Lakers Practice VIDEOS: Pau Gasol Responds To Criticisms Reviewed by Momizat on . After losing their fifth consecutive game to the Philadelphia 76ers last night, the Los Angeles Lakers resumed practiced Monday in preparation to take on the Mi After losing their fifth consecutive game to the Philadelphia 76ers last night, the Los Angeles Lakers resumed practiced Monday in preparation to take on the Mi Rating: 0
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Lakers Practice VIDEOS: Pau Gasol Responds To Criticisms

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After losing their fifth consecutive game to the Philadelphia 76ers last night, the Los Angeles Lakers resumed practiced Monday in preparation to take on the Milwaukee Bucks on New Year’s Eve, currently the worst team in the NBA. Pau Gasol will suit up to play tomorrow despite respiratory infection, which he is still battling. Gasol spoke to the media about the criticisms he’s received, after missing two critical games with illness. Nick Young is keeping the spirits of the team alive, while head coach Mike D’Antoni is working to find a win with the limited roster he has in place and still plans to keep Chris Kaman’s minutes limited. Check out our Lakers practice videos below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel!

MIKE D’ANTONI: On Pau Gasol’s Illness, Chris Kaman’s Limited Role

PAU GASOL: Discusses Extent Of Illness, Responds To Criticisms

NICK YOUNG: Keeping The Heart Of The Team Alive, Despite Losses

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  • J24

    @S.Winters any updates on X. Henry?

    • hookedonnews

      Out 7-10 days with a bone bruise I heard.

  • Gregory Choa

    Happy to hear that Pau is planning on playing through what is obviously a pretty nasty head cold / upper respiratory infection tomorrow night…so long as he’s not infectious! It’s also pretty obvious that his team needs him and that, like him or not, his presence is a stabilizing force for the Lakers. And, he’s right – these next three games are must wins if the team is going to stave off total demoralization.

    • Matthew

      It takes at least 2 people of high morale to inspire a team cause some sickness are really contagious when one is a no consistent starter it demoralizes. Such inconsistency, on fire one day cold the next day, is deficient in self-discipline, the personal inner person thing. Hope for it & apply it.

      • Michael

        No idea what you said…

    • nlruizjr

      How can Gasol stay uplifted when he keeps hearing about being traded, for the last 3-4 yrs. now, if I were him, I’d go to Mitch and ask him to trade me now and get it over with, this guy can’t win for losing, no matter what he does. I would like to see him go back to the Grizzlies to play with his brother. I’d rather have Z-bo, than Bynum, plus the Grizzlies would probably have to include another player that maybe we can use for a pick.

  • ranfan

    I give pau a lot of credit. He’s putting in a lot of work. I can’t say I’m not disappointed with how he plays sometimes (or the rest of the team for that matter), but they all put in a lot of effort. Sucks to see them go down after working hard.

    • Jim213

      Kevin Ding: the Lakers may likely pass resigning Gasol this coming summer.

      Seems that Pau rubbed FO the wrong way given his illness. But though I’ve been a critic of Pau’s (for his inconsistent play) you can’t blame him for his illness which may hurt more than help on the court.

      No diss, but it’s not like we’re talking about Jordan or Kobe who play at a different level. But rather than blame someone FO needs to blame themselves for their ineptness.

      • e3bonz

        At least to me it explained the ups and downs of his output this season.

      • nlruizjr

        100% in agreement, Pau was the one that was rubbed the wrong way when they tried to trade him for the last 3-4 yrs. FO needs a mirror, they are just screwing up this organization big time, Jerry must be trying to kick the coffin door open so he can give Jimbo a swift kick in his ass and let him know what an incompetent blob he is.

  • e3bonz

    The Lakers have not won a game this season without Pau in the line-up. He might of thought the team could win against the Jazz and 76′ers and passed just to get some energy back. Or maybe all the negativity is finally getting to him.

  • Dana Douglas

    Let’s not sugar coat this: I have a nasty cold, too, and I go to work, and I don’t even make $19 million a year. And I have to work longer than 2.5 hours, too. I ran a marathon with a cold, and one with the flu. You just suck it up and perform. Pao, I think, would be playing if he were happier. It’s clear he has the “blue flu,” and it’s clear that he’s not happy in D’Antoni’s system (and neither is Kamen), and that this is a motivating factor. He definitely has a “eff it” attitude, where he’s complaining in the clip that he gets no respect if he plays sick.

    I like Pao, but I can’t stand that attitude. Kobe plays with a broken leg; Pao can’t get it up with a cold? (Sinusitis is, essentially, a viral infection in the upper airways = another name for a cold.)

    Suck it up, cupcake.

    • e3bonz

      It’s different when you and I buck-up a go to work sick, it’s another when it’s a player on a national stage. Every move in the game is scrutinized by the press and fans alike. Not performing to expectations draws intense criticism and in Pau’s case he’s damned regardless of how he plays.

      • Dana Douglas

        You get paid almost $20 million to play a children’s game 6-8 months out of the year. I don’t care if you have a cold, I don’t care if you’re not happy with the coach, get out there and give the very best effort you have. People save up just to buy a couple tickets in the nosebleed section for the chance to see you and your team play. You owe it to your team, to the fans, to the front office, to the sponsors and to the league to load yourself up with DayQuil and play that game for 2.5 hours. Kobe plays with a broken leg fee godsakes. Good grief, what a pouty millionaire.

        • nlruizjr

          Dana, how many times have you seen Pau sit out because of an illness, this is the first that I have seen and he probably would have gone out to play but when you keep hearing about being traded once again (during the F’n season), they can’t wait until the season is over with, then I think Pau has the right to say F it, I can’t win either way, it doesn’t matter how much they pay you, if they treat you like sh##, it’s going to affect you one way or another and so far Pau has handled it pretty well, I just think he’s getting tired of this BS.

    • nlruizjr

      Dana, unless your a doctor and have the means to diagnose Pau, you have no business criticizing someone with a respiratory infection, this can affect people differently and when you try to play with bronchitis and infected sinus, that just zaps all the energy out of you. Gasol probably expends a lot more energy than you do in 8 hrs and unless you won the marathon, it doesn’t mean sh##, just about anyone can run the marathon if they are in decent shape, are you trying to say that you are in the same class as an NBA Pro Athlete ?

      • Dana Douglas

        Oh, puhleeze. Kobe plays with a broken leg. Everyone in the NBA plays hurt and sick. Pao — whom I have championed for years — has a cold, by his own admission. He needs to suck it up and play. How is it he was so sick he had to sit out the last game but he was able to participate in a full practice the next morning? This is nothing but being unhappy in D’Antoni’s system and being a big baby about it.

        $19 million to play a children’s game means you suck it up and do your very best, every minute of every game. Cuz there are a thousand guys standing behind you that are willing to play through anything to get a chance at the NBA.

        From your statement I’m willing to bet you’ve never run a marathon. I’ve run 16 of them, so far, one of them (L.A. 2004) with what Pao has now, and another (Boston 2004) with a serious lung infection. I say this only because I know personally that great athletic endeavors can be done with a cold. Ask the 1000 guys who would do anything for a chance at Pao’s position with the Lakers.

    • hookedonnews

      There’s a difference between a cold or the flu and an upper respiratory infection. Hard to run if you can’t breathe. If he sat out every time he was unhappy he wouldn’t have played that much in the last few years. I don’t agree that he’s sitting out because he doesn’t like MDA’s system. I think he’s missed games because he’s sick. Plenty of players miss games because of illness. If this was the playoffs he would probably not be missing games, but it isn’t. He’s complaining about not getting any respect when he plays sick because he’s been playing with this infection, and no one cares. I can’t read the guy’s mind, but he’s always seemed like a high character guy and he’s playing for a contract next season. I’m willing to cut him some slack if he’s says he’s not able to play.

  • ra

    Pau is a big. Different level of conditioning than Kobe. If a ‘big’ plays through an illness or injury, it could be ‘career-ending’. Look at Oden, Yao Ming, even Bynum.

    The bigs have to be more careful than others, and generally have shorter careers. Exceptions are Kareem & Wilt (for example), who were both extraordinarily tall men, but maintained good shape for a long time. Wilt was actually a great athlete, in addition to being a great basketball player. Kareem had a specific (and unusual) regimen to keep in shape. I’m not sure if others do the same.

    Anyway, Pau has to be more careful than a smaller basketball player, so that he doesn’t ‘end’ his career by playing and risking more bone-related injuries while playing sick.

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