Lakers Rumors: Byron Scott, Steve Kerr Interested In Lakers Coaching Job Reviewed by Momizat on . In the midst of the resignation of head coach Mike D'Antoni, the Lakers said that their search for a new coach would begin immediately. And almost instantly, a In the midst of the resignation of head coach Mike D'Antoni, the Lakers said that their search for a new coach would begin immediately. And almost instantly, a Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Byron Scott, Steve Kerr Interested In Lakers Coaching Job

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In the midst of the resignation of head coach Mike D’Antoni, the Lakers said that their search for a new coach would begin immediately. And almost instantly, a number of coaches expressed their interest.

Former Memphis Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins has said that he would be interested, but a familiar face let it be known on Time Warner Cable SportsNet that he wants to be the next Lakers coach:

Scott had been linked to the Lakers job previously, and he would seem to be a good fit. He is a former Laker, with a great reputation, a defensive mind, and has led teams deep into the playoffs.

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But another popular candidate for a number of coaching vacancies is Steve Kerr. Kerr had been linked to the New York Knicks job for weeks, but Sirius XM’s Ben Higgins reports he has interest in the Lakers:

While Kerr has never been a head coach, he did spend three years as general manager of the Phoenix Suns, helping construct the team that made it to the 2010 Western Conference Finals.

With the amount of big names already expressing interest, it seems as if the Lakers head coaching position is still one of the most sought after jobs in the NBA, even if the Lakers are coming off a bad year.
BREAKING: Mike D’Antoni OUT, Resigns As Lakers Head Coach – Magic Johnson Says He Couldn’t Be Happier

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  • vdogg

    all in for byron. not a big steve kerr fan. nice guy, but he has never coached before. b scott deserves a shot. he is a laker through and through. he has developed PGs like chris paul and kyrie irving and my dream scenario has him doing the same thing with dante exum.

    • kobe24

      That is if we get Dante Exum…

      Still I feel like he can do good work with a guy like Marcus Smart also, unless Lakers are planning on going for Kyrie Irving and trading (if not top 3) to Wolves for Love

      • vdogg

        well i did write that it was my dream scenario, did i not?

        • Jim213

          Some real solid options for the FO But I’ll still be reserved being that more interest will be shown in the coming days and few weeks.

          • beatrice652

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          • Donald T Sterling

            Beatrice, be my biznatch, and i’ll give you a ferrari, bentley, and a condo.

  • KingEmperor

    their are both can be very coaches for the lakers and they improve the talent of our draft pick like marcus smart or dante exum..

  • independentbynature

    We need B. Scott and Joel Embiid.That’s my dream scenario.You don’t get your coaching experience for the Lakers.You have to come with it in your resume already.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Like Pat Riley?

      • independentbynature

        OK,you got me there.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Byron Scott, please. I think it would be nice to give one of our own a chance at the job. He also has great defensive skills.

    • Daspin

      My impression of Byron Scott is he lacks charisma. Just doesn’t have the it factor. Besides after hearing him on TV today he seemed to be making excuses before even applying for the job by criticizing the teams personnel and using injury as an excuse for playing badly. Would you hire someone who repeated the excuses of the guy who was just fired? I want a can do attitude, Byron isn’t that guy.

      • Levels

        Your impression is off… If you have watch Byron on TWSports Lakers show, lack of charisma is not a phrase I would use. Secondly, he was comment on the season the Lakers had as he did all season long when he appeared on the pre and post game shows. And yes he used professional decorum on a coach who was just fired in combination with the thoughts he is and will be a highly considered coaching candidate… it’s Byron job to lose.

      • Joseph Apohen

        Byron has no charisma is right. Always has that scowl on his face and crosses his arms, a sign that he is unapproachable. However, he mentored Kobe and that might be a plus. Bring Fish for an apprenticeship and that might be good. George Karl is a nice guy and his teams usually have winning records but never got to the promise land. He also did not do well coaching the Olympic team in Greece when we had all those superstars like Bron and Carmelo. I think i’d like to consider Jeff Van Gundy and Kevin Ollie. Jeff did well in the past and Ollie, being young and 12 years in the NBA has a good resume. This is going to be interesting.

      • Marcus Reyes

        no charisma? like Mike Brown?

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I fully back Byron to take the Lakers Coaching job he is in my top 3.But Coach Lionel Hollins is way up there for me also.Kerr i am not sold on.What’s his coaching style and what credentials does Kerr have as a coach?Keep the candidates coming we need to find the best fit for the direction we are wanting to go in and that’s winning a NBA Championship and after that to always be a championship caliber team with contention in mind every season.May the best man get the job.
    Good luck!

  • KingEmperor

    coacn byron scott and lionel hollins are both good coaches they can develop our draft pick especially if the lakers draft point guards like marcus smart or dante exum..byron scott develop the talent of kyrie irving and lionel hollines develop the talent of mike conley jr.

    • Lakers Fan

      It’s hard to choose between the two. I wish we could have them both lol.

      • john

        hire scott as head, then have hollins and rambis as an assistant (if they so choose to be there, who wouldn’t, lots of great minds)

        • john

          or add kerr as an assistant too to get him some experience

      • KingEmperor

        yeah its very hard to choose men..

  • Lakers Fan

    Man this is a tough one. I like Scott, but I like Hollins too. It’s hard to ignore what Hollins did for Memphis, my home city. The way that team was playing, it had the city in an uproar about how good they were benefiting from Hollins’ coaching. He took them a step further every year he was there, and that’s hard to ignore. Scott on the other hand took the Nets to the Finals, so he has somewhat of a winning background as well. Honestly, I’d bet happy with either one.

  • KingEmperor

    Hollins coached the memphis and they become the number defensive team in the nba at the same time marc gasol win the defensive player of the year award..

  • lakermatt84

    Maybe Scott with JVG as assistant. Van gundy has expressed he’d like an assistant role on a bench and he is a GREAT coach

    • lakermatt84

      Screw it give Derek fisher a chance as an assistant too

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      If an 8-9 postseason record with 4 first-round exits in 9 tries qualifies you as a GREAT coach, then Mike D’Antoni is VERY GOOD.

      JVG — 8-9 postseason record, 0-1 in finals, 4-5 in first round
      MDA — 5-6 postseason record, no finals, 3-3 in first round

      • lakermatt84

        I don’t know man, he did great things with that Knicks roster to get an 8th seed to the finals in the first place, and Houston were very unfortunate. He’s a very smart coach in my opinion, and could be a fantastic addition if only as an assistant.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          This is how I will always see Jeff Van Gundy

          • lakermatt84

            The funniest brawl in nba history

  • JohnSmith00

    Mike D’Antoni’s biggest problem was his arrogance like so many coaches these days, they can’t seem to recognize their own faults and try to make up for them by asking for help. One example of that would be looking to add an assistant coach with head coaching experience, just look at the pacers. Vogel added Nate McMillan and they went on to achieve the best record in the east this season. Even though the pacers may currently be in a bit of a free fall it doesn’t change the fact that two heads are better than one, no pun intended.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      D’Antoni supposedly asked for McMillan and had Kurt Rambis as an assistant.


    Byron Scott is the man for the job and he deserves it, if we can land Byron Scott i get the sense we can expect a big 3 team trade coming up very soon adding Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love with the pick up of Carmelo Anthony. The lakers FO is on a great path right now and at this rate Mitch and Jim are keeping Jerrys legacy alive and thats please the fans. Steve Kerr fits with Phil

    • kookiebuger

      That would be a train wreck, you would have 3 ball dominant players on the same team (Irving,Kobe,and Melo) and that would be one of the worst defensive teams.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      What video game did you try this on to land Kobe (23.5 million), Carmelo (23), Love (16), and Irving (7) on the same team together? And Kookie’s right, Kyrie would never give the ball to Kobe or Melo, and that would NOT go over well.

  • ezekiel

    Byron Scott for the head coach, here’s the line up, Kobe,pau gasol,jordan hill,farmar, nate robinson, lance stephenson, kevin love, steve nash, meeks. nick young, xavier henry, luol deng, kyrie erving

    • ezekiel

      first 5 pau gasol, kobe, kyrie erving or nash, kevin love, lance stephenson.
      second 5 Jordan hill/sacre , nick young, farmar,nate robinson, meeks/henry

      • kookiebuger

        You realize Mike resigned, right? Since he resigned and wasn’t fired that might still mean the Lakers are targeting 2015 so them trading their pick and going after Stephenson,Robinson, Love are all unlikely.

  • Jabari

    I was watching TNT and Charles Barkley said the Lakers stink and they are gonna stink.Well his whole comment was based on the idea the Lakers have a weak roster and that Kobe will never be as good as he was and how healthy is he really.All this talk and Charles said Mike D’Antoni is a good coach and he probably didn’t want to comeback to the Lakers because they will stink next season and be mediocre.Yes the Lakers must make major roster changes and make sure Kobe Bryant is healthy and ready for next season.Also the new coach coming in must lay the gauntlet down on the players and make sure they respect and follow his lead.

    Make sure the players dress like pros coming into the building and act like pros in practice and in film sessions.The next coach must run a tight ship in order to succeed.Lakers have a lottery pick and tons of salary cap space and a little birdie told me LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony both have strong interest in joining the Lakers.It’s the biggest off season in Lakers history.Jim Buss becomes Emperor!

    • ra

      Charles Barkley: perennial Laker hater. If he sees a pile of s*** on the ground, he says ‘that s*** stank’. He sees a plate of spaghetti, and says ‘that’s macaroni on the plate’. He only makes statements that have ‘been obvious’ to the rest of the world, and adds a ‘negative Laker spin’, in any way he possibly can.

      Here’s an obvious fact: Barkley == no rings.

    • independentbynature

      Barkley always engages his mouth before his brain.And he’s always hated the Lakers.

  • jhob18

    As a former Lakers, with years of coaching experience, Byron Scott deserves to have a shot as a Head Coach, with former teammate Kurt Rambis as Asst. Coach, certainly that would do great for the team. Coach Hollins is also a good choice though with what he has done with Memphis. Then again, its all up to Mitch Kupchak and his group to choose whoever best fits the position. Hopefully, they will choose the right one this time to lead them back into contention.

  • ra

    Kerr – No. Byron Scott – No. We need a Championship Level coach. I would have Doc Rivers first on the list, followed by SVG. After that, Lionel Hollins, Coach K, Kevin Ollie. I would even add Avery Johnson to that list.

    We want a coach next year who will attract the FA’s of the 2015 draft, and even this year as well.

    What’s good (for the Lakers) about the D’Antoni decision, is that they don’t have to fire him next year, and hope there are coaches available ‘next year’. We can have a ‘great coach’ be the magnet that attracts players now – then, they have a full year to prove themselves. If it goes well, then we’ll have FA’s next year who might even flock to LA. This is fortuitous for us.

    We’ll have to wait until the playoffs (Finals) end. If the Clips lose, then Doc can ‘easily’ jump ship (whether Sterling is still owner, or not). If the Clips win, Doc is staying, and the NBA is ‘saved’ (from the Sterling disaster). But that’s all spec., so let’s see how things play out in June.

    • independentbynature

      Please….no Celtics !He covered up our banners….And he’s under contract.Lets get real.

    • Levels

      Ra, just saw this post by via…Josh

      Did a little research on coaching candidates I keep hearing, and here are their post-season coaching records (by series, not games)…

      1. Byron Scott – 7-4, 0-2 finals, 3-1 first round
      2. Scott Brooks – 6-4, 0-1 finals, 3-1 first round
      3. Rick Carlisle – 11-8, 1-0 finals, 6-3 first round
      4. Stan Van Gundy – 9-7, 0-1 finals, 2-5 first round
      5. Avery Johnson – 4-4, 0-1 finals, 2-2 first round
      6. Lionel Hollins – 3-3, 2-1 first round
      6. Frank Vogel – 3-3, 2-1 first round
      8. Alvin Gentry – 2-2, 1-1 first round
      9. Mark Jackson – 1-1, 1-0 first round
      10. Jerry Sloan – 18-20, 0-2 finals, 11-9 first round
      11. Jeff Van Gundy – 8-9, 0-1 finals, 4-5 first round
      12. George Karl – 13-22, 0-1 finals, 8-14 first round
      13. Nate McMillan – 1-5, 1-4 first round
      14. Kurt Rambis – 0-1, 0-1 first round
      So if were going by PO and Championship level coach I think this is the list we should go by…

  • Lakers4Life

    Steve Kerr all the way.

    • independentbynature

      All the way to the Garden.Your first head coaching job can’t be the Lakers.You have to earn it.

  • KB24

    I am sure we are going to DRAFT THE 3rd OVERALL PICK WHICH IS EMBIID

    • KingEmperor

      if we are going to draft number 3 pick i will pick either andrew wiggins or dante exum..also i love the game of marcus smart he can be a franchise player for the lakers in my opinion..

  • James H

    I think they should hire Byron Scott and then Scott should get Michael Cooper and Kurt rambis as assistant coaches

  • lala land

    Isnt d fish retiring this season why not give him a shot with the success of j kidd and mark jackson as rookie point gaurd head coaches I think fish would be perfect hes one of the few people kobe respects!! And has great leadership qualities not to mention he could recruit kevin durant ina few years

  • Jabari

    I have the answer to the Lakers coaching vacancy and that is Mitch Kupchak yes have Mitch Kupchak pull a Gregg Popovich and become the new coach.Yes players are going to play harder for any Coach/GM like they have for Popovich or Larry Bird.Yes Mitch Kupchak Lakers Head Coach and GM that is EPIC!

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Mitch has never coached. Pop coached under the great Larry Brown before making that move.

  • Nalin Shukla

    These coaches are great for developing players…but we need to go for broke for Kobe’s 6th title..I say go after coach k! Again

  • Zimmeredge

    Isńt steve kerr a triangle type of coach? If yes then he won’t coach the Lakers. He won’t be Lakers’ next coach.
    We have to remain patient. Jackson and vogel, if fired, will be on top of the list asap. Now my top three by order of preference and thinking about the rebuilding process i will say Kevin Ollie, byron Scott and Lionel hollins. Those are my favourite coaches.
    1- I love ollie’s mentality. He is young. He builds team on the court and off the court and has a lot of charisma. Knowing that the roster will get younger within 2-3seasons we will need a coach for the future. He studied in la.
    2- Scott seems logical too because he played for la and has a lot of référence as a coach. But isńt he a princeton offense type of coach? Or at least he needs a great pg to play with. Kidd, Paul or irving were the most important players. Kobe Bryant eventhough he can facilitate he is not a pg.
    3- Hollins has great defensive vertues as a coach. He is a good coach at grooming young guys at making them understand that they have to understand their role and fully buy into that particular role to remain important and useful for the team. He is definitely good at building team and has this father-like attitude. He has a positive effect on the players psychologically. He has charisma too.

    • Levels

      Your assessment is wrong about Byron, less your comment about he being a Princeton Coach was just posed as a question remember Byron is a disciple of Pat Riley, who played an up tempo offense and very stingy defense. And lets be honest every coach, team and organization needs a good to great pg, and great to very good players also…

      • Zimmeredge

        Some coaches rely on pg others on centers on other on forwards and wings. Jackson never played with good pg, i mean a dominant passing-shot and ball hogging pg like stockton, magic or Paul.
        The key thing is that Scott is like mda in his approach of the game (the ball has to move a lot although the pg creates the game for everybody) except he wants to beat his oppenent on the glass like riley. That was riley’s motto remember rebound=rings.
        You see the problem… We do not have a dominant pg and we are not an effective team on the glass. We can run yeah but not that much because the pg dictates th tempo and also because Kobe cańt run anymore and Pau too.

        • Levels

          Ahh, gotcha… yes youre right… and know that I think about it… sometimes B.Scott pushes his point guards the way POP does, except POP got rings; and I’m sure at some point in the process of the Lakers search a lot of people will start to do some research and remember the clashes with J.kidd and CP3, albeit not serious though it will be some things that some posters will pick up on…

    • Levels

      Kevin Ollie did not build that team, those are Jim C, guys … he has only been coaching for 1 year… he needs more seasoning before dealing with a guy like Kobe….

      • Zimmeredge

        2 seasons and he was handed the job directly from calhoun. He was his assistant and he had to fought back from a banned post season.

        • Levels

          Do you think he’s ready for that job, we all know that Coaching the Knicks, Celtics and the Lakers aren’t normal coaching jobs… and he will have to deal with a Kobe Bryant who is hell bent against not having coaches without some type of cache, though he won the NCAA title… I think it would be best the Lakers go with an coach that can stand toe to toe with Kobe without blinking…

          • Zimmeredge

            You have two ways to Talk to superstar player with big ego: you either try to measure yourself toe to Toe against Kobe and Proove you are right asap or you try to be diligent and “educational” make him buy your plan. I think we need a guy with experience. Ollie have a lot of experience because he have watched the game a lot. He was, most of the Time, a bench player and so he studied the game. He had multiple coaches throughout his career. He has the ability to make his voire heard in the locker room. But He’s really strong at building a chemistry. Fight for each other. Etc etc
            No matter who’s the coach he will have to act smart. We have rumors about d-Fisher. I think the next coach should hire him as an assistant coach. To give confidence to the fans. This way they have a familiar face in the new coaching staff
            Ollie in his approach seems to have the same approach regarding the players as hollins. Build a team, understand your rôle and right for each other. He has a fathership type of attitude with his players.

          • Levels

            Thanks for the info and education, really wasn’t familiar with Messina. And I do believe whomever id the next coach there has to be a familiar face from the Lakers family on that bench with a strong presents a lot more than Kurt did…

  • 3339

    both are really smart options. Byron obviously knows the Lakers very well and more importantly knows Kobe really well.
    Steve Kerr I think will be a great coach wherever he goes because I think he can relate to players very well and he’s not afraid of pushing star players. He did tell the great Michael Jordan to get him the ball in the Finals before.

  • Aldo

    For me i look for Coach John Calipari to accept the Lakers Head Coaching job.When Rex Chapman tweeted it was a done deal he obviously knew something and he was privy to some inside information that he likely got straight from World Wide Wes or perhaps John Calipari himself.They all later denied it but that was to cover their own asses the excuse was oh the Lakers have a coach oh no they don’t have a coach.Also this is the peaceful mutual split the NY Times was talking about weeks ago.Coach Calipari is a business man and he loves the major spotlight and also he loves making big money coaching and the Lakers offer him both.Done deal.

    • Zimmeredge

      D’antoni resigned. He was not fired. The idea was to keep him. MK said it during the exit interview. Mda came with the idea to have a full two seasons to work and build a team correctly. Fo didńt want to activate the option. Mda resigned. Period. No behind the curtain moves in here. They just part ways because they had a different pov.

  • Zimmeredge

    I will add ettore messina at 4th choice just because he is the best european coach, a master mind on offense who knows How to play with the players’ qualities and also he play though bball.

  • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

    Phil: Steve, the job is yours, but wait for the Lakers job to open up. Then express interest, I’ll hire you in New York, and the Lakers fans will hate Jim Buss and love me even more. It will be great!

  • Kobe Will Get 6

    My Suggestions:

    Kevin Ollie – Coming off a championship at UConn it seems like he would make a good fit and can have a major factor with future free agents such as Kevin Durant, who spoke high of him.

    Derek Fisher – heard that he may be looking to coach after this season. Although, unaware of what he can bring to the team, he is respected by players in the league, especially with the most important person on the roster, Kobe. If not a head coach it would be nice to see him as an assistant head coach.

    Byron Scott – I think he would be just fine as the coach, just not sure if he can bring us a championship, but hopefully I am wrong about that.

    However, if I had the choice, I would consider Fisher as an assistant and either Ollie or Scott as the head coach. I also hope the Lakers consult Kobe on who should be the coach, especially since the last one allowed Kobe to overplay and suffer an achilles injury (not necessarily choosing, but rather his input).

  • pthegenius

    My vote is for Lionel Hollis. Steve Kerr has never been a coach before and the Lakers do not need a coach to be practicing on them. NY is a better fit for him. LIONEL HOLLIS is the best man for the job…I think

    • Levels

      Man… pthegenius.. I think Lionel Hollis is a GREAT coach, leader and man.. the only thing I would be concern with is the relationship with Kobe… We all know that Kobe is an Alpha Male… and make no mistake Lionel is just as Alpha…


    Byron Scott, coach. Kareem, Worthy, Rambis, Michael Cooper, assistant coaches. #showtime.

  • Donald T Sterling

    Fcuk it, i’ll coach the lakers.

  • Hire Everybody

    Just throw in money. No specific head coach, but hire Nate Mcmillan, Lionel Hollins, Byron Scott, all to be coaches of the Lakers.

  • Chimp6

    Byron Scott PERIOD !!!!

    But it will probably end up being another one of Jimmy’s genius drinking buddies :-(

  • k


  • Frank

    Ok my Laker peps its between Byron Scott for Kyrie Irving or Ollie for Kevin Durant do I have it right?? Out of the 2 which one do you think is best???

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