Lakers Remain One of Three Teams Without Individual Technical Foul

Lakers Remain One of Three Teams Without Individual Technical Foul

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers are fighting to stay competitive in the Western Conference playoff race and they are still very well in the contention with a 5-7 record. Although this season has been frustrating at times, the team as a whole has kept its composure around the referees.

The Los Angeles Times writes that the Lakers are one of three teams that still has not recorded an individual technical foul. This statistic does not include technical fouls which result from a delay of game call or a defensive three second violation.

Twelve games into the regular season, the Lakers are one of three NBA teams left without an individual technical foul.

Only the Atlanta Hawks, the Denver Nuggets and the Lakers are technical-free (not including technicals called for delay of games or defensive three-second violations).

The NBA has a strict system when punishing players who pick up technical fouls, with the first five resulting in a $2,000 fine each, the sixth throughout tenth call leading to a $3000 fine each and $4,000 for the 11th through 15th technical foul. For anything over 16, the NBA hands out a $5,000 fine and a one-game suspension.

Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook leads the league with four technical fouls.

Says He’s Pleasantly Surprised And Didn’t Feel Tired

  • iDontCare

    I hate to say it, but it’s because Kobe isn’t on the court.

    • Gregory Choa

      Ha! I was about to say the same thing! Yeah, that little team stat is about to change in a hurry once the Mamba comes back!

  • ra

    Sorry to be bringing this up, folks – may be flogging a dead horse, but looks like the Lakers ‘officially’ benefited by ‘losing’ Howard. He is in the ‘downturn’ of his career, and the Lakers would have been stuck with a red herring in the coming years. This gives me hope that things were ‘better’ because of the loss. Too bad we couldn’t have traded him, but I do have hope with the future of the Lakers.

    Here’s ESPN’s take on Howard’s game, now:

    To be blunt: Howard’s post game is dead, or at least on life support,
    and if it doesn’t recover, the Rockets run the serious risk of wasting a
    dozen possessions per game in order to keep the big fella happy. Howard
    has shot 20-of-60, or 33 percent, on post-up attempts this season, per
    Synergy Sports. That would have ranked 88th out of 92 players who
    recorded at least 75 post-up plays last season. He has turned over the
    ball on an astonishing 24 percent of his post-up chances this season,
    per Synergy. That would have ranked last among those 92 players last

    • meep

      to add on he still cant shoot free throws

    • DTR

      That is Grantland, which you can’t even compare to what we read on ESPN. Even though they are related…

    • Jim213

      No surprise been saying this since 7/2013 while others where hating on DH for leaving.

      Didn’t want DH, especially for $118 mil. After watching the Knicks play (Pacers) they’ll be lucky to finish in the top 4. But then they started to talk about the bad moves that management has made which has stagnated the team from acquiring better talent. Bringing in Stoudamire $$$ (no value/injury prone) as well as using their draft picks to acquire players who won’t really help Melo to win or contend or to mold young players down the line leaves doubt to their future success (short/long term).

      IMO, it almost sounds like the Lakers management today. Rather than starting from the bottom up (forced w/DH departure) their near acquisitions leaves doubt to what they can accomplish before the trade deadline or 2014 FA. No disrespect to Nash but it was a bad move to bring him in as they gave too much away to acquire Nash. Currently the team needs a future franchise PG if they intend on turning things around. Although, Blake and Farmar are managing the position the need for a PG who can manage and play the position with today’s competitive league of quick and consistent PG’s will be needed down the stretch and to increase the chances of winning come playoff time.

      But getting back to DH, it was a good thing that he signed somewhere else given that it would’ve likely limited the chances of acquiring some of the young players the team has today (overall depth). IMO, I doubt Hill would’ve had the opportunity to earn his spot (starter) with both DH and Pau on the court. But the results would’ve been worse this season than the last as with Nash’s limited minutes along with Kobe rehabbing from his AT injury the season would’ve gotten off to a worser start especially with the bad chemistry between some hurting overall team play.

      Pau and DH seem to play like DH and Asik and can’t seem to co-exist on the court. I wonder what type of offense the team would be running today if DH was still around as I doubt it would be some sort of small ball with both bigs on the court. DH’s game hasn’t and needs to evolve as it was a big risk to sign DH especially when the LEADER has doubts about his play and work ethics. Thankfully (4 all) many of these players who haven’t gotten many minutes of play are showing that they weren’t given a fair chance to play for a roster spot or even for a starting position.

      Expect DH to be booed when he returns to Staples, when in actuality fans should be thanking him for leaving given his contract would’ve limited the franchises opportunities (bad player pickup, similar to Knicks). Someone should also post a sign (Ad) thanking DH for leaving. Rockettes also lost to the Mavs given their inability to close out games.

      • ra

        Yes, Rockettes can’t finish well. They were ahead by almost 20 pts. I never really hated the Rockettes before (it was nice watching Yao Ming and T-Mac compete, a few years back), but with Kevin McHale at the helm – the ultimate Celtic, it doesn’t hurt to watch them lose. I’ll never forgive McHale for clotheslining Rambis, and getting away with it. Today, he would have been suspended several games.

        You know, perhaps DH actually ‘knew’, himself, that he was incapable of really heading a franchise (like the Lakers), and took himself out of the running. With the Rockettes, he can safely let his career wind down (without any hope for a championship). Harden (for some reason) is consistently annoying to me, so now they’re a more ’roundedly pesky’ team. Wish nothing but the worst for them.

      • A Fan

        Didn’t Gasol and DH rather played great together when MDA finally focused the offense on those two during the last part of the season, especially after Kobe went down and before the playoffs began?

        • Jim213

          IMO, they played more consistent together towards the end aside of winning more games but going out against the Spurs without winning a single game shows they lacked depth even with the injuries. Clark likely left for better pay aside of a better role within a team as I doubt that Pau and DH could carry a team themselves aside of together.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Good sportsmanship.

  • meep

    well kobe not on the floor so no surprise they dont have any. that will change when he back

    • Gregory Choa

      More to the point, I think it’ll rub off (in a positive way) on his teammates and get ’em a little feistier out there. The Pau Gasol led Lakers have been extremely polite and well-behaved…almost to a fault…Pau is like, “c’mon fellas, let’s go out there and do some good!”

      Kobe is like, “we’re gonna go out there and rip their f**king larynges out!”

  • LakerzYo

    Blame D’antoni!!