Lakers Rumors: Could Dante Exum Force Himself To The Lakers?

Lakers Rumors: Could Dante Exum Force Himself To The Lakers?


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Australian phenom Dante Exum has made it clear that he is a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. Exum had also made it known that he is a fan of the great Kobe Bryant, and even signed with Kobe’s agent, Rob Pelinka. With the 2014 NBA Draft only a mere three months away, teams are starting to take notice of Exum’s clear favoritism toward the Laker organization.

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Much like how Kobe forced himself to the Lakers in 1996, Sean Deveney of Sporting News is reporting that some executives are fearing that Exum could do the same:

But would Exum go so far as to try to angle his way onto the Lakers, who currently have the fifth-worst record in the NBA? That’s the concern among some front-office executives around the league.

The Lakers are positioning themselves for a top five pick in the upcoming draft, and with players like Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins possibly available, it will be interesting to see what direction the team chooses to go in. As much as Exum would like to play for the Lakers, there is no guarantee that he will end up in the city of Angels.

As Deveney points out, players have tried to control their destiny before and failed:

When Ricky Rubio attempted to land himself with the Thunder, Clippers or Kings in ’09, all three teams passed on him and he wound up going to Minnesota.

The Lakers will most likely select a pick that fits in with their upcoming plans for the 2014, 2015, and 2016 off-seasons, when they will go after the likes of Kevin Love, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook. Should they feel that Exum does not fit into their plans, the team will pass on him in hopes of drafting a player who fits into their long term plans.

Exum is a phenomenal player, but if the Lakers end up with a top one or two pick, it would be hard for them to pick a player who skipped college, over the likes of Joel Embiid, Parker, and Wiggins.
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  • Pepe Covarrubias

    there’s only one player that is actually better than him.. and thats Jabari.. I hope we get one of those two

    • kobe24

      I’d still take Wiggins, Embiid -> Jabari

      Past month Wiggins/ Parker numbers aren’t that differnt but Wiggins plays great D unlike Parker.

      And Embiid…well…he just has massive potential

      • Kay Carter

        Gotta agree with you, rather see us draft Wiggins bkuz of the Defense and Embiid of Course bkuz of potential and defense in the paint to pair with Love and hopefully Kyrie or Westbrook

    • Jim213

      There’s only 3 players I’d consider and Exum is the second b/c Jabari will go 1 or 2. Embiid will likely remain in Kansas an extra year as he doesn’t like his game and feels he can progress it with an extra year in Kansas.

      “If the Lakers end up with a top one or two pick, it would be hard for them to pick a player who skipped college, over the likes of Joel Embiid, Parker, and Wiggins.” ??

      Embiid isn’t coming out and Jabari will likely go one and two. Must not have watched Exum’s play but yes Exum still needs to refine his game but there’s great potential there aside of his strong defense.

      Likely one of a few players who’ll be able to keep up with D Rose and Westbrook on the defense end as he also has a quick first step.

  • iDontCare

    I don’t know about him

  • Shannon

    Dante is a hard worker, idolizes Kobe, likes the Lakers and clearly can ball BUT I think the Lakers need a BIG that plays great defense, like Embiid, more than they need a flashy young PG. That’s just my thoughts.

    The executives around the NBA are always concerned with what the Lakers are doing and who wants to come play for us. Mind your business! Damn!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Andrew Wiggins is the guy to draft.Dante is also a top option.Love Jabari also.

  • hookedonnews

    Not sure how he would go about forcing himself to the Lakers. No guarantee that the Lakers want him, although he sounds like a good prospect. It depends on what the FO considers the greatest need and whether they want to meet that need through free agency or a draft pick. There will be good PGs available in the next few years. This team could use someone with the offensive abilities of Amare Stoudemire who is a great rim defender.

  • JohnSmith00

    This f@#king infatuation most of you have with Embiid is becoming sickening. Over the last two decades every single TRUE center (that means no PF/C hybrids like Duncan) has either become a bust, a journeyman or had major success but ended up being injury prone. Have we already forgotten about the Andrew Bynum debacle, as well as part 2 of the Dwightmare saga.

    I’m not trying to hate on Embiid because I wholeheartedly agree that his potential is sky high. But in a league where Guard’s and SF’s are heavily favored because of the fast paced tempo it’s currently adopted, Center’s are the odd position out. Which is why Wiggins; Parker and Exum are the most logical options.

    • Kay Carter

      Except Embiid is an athletic center like Howard -_- and can Guard the paint

      • JohnSmith00

        The Lakers can always shop for a paint and rim defender, here are some examples from the 2015 free agent class:

        Al Jefferson
        Omer Asik
        Roy Hibbert
        DeAndre Jordan
        Marc Gasol
        Tyson Chandler

        • Kay Carter

          Thought i replyed to this….but that’s true, Al nd Asik will most likely come here…Roy nd Jordan are playing on good teams so i doubt they will come to us, Gasol isnt gonna come bkuz his brother not gonna allow it nd Chandler is just to old for us to target lol

          Personally im just one of those dreamers who want a dominant big man for this team again, since all our ships came when we had one, Wilt the only exception with just 1 ship (but i think bkuz he nd the team was older by the time he came to us)

          From Mikan,Wilt,Kareem,Shaq then Gasol (shaq coulda had more than 3) so for me i would like for us to groom some1 like Embiid who have great potential nd have a better attitude than bynum smh who could have had the potential minus injurys and bummy attitude

          Embiid is a taller Howard but a better scorer…you dont see to many athletic centers that’s 7 feet, he has the potential to dominant

        • Shannon

          Why “shop” for one when you can get one for the rookie scale, keep him long term and who is way younger then pair him with better free agents like Kevin Love? You know how much those guys will command? You aren’t making any sense. Why waste money on them when you can get a guy for the low low and spend it on other talent? Bigs are harder to come by than guards which is why OKC got rid of Harden and kept Ibaka. Guards are a dime a dozen.

          • JohnSmith00

            I’m making perfect sense the problem here is you are choosing to see it from your perspective. Which is exactly what Carter posted and that is that you think that big’s are more crucial to a team than small’s.

            Fact is wherever there has been a big there has been a small leading the way, for example on the Lakers; Wilt had West, Kareem had Magic, and Shaq and Pau had Kobe.

            There is a reason guards are a dime a dozen it’s because and once again to reiterate, they are CURRENTLY far more valuable than to a team than a center. You point out players like Bosh and Ibaka yet you don’t state the obvious.

            Which is that with Harden gone from OKC they are clearly a worse team, and Bosh has never been a great defender. Hell Pau is a better defender and like Bosh both who have often referred to as soft, yet both won back to back championships.

            So once again and for the last time I’ll say this, taking a kid like Wiggins, Parker or Exum would be the most logical choice. Because their ceilings have been compared as such: Wiggins = Lebron, Parker = Carmelo and Exum = Kobe.

          • Shannon

            Uh not at all and I don’t see where “Carter” said anything about that. I never said bigs are more crucial, I said the Lakers need a big. Reading comprehension is critical here.

            Again, where did I say that we don’t need guards? You seriously think I believe we just need a big and he’s going to play 1 on 5 or something? Please let’s stop being foolish. The Lakers right now need a big, bottom line. Someone who can defend the rim. They have Kobe and I specifically said with drafting a big that leaves room for other free agents to come here instead of spending a large sum of money on bigs on the FA market who are going to be old and command a lot more money.

            You have got to be kidding. If they were more valuable they wouldn’t be a dime a dozen. Bigs are hard to come by these days, good talented bigs. Ever heard of supply and demand? Seriously. Wow.

            How are they worse without Harden when they are currently the #1 seed in the best conference? Oh right because like I said they just got some other guards to fill the void and what do you know-it actually worked! Bosh is not a terrible defender and I specifically said, once again you do not pay attention, that besides Bosh they have a lot of talent so the Heat manage to get by. The fact that you said Pau is a better defender yet again proves to me you are less than smart.

            The Lakers chances of landing Wiggins or Parker are slim considering they will be the #1 and #2 choices and there are teams worse than they currently are. Who cares who their ceilings have been compared to? There is no telling how these guys will turn out. How many guys have been compared to Lebron, MJ, Kobe, etc and have failed? That’s irrelevant.

            The fact is the Lakers will, like most teams, just take whoever is the best option at their time to pick. I have no beef with Dante. I like the fact that he’d love to be a Laker but you don’t write off centers and pf’s because they “might” have bad knees or “might” be like Bynum, who btw helped us to two titles. That’s just stupid.

          • JohnSmith00

            I just can’t help but laugh because it’s the same EVERY SINGLE TIME with you casual fans. Call me presumptuous for saying this but I always seem to know exactly what someone is going to say even before they say it.

            For example “Reading comprehension is critical here.” is something that kept running through my mind as I read each and one of your comments. I couldn’t help but wonder, how long before they say I’m “misinterpreting” their comments.

            Your problem is that you are extremely ignorant and misinformed, my problem is that I refuse to go into a detailed discussion with fans who can’t even remember basic knowledge of the NBA.

            FOR EXAMPLE “Bynum, who btw helped us to two titles” somehow in the best year of his career could not help the Lakers 3peat. And that’s coming from a former die hard Bynum fan who supported him through the endless trade chatter, “bad attitude” bashing, and eventual departure.

    • Shannon

      And who do you expect to guard the rim when the Lakers are giving up 50+ points in the paint? Cause the guards aren’t getting it done and the teams are the top have bigs who can do that.

      Clippers-Griffin and Jordan

      Miami-Bosh and em

      • meep

        Don’t forget Marc gasol and Noah. Teams need good bigs yes there some fast pace teams but really only a few can pull it off and the heat still get over powered from time to time

        • Kay Carter

          True, Memphis and bulls just lack offensive power

        • Shannon

          I didn’t include Marc because his team isn’t one of the top teams currently but true, he is a defensive stopper. Noah as well. Miami can get away with it because they have a lot of talent so Chris Bosh and Birdman will suffice but yes, even they struggled with the Pacers who were their only competition.

          There is no sense in saying an NBA team doesn’t need a great big man, in fact it’s plain ol’ stupid.

    • meep

      Fast pace team or not every team needs at least one good big. If you look at almost every team they all have a good big and lakers need one though the draft or free agent lakers can’t get a ring till they have a good big who can defend the rim

  • Marty Susman


    • cyborgspider

      Youtube “dante exum” and you’ll see a couple videos where he’s playing with his Australian team and another one where he’s playing at a Hoops Summit. You can see for yourself (to me he’s a bit Westbrook/early Kobe)

    • meep

      Let’s just says like all drafted picks he could be a bust or with his talent he could be the next big time PG he that good base on his play and what people say

  • Johnny

    I can’t wait for the draft. The day the rebuilding jump starts. Kiss my ass Stern!

  • robert

    I want Wiggins, most up side in my opinion. Exum is a find young talent, I’m sure he’ll be a very good player in the NBA. He has good size for a point guard, 6′ 6″. He seems a little lite at 188 lbs though, I’m sure he’ll bulk up. He’ll probable end up at the wing/shooting guard depending on the team he ends up with. Again, in my opinion…. If he is playing for the Lakers, that just means we ended up this the 4th over-all pick, I couldn’t see use taking him over Wiggins, Embid or Parker.
    The 4 players in mention will all be very good if not great players in the NBA, it’s going to come down to who’s willing to put in the work, the work that separated Kobe, Michael and some of the other greats.

  • purplerain53

    Farmar and Marshall can get the job done at point guard, till next year, when we go after Kyrie Irwing. Right now, if we have the first or second choice on the draft day, we have to pic Joel Embiid. That is the guy we need. Wiggins and Parker are also good prospects, but at 3 we have N.Young, X.Henry and Wes Johnson. Our biggest needs are to upgrade the front court. That is why, if Embiid is already taken, we have to go for Julius Randle.

  • Robert Kaufman

    Here is my plan for the Lakers. Young will exercise his option and Sacre is under contract for next year already. Get Nash to retire and then stretch his salary over three years. Re-sign Meeks, Marshall, Williams, Henry, Brooks, and Kelly. Sign the following free agents: Greg Monroe (C), Pietrus (SF), and either get Lowry or Irving at PG. Draft Exxum and one other decent pick. That probably puts the Lakers payroll at just about $58M, 17.7 under the cap. Then in 2015, sign Love and do not re-sign Young. That puts you about a million under the expected cap. Then, when Kobe retires in 2016, sign Durant with that money. You will be under the cap and your starting lineup will be Irving/Lowry, Exxum, Love, Durant, and Monroe.