Lakers Rumors: 50-50 Chance Carmelo Anthony Joins Lakers in 2014 Reviewed by Momizat on . The 2013-14 NBA season is still months away, but Lakers fans are already looking forward to the 2014 offseason. After Dwight Howard decided to take his talents The 2013-14 NBA season is still months away, but Lakers fans are already looking forward to the 2014 offseason. After Dwight Howard decided to take his talents Rating:
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Lakers Rumors: 50-50 Chance Carmelo Anthony Joins Lakers in 2014

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Kobe Bryant Carmelo AnthonyThe 2013-14 NBA season is still months away, but Lakers fans are already looking forward to the 2014 offseason.

After Dwight Howard decided to take his talents to Houston, the Lakers organization has started its rebuilding process. The team will head into next season with lower expectations and put their focus on the free agency class of 2014. Players like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh can all potentially become free agents then, and the Lakers will be making a run for whoever tests the market.

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Lakers Nation reported that if James becomes an unrestricted free agent, the team will try to lure in the superstar and return to championship form. However, it it hard seeing James leaving the back-to-back champions, the Miami Heat, let alone joining the Lakers.

As for Anthony, the Lakers have a better shot of signing him in the offseason, and ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith says there is a 50-50 chance Anthony joins the team (via Arash Markazi).



Anthony is one of the best pure scorers in the league today, and his bond with Kobe Bryant would make him a nice fit in Los Angeles. Bryant’s career is also coming to an end, and the Lakers would move on from an era with Anthony as the face of the franchise. 

So Lakers Nation, would you like the Lakers to go after Carmelo Anthony if he becomes a free agent next summer?


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  • mike

    absolutely not, he is a terrible defender and has never lead his team anywhere in the playoffs, there is one great player in free agency next year, lebron, and we aren’t getting him, unfortunately it’s probably going to be awhile before this mess gets turned around and the Lakers are true contenders again

  • krillinit

    Carmelo would be in his 30′s and might start to decline in production. Lakers really need to take that into account when they’re going to offer Melo max money. Honestly, if he wants to come I would take him, just not for max money.

  • ra

    I think Carmelo would work well with Kobe and Pau. He’s hungry for a championship, and Kobe would sure as heck teach Melo how to be a champion. Melo would be a perfect player to take over the Lakers spotlight for the next few years (as a player / star). Melo would ‘not have’ a problem sharing that spotlight with Kobe until Kobe finishes his term. That would be ‘good’ team chemistry, which is just as important if not more important than talent. (DH is talented, but ’0′ chemistry with many players in the NBA).

    The only issue is (as we already know), Melo did not have a good experience with D’Antoni. He would definitely have to go, in order for the Lakers to make a run at Melo. But, I’m sure the Lakers would forego the last year of D’Antoni’s contract (unless, of course, the Lakers become champions next year).

    Yes, he’d be around in the 30′s at that time. But let’s say that would give the Lakers Nation a few good years, until another superstar comes into the NBA. I’m ok with that.

    • Kerensky Igor Dominique

      I don’t think MDA is still the coach next year. Kobe has a few tricks up his sleeves.

  • Kerensky Igor Dominique

    You need someone in the front office to make those guys take lesser contracts so Lakers can go after Paul George, Melo, save cap and bring Kevin Love in 2015.

    • Jokobe

      As much as I’d love to see Melo playing with Kobe, you’re right. Paul George should be the person to go after. He’s the type to be willing to learn from Kobe unlike Dwight Coward.


    Bring him in sure

  • max

    0,5 x 0,5 = 0.25 ! The chance melo is joining the lakers 2014 is 25%.

    • Christopher Cameo Moulton

      he made the two statements together. i believe he meant that, there were only two likely scenarios for melo. either he re-ups with the knicks or he joins the lakers and that he could go either way. thus 50% each way.

      • Christopher Cameo Moulton

        i personally would love this. i’m a wizards fan so it doesnt help us in anyway but i’m a kobe fan (since lebron entered the league) and a melo fan (roughly the same time, lol but also because i’m from baltimore). so when the wizards either fail to make the playoffs again or (my prediction) when they make the playoffs but get ousted in the first couple of rounds, i’ll have someone else to cheer for besides whatever team is facing lebron.

  • Jack

    Sure! Once Melo arrives in LA, he’ll force D’Antoni to resign… again! So yeah, I’ll take it!

  • aNY_WAVE

    smh so because Stephen A Smith says this it gotta be true, stop it..i seriously doubt Melo is gonna leave the Knicks

  • Josh

    If the Lakers can’t land a pair of Superstars next year, then landing one of them should suffice and save enough space for the following year when Rondo, Love, Aldridge and others hit the market. They can’t be dead set on putting all their eggs in 2014. They could pull it off mind you, but if they can’t, then get what you can and then set your sights on 2015.

  • Ching Galleno

    it must be.. paul george… to make an Era in the lakers..
    he is the right person to continue to win a championship titles…
    pls. lakers make some move’s to that matter..

  • Jim213

    Stephen A, reputable source, however I don’t see Melo leaving the biggest market given the Knicks can match and pay him just a little more $$ than the Lakers…

  • chacha

    i thing carmelo its a great players

  • Raren

    Yes that’s a good idea to trade MWP for Carmelo Anthony
    Carmelo Anthony is one of the best and Kobe Bryant is close to him.

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