gotta stay rash and not make big changes with are gut and what the majority of are fans are saying. US fans don’t always think things through well enough, WE don’t have nearly as much invested as the kids that have to make the final decisions DO! Lets chill out and see what they do. We have a lot potential moves this off season. Probably more than any American sport team this year and definitely in the NBA. I have high hopes with all the plays we can make this off season that we have a chance to go from pretender to contender and make a push at the finals and see what happens. A lot of strong teams, but we could come up with a 90 different roster get us and Kobe his another championship. It’s be tough but smart moves and it’s not impossible

      • borsalino12

        You don’t need to save anything, when you have $ 150 million a year to spend from TWC.
        We owe D’Antoni a total of $ 4 mil. for the next season, right? If he signs a deal with any NBA or International team, that team will have to pay him the half of his salary and just the other half will be the Lakers responsibility.$ 2 mil. is nothing, when you have $ 150 to spend.

    • borsalino12

      Calm down dude. Calm down. D’Antoni has resigned yesterday as the Lakers head coach. Don’t you read the news?

      • taikens8

        Dude I posted that like 20 hours ago!!!! Duhhhhh!!! do you not read the post?? COME ON MAN!!!!!!

  • taikens8

    Laker fans need to protest @ Staples in attempt to have him fired!!!! Mitch is the only one whom believes in this a$$hole?!!!!

    • L.A BU11Y


      • taikens8

        YES!!!!!!! Dumb-toni is a very smart man to RESIGN!!!!!!!! It’s like waking up for Christmas!!!!

  • taikens8

    Mitch, WHY IS DAN-DUMIE STILL THE COACH FOR THE LAKERS!!!!! FIRE his a$$ ALREADY!!!!! This is to much!!!!!

  • L.A BU11Y


    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Last year? Averaged 16/10.

  • jeff

    More friggin cast offs? Howabout some good news for us Laker fans like D’ANTONI FIRED??

    • borsalino12

      And he really got fired my friend. Enjoy your day and the news.

  • vdogg

    rumor has it that mike d keeps pushing for his option to be picked up for the following season, and the lakers keep resisting. maybe that will sever ties completely. one can only hope.

  • Brian Shaw

    Boozer is more of a traditional forward, and I think with how things are nowadays, he’s on the decline. The type of forwards today, are playing multiple positions, they can shoot the 3, they can hit the mid range, they can play with their back to the basket, and they can go hard to the basket. Those type of forwards are a dime a dozen, and to me, the closest with some of those qualities is J. Hill. He can’t handle the ball as well and he his shooting isn’t top notch, but he can hustle, he can grab the boards and block some shots, and he needs to work on his mid range and work on his back to the basket. But still > Boozer and still has a lot of years left.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Boozer????!!!!??? really??!!??! i wouldn’t want him above vet minimum…. how much more a waiver claim…

    • vdogg

      couldn’t agree more. vet minimum is all…

  • quickster007

    C’mon FO, why don’t you just get rid of Dantoni. Get a better coach who can preach defense. My nightmare of Robert Sacre at center, Ryan Kelly at power forward, Kent Bazemore at small forward, Kobe Bryant at shooting guard and Steve Nash at point guard. would probably come true. Why? in a month Nash and Kobe will be injured and the Laker will have a worst record than 27 wins, 55 loses. it will probably be 24 wins and 58 losses.

    • cyborgspider

      At least we keep our pick from Phoenix if it’s a top five

  • purp& goldpride

    Fire d’antoni!!! What y’all thought because of the Donald sterling scandal we’ve forgot Mike is still the coach?

    Fire his ass

  • ffdasf

    boozer has no defense

  • KingEmperor

    we need younger players at center and power forward position..

  • J Lee

    No…No…No…Please…Booze is sucked. Don’t waste money on him. The Bulls just can’t wait to get rid of him.If they can’t trade him they’ll amnesty him.

  • CharlieMurphy!

    I think this talk is about replacing Jordan Hill and Kaman if they possibly sign somewhere else. We’d be stuck with Kelly and Sacre. Although Sacre should start getting minutes, can’t put my trust on Kelly though. I’d want to see a Boozer/Love front court someday too. That would be intriguing. Hopefully Boozer would sign for cheap and Hill would resign for cheap too. We’d be set for Love’s arrival after 2015 (hopefully).

  • Kobeainthalftheplayermikewas

    Add Boozer, that’s a perfect fit.
    Another BUM on the Lakers roster.

  • borsalino12

    If Carlos Boozer wants to play for the veterans minimum, then he is welcome to the Lakers. If not, just say him…good luck and bye.

    • Chrmngblly

      No…these kind of guys plug up the roster. I’d rather try out some D league scrubs than Boozer.

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