Lakers ‘Regret’ Not Discussing Mike Brown Hire With Kobe Bryant Reviewed by Momizat on . According to ESPN Los Angeles the Lakers have announced their regret in not discussing the hiring of Mike Brown with team superstar Kobe Bryant. After much spec According to ESPN Los Angeles the Lakers have announced their regret in not discussing the hiring of Mike Brown with team superstar Kobe Bryant. After much spec Rating:
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Lakers ‘Regret’ Not Discussing Mike Brown Hire With Kobe Bryant

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According to ESPN Los Angeles the Lakers have announced their regret in not discussing the hiring of Mike Brown with team superstar Kobe Bryant.

After much speculation that Bryant was unhappy with the organization for hiring Brown instead of his former teammate and current assistant Brian Shaw, team executive Jim Buss announced in an interview with the Los Angeles Times on Saturday that the team regrets the way the decision went down.

“Looking back on it, we should have contacted Kobe,” stated Buss. “Kobe said it was management’s job to pick a coach. He just said, ‘Defense first.’ That’s what we were doing, but we should have reached out to him.”

Buss, who is the son of owner Jerry Buss, has taken control of the franchise and is the team’s executive VP of player personnel. While he did express regret in not consulting Bryant about the hire, he does not regret the decision to bring in Brown. Buss stated that he still believes Brown was the right decision for the franchise and will help the team moving forward.

“The way Mike impressed the three of us, I would think Kobe would be impressed as well,” said Buss. “Mike is a workaholic and Kobe is the workaholic.”

Following the hire Bryant did state that he supported the decision and respected Brown as a coach. Both Brown and Bryant will try to help the team recover from their unceremonious elimination from this year’s playoffs courtesy of the Dallas Mavericks.

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  • Kobesucks

    Kobe has aids.

  • Bluedevilslakersfan

    laker fan 4 life but its a business and its not kobes choice and they dont have to consult him on coach hirings, trading/signing players or anything to do in the front office. His job is to play basketball and try to win championships…if he wants to be consulted about front office things then he is gunna have to take off the jersey and get a office job

    • Kaybiedoo

      He deserves to know. It’s just respect. Would you want someone to bring just anyone in your home without consulting you. I guess you don’t want respect.

  • http://twitter.com/SwagSports Swag Sports

    Come on, you REALLY don’t think it’s smart to consult the franchise’s best player, former MVP, all-world everything, and the lifeblood of the team? Get real. This team only goes as far as Kobe takes it. He works harder than anyone, and has brought this city 5 championships and countless memories. He absolutely deserves to be given the respect a leader commands on the court, and away from it. If he isn’t on the same page as the coach, guess where the season goes? Down the drain. Jim Buss needs to stop trying to flex his authority and start realizing he hasn’t done jack. He and Mitch are no Jerry West, and they have done little to nothing right aside from the Gasol trade. They manage the league’s runaway second most valuable franchise, with one of the league’s top 10 players in history, and arguably the greatest coach in sports history. They are firmly planted in LA, the west coast media pulse of the country. Players lineup to play in LA because it’s a great place to live, get endorsements, and be in the spotlight. Buss and Mitch need to do some serious work in the coming years. Jerry West is long gone, and Kobe is clearly on the downside. Who represents the next era? I hope Jim Buss isn’t seriously thinking that guy is Bynum as has been reported. 3 knee injuries on a big man is a death sentence long term. Bottom line: Kobe deserves more respect, and the front office is given far too much credit for the success of this franchise.

  • http://growingforward.net Scott Asai

    Too little too late Jim. That’s common sense. I hope Mike Brown proves me wrong.

  • Femariew

    Thats a dumb statement blue devil.when you are the francise you better be consulted. Kobe should hve been not to say he holds the final word but were talking bout the #1 guy on the team regardless of how old he is getting. It would hve been nice to get his buy-in

  • Gary

    After perusing a couple of comments earlier about questions for Coach Brown and totally irritated by the non-salary cap sensible trade suggestions to pose to him versus Mitch Kupchak, it is refreshing to see what Swag has to say. No one is taking anything away from what Jim Buss has inherited. However, Kobe has demonstrated long term results for this franchise and delivered us from some unlikely defeats through his clutch play and late game heroics. That track record should have garnered some modest respect from Jim.
    I believe the transition the Lakers’ organization desires will not be fulfilled in the front office exclusively but will be run through Kobe Bryant as it fleshes itself out on the court. For these reasons I believe that he deserves to be brought in on some future moves for the organization.

  • Jamal Ford

    Oh ” boo who”the lakers didn’t get kobe’s blessing in hiring a coach of the lakers get the !?$& out of here the same lakers who got their ass mopped up n swept by the mavericks he wanted defense he got defense ,I really think the buses feel like they ran that triangle to death yes it’s responsible for 11 rings but in that same vein the defense has been slacking for 3yrs sometimes good sometimes bad the hell with that.People feel mike brown choked in the playoffs cuzz he was the fall guy who got fired that shit is on lebron n the lebronettes to if not more,I think he will do good regardless of these haters you to Kobe!!!!

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