Lakers Rumors: Could Kevin Love Land With The Lakers? Reviewed by Momizat on . The Kevin Love situation with the Minnesota Timberwolves is becoming increasingly more hostile with the superstar forward likely on his way out. Apparently, one The Kevin Love situation with the Minnesota Timberwolves is becoming increasingly more hostile with the superstar forward likely on his way out. Apparently, one Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Could Kevin Love Land With The Lakers?

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KevinLoveThe Kevin Love situation with the Minnesota Timberwolves is becoming increasingly more hostile with the superstar forward likely on his way out.

Apparently, one Eastern Conference executive believes the Los Angeles Lakers are in play for the versatile forward according to Ken Berger of CBSSports.com:

“They should trade him,” one Eastern Conference executive said. “No one thinks he’s staying. Everyone knows he wants to go to the Lakers.”

With the recent trade rumors circulating around Pau Gasol, the Lakers are obviously exploring all options considering the fact this season is quickly getting out of hand. The Lakers have lost nine of their last 10 and have numerous players injured, including Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar.

The only question moving forward is if the Timberwolves are interested in anything the Lakers have to offer. Obviously, Gasol would be the centerpiece of any trade, but the storied franchise has found it hard to move his contract.

Over the past few years, Love and Gasol have been mentioned in plenty of different trade scenarios. Although it may appear to be a stretch that the Lakers can land Love in exchange for Gasol, both teams appear eager to make a deal before the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 20 and could begin discussions on a blockbuster deal.

Recently, the Cleveland Cavaliers decided not to acquire Gasol from the Lakers in a swap for Andrew Bynum. The Cavs chose to deal Bynum to the Chicago Bulls instead due to the fact that the Lakers were asking for more than just Bynum in the deal.

As for the Timberwolves, it remains uncertain what Minnesota might want in return for Love, but it’d be safe bet to assume other teams could offer considering more than.

VIDEO: Wes Johnson On Waiving Shawne Williams, Team Remaining Positive

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  • Jabez Ledres

    get a high draft pick next summer…trade him for Love?

    • Jonathan Ly

      If the Lakers continue to lose, why trade a draft pick when Love can walk away from the Wolves in Summer 2015? I doubt another season in Minnesota being mediocre or even a first or second round exit team will convince Love to stay. Maybe he’ll do us a favor and try and convince Rubio to come too.

      • kobe love melo

        yes! i agree! we have a bigger chance compare to other teams”
        1.High School Team – Lake Oswego Lakers
        2.College Team – UCLA – Bruins (University of California, Los Angeles)
        3.his father Stan Love played for the Lakers during the 70′s,
        4.his family resides in California,
        5.Kevin was Born in Santa Monica, California

        • robotnik

          I thought his family lived in Oregon. Lake Oswego, to be precise.

      • Jabez Ledres

        either way it’d be awesome to have him

        • Jonathan Ly

          I agree with you, and it definitely matters what are pick is. Outside of the top 10 definitely trade, even within the top 10 trade for Love. Only reason not to trade is if we suck so bad we are in the running for Parker or Wiggins

    • Joseph Apohen

      A draft pick for Love? Are you serious?

      • Jabez Ledres

        depends on the pick man

        • Joseph Apohen

          Even if you get Jabari Parker and Wiggins, I don’t think you’ll get instant gratification that Love would give. I think it will take at least two more years to reach what Love can give immediatley, that is if the picks can reach their immediate potential. It is a gamble while with Love you know what you have immediately. He is a proven commodity..

          • robotnik

            Lakers have nothing to give for Love, bottom line. The guy is #2 in scoring and #1 in rebounding. What offer can the Lakers make? an over-the-hill C/F that can’t find his big boy pants? C’mon.

  • socali

    If we get Kevin Love then all bets are off. Fire D’Antoni immediately and get someone who will get these guys to play defense.

  • Daniel

    Love to the lakers would be amazing! But the lakers have nothing the wolves want. Maybe Pau hill sacre and swapping first round picks could get love to the lakers (assuming the wolves have their pick this year) because all the wolves articles I read say the wolves need more defense on their front court.

    • brandon Fernandez

      Trade Kaman and Pau along with Wes Johnson and Jordan Farmar for Love and Martin

      • Arjun Kahlon

        Haha why on Earth would Minnesota agree to that trade? They don’t want to lose their two best offensive players for a scrub, an average at best PG, and two old Centers.

      • nlruizjr

        get real, Love is good but not that good for a 4 for 2 swapp !!!!!

        • Joseph Apohen

          Four Volkswagen for a Ferrari? Are you kidding me?

    • Harley Knoxx

      Wow 3 for 1 would not work in this CBA. Pau makes more than Love.

  • Ben210

    Lets get this done!!! Gasol & Wes Johnson for Love

    • ‘James Edwards

      Y would Minnesota want wes??

      • Ben210

        Kevin wants to go to Lakers and Lakers only. So why wouldn’t Minnesota want something back in return. Instead of seeing him walk in 15′

      • johnnycomelately9

        I think they would want Gasol and Meeks. If push comes to shove Lakers can add Henry or Sacre. It works in the trade machine and I think would actually make the Wolves better. They’d also get a chance at pairing Gasol with Rubio, what THEY wanted all along?

  • Jim213

    May possibly happen 2014-2015 season. This is why IMO it’d be best to acquire more draft picks. Best if FO goes after SOLID starters 2014FA to help fill key starting positions while waiting to acquire another star player or two in 2015.IMO

    • Sti1lmatic

      Mos’Def, I can see something like this going down in the future (next season) but only time will tell.

  • Nashir Mohammed

    gasol will love to play with rubio, he’ll be down for it

  • 張棟崴

    We still have to fire the stupid coach if we want a ring.

    • Justin Ko

      so true

  • kobe24

    Only thing I see is a 1st round draft pick (2014) + Pau Gasol that Timberwolves might accept.

    Now, Love is great ( I think top 5~7 in league) and with Kobe that could be one of the best one two punch however, does Love have the defense down??? I know hes a great rebounded and I would love him to have my team any day but we need another big guy that can protect the rim. Love is a great overall player like Pau but Lakers have to sign another FA that plays good defense if Lakers want to win/ go far into the playoffs.

    • Ale Babba

      Lakers can’t trade our 1st rounder because the CBA says you have to have at least one. We can swap picks but that’s about it.

    • Marty Susman

      Can you spell, Greg Monroe :)

      • kobe24

        oh yes ;)

    • Joseph Apohen

      I really would like to see Love, Westbrook, Gasol, and Kobe on the same team, with Hill, Johnson, Young, Farmar, and X, with Rambis and Scott in the coaching staff.

    • johnnycomelately9

      No, you don’t know that the Lakers aren’t allowed to trade their 2014 pick. Wolves very much would like Meeks, Henry, Swaggy, Sacre, and Wes Johnson. Gasol Meeks would be an upgrade for their team over just what a unhappy Love gives them and it works salary wise.

      • robotnik

        The Wolves wouldn’t want any of those players even if it was 6 for 1. None of them are any good.

    • robotnik

      Love is no rim protector (not as tall as listed & T-Rex arms) and he gets beat at the baseline often. He gave Rambis fits because he wouldn’t even try to play D. That’s why Rambis was down on him, not b/c of the rest of his game – plus, when Rambis was there Love was fat. He doesn’t look like the Pillsbury Doough Boy anymore, though. Ever since Love played volleyball one Summer with Rambis’ son, he’s taken care of his body. I don’t see anything the Lakers can offer the Wolves. If Love goes, he goes to someone else. You’d better put your sites on another player. I say Love ends up with the Blazers, eventually.

  • quickster007

    Let Pau walks at the end of the season. The Lakers should have close to twenty millions. Hopefully, Nash will decide to retire that’s another 9 millions off the books. The Lakers can acquire center Greg Monroe(3 millions per season from the Pistons and get the power forward Kevin Love( 14 millions per season from the Twolves. When Kobe contracts ends in 2016,that’s 24 millons off the books. The Lakers can go after Klay Thompson, (hopefully his dad will talk to him playing for the lakers) Klay is making close to 3 millions from Golden State. The Lakers have a good chance in getting these three players mentioned The Lakers only need is a point guard and a small forward. The most important thing to do first is get rid of that no defense coach. HEY, TIME WARNER CABLE. Are you getting your money’s worth? Tell the Lakers front office to field a competitive team or ask for your money back.

    • Chaz

      I love much of what you are saying…but why go after Klay? His next contract is definitely going to be for more than he’s currently getting and the could focus on getting Westbrook for the point and figuring out the 2 and 3 later.

      • robotnik

        Westbrook has already had 3 knee surgeries. Are you sure you want to take a chance on that?

    • Louis

      I see Monroe going for no less than 10-12 million – take a look at the Pekovic deal; both of them post similar per 36 numbers so they will probably command similar salaries.

      There is hardly any point going after Klay in 2016 when there is Westbrook and other big FA names. Kevin Love wise, the TWolves may make a trade which would possibly make it more difficult for the Lakers to acquire the big man since it is rather well-known Love isn’t happy with them anyway.

      We should be looking at a solid PG who can pair with Love/Kobe in 2016 since Kobe probably can’t handle so much ball handling duties anymore (he’s better off not doing so anyway), and find ourselves some athletic wings who provide the 3 ball and some decent D.

      • kobe24

        Personally if KM can go 8~10 PPG/ with 8~10 APG (Something like Steve Nash’s stats) I think that is good enough. Kevin Love and Kobe Bryant are dominant ball handlers and we have a perfect “pass first” type of guy in KM. With Love and Kobe Lakes will have enough fire power in the offense and KM will do a great job (passing the dimes)

        • robotnik

          Kevin Love is *not* i repeat *not* a “ballhandler”. He does have great court vision, though, and makes a few good passes during a game.

  • jeff

    Yes please, whatever it takes.

  • Matthias

    Since Love wants to come, why not jut wait to sign him in summer2015? Keep this year’s lottery pick and trade Gasol to another team for more picks(although I really like Pau). We can sign one max contract after Kobe’s new contract kicks in. So have solid young players around 2 superstars.

    • Vince Staley

      Exactly !!

    • Bryan Torres Granell

      the lakers can’t trade this years pick

  • djsteez

    YESSSSS PAU & NASH for Kevin Love. Fire D’antoni, get better health & training staff for injuries. Hire Bernie Bickerstaff…..JK. But seriously hire a great defensive coach. Pick up Bynum (for defense & better rebounding). If he doesn’t show up in 1st couple of games waive him. If we do that & still don’t make the playoffs, rebulid in the summer.

    • Ryan T.

      Get better training staff for injuries? Gary Vitti has done as good a job as any athletic trainer in the league, if not better. He is the Phil Jackson of the athletic training staff, and he knows these players inside and out. You can’t buy health; at this point you have to count on the players taking better care of their bodies, or just attribute it to bad luck.
      And…pick up Bynum? Every team in the league knows he’s not worth picking up; that’s why he was used, after being advertised by the Cavs, as salary cap relief. He is in no right mind or shape to play the game of basketball, and you can look back on how the past two seasons have gone for him as proof.

      • djsteez

        Yeah, we’ve had way to many injuries these last two years but it’s probably just bad luck. I’ll cut Garry Vitti some slack because I didn’t know he was as good as you say he is. As for Andrew Bynum, he was the first somewhat easily available center that popped in my head. We desperately need a defensive minded center that rebounds well if they want to make a push for the playoffs now though.

    • LALA4Life

      Firing MDA is Lakers first priority either now or the offseason. He is the one the causing all the injuries, he is forcing them to play a up tempo off. with most of the players are 30 or older

  • kobe24

    If Love wants to come to Lakers sign him in 2015 (unless we get a really grade trade) get Joel Embiid. Lakers roster can look like this in 2015

    C: Joel Embiid

    PF: Kevin Love

    SF: Wesley Johnson

    SG: Kobe Bryant

    PG: Kendall Marshall

    I don’t know exactly how bench will pan out but I think this is a good mix of offense and defense. Since Embiid is a good defender he can protect the rim and Kevin Love can be the offense. Kobe Bryant won’t be able to stop fast SG so Wesley Johnson (our best defense at the wing) can help there. And Kendall Marshall will pass around.

    Lakers will have enough firepower behind Kevin Love and Kobe Bryant while getting great dishes from Marshall. And, Embiid and Johnson will be good defensive anchors for wings, and in the paint.

    • Ppl post dumb comments

      Newsflash embiid is predicted a number one pick in draft, lakers wont draft that high.

      • Dre

        we can dream

    • Dre

      WHO IS THIS GUY!!!…Yo no joke this is exactly what i said…get Love…go for Embiid if we fall far enough in the draft…and leave the rest of our squad alone except for maybe a back up center…because that is Young, Farmar, Hill, Kelly, and a back up coming off our bench….id prefer a better pg then Marshall or Nash at the starting PG position but we can work with him

      • kobe24

        loool haha hm… I think our bench would be nice but i don’t know if Lakers can afford that …Nick Young staying for Lakers??? Hard to see..his contract is only $1 mil hes posting great stats maybe he’ll opt out of his contract who knows.

    • Jc James

      Pick up bynum he a be cool in la he needs kobe in his ear again

  • Seth

    Whatever Love, go to the “cooler” place. Minny has built a great team around you and you still can’t make it to the playoffs. Have fun in the sun

    • Dre

      Minni has built a bunch of players who are playing for their own personal reasons….they havent built a team at all around Love…i need you to up your knowledge of the game pls

  • Johnny

    A trade with the Wolves will never happen. They’d rather see Love walk than take Nash, Wes (who they already let go once), Henry, etc. If the Lakers want him they better hope no one trades for him before the 2015 offseason. IMO I think the Suns trade for him and he signs an extension there. I’m sure he’d love to be a Laker, but I think just being on a winning team is his main priority. Suns can offer that and give Minny a great return package.

    • Jim213

      Suns fan?, last time I heard they had interest in O Asik.

    • johnnycomelately9

      Do they not desire to see Pau playing with Rubio? Wouldn’t they want Meeks shoring up their depth and offense? He’s also a great free throw shooter and has increased his value this season. That in a pick swap should entice them no? Plus if they’re going to lose Love than they get Pau instead or him off the cap and room to rebuild how they want.

    • Cindi Venable

      And why are you here trolling?

  • jaylor

    why not sign him outright at the end of the season and keep pau at C and love at PF ???

    • 3030

      Because he’s not a FA at the end of the season.

  • KobeKing24

    Simple we have the best to offer, Give Gasol and first round pick we have (we are not guaranteed top10 chances are we get top 11-15) and if need to offer Young, this is good for Wolves since they get an expiring contract with Gasol and get young player in Young, and get top 15 draft pick along with their already 1st round draft pick they have which will put them in great position to rebuild quick.

    • Eddy

      Lakers can’t offer their 2014 pick and Young and Gasol suck ass. Any other team can offer a better deal than that shit.

      • Cindi Venable

        You have no clue about basketball Eddy. Go hate somewhere else you loser. You are no GM and your opinion doesn’t mean shit. Lemme guess…..Miami fan? Lebricks ball masseuse? You sir, are the only ass sucker here. Fucking bum. Just hating for no reason. Go get a life douchebag.

  • MrJoepch .

    How about Sacre and D’Anbtoni for Love? :)

  • Sanity Prevails

    OMG you spoiled Laker fans don’t get it. Love may want to go to LALA Land being he is a UCLA guy and likes the area. However being top 5 in the league and 24 years young why the F would the TImberwolves trade him for a washed up point guard and an over the hill less effective PF? Pau has a decade on Love and a lot of miles. He may end up there but not for the trash your mentioning. Your going to have to do a multi team and send high picks and talent back.

    • クリス ♒ WΔV¥ ♒

      true . not sure why ppl think he’ll be traded this season . it’d be more plausible next season when he’s a free agent . but, as you know, us laker fans are spoiled lol

    • asdasd

      love is going to leave Minnesota anyways…Pau’s contract expires at the end of this year giving Minnesota cap flexibility if they choose not to resign Pau at the end of the year

  • Ale Babba

    Love belongs in L.A. He was great as a freshman at UCLA and L.A. can put the pieces around him to make us a contender again. This would obviously be the best case scenario for the Lakers even though it is a long shot Minne would be too excited about it.

  • Clinton Uba

    Kevin Love was destined to be a Laker.

  • Brandon Leong

    Really, i’ve been saying this since day one even while he was hurt, and dwight coward was in LA, we need this fellow alongside Pau

  • jumpman1221

    Doesn’t everybody wanna go to the Lakers??? Kevin is coming to Chicago with KD.

    • クリス ♒ WΔV¥ ♒

      Not with their cheap ass owners they’re not lmao

      • jumpman1221

        They had one of the highest payrolls in the league until they traded Deng, how is that being cheap?? They weren’t gonna waste money on a team that wasn’t gonna win, why would any owner do that.

        • Jim213

          K Love no but the Bulls may be likely end up in a better position than the Lakers/Knicks (bad signings = $$ tied up). Melo will likely end up playing with the Bulls if he opts out of his contract.

          Boozer may also be traded before deadline or get amnestied next off season. The Bulls will be a better fit for Melo given that their style fits Melos’s play.

    • Cindi Venable

      Keep dreaming buddy. Rose can’t even stay healthy.

  • DubNation

    Screw the lakers. Love is too good to be wasted in LA.

    • Kate Hudson Tits

      Why are you on this site??

    • Matt Williams

      Man STFU!

    • TTKIN

      Ok guys calm down. clearly this guy has nothing better to do with his life than to troll. So sad for his parents.

  • Lakers Fan

    I say the Lakers should draft Joel Embiid. He is a great rim protector, and is a solid scorer. Kareem could take him under his wing and really help him come into his own. If all goes well, the 2015-16 roster should look like this:

    PG: Lowry/ Farmar/ Marshall
    SG: Kobe/ Young/ Henry
    SF: Deng/ Johnson/ Young/ Henry
    PF: Love/ Kelly/ Hill
    C: Embiid/ Hill/ Sacre

    • Jose

      Nice team but won’t happen with all those players too much salary there. The Lakers won’t be able to afford all that.

      • kobe24

        Agreed, Lowry/ Deng alone will stop Lakers from getting Love. (This is where we wish Kobe’s contract was $15~17 million haha)

        • Lakers Fan

          Deng/ Lowry not worth a max contract tho. If we can hold off not giving away max money, it could possibly work. We still have enough for a max player, but it really all depends on how much they would pay Deng/Lowry.

  • Kate Hudson Tits

    I knew this was going to happen.

    Lakers will pick up:
    Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook.

    (Kevin Durant to the Rockets)

    ….Calling it now.

    • Matt Williams

      Originally predicted by Jalen Rose.

      • Asa Lewis

        exactly what I was going to say ! Glad people watch that podcast !

    • tommygunz

      That would be kool

    • Justin Ko

      westbrook and durant like the thunder tho

  • The_Sports_Dude

    It’s too bad David Kahn isn’t Minnesota’s GM anymore. We could’ve offered Nash, Farmar, and Blake, and he’d be all over it.

  • Jethro

    lakers must get their first round pick. sign and trade any player for Love. sign MELO this july. play the 2015 finals . yeaahh

    • Sylvia Ross

      Melo, will only come to LA if they get rid of DANTONI!!!!

  • Ben Kosharek

    So “one Eastern Conference executive” said…? Seems legit haha. I will say though, I don’t mind this discussion being started to create some buzz. Do it!

  • Daryl Peek

    Boy every time Love farts the rumors mill turns up on the Laker front. lol

    • Jim213

      SMH, this one is valid but one thing is wanting and the other is FO, SMH.

  • Mitch

    Lakers 2014-2015
    PG Kendall Marshall+Aaron Brooks
    SG Kobe Bryant+Jodie Meeks+Xavier Henry
    SF Luol Deng+Wes Johnson
    PF Kevin Love+Jordan Hill+Ryan Kelly
    C Joel Emiid+Robert Sacre

  • Lakers fan 241610

    Lakers in my option wouldn’t give up much to get Love maybe Gasol and one of our role players or maybe just gasol since him and Rubio or great friends and Rubio has been dying to play with Gasol.

  • David Ojeda

    Trade for Love and sign Bynum as a free agent in a few days and we are going to the playoffs believe it or not

    • TTKIN

      Who do we have that the T’Wolves want for Love? We have no draft picks and no assets. No way in hell the Wolves are giving up Love for an over-the-hill Gasol who is going to be a free agent and wont resign with a team that will never be a true contender. IF the wolves trade him, and I dont think they will cuz it aint even a contract yr and theyre stupid enough to think they can keep him, theyd only trade him for a Melo-type deal where they get a ton of good players and picks.

  • 5xob

    Pau hill farmar henry for love and Muhammad yell

  • 5xob

    Lol@ people including wes like they didn’t basically didn’t mind him leaving them in the first place yell

  • Gary

    Easy now folks. Min has love until next season. Now he might be a Laker eventually, but I highly doubt it will be at next months trade deadline. Unless their FO is smoking something really strong, Min will want some value in return and I don’t think an old horse like Pau will cut it. Best case is just wait and sign Love as a FA to pair with whomever -hopefully top 5 talent-the Lakers draft this July.

  • Bordz

    Kevin Love , Kyrie Irving and Nate Robinson.. Uncle Drew’s Crew will be a good addition to LA :D

  • Lee McClain

    The deal can get done we just need other teams to get involved.

    • johnnycomelately9

      No they just need to want Meeks, Henry/Johnson and Gasol. The trade would give them cap flexibility and role players to compliment Gasol.

  • J Taylor

    Wait until next season when the Timberwolves face the reality that Kevin either walks or opts into his 1 year extension and forces a trade.

    Signing Deng and some other piece to trade at that time might be in order for the next upcoming free agency period.

  • JohnC

    The trade Pau for Love is nonsense.

    Not because Love is a younger player – and Minnesota won’t agree – but mainly because it would sell new t-shirts the first year, sure… but the trade DOES NOT guarantee anything.

    To replace is not the solution for the LA Lakers to win a championship, but to add.

    Try and keep Pau at a lower price (as a free agent) + add Love or Melo or ? + Kobe when he’s back + a good bench you already have + add a couple of new, young talents in exchange for a number of players you don’t use… and ONLY then LA will be a contender.

    Love + Kobe + bench is 100% the same as Pau + Kobe + bench against Miami, the Spurs or the Thunder.

    • johnnycomelately9


      That team, a mid level player in the 1st rounder should be able to compete but obviously it might take 1 or 2 of those role players to get Love.

  • John Paulo Hudiata

    GET LOVE !

  • A Clown Mike Brown

    Okay winners versus losers is the first thing i look at before a team acquires a player.In the case of Kevin Love he is a loser he has done nothing but lost games since entering the NBA.He has yet to reach the playoffs and he pads his stats and his defense is garbage.No reason to get excited over nothing.He is not a franchise player and he is a player who has never won anything in the NBA.Bad influence on the locker room because he brings losing with him.

    The Lakers are a team full of players that have lost their entire careers.The Lakers have a loser like Wes Johnson he has never won anything and he has missed the playoffs ever year he has been in the NBA.Then you got loser Chris Kaman a 10 year veteran who has never been in the playoffs.Also Nick Young has never won anything the most he ever did is enter the playoffs with the Clippers other than that nothing but a guy who loses games with no playoffs every year.Kendall Marshall is young but he is doing a lot of losing with the current bunch of losers he is surrounded by.

    Kevin Love is a loser and that is a fact he never made the playoffs.Me personally would hire LeBron James before i ever hire Kevin Love.Pau is a winner and Kobe is a winner.Hiring a winner is very important.Winning mentality.

    • Jose

      Do you think that if LBJ was available the Lakers would not sign him? But your assumption that these guys are surrounded by losers is a little baseless. They have Kobe and Gasol so I know there are a few rings there. That these guys are not on the court all the time does not detract from how they influence the team. If Kobe speaks in that locker room you mention a player that would not listen.

    • Cindi Venable

      You are a fucking idiot dude…..unbelievable.

  • クリス ♒ WΔV¥ ♒

    Lmao at most of these trade proposals .

  • Harley Knoxx

    Pau for Kevin Love works but Pau makes more than Love. I believe Wolves would have to throw in a scrub. But Wolves would not do that trade unless Love pulls a Melo. However Pau has been playing better maybe there is a chance. Yeah and maybe MDA becomes a defensive minded coach and wins a title.

  • TheLotusPod

    Trade picks and several players for Love. Resign Pau for cheap after season… Then bring in Carmelo… Next years starting 5…. Kobe, Melo, Love, Pau and which ever PG. All 3 would be at their natural positions too. Jus sayin… I love Pau and would love for him to retire a Laker…

    • TTKIN

      What picks?

  • red

    Kevin Love to Lakers. Mark my words. Don’t know how, don’t know when but I am certain on this. Rubio & Pau together with Pek at the middle is a blast. Kobe & Love team up is a sure bet. But Doug Collins must be the coach.

    • bnavarro8

      You know mitch works miracles! Lets see how this plays out !

  • GS 57

    Gasol and blake for Love. rubio and gasol would give minnesota lots mor einternational appeal

  • Harley Knoxx

    Pau for Kevin Love works but Pau makes more than Love. I believe Wolves would have to throw in a scrub. But Wolves would not do that trade unless Love pulls a Melo. However Pau has been playing better maybe there is a chance. Yeah and maybe MDA becomes a defensive minded coach and wins a title.

  • Jordan Ha

    This makes sense in that Gasol is interested in playing with his Spain teammate (Rubio). However his contract is going to force the Wolves to bite their tongue and give up player value that’s worth more than the Lakers. It’s a deal all Laker fans will dream of but expect a the same feeling that came with Chris Paul’s failed trade.

  • Tony Tellez Diaz

    Love is just one of those players that belong in a Lakers’ uniform and would eventually get his jersey retired as a Laker.

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