Lakers Pre-Draft Workouts: Smart, Ennis, Vonleh, Harris, LaVine, Lane

Lakers Pre-Draft Workouts: Smart, Ennis, Vonleh, Harris, LaVine, Lane


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The Los Angeles Lakers had an action packed day at the Toyota Sports Center on Wednesday working out over a dozen NBA draft prospects. The morning started out with the following workouts: Tyler Ennis, Brendan Lane, Marcus Smart, Noah Vonleh, Gary Harris, and Zach LaVine. The workouts consisted of ball handling drills, post moves, moves off the dribble, 2-on-2, 3-on-3 and concluded with getting 60 shots up. LaVine impressed with a 46-inch vertical, setting the Lakers workout record. The prospects visited with the media after their workout.

Noah Vonleh on the Lakers: “The Lakers were one of my favorite teams growing up. When I think of the Lakers, I think of a championship program.”

Tyler Ennis on today’s workout:
“To be able to come and work out here with such a great group is something I’ll remember forever.”

Zach LaVine on today’s 46 inch vertical: “I think I was pumped a little bit, you know, Lakers!”

Brendan Lane on which NBA player his game parallels the most: “I’ve always been compared to Ryan Anderson, stretch-four, be able to knock down the three. I like modeling my game after him.”

Marcus Smart’s one word to describe himself: “Determination.”

Marcus Smart on the biggest misconception people have about him: “My character. Everybody thinks that because of that incident (shoving a Texas Tech fan) I’m a bad guy, I’m a thug. If you really understand me, you know that my character is one of the best characters that you can have and it won’t change. That little incident didn’t affect how I am as a person.”

Gary Harris: “I feel like I have everything to offer. You need me to make shots, handle the ball a little bit, play defense. I’m willing to do whatever.”

For the second round of workouts this afternoon (Doug McDermott, Aaron Gordon, James Young, Elfrid Payton, Davion Berry and Jerry Evans), click here.

Lakers Nation Interviews Marcus Smart

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  • Dominick

    Come on now i watched Harrison Barnes and thought to myself he will a superstar and i watched Shabazz Muhammad and thought to myself wow what a talent and i watched all these young collegiate stars in the past that were never able to lve up to the hype nor the expectations.So Andrew Wiggins,Jabari Parker,Joel Embiid,Marcus Smart have all been hyped up and they all have huge expectations and they may never live up to the hype or expectations.Facts of life.Reality check.

    • Jacorey Bufford

      But then you gotta pay attention to the drafts like 2003 draft where many of them were hyped and a lot of the ones receiving hype have turned into good NBA players. You just never know how it will all pan out. It all depends on where players go and how teams develop them. We will see in like 5 years

    • minakisora

      Harrison Barnes is actually good. He showed in last year’s playoffs that he had potential. I thought Iguodala’s signing basically stunted his development.
      Shabazz, he’s a one-dimensional player. Just looking at him, the player that came into my mind was Jimmer Fredette. Scorer in college. Not contributing in the NBA

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    Zach Lavine Had A Higher Vertical Than Andrew Wiggins?’ Amazed,,, I Say Draft Him, Or Trade Down For Him&James Young or go With Aaron/Marcus

    • Jim213

      Agree, draft down a little as odds are just as good drafting 9th, or 10th.

  • The New Marty Blake

    This is by far the best rookie workout class the Lakers have had in over 30 years.

  • halifax

    Dave McMenamin ✔ @mcten
    The Lakers put Marcus Smart and Tyler Ennis against one another in the workout. Ennis: “That’s definitely a way to show competitiveness”


    It sure would be nice to have a bit more information about this. All we know is it happened, no details. Come on, who did what, impressed, didn’t impress. DETAILS…. argh.

  • Angelo

    Funny how Smart was talking about how he’s improved on his jump shot and the video shows him clanking like 4 straight shots. I still like him though. He just needs to really improve his shot and consistency.

    • Chrmngblly

      Yeah. He moved like he was on tranquilizers, too.

    • TPC

      All he has to do is hit an open 3. I can see him developing a Russell Westbrook type of game down the road. Not as explosive but he can get to the rack and get free throws and hopefully develop a mid range game.