Lakers Rumors: Brandon Roy Confirms Comeback. Do Lakers Take Look? Reviewed by Momizat on . The Lakers are looking for some bench help this summer and players from Dwight Howard to Deron Williams to Lamar Odom to Kyle Lowry are being thrown into trade The Lakers are looking for some bench help this summer and players from Dwight Howard to Deron Williams to Lamar Odom to Kyle Lowry are being thrown into trade Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: Brandon Roy Confirms Comeback. Do Lakers Take Look?

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The Lakers are looking for some bench help this summer and players from Dwight Howard to Deron Williams to Lamar Odom to Kyle Lowry are being thrown into trade or free agency fan discussions to see if there is anything out there to help get the Lakers back to a championship level.

Today, we get word from Jose Martinez of Complex that Brandon Roy is going to be throwing his name into the mix. Going through his former trailblazer teammate, Will Conroy, Brandon Roy confirmed that he is attempting a comeback and will be updating his fans with the progress.


We all know that Laker fans are extremely sensitive when it comes to knee injuries, especially with both Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant going through knee injuries/treatments of their own these past few years. There has been much talk about whether or not Roy will be able to comeback, but before we go there, let’s see what the 27-year-old former Rookie of the Year is coming back from:

  • 2008-2009 – Roy has a “minor” procedure in the pre-season to remove cartilage that was causing pain in his left knee.
  • 2009-2010 – Roy signs a 4-year deal with the Trail Blazers. In January of that season, Roy injures his right hamstring that would hamper his play for the rest of the season. In April, Roy injures his knee, which is first diagnosed as a bone bruise, but it was later discovered that there was a torn meniscus.
  • 2010-2011 – Roy started off this season slow as his knees still bothered him and it was soon realized that he no longer had any cartilage to cushion the bone on bone impact in his knees. Roy underwent a arthroscopic knee surgery on both knees in January with a quick recovery, coming back in February and playing out the rest of the season with spurts of typical Brandon Roy performances.
  • 2011-2012 – Right before the NBAlockout, Roy announced his retirement from the Portland Trail Blazers due to his knee degrading to such a point where it was just bone on bone contact.

To be fair, Kobe Bryant has also said in the past that he is playing with basically no cartilage in his knee, but with his famous trip to Germany last year, the pain was reduced enough to the point where a lot of players and fans were saying it was the best Kobe has physically looked in the past few years.

If Brandon Roy thinks he can come back and become the player he used to be, he would absolutely be a welcome addition to the Lakers. Even if Roy was half the player he once was, he could give Kobe Bryant some rest and give the bench the added depth it missed sorely last year.

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  • JJ

    Do it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dwoodberry Duane Eric Woodberry Jr.

    Sign him

  • AL

    Lakers too slow for getting really good players for trade might end up with nothing again

  • Luke Alisca

    I’d want to know exactly what his doctor said about his knees first. This could be a great steal like the Gasol trade if he’s really healthy.

  • http://twitter.com/TheVoiceOfKobe TheVoiceOfKobe

    U cant teach a player how to play with heart, but you can teach a player the way 2 Germany to get their Knee fixed. Get Brandon Roy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/JTaylr Jay Taylor

    Smart Like a Fox – “RETIRE” to take a year to rest, AND a Free Agent.  Sounds like a better career move than staying in Portland.

  • Omar Jackson

    He Should Go To Lakers Coming Off The Bench Will Help Kobe Get Lots Of Rest


    I think the Lakers are going to be the front runners in getting Roy.  I think the Lakers should first address the bench before taking chances on big time names like Deron Williams.This is my blueprint in what the Lakers should do this current off-season:
    Step 1- Trade Steve Blake and Josh McRoberts and cash considerations for Lamar Odom(July 1).
    Reason- Dallas is currently trying to ship L.O. out of Dallas. They aren’t pleased with his attitude,and his production. It is clear he wants to be a Laker.

    Step 2-  Sign Michael Beasely as a free agent with combined traded players exceptions(Odom, Fisher, Kapono)
    Reason-  This will give us an all around scorer who can come off the bench and gives us about 13-15ppg.

    Step 3- Sign Brandon Roy to a veteran’s minumum contract using the rest of all combined trade exceptions.
    Reason- Before Roy retired, he was an elite 2 guard in the NBA. Remember, he was the third best shooting guard during his playing days, Roy is a all around threat. Roy can put the ball on the floor and attack the basket, he can shoot the ball from distance at a decent rate, and he can get to the line. Roy also can play both guard positions and small forward.

    Step 4- Resign Hill, Ebanks, Sessions, and Morris
    Reason- These players are young, talented and haven’t reached their primes yet.

    Step 5- Three team trade: 
    Houston gets: Pau Gasol and Matt Barnes
    Lakers gets: Deron Williams
    Brooklyn gets: Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola
    Reason-  This is a good trade for all teams, every team gets the stars that will will their team to victory.  The Lakers get the star to pair with Kobe, and New Jersey Nets get a solid duo for the future, and Houston gets the big they wanted and they get a defensive stopper in Barnes.

    Step 6- Sign Ryan Anderson or Brandon Bass to a MLE contract.
    Reason- This will gives us a lights out shooter in Anderson and a solid big man in Bass.

    Lineup View:
    pg Deron Williams
    sg Kobe Bryant
    sf Metta World Peace
    pf  Brandon Bass or Ryan Anderson
    c Andrew Bynum

    pg Ramon Sessions
    sg Brandon Roy
    sf Michael Beasly
    pf Lamar Odom
    c Jordan Hill

    Reason- This gives us a really versatile team, we can now play tall or play small lineups. We can defend and play multiple positions. When it is all said and done, this is a real championship team for the next several years.

    • lakersneedmorecash

      Okay…. The Lakers aren’t Trilionairs… There’s no way that amazing team would be affordable.

      • Sujag22

        I think only about 75% of that could be done as it a great plan but almost a perfect situation.  Bass would an ideal banger/surprise scorer since pau is just about out of commission as a star.  However since he opted out, that guy is looking for that serious pay.  However as Lakerfan and from Bass hometown, I would love it

    • Lakers4Life

      this would be a real good team!

    • Juliancuban

      Oh trust me this would work idk about the brandon bass part unless he takes a paycut but as of everything else it works money/cap wise. I would most likely start beasly tho at sf thats just me tho like getting that extra lead in the begining

    • ArealisticLALfan

       Oh please, this stupid shit’s never gonna happen. As a Laker fan, on paper and scenario-wise, it’s VERY good but the chances of this happening are extremely slim to none.

    • Lakerkid32

       i like everything but D Will. He needs the ball in his hands. Kobe needs the ball in his hands. Bynum needs the ball in his hands. see the problem. We have just become the Knicks.
      Keep Gasol. You know what u will get outta him.
      Trade Bynum. Decides when he wants to play.
       as long as you get an all star PG or SF, starting small forward, picks, and cash.
      Draft Bynums Replacement and Kobe’s backup if you don’t get Roy.
      This is all who should be on the team from this past season when next year starts:

      FA/Possible trade pieces:
      PF/SF Lamar Odom
      SG/PG Brandon Roy
      PG Steve Nash
      SG Ray Allen
      PF Brandon Bass
      C Roy Hibbert
      PF/C Kevin Garnett
      PG Rajon Rondo
      PG Kyle Lowery
      PF Luis Scola
      SG Kevin Martin
      SF Trevor Ariza

      See no Dwight and Deron Williams.
      Thats because neither will be a Laker. For Dwight to be a Laker you must trade Pau and Bynum away to aquire him and make cap space.

      Hopeful Roster for next year:

      Realistic Roster:

      But who really knows. Maybe the FO will say forget the luxury tax and spend to win a ring. But more likely we will see moves similar to this year with the exception of trading Bynum. We’ll trade Bynum and get a player like we did Gasol back when we traded Kwame brown and picks for Pau.

  • http://www.facebook.com/frank.w.mutafungwa Frank Wilfred Mutafungwa

    Sign him pl

  • Sujag22

    sign him.  good character guy, still young at only 27.  The body may have healed.  He is better than steve blake at 1/4 of himself so sounds like a steal.  This may make sessions get into the gym and learn somemore.  Also is it time to dump world peace.  I rather ebanks take over and lakers sign beasley.  You dont pass up a potential 15-20 pt scorer just because he may be a little head case.  Plus he is a younger head case than ron.  You dump ron and beasley and ebanks can really man the sf position

  • dcap1292

    One question though. Who is the runner up to acquire Roy? I’m pretty sure there are other teams that are going to try and sign Roy before we do. With that being said, Lakers need to reload their gun and pull the trigger on this deal. Only thing is, Roy is considered to be “Injury prone” player and that’s one thing that everybody in LA hates…another injury prone player. But let’s not forget LA, that Andrew Bynum was an “Injury prone” player as well. But look at Bynum now. He’s playing lazy, but he’s playing healthy. So if Andrew Bynum was able to overcome his injury problems, how will Brandon Roy be any different? 

  • Commonsensory

    I’m down to take Roy and maybe we could get Greg Oden as a back up as well if he would take a MLE contract then we could get rid of McRoberts and Blake for Odom like LAKERGUY suggested. Maybe get Beasley or Nash as FA’s. Resign Hill, Goudelock, Sessions and Ebanks. Instantly good bench and they are younger and set for a post-Kobe world; Roy is only 27, Oden is 24, Bynum is 24, Sessions is 26, and Beasley is 23. You would have a new younger core that could last another 6-7 years after Kobe hangs it up.


    Is it possible to get Lamar back?

  • LAL24

    ok here’s the BEST PLAN:
    sign odom 2 yr. contract 1.4m and then 3.1m
    wait till FA comes if not
    LAL get rondo
    BOS get lowry,gay, 1st rd pick
    RAP gets Nash,hill,bradley,meeks

    ’14 ROSTER

    Odom,kelly,ivan johnson(6)
    ’15 roster
    Odom,blair,johnson (8)
    GaSOL,sacre,(I have no idea,any ideas?)(Gasol 8m salary)

    • GetWellKB24

      Bogut(17.5m$),Gasol,sacre,odom,blair,johnson our frontcourt in 2015 season,we’re definitely Chamions with rondo making the plays with the wings and the bigs and makes more than 15 asts. that’s cool

  • Eddie Lazaro

    @Gary Lee, I don’t know where you’re getting this idea, but, I thought we are looking for younger, more athletic players who can run. This guy is young but he should be on a wheel chair. He used to be great but the most I can see him do now is a job on the bench.

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