Lakers Rumors: Andrew Bynum Considered Lakers Before Joining Pacers

Lakers Rumors: Andrew Bynum Considered Lakers Before Joining Pacers


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Since his glory days in a Lakers uniform, center Andrew Bynum has had quite the tumultuous past two years. After a mix of teams and hairstyles, the one-time NBA All-Star finds himself playing for the team currently leading the Eastern Conference, the Indiana Pacers.

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According to Tom Moore of the Bucks County Courier Times, Bynum was considering two other teams before landing with the Pacers:

Since his final season as a Laker, Bynum has been through nothing short of a roller coaster ride. If he actually did re-join the Lakers this season, he would never return as the player he once was.

After Bynum was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, he finally got the chance to be the number one option and was on track to become the best center in the game. However, Bynum suffered a setback after bowling and never played a single game for the 76ers.

Despite not playing the entire season, the Cavaliers took a chance on the former Laker. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out either as he was a distraction to his teammates during practice, which he would later admit when he signed with the Pacers.

In his first game with the Pacers so far, the former Laker scored eight points with 10 rebounds in just 16 minutes. Despite his enticing debut, his impact on the Pacers still remains unclear.
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  • Knicks Fan Phil Jackson Fan

    LMFAO Andrew Bynum sucks lol.

    • Guru

      dude can still produce a double double regularly – your a fuckin idiot

    • Anthony Jones

      Says the Knicks fan lol…

  • Knicks Fan Phil Jackson Fan

    Andrew is garbage ya’ll.

  • lakers_824

    we should have done that josh smith for pau gasol deal last year that we had in place but lakers didnt accept

  • Daryl Peek

    For obvious reasons this would not work, present coaching style. Outside of that, the remainder of this season & playoffs will tell what Bynum has left in the tank/knees. So far he seems motivated in Indy.

  • truth24

    Andrew Bynum does not suck idiots. He is still better then garbage sacre and hill. Yes he’s got bad knees but I wouldn’t doubt his ability if he is motivated. I would rather have him then what we have right now which is pretty much nothing. I’ll tell you who sucks; marshall, henry, kelly, bazemore, brooks, sacre. Meeks, hill, Gasoft still have very little value. Don’t think for a second you are gonna win any championships with this core. You got to be fucking on a good one or something. Also reminder to everyone, Jim buss you are a fucking idiot. Even though LeBron James may not leave Miami he would still be interested in playing for phil.

    • mememe

      I am a laker fan. And your comment is plain dumb. Andrew is not suck agree. But to put those names up. Marshall better work on his shot. To say henry and meeks sucks is wow… kelly a rookie his doing well in a bad team. Hill is great. The guy play for six minute and a quater he was already helping the team rebouding and they were getting more second chance shots. And gasol pratically holding the team above water. You are a dumb fan

      • truth24

        Niceeeeee no titles anytime soon that’s what you want? They suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • David Alexandru

      marshall, henry, kelly, bazemore and meeks are gonna be the core of the lakers in a few years if we bring the right coach to help them develop as they should not play 40 minutes a night

  • markjsunz

    It would be in Bynums best interest to grow up and play and practice hard. His antics caused three teams to dump him. A championship run with the Pacers with Bynum putting them over the top would help him.

  • rik

    Next years lineup:
    PG: bledsoe or lowry farmar
    SG: kobe meeks bazemore
    SF: Wiggins young henry
    PF: kelly johnson
    C: Bynum hill sacre
    Coach: Lionell Hollins

    • Anthony Ukpe

      I second this maybe not Bynum I say Greg Monroe instead if possible or if not Gasol he still can put up numbers like he is now it’s just the defense he can’t really do much of

    • truth24

      Your gonna put Kelly in your starting 5??????????????????? Hahahhahahahahahhahaahahah

  • Ruben

    Next years line up

    pg-steve nash/rondo/bledsoe
    sg-kobe bryant/j.r smith/ray allen
    sf-trevor ariza/carmelo anthony/jeff green/gerald wallace
    pf-kevin love/amere stoudemire/carlos boozer
    C-andrew bynum/brook lopez/joakim noah

    • LakeShowRegardeless

      Ruben you’re delusional lol

    • mememe

      Hahaha who’s team is that

  • Ruben

    reserve for lakers


  • james

    it is how sad the Lakers have became talking about things that could have happened, instead of actually making things happen

  • Bitter and Angry Laker Fan

    David Stern derailed the Lakers rebuilding….fucking douche bag!!!

  • David Alexandru

    marshall, henry, kelly, bazemore and meeks, we gotta bring a good coach to help them develop and of course some stars for next year, but they will be the lakers core in a few years, trust me they have so much potential add some picks to that eccuation and there you go