Lakers Rewind: Kobe Bryant Drops 36 During Summer League

Lakers Rewind: Kobe Bryant Drops 36 During Summer League


The Los Angeles Lakers rolled the dice back in 1996 by sending Vlade Divac to the Charlotte Hornets in a trade for the draft rights to Kobe Bryant out of Lower Merion High School. Kobe was a bit of a wildcard back then with no one knowing what to expect out of the confident 17-year-old out of Philadelphia.

It didn’t take long before the Lakers brass were able to get a taste of things to come with the rising star torching the Phoenix Suns in the NBA Summer League that year.

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Playing alongside Derek Fisher, Kobe showed his ability to dominate an opponent on the offensive end of the floor. Kobe scored a game-high 36 points while getting it done all over the floor.

Obviously, the move to acquire Kobe paid off better than anyone could’ve anticipated. Kobe eventually led the Lakers to five NBA titles over the course of his career and is considered to be one of the greatest players in NBA history.

Once Kobe decides to walk away from the game, which could be two years from now, the superstar will get all the perks of a Lakers legend. Kobe will definitely have a spot in the Hall of Fame, a retired jersey hanging in the rafters at the Staples Center and a statue outside the arena.

Only a matter of time before Kobe is immortalized in bronze alongside the likes of Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Chick Hearn and Jerry West outside of arena in Downtown Los Angeles.
Kobe Bryant’s message to Jeremy Lin

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  • atakan

    people try to say kobe is in top 5 of all time i might agree with that but he is in top 10 of all time.because u don’t know old-fashioned basketball.u didn’t see wilt’s time yeah i couldn’t live in that time.

    • VillainKing™

      Kobe is the one the best of all time he is not top 5 but Kobe is top 2 or maybe #1 of all time..heheheh

      • ghost

        Kobe is not even top 10. Only Kobe fans believe he is such high citing unimportant arguments and bending the facts. Same way I can say that Barkley is top 3 goat.

        • LeBron James

          is it Ghost doesn’t know basketball
          or he’s a Die hard kobe hater

        • VillainKing™

          Kobe is top 2 or even top 1 overall and accept it ghost..your a Kobe hater..Fuck you Bitch!!!!Your a bitch Ghost!!!!

          • ghost

            buahaha, Villain don’t die of a heart attack. You can believe what you want, facts are different and clearly shows Kobe is no top even close to the greatest players. Period.

          • VillainKing™

            Yeah I’m a Villian..hehehe ghost this my another greetings for you FUCK YOU ghost…accept it already ghost that Kobe is one of the very best player and greaters players in the NBA..and also I will not die in heart attack your the one that will gonna die ghost..heheheh..Fuck you!!FUCK YOU ghost you moron..your gonna die for sure..heheheheh..:-)

          • ghost

            How old are you? 4?

          • VillainKing™

            I’m not obligate to answer your question fucking ghost and fuck you again ghost..heheheh…

          • ghost

            So 4. I’m wasting my time.

    • Tiiger

      It’s been said time and time again, Wilt played in an era where he was a monster and everyone else was tiny compared to him. Kobe played during what is widely accepted as one of the toughest eras in NBA history.

      Old times are sometimes forgotten but they’re also sometimes exaggerated. Look at the games for what they are and see what each player did on the floor, period.

      Kobe in his prime was a machine. He would do things nobody in NBA history could do apart from maybe MJ. 81 points in a modern era game? That is absolutely mind blowing. 62 points in 3 quarters and outscoring the other team ON HIS OWN? That is absolutely insane. 40+ points in 9 consecutive games? Crazy. Ball hog? Just seems that way cause he takes a lot of shots. Averaging 5 apg for his career, 3rd all-time among shooting guards. Defense? 9x All-Defensive first team, 3x All-Defensive second team. He could lock down the best of them in his prime. There is nobody a coach would have rather had in a clutch situation than Kobe.

      To quote Stephen A.: “There’s nothing Kobe Bryant can’t do. He will defend your best player. He will shoot from the perimeter. He will get all in your mug. He will do whatever it takes. He is the most complete basketball player in the game today, bar none. He has an assassin’s mentality. Who’s starving more for an NBA Championship more than Kobe Bryant? There is no one.” said in 2008 before he went on to win 2 more championships.

      Jordan himself implied that he thought Kobe was the only one that was truly right there with him. People can have their opinions but they should give respect where respect is due and an informed opinion will always trump a misinformed one.

      • guest

        Thank you for this post!

  • duskr

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    • Ebony Ivory

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