Lakers Pre-Draft Workouts: Gordon, McDermott, Young, Evans, Berry Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video The Los Angeles Lakers hosted their second batch of pre-draft workouts this afternoon at Toyota Sports Center. Acco Please enable Javascript to watch this video The Los Angeles Lakers hosted their second batch of pre-draft workouts this afternoon at Toyota Sports Center. Acco Rating: 0
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Lakers Pre-Draft Workouts: Gordon, McDermott, Young, Evans, Berry

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The Los Angeles Lakers hosted their second batch of pre-draft workouts this afternoon at Toyota Sports Center. According to Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak, both Nik Stauskas and Rodney Hood who were scheduled to attend today’s workout had a last-minute cancellation. The second group of workouts included: Aaron Gordon, Doug McDermott, James Young, Elfrid Payton and two adds of Davion Berry and Jerry Evans. McDermott and Gordon were matched up against each other for the majority of the workout and both conducted interviews with visible scratches on their arms, each giving props to the talent and competitiveness of one another. Below are quotes from each of their interviews.

Aaron Gordon on coming to the Lakers facility for the first time: “The trophies back there, man. I went up and asked somebody are those real? They’re like ‘Yeah, everything’s real around here.’”

Aaron Gordon on what he has to prove:
“I think I just have to show people that I’m not losing what got me here, which is my athleticism, my motor, my intangibles, everything else is just icing on the cake.”

Doug McDermott on what he’s been working on to improve his game:
“Ball handling mainly and lateral quickness. I feel like my jumpers always going to be there. I just got to work on the in-between stuff.”

Doug McDermott on being matched up with Gordon: “It was a good matchup. He’s a great player, a phenomenal athlete, so it was a tough matchup for me, but I think he’s going to be a heck of a pro.”

James Young on the first thing he’d say to Kobe Bryant if he was a Laker: “Show me the ways!”

Davion Berry:
“This is my second workout. I worked out with the Bulls yesterday in Chicago so after Chicago I came here and now I’m going to the Jazz and on Monday I got the Warriors so this is a long process for me.”

Jerry Evans: “I’m not one dimensional. I feel like I can guard positions one through three, and I feel like that’s rare in my situation. And, being able to stretch the floor, being able to knock down corner shots, I feel like that’s a plus at this level.”

For the first session of Lakers pre-draft workouts (Marcus Smart, Tyler Ennis, Zach LaVine, Noah Vonleh, Gary Harris and Brendan Lane) click here!

VIDEO: Doug McDermott – Lakers Pre-Draft Workouts

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  • Kevin

    Doug McDermott from what i heard is not athletic enough and a tweener.But my question is could he be another Chris Mullin or Larry Bird?

    • Jim213

      Per Jackie MacMullan (ESPNBoston), Kevin Love would consider a a long-term deal with the Celtics sources state.

      • Miguel

        Dude the T-Wolves are crazy…

        • LeonieLingekym

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          the internet . use this link M­o­n­e­y­d­u­t­i­e­s­.­C­O­M­

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        What does that have to do with his post about McDermott?

        • Jim213

          Just throwing more info out there but wouldn’t go as far as saying he’d be the next Mullins or Bird. IMO, similar to a Kyle Korver tho with better odds of success.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            I agree with the Korver comparison. I also agree he’ll probably have more of an arsenal of shots. Just confused about the random KLove post in response to a McDermott one lol

      • Lionel

        Top players in this draft as a power ranking of the players is this.
        You better play great defense or else get lost.Based on defense.

        1.Marcus Smart
        2.Andrew Wiggins
        3.Joel Embiid
        4.Aaron Gordon

  • Miguel

    What happened to Dante Exum???I thought he was coming to the Lakers by way of Rob Pelinka???Man the Lakers have a problem at point guard.Smart to Orlando and Exum to Utah lets draft Lavine maybe trade down or draft him if Smart and Exum are gone.This sucks for the Lakers….

    • Tune

      Why take Exum when they have Trey Burke?

      • Chris Park

        Because the guy has serious upside.

        • A_G_S

          he has upside but utah can put together a squad if they get a wing guy or big man. Already have their pg who can get to the basket and create.

          • Chris Park

            No point in necessarily arguing about this but I’m 99% sure Exum will get picked before its Lakers turn.

          • A_G_S

            well i can argue that by saying im 100% sure he will be picked 1-6 lol.

      • Miguel

        They can easily convert Dante Exum into a shooting guard.He has the size of a shooting guard and he does love scoring.Utah sees way too much talent in Dante Exum to pass up on him imo.But stranger things have happened on draft night before.Examples Kobe goes 13th.Paul Pierce slips to 10.T-Mac slips to Toronto.Paul George blossoms after being picked 10.Stephen Curry slips to 7 because Minnesota had a bad GM.Yes anything is possible bud and Dante Exum might drop to the Lakers but highly unlikely.

        • Tune

          It’s not really highly unlike, the picks after the top 3 only have one team that would take a PG and that’s Magic. Nobody can predict anything in a draft. Johnny Football fell I think 22nd in the NFL draft past Houston and Dallas.

    • Thomas Klein

      The Lakers will either trade up to get Exum, or stay at 7 and draft Smart, but there getting one of those two guards I believe. The only other long shot is a trade with the Timber wolves for Love, and that’s a real long shot.

      • A_G_S

        How do they trade up? Didnt they give nxt yrs first rounder away for Nash?

      • Miguel

        Trading up?How we got nothing to trade?Marcus Smart is wanted by the Orlando Magic and Dante Exum will get converted to shooting guard by either Utah or Boston.Actually Boston might trade Rajon then a point guard is a must have for them.

        And Exum is perfect for the Celtics if Rajon is traded.But their is also talk that Orlando might draft Dante Exum passing up Marcus Smart in that case the Lakers have a 85% chance of drafting Marcus Smart.

        Since Utah will pass him up since they are a Mormon state and Salt Lake City is a Mormon town with a clean cut image and Marcus Smart is the opposite of that as he is the bad guy that has a volatile personality and he is too thug to be a Jazz man more of a rap man lol ha ha ha ha.Now as for Boston they already have Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley unless they plan on trading Rajon they will not draft Marcus Smart end of story.

      • nlruizjr

        the Lakers could be losing Gasol, Kaman and Hill so I would lean more in favor of Vonleh if he’s at 7, imo.

    • nlruizjr

      thanks to DanToni !!!

  • locals

    Lakers need to come out of this draft with a top rated Point Guard period.

  • Mitch

    Doug McDermott is going to be trash on the NBA level.Too slow and can’t get his shot off on great veteran defenders also has no way to beat his man off the dribble and he can’t play any defense actually he is the worst defender in the draft.Actually Adam Morrison is way better than Doug McDermott.Major bus is McDermott.Pass.

    • Adrian Hunter

      Damn I think he’s better then your giving him credit for. I completely understand where your coming from but I just think he’s craftier than you think and who’s craftier than kobe to teach him the ways to get your shot with not a lot of athletic ability.

  • A_G_S

    cant think about the “right now” with these guys. Have to more gamble on what they will be in 2-3 years. I heard lavine looks good. And heard Gordon will be the bust.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      His mentality sounds promising. Kid loves basketball. He wants to pick Kobe’s brain and be in the gym all the time. I like the sound of that.

  • sena-celik

    at first i thought it was a poor draft year then i said i was wrong about it.yes there is good players in this draft but for the lakers 1 pick isn’t enough to fill other position.lakers will probably trade pick for 2 picks,phoenix has 2 good positons as 14th pick and 18th pick so theorically lakers can trade it to suns.we can select t.j warren and clint capela to fill front court.and wil the free agenct we can buy lance and bledsoe and finally our roster like this pg=eric bledsoe sg=kobe sf=lance pf=t.j warren c=clint capela and really believe lakers GM plans to rebuilt the team like this.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      I would rather have one really good pick than two mediocre picks. You can fill the SF position in free agency this year and try to fill PF and C next year (Love and Asik)

  • Edy

    Aaron Gordon seems to me that he hopes be drafted by the lakers, and he seems eager to prove he’s the best in the draft I like how he’s really confident and he’s pretty smart guy . Lakers should take the gamble and draft him . Then we should try going after Bledsoe he’s young strong and athletic

    • ray

      Every one of these players want to get drafted by the lakers. gordon, exum, parker, embiid, smart, lavine, randle etc…

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