Lakers Rumors: Byron Scott Considered ‘Leader’ In Search For Head Coach Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="279"] Following the news of Byron Scott being interviewed for a second time by the Los Angeles Lakers for the vacant head coaching position [new_royalslider id="279"] Following the news of Byron Scott being interviewed for a second time by the Los Angeles Lakers for the vacant head coaching position Rating: 0
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Lakers Rumors: Byron Scott Considered ‘Leader’ In Search For Head Coach

Following the news of Byron Scott being interviewed for a second time by the Los Angeles Lakers for the vacant head coaching position, the consensus is that the three-time NBA champion is the frontrunner for the job.

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According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, Scott is the leader in the coaching search for Lakers:

Multiple league sources with knowledge of the Lakers’ hiring process have told ESPNLosAngeles.com that Scott is considered the leader in the clubhouse at the moment, but the search still has several more stages to progress through.

With the Lakers possibly done with the first round of interviews, Scott emerging as the frontrunner comes as no surprise. Ever since being considered a candidate for the job, the former Laker has won over the majority of the fans of the franchise as the coach they want on the sidelines next season.

Along with winning over the fans, Scott has also maintained a close relationship with Kobe Bryant over the years potentially giving him the advantage against the competition.

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One of the main things the Lakers brass want out of the next head coach is the ability to get the most out of Kobe in what could be his final two years in the league. A close relationship with the superstar would almost certainly help get the most production out of Kobe.

It remains to be seen if the Lakers are sold on hiring Scott to be the next head coach. A rumor surfaced earlier this week about the team potentially holding off on hiring a new coach before finding out if they can land a superstar like Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James in free agency. Although unlikely able to sign LeBron or Anthony, waiting to see if it is possible to bring in another superstar might be a course of action the team could take.
Top Lakers Head Coaching Candidates

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  • Lance

    Spurs To Hire Ettore Messina As Assistant Coach

    Jun 10, 2014 7:52 PM EDT

    Ettore Messina will join the coaching staff of the San Antonio Spurs next season, as first reported by Corriere di Bologna’s Daniele Labanti and confirmed by Sportando.

    Messina was an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers under Mike Brown during the 11-12 season and was considered last year by the Atlanta Hawks.

    Messina was most recently head coach of CSKA Moscow.

    Via James Herbert/CBS Sports

    Cross Messina off the Lakers coaching search list now.

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  • Dorian Holden

    I’m still having a hard time with the Byron Scott hire. This would be the mans 4th head coaching job. That just spells Retread to me! What’s he gonna do here that he couldn’t when he got fired those other places! I mean he lead the Cavs to a then record 26 straight loses. The talent level on the Lakers is very similar to that team. Smh!!!

    • Tune

      I wouldn’t go that far as to say the talent is similar.

    • V.lawrence

      Thank you. ……..!!!

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Sources: Two teams explore McMillan’s candidacy as head coach

      June 10, 2014, 11:00 pm

      MIAMI – Two NBA teams with head coach openings have reached out to the representatives of Indiana Pacers assistant coach Nate McMillan, league sources informed CSNNW at AmericanAirlines Arena on Tuesday night.

      Contact was made merely on an exploratory basis to gauge his level of interest, said a source who requested anonymity. Being that the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers are the only two teams currently without a head coach, I think it’s safe to speculate that they inquired about McMillan.

      As of now, McMillan, 49, has not been brought in for an interview nor is there one scheduled, sources said. Though, that can change any day.

      As a head coach, McMillan has a successful overall record of 478-452 in his two stops that include the Seattle Supersonics and the Portland Tail Blazers. He has made it clear in the past that he would very much like to be a head coach in this league again, but reiterates that it must be the right fit and culture.

      Last season was his first year with the Pacers.

      Chris Haynes, Trail Blazers & NBA Insider

  • Srk

    Kobe would just walk all over him. Kobe had a ton of respect for D’Antoni but look how that relationship went. Byron also has a history of players turning on him as well. Byron is in the same boat as Brown and Antoni, and is probably worse than both of them.

    Someone like Hollins or JVG would be better suited for them. Both won’t allow Kobe to walk over them, which would earn Kobe’s respect. And both are much better defensive coaches than Scott and his outdated philosophies. Even George Karl would be a better choice even though his offensive style doesn’t mesh, sincehe at least has a history of regular season success.

    Hiring Byron Scott would be the 3rd coaching mistake they’ve made when it comes to hiring coaches.

    • Stone Cold

      dantoni and kobe are not close. b. scott and kobe are very close. it would be a great fit. it can be like the nets where he lead them to the finals back to back. b. scott & hollins would be the best fit, either way is cool. yo vape

      • Tune

        I’m for Hollins right now with Scott as a questionable backup if we can’t get Hollins for whatever reason. Getting Hollins and Gordon in the draft could be good for LA.

        • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

          Hollins plus any of Smart/Gordon/Vonleh would be something I’d look forward to.

      • ra

        maybe not close, but Kobe watched D’Antoni play in Italy when he was a kid, and chose the number ’8′ originally because it was D’Antoni’s number in the Italian league.

        Of course, that was the past. Things soured quickly, when Nash got injured and when it was clear that D’Antoni would not cater to ‘bigs’.

      • Tuth B Told

        Kobe might of respected D’Atoni but he never Trusted him.

        • Stefan J

          Kind of like Michael Corleone respected but never trusted Hyman Roth

    • ra

      Hollins is clear #1 choice now. We need a fresh approach. Look at Pop. He’s the best coach in the NBA now, and knows how to optimize the talent that he has – and get to Championships year after year. Hollins knows how to make use of the talent that he has – not quite Pop, but from the same school of thought.

      Another coach that few have talked about is Avery Johnson. Avery would work well with Kobe. He’s good with superstars, and has spoken favorable about Kobe for years.

      • Jim213

        ?! who’s had a second interview w/FO? But if Hollins can adapt his style on the offensive end then he’d be a solid candidate tho he’s top 2 until/if someone better comes along IMO.

        • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

          Hollins did adapt his style. I read he originally wanted a more fast paced style, but the team just didn’t match that. So, he catered to their strengths (inside-out half court game), and slowed the ball down and they flourished. Hollins claims he can, and will, adapt to whatever personnel he’s given. Sounds good (especially after D’Antoni) lol

          • Jim213

            Then he best pitch that to FO given many analyst have him as a slow pace coach. But hopefully another option comes along aside of both Scott and Hollins.

    • Cassandra Marino

      your absolutely right thank you bryons to soft we need somebody with a big ego no messing im in charge and that’s hollins lakers must sign him or were going nowhere in the future

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      If Hollins and JVG are so great, why has there been so little interest in either? Fact is there are no proven coaches available who anyone really wants. That’s why the coaches hired so far have been mostly first-time coaches–Kerr and Fisher. JVG hates the Lakers and Kobe would tune him out Day 1. George Karl would be a Rudy T-type disaster. Scott has built contenders out of nothing twice, and I think he is the perfect guy for the Lakers job.

  • kiko

    Hire George Karl or Jeff Van Gundy and mike woodson and lionel hollins as Next Head Coach LA Lakers

  • guest

    byron scott welcome home! will be nice to have a coach thats on the same damn page as the players for a change.

  • purist

    If the Lakers hire Byron Scott i am very scared.Just a scary feeling with Byron in charge of the Lakers team.I like Byron as a player not as a coach.Scary idea of him possibly coaching the Lakers and if he fails how do they fire him.Too scary.NO.

    • V.lawrence

      We need a coach that is a coach and not a buddy of Kobe. That’s great off the court but not on. Kobe.has a strong personally and when dealing with a friend it’s easy for him to have his way. This is time to look forward and not backwards. It’s not about Kobe but about the Lakers. If the Lakers win so will Kobe. We need Lionel Hollins…….!

  • Jim213

    Agree, Scott is the front runner until someone more polished comes along which would move him to an assistant coach position. If the Spurs beat the heat would Pat Riley decide to coach again to try to keep Lebron around? What would happen to Spoelstra?

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I like Nate he is a good dude.He loves coaching both sides of the court.

  • independentbynature

    Byron Scott is the man for the job.Some of you people have some very stupid reasons for why he isn’t.

    • ben

      Why should he be hired? He had only four winning seasons out of 12 seasons he’s coached. “Because he gets his players”, okay, but that didn’t translate to his last thre coaching gigs. Are you saying he did give a fuck about the teams he coach before since it wasn’t L.A? FUCK NO ! Truth is, Byron sucks, and just because it’s L.A, doesn’t mean he’s gonna thrive.

      • Truth B Told

        Which one of these coaches beside Scott have taken a team to the Final Once? Let alone Twice.Some of you need to PAY ATTENTION. All these coaches with these winning records are on these sidelines because they cannot go past the playoffs.

        • Ben

          Yeah, and aside from those two finals, what can we base him of off ? Are we judging coaches based on finals apperances now? He can’t even get the Cavs into the playoff in a WEAK eastern conf. People, past success `won’t help the present, his two finals DON’T mean shit to mE.

          Lionel took a team with NO superstar from 24 to 40 in his first season. He took a troubled Z-Bo and turned him into a top 5 PF today. In his FOURTH season he was able to clitched a four seed and make it to the conf finals, all with NOT EVEN HALF THE TALENT BYRON HAD IN N.J AND N.O

          By the way, after his second finals, he was fired due to a 22-20 record. Nice way to lead his team back to the finals, right? Hahah

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            In Hollins’ first full season with the Griz, the team brought in Zach Randolph. Also, Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, and OJ Mayo were all VERY young and improving. People want to give all the credit to Hollins, but that roster had a lot to do with the improvement.

            If I remember correctly, the Nets lost Mutombo and were dealing with a ton of injuries at the beginning of that season when Scott was fired.

            The Hornets got moved to the much tougher western conference (and had tons of injuries) and won 18 games in Scott’s first season, and he improved that team to contention in only a few seasons.

      • LAstory

        And just what had Lionel Hollins done other than the 1 year with The Grizz, have you forgotten Toronto and the years in Memphis before that 1 year? I can say Lionel sucks…what has done??? Please enlighten us on just what he’s done to get this job. And please don’t refer to the 1 year the luckily got to the WCF and LOST…

        • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

          Other than that one year? He took a squad that didn’t have star talent and improved their win % and defense each and every year. Memphis is not a team that spends money nor attracts top talent. That squad was mediocre, but Hollins took them and brought the best out of em. Can’t be said for Scott.Those two finals trips are impressive, but that doesn’t mean much when the coach who took over after him was still able to get that team to the 2nd round of the playoffs consistently. Are you saying Byron Scott is a little bit better than Lawrence Frank? After the Nets, he had one pretty good season in New Orleans, but fell off and got fired. Then, no improvement in three seasons with Cleveland.

          • LAstory

            No, I believe Hollins is a great coach and if hired by the Lakers I would be a happy camper… I admit that I am a B.Scott guy, but would be happy either way….. I just dislike people having to dismiss what Byron did to lift Lionel has done and Lionel record stands for itself… and whom ever is hired we need to support him whether if its Byron or Lionel… I was trying to be facetious…

          • V.lawrence

            That was a very decent response…..!

      • independentbynature

        Scott’s experience turning losing teams around and his coaching philosophy(pressure defense and read and react offense) make him the right choice.Like I said,stupid reasons.And he had 5,not 4 above .500 records.It’s your evaluation that sucks.

        • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

          His pressure defense resulted in 21, 29 and 58 point losses in one playoff round. Are you counting his HALF SEASON as an above .500,record? Not sure that really counts *shrug*

    • Cassandra Marino

      there not stupid there facts u people just like him because hes part of the laker family who cares

      • Truth B Told

        Yes we care……..Everybody is not caducive to the Big Stage…..Scott has played for and coached a bigger market team.It’s not for Everybody.Ask D’Atoni and Brown.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      Here are my reasons.

      Scott was a head coach for a Nets team that was in a weak Eastern conference. In those two finals series, the Nets had two wins. Two. Sure, he got them to the finals, but he had a rift with their star player (Jason Kidd), got fired midseason, and then Lawrence Frank went on to get them into the playoffs for the next few seasons after. Not too much of a drop off between Scott and Frank.

      Then, in New Orleans it took him until his fourth season to rise above .500. That season they had 56 wins, got to the second round of the playoffs. Then, it went downhill. Fewer wins the next season, out in the first round, including a record setting 58 point loss. Fired during the next season. Second time he had been fired IN season in two head coaching gigs.

      Then, he got a shitty situation in Cleveland after James left. However, with a ROY PG in Irving, his win % went from .232, to .318, and back down to .293. They didn’t show consistent improvement. He was fired from his third coaching job at this point.

      This is why I’m not a fan of Scott. I think many people are blinded by his Lakers ties, and overrate his two finals appearances. Compare him to a guy like Hollins who didn’t have Rookie of the Year PGs, who didn’t have potential future hall of fame guys running point, a mediocre squad in the WEST was able to improve his team each and every single season he was the head.coach.


    make nash a coach! lol
    trade pick for kyrie

  • Alberto

    Does Byron guarantee us Kyrie Irving will become a Laker?If so then maybe.

  • Truth B Told

    Let Me Break It Down………Of all the coaches some of you have mentioned…How many have reached the NBA Finals not once but Twice?How many have been named Coach of the Year? How many have a Championship ring(s)Played with the greatest point guard of All Time,Mentored two of the best point guards in the NBA to ROY(rookie of the year)honors(CP3 and Kyrie Irving).Have good relations with his players(1 of the reason why cp3 is in LA because he didn,t like his firing and Irving didn’t like the firing)……These are the intangibles……Scott is the right Hire.

    • Cassandra Marino

      u wrong the reason scott has all of that is biggest he was playing in the east and the east sucks so its easy to just skateby everybody while the west was way tougher and hollins maybe didn’t bring them to the finals but he brought them to the wcf that’s impressive in a tough west with a bunch of role players hollins is a true tough coach we need him

      • Truth B Told

        Pay Attention……..When Scott took the NEts to the Finals twice…..they had good teams in the East……That’s when Iverson,Reggie Miller etc was playing in the East.

        • Cassandra Marino

          ur right but scott needs superstars around him to make him look good I don’t think he would be able to bring la far even with kobe and bunch of role players our defense would okay iguess but with hollins our defense will be lik the pacers top10 in the league for sure and he will bring us deeper in the playoffs I don’t care if hollins never made it to the finals

          • Cassandra Marino

            hollins doesn’t need a bunch of superstars kobe’s enough. get a bunch role players that play defense like ed davis blatche randle hill

          • LAstory

            Hollins didn’t have superstars in Memphis and he was knocked out the playoffs…

          • LAstory

            All coaches need superstars to win… In the last 20 years there hasn’t been 1 NBA that has won a championship that didn’t have multiple superstars…. Byron Scott is the man for this Job….

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Detroit Pistons in 2004?

          • LAstory

            Damn you Evan, lol…lol… I thought about them just after I hit the sent button!!! I was going to go for a stretch and say Rip was a superstar… but having creditability on the site is more important… good catch bro…. so OTHER than that Larry Brown led team….lol

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Haha good call. If the Lakers weren’t a dysfunctional bunch, that might not have happened. But you’re right, it’s a superstar league. It’s impressive as hell getting a star-less team to the WCF though. I’m on the Hollins bandwagon, myself.

          • LAstory

            I’ll be happy with either one… to be honest…

  • Spencer

    The Lakers have the worst scouting department in the NBA.Letting go of the great scout Ronnie Lester was a huge blow to the Lakers scouting department.Also not having the great Jerry West here to evaluate talent is a huge loss.Mitch Kupchak has a terrible track record drafting only decent player they got was the troubled injured immature Andrew Bynum nothing else worthwhile.Other teams like the Spurs scouting department have this on their resume Tony Parker pick 28,Manu Ginobli Late Second Pick,Splitter,Leonard pick number 15.Also they drafted Goran Dragic pick number 45 and Luis Scola they traded them away though.

    Yes the Spurs scouting department helped find players like Danny Green,Patty Mills and the team helped develop them into championship level role players.Spurs took a chance on Boris Diaw while the Lakers just stood back and did nothing when he got bought out from the Bobcats,i remember clearly saying the Lakers should get him and if they don’t they will regret it he will lose weight and get back in good shape.I said don’t cut Gerald Green and develop him but the Lakers cut him and kept scrubs instead.

    Yeah it’s bad scouting that the Lakers have.Byron Scott is a mediocre coach and he has no idea how to scout players so nothing will improve.The Lakers need much better scouts it’s a must with international players being hidden.BTW i vote no on Byron Scott.Keep on searching for a head coach.

  • TrutHurts

    I already feel bad for Byron when the Laker fans, oh, let me rephrase that, I meant when the Kobe fans turn on him and blame him when the Lakers have another mediocre year.

  • Ty

    I think Byron will be spending more time trying to be Kobe’s friend, and thus keeping the job, rather than doing some actual coaching. Whoever is coach needs to be empowered by the FO to give him some real authority so he actually can stand up to Kobe when need be, like yanking him from a game if he goes off on his own going 1 on 5 and ignoring the offense and the other 4 guys wearing Laker uniforms.

  • Chris

    I like Scott but I have a hard time picturing him as an elite coach compared to the rest of the league.
    Two questions:
    1. Which of the available coaches can you see going toe to toe with some of the top coaches like Pop?
    2. Which of the available coaches can you see winning it all at the end?
    I can’t see Scott being the answer to any of these two questions. Do you? And if not him, then who?

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      I’m a fan of Hollins after seeing his work in Memphis. Improved win % and defensive ranking each season as head coach. Give him a Lakers roster, budget, and allure? I like the looks of it.

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    Can we please just hire Hollins and start turning our attention to the draft in a couple weeks? Hollins did impressive things with a Memphis roster with average talent. Improved win % and defensive ranking EACH season in the WESTERN CONFERENCE, took a team with no true star to the WCF. He then coached Marc Gasol to a DPOY award. He is respected by his teams, and is willing to coach to their strengths and mask their weaknesses (as evident by the pace of his offenses). Give him a scorer like Kobe, a #7 draft pick in a fairly deep draft, and free agents like Deng in 2014, and Love/Asik in 2015, and you could see a tremendous squad being led by Hollins.

    He was let go from Memphis for a “philosophy” dispute, mainly due to analytics. I don’t know about the Lakers, but from what I understand our philosophy is basically just “win”.

  • dayton

    if lakers hire scott pursue irving and kobe duo but if u hire hollins pursue a love kobe duo.

  • J Taylor

    Byron is the safe pick, and a good placeholder until the team can turn things around and get a legitimate coach.

    The team could be looking that the next 2 years will be treading water, and that they will wait until Ollie, Thibs, or Rivers come available.

  • borsalino12

    Hollins brought in 2013 his Memphis team to the West finals without any superstar. M.Conelly, Marc Gasol and ZeBo are good role players, but not superstars. If they had a better bench, I am sure, the Grizzlies would play in the NBA finals.
    Byron Scott is a Laker, but as a head-coach, we need someone, who can change the culture of this organization and install a program. It is not only the rebuilding, we need. The coach has to select the right players to take this team back to the throne. I don’t think Byron Scott can make this happen. Lets put it this way. He may be a good coach, but not good enough for the best franchise in this sport. Period.

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