Lakers Release Statement Regarding Mike Brown

Lakers Release Statement Regarding Mike Brown


Despite numerous reports that the Lakers and Mike Brown have agreed on a deal the Lakers released this statement stating their position on Brown and their search for their next head coach:

“In response to rampant speculation and reports about our head coaching position and Mike Brown, we’ve met with Mike and are very impressed with him. In addition, we have an outline for an agreement in place and hope to sign a contract within the next few days.”

Since Brown has not officially signed on the contract the organization has not announced the partnership yet. However, it is all but accepted around the league that Brown will become the next head coach of the Lakers.

  • Bawaneca

    All the best for Lakers new coach Mike Brown, he has some giant shoes to fill. Even though my choice was for Brian Shaw for a multitude of reasons, I am on board with the coaches selection.  The Lakers front office has an excellent record on making decisions to keep the Lakers at or near the top of the food chain in the NBA and this selection if we really look at it answers a major issue the Lakers had in 2011, playing some serious defense. The next big issue would be to bring in some young, athletic talent which will complement the returning core of the Lakers (Kobe, Pau, Bynum and Odom).  Mike Brown does have some experience in coaching teams deep into the playoffs and working with talented players.  He coached in Cleveland with one top player and now he will be coaching the Los Angeles Lakers with several top NBA players with multiple rings and having the luxury of creating plays for those players.  He brings a serious defensive mind set that should complement the offense.  The selection is over and now it’s time for Laker Nation to get behind Mike Brown like we have done for Phil Jackson the all the other coaches who worked for this franchise.  Let’s Go Lakers Let’s Go!!!

    • Imfasterthanur

      Well said, my friend

    • Randxellnickolas

      let’s see how kobe will play on brown’s coaching style… kobe24 can be kobe8 again… WOW thats interesting…. can’t wait…

    • Josh M

      Well put.

      Nobody loves change, but part of life is learning to let things go.

    • Jamal Ford

      I’m totally down with mike brown wasn’t nothing else but scrubs out there adleman,vangundy,fuck it why not get mark Jackson or Kenny. Smith a try and for Kobe not to put a call out to the new coach was some straight up “bullshit”get over yourself Kobe it’s not always about you but
      You being the team leader i would expect more your sending punk ass texts WTF ????don’t be one of the old grumpy superstars that end up getting trade to washington or Milwaukee cuzz he can’t the coach he wants that triangle shit was getting old like you you scream about defense good you a defensive coach muthafuckas call your new coach. And stop acting like a !?&$

  • Concept

    BOOOO Failed with Le fraud and expect him to handle all the different personalities on the lake show, god  i hope he make me eat my words and win as a fan but once a failure always a failure and he ios a BIG TIIME FAILURE BAD HIRE!!!!

    • Randxellnickolas

      le fraud is lefraud.. kobe is kobe.. is there a similarity between the two… i don’t think so..

  • My Perez

    Not too happy with the selection but LET’S GO LAKERS, LET’S GO!!!!!

  • Mabellakersgirl

    I believe there are other candidates who would best fit this position. Definitely not Brown. Rick adelman or even Van Gundy would have been a way better choice.

    • Mabellakersgirl

      Shaw would definitely be top of the list!

  • Jamal Ford

    I’ve heard grumblings more with espn sportscasters like this not a good move “mike whilbon of espn n PTI ” said something sooo fucking stupid at halftime last night talking to mike brown
    Like “every other city wants their team winning except LA they want flash”WTF we want winning if flash comes with it so be it yes the Yankees hit alot homeruns but new York wants championships.And Wwhat bill plashque wrote was way disrespectful saying Kobe wanted ric adleman n Jeff vangundy what the fuck did those coaches win not a Damm thing so if it’s just a popularity coach than go coach the Knicks winning is what the lakers about n every team that’s in these finals play good defense not just a portion of the game like the lakers I’m talking about all the game n every game thats what need n if Kobe n the rest of the team wants to win more rings they will get on board .Can’t no coach match Phil Jackson resume PERIOD but it doesn’t take that to win a championship you have Rick carlye n Erik sporltra so muthafuckas better get on board or get left