Lakers Pre-Draft Workout: Julius Randle On Foot, Kobe, Lakers Fan Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video The Los Angeles Lakers worked out Julius Randle on Tuesday morning. Despite reports that Randle would need foot sur Please enable Javascript to watch this video The Los Angeles Lakers worked out Julius Randle on Tuesday morning. Despite reports that Randle would need foot sur Rating: 0
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Lakers Pre-Draft Workout: Julius Randle On Foot, Kobe, Lakers Fan

The Los Angeles Lakers worked out Julius Randle on Tuesday morning. Despite reports that Randle would need foot surgery, Randle said he met with the best foot doctor in the country, and said there is no scheduled surgery on his foot. Check out our excerpts from his chat with the media after his workout below.

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On reports that he would need foot surgery:

“I met with the best foot doctor in the country and he said he wouldn’t do anything with my foot, so there’s no scheduled surgery or anything. I feel healthy, athletic, I’m moving great. No problems recovering and I’m ready to go.”

On whether teams have made a big deal out of his foot:

“I think a lot of it has come from maybe some teams trying to use some motives maybe for me to fall in the draft to them or certain teams may want me.”

Rating himself against some of the other bigs, Vonleh, Gordon, Embiid:

“How would I rate myself against them? I feel like I’m the best one. I don’t put myself second to anybody. That’s my attitude on the floor. Attitude when I compete. That’s just how I was raised to be.”

On initial impressions of being in the Lakers facility after growing up a Lakers fan:

“It was definitely a humbling experience. I just kind of looked at the court, looked at the purple and gold, kind of just gave me chills right now. From a little kid, I grew up and I was the biggest Lakers fan probably more of a Kobe fan but it didn’t matter! I was just the biggest Lakers fan and it was just humbling coming from where I come from going through what I go through. To finally, being on this court playing and practicing it was definitely crazy for me.”

On what it would mean to be drafted by the Lakers and play with Kobe Bryant:

“I heard Kobe’s a little tough on rookies, but I don’t care! Just to be in a program like this, an organization like this, with such great owners and such a great front office. City of Los Angeles, that expects nothing but championships. What more could I ask for? I’m a little prepared for it because coming from Kentucky, you lose a game and they go crazy!”

On where he goes in the draft and whether or not that matters to him:

“I don’t care. I know God is going to put me where he wants me to be, where he thinks I’ll excel the most. So, wherever I am, I’m not second guessing it. I”m going to put my head down, work as hard as I can and have the best possible career as I can.”

On the feedback he’s been given throughout the pre-draft workout process:

“Great feedback. Everybody’s been really impressed with what I’ve done. The feedback’s been great. I’ve put myself in a position to be able to excel, and I think these workouts have been going great if you ask me.”

On his defensive struggles and how he sees carrying that to the NBA level:

“I think I got a lot better at it towards the end of the year. The biggest thing is last year was the first year I was ever held accountable on the defensive end, as far as stopping my man, but it wasn’t really just about about my man. It was about taking care of the guy next to you. It was kind of the first year I was held accountable for that and I got better at it, at the end of the year. I can move my feet well, fast, athletic. As far as me on the defensive end, I don’t think it’s going to be a struggle because I’m such a competitor.”
VIDEO: Julius Randle Responds To Foot Surgery Reports

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeah it’s Marcus Smart then Julius Randle on my list for players that we should get.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      Julius Randle has gotten bigger… look at those shoulders… what I love in him though is his competitiveness… you can see it in his eyes… if he falls to us at 7th pick… that would be crazy. He is going to be the real deal…

      • jancy

        Did you see how small he looked next to the mad dog? And mad dog is 6’8″ at best. Randle may be a nice player, but there’s no way he can dominate the NBA game, too undersized for forward. He reminds me of Paul Millsap. But Marcus Smart with his power and explosiveness will tear up the NBA backcourt put him next to Kobe. Whoever try to guard Smart will have to double team him a lot that will free up Kobe more to score. I think Smart is the real steal at 7.

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          They looked the same height in the video… and Mad Dog has gotten fatter, plus Madsen is a legit 6’9″… so, Randle is a legit big.
          Watch the end of the second video, you will see that they are the same, infact, Randle looked taller than Madsen.

          • BevWadevob

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        • box5

          Yeah Barkley and Dennis rodman was too small to *side eye*, and if 6’5 Larry Johnson didn’t hurt his back he’d been a sure fire hall of famer teamnoexcuses yell

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Yes richard it is going to be interesting come draft night.As of right now today i predict the draft shapes up like this come June 26.

        1.Cavs Joel Embiid
        2.Bucks Andrew Wiggins
        3.Sixers Jabari Parker
        4.Magic Dante Exum
        5.Jazz Noah Vonleh
        6.Celtics Julius Randle
        7.Lakers Marcus Smart

        Unless Celtics really do love Aaron Gordon and they are locked in on him highly unlikely Julius Randle drops to #7.It will take Aaron Gordon jumping ahead or a team with no need for a PG drafting Marcus Smart.But their does remain the possibility of Randle to Lakers at #7 matter of fact most the mock drafts have us drafting Randle.No complaint from me if it is Julius Randle,he is second on my Lakers wish list behind Marcus Smart.

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          If the rumor is true about Kevin Love wanting a trade to Boston, then Boston selecting a big becomes moot.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Good interview.Well i want footage of the workout please post it.:-)

  • comrade24

    I love how many of the incoming rookies are touting the Lakers. You don’t hear any of them raving about wanting to play for Milwaukee. This is smart of them. Of the top teams, the Celtics and the Lakers are the only ones with a chance to win at a high level in the next few years. These guys know the Lakers history, culture, and that if they’re lucky enough be drafted by the Lakers they will end up on a team that is competing for championships (sooner or later).

  • Joe blow

    Outside my main hope of trading down for a player and another pick maybe Thaddeus Young and the #10 or Faried and #11 (OR KEVIN LOVE), I really hope the Lakers draft either Randle or Gordon. I prefer them go big, it just seems like it will be easier for them to get guard play than competent play from bigs. And Gordon at the same height with so much all around potential, with the ability to guard positions 1-4 is great to imagine. I just think PGs are a dime a dozen, and you only need marginal play from that position to win championships. Besides the Lakers have 3 Point guards already, all competent if healthy, while the front line is just a barren waste land.

    • vdogg

      the lakers don’t have 3 PGs at the moment.

    • VillainKing

      I really really hope that the Lakers draft Marcus Smart at 7th pick of NBA draft 2014!!

      • Roland

        Yes Marcus Smart must get drafted by the Lakers.BPA is Smart…

  • Kb24

    If all players are healthy especially embiid and randle the
    Cavs embiid
    Mil parker(giannis and wiggins are both wings)
    Phi wigg
    Orl exum
    Jazz randle
    Cel vonl/gordon
    Lakers smart/gordon/vonleh

  • Kb24

    If mitch can somehow work some of his old black magic, there is a chance we could both get smart and embiid

  • Waldo R Perez


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