Lakers Rumors: Clippers 3 Way Trade with Lamar Odom & Mo Williams

Lakers Rumors: Clippers 3 Way Trade with Lamar Odom & Mo Williams


The Lamar Odom saga with the Dallas Mavericks is about to come to an end with Mark Cuban and company working a three-way trade that would send the former Sixth Man of the Year to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Over the past week or so, the rumors surfaced of Odom’s return to Los Angeles with the Clippers, but it has been uncertain how the deal would get done until now.

Reportedly, the Mavs are attempting to trade Odom to the Clippers and will need a third team to get involved. That third team may very well be the Los Angeles Lakers. The three-team trade would send Mo Williams to the Lakers in exchange for the $8.9 million trade exception received in the deal for Odom last year according to Marc Stein of

“Sources told on Tuesday that one team to express interest in Williams is the Los Angeles Lakers, who still have a trade exception big enough to absorb Williams’ contract that they created when they dealt Odom to Dallas.”

This proposed three-way trade would be a brilliant move for all three teams involved. The Lakers will be rid of the trade exception they’ve been sitting on since the Odom trade while bringing a veteran point guard without sending a player elsewhere or using the mini midlevel exception.

As for the Clippers and Mavs, Odom would help bolster their bench with another offensive weapon while Dallas can finally put the situation with the veteran forward behind them without worrying about a buyout or taking on the $8.2 million he’s owed for next season.

If this trade does go through, the real question for the Lakers moving forward is what to do with Ramon Sessions in free agency. Even with the acquisition of Williams, the Lakers may still sign Sessions long-term, but there’s a chance that Sessions may no longer want to stay in L.A. with another point guard on  the roster that is worthy of the starting role.

At 29-years-old, Williams still has a lot of basketball left in him along with the desire to win a championship. Playing alongside Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum is something that will almost certainly intrigue Williams with the prospect of winning an NBA title with the Lakers on the horizon.

It’ll be interesting to see if there’s still some tension between Odom and Blake Griffin after a scuffle a few years ago in which both players were ejected. The tension will almost certainly disappear once they’re both wearing the same jersey if this deal goes through.


  • Makongo

    Bring Mo William in purple nad gold. Great idea

  • Sti1lmatic

    This can’t be any worse than Kapono or Troy Murphy.

    • Moveover Andbark

      It was funny, some nights Murphy would get like 10 boards, but it didn’t seem to make much difference. A “shooter that can’t shoot”…that’s what the Lakers always have in their “inventory”….

      • Tomk777

        Gouldlock was a shooter that COULD shoot, and they didn’t play him, so go figure.

  • Omar A. Gonzalez

    mo got game, can he stay healthy?

  • Sean

    If trading Bynum and whatever for Deron Williams is not going to happen, then the Lakers need to seriously pursure Moe Williams.  Problem is, this deal might open the door for Dallas to acquire Deron?

    • Tomk777

      Deron is staying in Brooklyn, Clippers get better but so do the Lakers, With Two good point guards, Mo and Sessions, the Lakers have a strong front court, AND a strong back court, trade Jordan Hill for Beasley and were set.

      • Alex

        Do not trade Hill for Beasley, Hill is solid and young, meaning that if we trade Pau or Bynum we still have back ups. Lakers need to find another way to get Beasley.. Which shouldn’t be hard as he was almost traded for Fisher.

  • Anthony Altemari

    Hell no…Get Lamar in December for cheap…

    • Odom the player

      No way Odom suck.Why can’t people like you understand that!!!!!!!!!!

      • Specms

        I agree but I am a laker fan so let the idiot clipper give us a quality player and they can have mr kardasian

    • rvpartsguy

      Lamar won’t be available in december…and I’d rather have someone else take the chance and see it the guy has any ball and heart left…cuz he definitely didn’t show it in Dallas after he cried and demanded to be traded

  • MrMidnight David Benton

    smart move on dallas part for making room for Deron Williams if this goes throw, now lakers need a sf like a Nicolas Batum.

  • TheAntiCrust

    Lakers should have gone after Mo Williams as soon as they had hired Mike Brown. I was ok with with him a year ago. But could the Lakers trade the exception and their #60 pick (that’s all they got) back to Dallas if that’s what all 4 (Dallas, Lakers, Lamar and Khloe) wanted???? It would sure beat him coming back and playing for the million dollar vet minimum, even though he doesn’t need the money. Wonder if the TV show would rather have him on the Clippers, the more exciting team? I still think the Lakers should have gone after Kris Humphries for the 72 hours (days) he was married to “miss wunderbuns”…he could have gone Hollywood (taken a little less salary, made it up in endorsements) , been in LA with the “family”, made KIM happy as her man would be a Laker like Lamar was for Khloe, but then that would have disrupted her skanking thing.

  • Zachary Allen Leiby

    MO is a great player who can run and offense and create his own shot

  • Victor Monroy

    I think this is a great trade for the 3 teams involved!

    As a Laker fan, I would be happy with the aquisiton of Mo Williams.
    I’ve always admired his game and I think he can bring more to the table than Ramon Sessions.
    However, I think the Lakers should still pursue Sessions so he can give Mo some rest.
    Sessions would be great off the bench.

    I am a bit dissapointed that Lamar Odom isn’t returning to the Lakers, but oh well.
    If this happens, it’ll be worth it!


  • Rolando310

    It would be a good pickup since no star point guard wants to come to L.A. Cant trade Barnes and Blake they are free agents. Need to trade bynum if you are not planning to give him max money after this season. 

  • Rolando310

    My only concern is his health, he seems to get injured at some point in every season.

  • Lakersfanfromwayback

    Has anybody considered this deal would help the Clippers and Mavericks more than it helps the Lakers and the Lakers barely won their division this year without Lamar playing for the Clippers. Dallas wins in the deal by clearing up money and space for Deron Williams, which makes them even stronger as competition. The Lakers need to hold off and see what comes out of the draft and you can bet there will be more free agents out there to pick from in July. Mo Williams would be a good pickup, but why rush to do the deal, isn’t Mo William about to be a free agent soon, so why rush? Williams has until June 30 to make a decision on the final year of his contract. All the Lakers have to do is convince him to move across the hallway and play for the Lakers, then they still have their exception and it would only cost $3.5 million above Sessions salary. This way they don’t help the Clippers and if they want Lamar back they can wait until December and and he can come back on his own, plus Dallas would be paying his salary until they do a buyout!

    • Victor Monroy

      Never thought of it tht way.
      Not a bad isea, at all!

  • wonger42

    Hopefully, Mo learned a few things from Chris Paul and can bring it to the Lakers.  I’m in.

  • George C Roundtree

    Jim Buss & Mitch Cupcake should quit dragging their asses and make some moves!!!!


  • Fezsisoid

    I think the lakers made a bad move getting rid of Fisher & Odom.  What were they thinking?  I’ve been a Lakers fan since I was 16 & now 58.  Gasol needs to pay more attention, instead of gawking around all the time.  Thia is just my opion.  You had a good team, but no you had to go & mess things up.  Fix it.   Bring Odom back & Fisher.  Sis

    • goutman00

      I agree with you Fez…Lamar can play great basketball when he wants to and Fisher has that swagger they were missing in this years playoffs.

    • markjsunz

       Odom became a nut job plus you have to deal with the Kardashians and Fisher had the worst numbers of any guard in the league.

      Personalities are one thing but roster spots go to the best available player. Had Odom handled himself like Pau did when he found out he was almost traded he would still be a Laker.

    • Jordan Kuo

      Lakers had to mess it up because Stern vetoed the trade that would have sent off Lamar.  Then he got butthurt, so why keep a player who emotionally does not want to play for you anymore.

  • Alex

    They should make this pick up Mo Williams, re-sign Ramon Sessions and try and make a trade that involves Steve Blake and Matt Barnes to get Michael Beasley. Then possibly trade Pau Gasol for Josh Smith if possible to fill the PF position along with a fairly solid back up in Jordan Hill. 

    This will bring:
    Scoring off the bench.
    Young legs.
    Lower salary costs.
    Championship contenders.

  • Amf2450

    why dont we bring Adam Morrison again.. hahahahhaa

  • rodni

    buss boy ask FAT NED LA DODGERS  FOR HELP

  • enrique

    mo williams as the starter would be pretty good.

  • Hambone

    Get Mo. Get Beasley. Trade Gasol to draft P111 from Baylor. Trade MWP to get point from Kentucky, and Roll. Champs Again.

  • Lalaker12

    They should use the trade exception on Drajic when they deal with Houston. They aren’t getting Dwight.  I read that the Lakers maybe trying to trade Gasol for Josh Smith. At least he wouldn’t be afraid to attack the rim.

  • J Taylor

    This move only makes sense if we plan on keeping Gasol the entire year. If we plan on trading gasol, we would miss the opportunity to have Odom and his length.

    Odom in a Clippers uniform is a mistake. Putting the the most emotionally tempermental guy in the league in the uniform of the enemy in a hostile city like LA is folly. He goes from hero to traitor with the flick of a pen.

  • Lalaker12

    Getting Mo Williams while helping Dallas and The Clips isn’t a great deal. We need to focus on the bench, bring those rookies along, Get rid of Blake, Murphy if you can. Pick up Lowry, Scola, Drajic and sign Sessions and pick up Beasley which Mitch should’ve done when he had the chance twice last year. Or deal with ATL and trade for Smith.  Then trade Bynum for Dwight straight up. Okay I’m dreaming about the last part..maybe?

  • RYK

    Jones I believe u got it right on the dot!!!
    Lakers should wait cause they have leverage…worst case scenario lakers end up with the same team and 66 games and full training camp for next season…keep in mind all the all the. Changes that occur last year for the lakers: new coach, new assistant coaches, new system, new role players/bench, no training camp/practices due to strike, Kobe with wrist/nose injury…I believe they did pretty darn good if you take everything into account…and I repeat, this would be worst case scenario…

  • Rooyltaylor

    I hope this trade comes off,Sessions is not that good,Bench player;What about the guard from mich.state,whats his status,

  • Dmarquezoliden

    The lakeshow has plenty of offensive weapons sitting on the bench, honestly we should have traded Murphy instead of kapono because Murphy has a flat shot, need to get rid of gasol if he is not gunna play like a champ, Bynum needs to step it up more and be consistent with his points, lakers defense needs to improve dramatically, defense leads to offense, that is why we always blow the second half, since Kobe can not trust teamates with confidence his confidence drops and pressure builds up more, this is why his clutch performance wasn’t all that great…. Will would be a good start, but I don’t think that’s what we need. We need a back up center, and a back up at the second position.

  • Cristina

    I’m a big Laker fan, but I think it’s time to move on, no Fisher, no Odom. I think the Lakers are still a great team. We just need a better bench. Get Kobe some help  and for Bynum to GROWUP.( since Lakers decided to keep him) GO LAKERS!!!