Lakers Practice Videos: Lakers Feel More Like A Team Reviewed by Momizat on . Injuries were the main topic of conversation at today's Lakers practice. Head Coach Mike D'Antoni said both Steve Nash and Pau Gasol practiced in full for the m Injuries were the main topic of conversation at today's Lakers practice. Head Coach Mike D'Antoni said both Steve Nash and Pau Gasol practiced in full for the m Rating:
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Lakers Practice Videos: Lakers Feel More Like A Team

Injuries were the main topic of conversation at today’s Lakers practice. Head Coach Mike D’Antoni said both Steve Nash and Pau Gasol practiced in full for the most part yesterday, with the exception of a drill at the end of practice. The Lakers are currently holding two-a-day practices, but Nash and Gasol are the exceptions, practicing only once per day. D’Antoni said Kobe Bryant is in every film session and on the sidelines watching what’s going on.

There was a general message, though, that the vibe around the Lakers practice facility was completely different than last year. D’Antoni said Steve Nash noticed it and told him the other day.

“It feels good. Last year it was tough, just from the start,” said Nash. It was hard to feel a lot of positive energy. It always seemed like a challenge whereas this year it feels a bit more like a team.”

Though Nash said he couldn’t predict how well the Lakers would do this year, there was positive energy all around. Check out our videos from today’s practice below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel.

Injury Updates: Steve Nash and Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol Discusses Next Season And Contract Negotations

Mike D’Antoni and Steve Nash Talk About The Differences Between This Year And Last Year

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  • Paul C

    I have no doubt they will be a more cohesive team unit this season without Dwight and his drama. Pretty much every new guy on this roster WANTS to be a Laker and is prepared to earn the respect of each and every teammate.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      agree absolutely… i hope they won’t just stop at wanting to be a laker… but agreeing with the coaching staff and FO on the goal. One singular goal, that is, to win a championship.

    • Paytc

      Paul C,
      I agree with you 100 % !

      We have to be very optimistic unless proven otherwise.
      I am expecting the Lakers to “STEP UP ” and take back what is rightfully ours the … (NBA championship). The Miami Heat IMO is the only favorite. All other teams are underdogs.

      So we can not play the underdog role alone. We have to Step up to capture the championship we want more than any other team. We want it more !

      Go Lakers !

  • Daryl Peek

    The thing I dig, is how you rarely hear any of the players saying me. Most comments are team.

    • Paytc

      Like the great one Jordan said ….. “there is no I in team,but there is in win”

      The” I’s “have to “STEP UP ” or there will be no championship.

      I’ll take a championship TEAM over a close nit fellowship type of close ,but under achieving “team”

      It’s the great players who STEP UP ” in crunch time with a champion heart that produce the banners we see hanging in the rafters. It won’t just happen,players have to “STEP UP ” and make it happen. And they are usually led by a few of the great ones.

      Go Lakers!

      • Daryl Peek

        Step is is a singular reference as you frame it. Togetherness is how you win championships. No one is on all the time. As a group you pick each other up when someone is off. Stepping out of the way in the context you frame it breeds discontent in unity.

        The goal is of stepping up is always a personal one for all players. Everyone wants to get better every year but to get better as a team, there has to be turst. Trust is built over the process of ups and downs. If you constantly say just give me the ball and get out of my way, you’re putting the I over team.

        Great players are always in step up mode, that’s who they are and why they are special compared to role players. it is the ones who can bring his mates along with him, through a collective trust that gets the ultimate team prize… championships.

        “It’s all about the journey, trust the process, trust the system, trust your teammates.” –Phil Jackson

        • Paytc

          Jordan and individual accountability is bigger than Phil Jackson and any system you can name. When Jordan said “there is no I in team ,but there is in win” nothing else needed to be said in my opinion.

          Players have to execute,because they are out on the floor.
          And “I” means “we” when everyone is accountable.

          Strong individuals make a strong team. That’s why Paxton,Horry,MWP,Fisher etc… were able to knock down clutch shots because they were individually accountable.

          That is what makes for a great team IMO. I have to run. You may have the last comment and we can both be right if you’d to.

          Go Lakers!

          • Daryl Peek

            I’ll leave it at this. Strength is a conditioned trait. One can not conceive success if they have not experienced failure. The truly great ones stay in that mindset, hone it to the point of no fear. They are a special breed, team success is dependent on how they lead. Their work ethic in excellence seems as a given. Those around them feed off it in the collective.

            Said leaders cannot simply kick teammates to the curb in adversity. Because it is through that adversity they become accountable as one in strength.

          • Paytc

            Sounds like he is saying “there is no quit in a winner”. They continue to “STEP UP” and be accountable. The Lakers have at minimum 5 of those guys on this years team. That’s a minimum without calling any names. Go Lakers!

  • Jay Spraganos

    Hopefully if Nick Young & Wesley Johnson go ham this season the Lakers will keep them long term.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Team Chemistry is greatest… each player must be able to find his role in the offense then do it well. If this team really come together under one goal… it is not far fetch to see them battling it out for the West and possibly the Championships… Talent can only get you as far… but team chemistry can give you wins when the obstacle is at its hardest.

    • jt3z

      A fucking Men

    • Paytc

      That is exactly what was wrong last year with Howard being the biggest distraction. Instead of Howard respecting and appreciating Kobe as the leagues best player and one of the greatest ever,Howard wanted things to revolve around him immediately.Howard had a lack of respect for the championship experience that Kobe,and Gasol had. He was not willing to accept the role the team needed him to fill at that time. He did’nt have the respect or patience to wait until he was ready and supported enough to take over the leadership of the team.

      But there are so many plus’s going into this year with players health being the biggest factor. We should be healthier and on the same page chemistry wise this season.

      We have to expect the best and be prepared should the worse happen. I believe we will be ready to make a significant impact on the league this year and the years to follow.

      Go lakers !

      • Daryl Peek

        I can’t hate on Howard for not wanting to bow down. Kobe didn’t want to as a 18 year old rookie. Kobe is on record saying he understands how both Howard and Bynum felt. Kobe went through that with Shaq.

        Howard was the young gun who the franchise was looking at as the future. How could he not feel entitled, given they brought him here to help? Howard never asked to be a Laker. Matter of fact, he asked not to be traded here. I give him credit for at least giving it a try. I also heave blame on him for not trying to run pick and roll with Nash. Howard once said Nash is the player he wanted to play with. Two faced is my biggest problem with Howard, and that’s why I say Kick Rocks!

        Kobe set the tone early on when he said its my team. Howard shot back saying its our team. The team itself was stuck in the middle of this. In a perfect world, cooler heads should have prevailed. IMO Kobe didn’t need to say that when asked. Everyone knows this. You never heard Magic, Bird or MJ publicly say that. LeBron still has yet to utter those words. If you know, you know, and others do too, that’s all.

        Kobe is the type, if you want the crown, take it, but I’m not just gonna give it to you. I respect that but not all players want to exist under that kinda rule. And not all can handle it either.

        Letting Howard walk was best for the Lakers and him. All water under the bridge now. Next man up! GO LAKERS

        • Paytc

          Don’t take this as an insult, but you sound younger than Howard was, especially mentally.
          It’s not about bowing down, it’s about “RESPECT”.

          I never said I was hating on Howard. If you check my post, I only wish he was mature, and humble enough to respect players like Kobe who are greater than he is. I wish Howard all the best as long as it does not effect the Lakers.

          I advise him to put in the work in necessary to be great, and stop listening to idiots who call him great before he truly becomes great. He has the potential to be great, but until the work is done to fulfill it, he will just be a good player with great defense in my book.A good player who had a couple of great years. That’s the truth, not hate.It would be hate if I lied to him.

          And Kobe was right to tell him it’s his team. Just as the Bull’s was Jordan’s team. What do we want leadership from someone who has never won a championship? Or a proven veteran/all time great? Someone who presents a childish joking like environment… when professionals like Kobe is trying to put the work in?

          Kobe was right to nip that asap!

          Respect is earned not just freely given.Kobe has earned the right to have this be called his team until he retires or falls off his game.

          Kobe is also humble enough to realize he needs help from other superstars like Gasol and Nash,as well as role players who “STEP UP “.

          Kobe was not even close to our problem D12 was a part of it.
          Kobe “Stepped up” again and should have shared in the MVP with Lebron IMO.

          Kobe had my support when howard was here and definitely now that he is gone. Go Kobe ! Come back with another MVP year.

          Go Lakers!

          • Paytc

            “I advise him to put in the work necessary to be great”

            Correction on the extra “in”

          • Daryl Peek

            Everyone is entitled to their interpretation of events. I choose to look at both sides of things as objectively as I can. There’s always some bias. I’m a Kobe fan but a Lakers fan first. It’s never my mission to solely be negative about him but I will never sugar coat things. I cannot be the guy who always heaps praise no matter what.

            No ones perfect. Kobe earned the right to be a Laker for life. Howard is just a blip on the screen. If not for the drama, he wouldn’t even register. I stick to what I said about the leadership aspect of commentary by Kobe. We’ll differ on how that should be.

          • Daryl Peek

            I don’t make it a practice to get into ugly internet fights. I try not to resort to name calling either. I’m too old for that mess. I love good competitive banter.

            These young stars don’t view things the oldschool way. I agree you got to earn it. As far as respect goes, that’s a two way street. Being oldschool and having gone through it with Shaq and Bynum, Kobe had the experience of dealing with both generations under his belt. He should have known better, IMO. There was no need for him to look for respect through the media. That’s childish and beneath his status. All that did was set it off. We all take Kobe’s side as Lakers fans who know what a true champion looks like but that does not mean he didn’t bare any blame in this feud or the Bynum and Shaq ones.

            Again everyone knows Kobe has LA on lock. There’s never gonna be confusion about that!

          • Paytc

            I’m not into “ugly internet fights ” either. And I did not call you a name.
            It’s never personal or anything but playful banter.

            It seems like your mission like a few other so call Laker fans is to point out areas where Kobe is doing something wrong. My job is to defend great players like kobe. I will never say he or anyone is always right or perfect.But I see no benefit in knocking our teams hardest worker and best player.

            “Kobe had the experience of dealing with both generations under his belt. He should have known better.” I don’t agree with you on that.

            Daryl, with all due respect ,Kobe has worked too hard for the Lakers and the NBA to let a silly, playful,non business like distractor interfere with the progress and mission both he and the Laker organization are about.

            “That’s childish and beneath his status”?

            Kobe and the Lakers we’re the ones being disrespected ! What was childish about not tolerating nonsense in a work place?

            Kobe was the “man” in the situation. This guy your defending is running around using the “superman” image that was already used by Shaq. That’s childish and disrespectful enough to know what kind of character we were dealing with.

            Again Kobe is not perfect .but I’ll take him and his flaws over D12,Bynum,Shaq,and any other present NBA player.

            And I don’t have time to show my non appreciation for him by pointing out his flaws. I think his critics,great player haters,jealous players,etc… do enough of that already.

            Go Kobe ! Go Lakers!

          • Paytc

            Perhaps the part in my post where I’m calling D12 “young,especially mentally” you mistakenly thought I was referring to you being young mentally?

            If that’s the case let me clear that up. Yes I was suggesting that you must be young like Howard. The “especially mentally” part was aimed at Howard only.

            I don’t know you well enough to comment on your mentality.You seem to be very sharp.
            And I did’nt mean any disrespect by calling you young. Being young is a good thing,and everyone has been there. I don’t personally get into the significance of age once a person is above 21. I see no real purpose in it.

            Age only matters when we place limits on our capabilities.Or lack life experience.

            I got love for everybody. But since “great players ” like kobe are looked on in a negative light by many whenever they try to defend themselves…. I’ve got their backs.

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          I get what you are saying about the young Kobe wanting leadership passed to him and Howard… but what separates the two is world apart… Kobe leave those off the court, when He and Shaq was on the floor they were seamless… they both understood what was at stake. This Big Whiner doesn’t get it. He didn’t want to play what the coaches wanted him. ONe thing that really surprise me was when Nash confirmed what we fans have seen throughout the season, that Howard didn’t want to play pnr with him. To me, that was the whole story. You didn’t want to play pnr with Nash of all people? I could understand if he didnt want to play pnr with Kobe, but Nash?

          • cj

            howard is at a point in his career were he wants to be all he can be. just being a defensive stopper and pnr finisher did not look good in his eyes. this all comes down to one thing. howard like lebron before him looked at the lakers and celtics and believed that winning is easy so once he got on a stacked team he believed the wins would pile up and a chip would follow suit. just like lebron he learned it takes hard work and tears to win titles but instead of staying and working harder to prove him self he ran to a team that is built to win now and can still grow so he will have multiple chances. the truth is he will go into this season and work his ass off but will fail again in the first or second round and he will again push all the blame away from himself. howard will never win untill he stops pushing off blame and takes it on himself.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            @disqus_cdLpQkICAX:disqus …lol.. “he ran to a team that is built to win now and can still grow so he will have multiple chances” ???? That roster is not a “win now” roster… a win now roster would look like the Brooklyn Nets and the Indiana Pacers… now, those are win now team. Houston? can’t say the same… A win now team must first have multiple personnel who have experience at the championship level… Houston is not it.

            Yes, they have Howard… but very limited in offense..cannot be relied upon in crunch situation. Opposing teams have already planned to defend Harden, and that can’t be good for him… you can reference last years playoffs. Lin? Parson? When teams plan for you, and have a target on your back, it’s a different whole new level. I believe the Rockets are not going to go past 2nd round. That is not a win now team.

            It’s the same thing that happened to OKC… when teams plan their defense against you, winning games become way difficult. I like our chances.

          • cj

            they were built to contend now. i for one dont believe they win a title but there is no question they are built to win now. there is a difference in win now mode and able to win now mode. win now mode is your window is the nex 1-2 seasons aka lakers, nets, knicks, heat, and spurs. able to win now mode is we could win this season but if we dont its ok because we could win in the next 3-4 seasons aka thunder, warriors, clippers, rockets, bulls, and pacers.there is a difference.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            again, this Rockets team is not a win now team… they don’t have a 1-2 years window to win a ring… they need experience at the highest level, not just once… they need personnel that will accept their roles in the teams offensive and defensive schemes… I just don’t see the Rockets roster as built to win it this season and the next…far from it. They won’t get past OKC or Spurs no matter how you slice it. Perkins is going to neutralize Howard in the post, heck, even Pau Gasol is able to neutralize Howard in the post. Very easy to defend.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            there is a lot of variables to say you are able to win in 3-4 season. That’s a long way for a window to win… no team, IMO who is ready to win now would say, we will win in 3-4 years…. when you feel you are able to win, it is usually 1-2 years window… a lot of things happens during that window that may or may not warrant you to win during that span. Championship teams – and players who knows how to win does not do that 3-4 window… they will say, we want to win now! I think you are in agreement with me that the Rockets are not in a win-this-season mode.

          • cj

            i agree with you i dont believe they are built to win this year but their owners and other nba exces believe they are. 3-4 year is howards contract harden parsons and lin should all get better to this point wile howard should remain the same there core is built to contend for all of howards contract. they are a contender this year and will contend for the next few years that sounds like they can win now to me.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I think you are over estimating them… they aren’t contender this year… I would agree in 2-3 years they may but not this year. there are only 2 teams in the west that are title contenders… Spurs and OKC… ROckets are in the same boat with CLippers and Memphis… if all goes well chemistry wise, Lakers are gonna challenge OKC and Spurs. We have seen what Chris Paul can and can’t do last year. Last playoff, many LN users as well as the media peg the Clippers will be in the West Finals… their leader, Chris Paul couldn’t bring them there. Howard and Harden will be in the same boat this year… strong regular season teams but usually pans out in the playoffs…Kobe and Pau, are built differently, they play for the playoffs and the finals, it is where they are the strongest. I think, that is how FO and coaching staff are looking at this season.

          • cj

            the clippers spurs thunder rockets warriors griz and lakers were all built to contend this season. every team has its faults we cant honestly say who the contenders will be in the west this season. the thunder lack depth and westbrook will mis 5-6 weeks. the spurs are old and are comeing off back to back short off seasons + parker had no break this year. the clippers are deep but their bench is defensively challenged and their 2-3 best players cant hit free throws. the grizz lost one of the best coaches in the league have no go to scorer and should take steps back defensively this season wile running more. the rockets lack a true 4 their bench is underwelming and they are trying a mix of new stars. the warriors lost their 2 best bench players and replaced them with an injury risked roster curry, lee, andre , boget, oneal, and douglas could all go down the warriors are 1 injury away from missing the playoffs. the lakers have an core of kobe, nash, pau, and kaman that can contend with anyone but its old kobe may mis time nash, pau and kaman, are all injury risks the bench could not mix right and underperform. this season the west is wide open every team that makes the playoffs has a chance to come out of the west this year. the rockets have just as great a chance as anyone this season. with that said i still believe they go out in round 1

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            then what was the reason you say they are built to contend now and then say they pan out in the 1st round…common @disqus_cdLpQkICAX:disqus … make up your mind… what is it really… contender or 1st round fodder?

          • cj

            my point is they there are 7 teams that will all contend to make it out of the west this season. okc, lac, lal, sas, hou, gsw, and mem. at least three of them will fold in the first round i see okc hou gsw all folding in the first round. these teams will fold because of holes but that does not mean that they are not contenders someone has to lose.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I think our understanding of the word “contend” is a little bit different… when i say contend, I basically mean, contend for a title, not to be in the playoffs… that’s not contending at all… I could be wrong… but maybe not.

          • cj

            i mean contend for a title too. all of these teams were built to go for a title this season all of them. but only one will win

          • Paytc

            Exactly ! Well said cj!
            And many of us Lakers fans myself included have love for D12.
            We wish him the best. But cj is right he has to man up and stop running from a challenge if he wants to be great. Taking the easy road is just that,easy. There is not as much respect in that as it is a true warrior.The point is Kobe was right to stand his ground with Howard.Some day Howard will thank Kobe for it because too man are too afriad to stand up to D12.

          • Paytc

            Correction ” too many” are afriad to stand up to D12

          • cj


          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed, It was his choice. The only thing I have beef with Howard on is the two faced ISH. He never came off as genuine in LA.

          • cj

            imo that is howard. from what i have seen he seams like a nice and fun person but he wants to win and win in his way. when he came to the lakers I truly believe he believed that kobe wanted to at least share this team and when kobe called it his team(which it was) howard was taken aback. howard was hurt by this but he kept his cool and simply put its our team. i truly believe howard fully checked out as a laker once they brought in mike d as the coach. he fully wanted phil nash wanted mike and kobe was did not care so because of personal issues between phil and jim mike was hired. I think this said to howard ok im the future but your not getting me my coach……. ok! howard was not happy from there on in and the way the team played as well as the critasisum he got fair or unfair lead to his departure more then the chance to win titles. imo howard ran from a place were he would not only have to work to win but also have to work to prove he was worth his title as best center in the nba because the lakers bass and fans wont kiss his ass. in houston they might never win but as long as he gets his he wont be killed in the media that was never going to happen in la as a laker. howard has made his bed now he must lay in it taking the good with the bad because there is not another team that will come runnig to save him from a team he is not happy on.

          • Daryl Peek

            Your on point in many ways. I wont go into the detailed dynamics because that will just spark another debate on the FO. Howard didn’t want to be a Laker in the first place. Brooklyn was his desired destination. He absolutely didn’t want to play with Kobe. The stat sheet incident was proof of that IMO. It was confirmed with the amnesty/how long is Kobe gonna be a Laker revelation. This is the two faced thing I’m talking about. If he felt that strongly he should have rejected the trade offer in the first place.

            I’m sure Howard is a nice guy. Jeanie absolutely adored him. I think she reads people fairly well.

          • cj

            i agree i believe the lakers were 3rd on his list with broklen and dal being ahead but once he got here i do believe he was happy. once the lakers got hurt and started to fail blame had to go some were and howard was the easy media scapegoat. then with the coach being fired and management over looking who the future wanted regardless of personal beefs phil should have been hired for howard. once he was not that imo ended the lakers howard date he was gone from then on in.

          • Daryl Peek

            They absolutely kept it together on the court for a while. They also had much stronger leadership managing them at their much younger age. West was like a father figure to the both of them. They both said, if West had stayed they may have lasted longer together. Shaq was still a kid himself in 1996, he was only 24 at the time. By the time Phil came around Kobe and Shaq had almost fours years of working together. You could say they grew up together. This is why they seemed like big brother little brother, as they both have stated on various occasions.

            Tex Winter took up West’s role as peace keeper. Phil could not do that because he sided with Shaq and had a very rocky relationship with young #8 Kobe.

            Howard could never get on that level with Kobe because he didn’t have the years of mutual conditioning as a teammate, like Kobe and Shaq did. Shaq was like Kobe in that he used bad judgement from the jump saying “I’m not gonna babysit on the court. That was the same as the my team theme for Howard. Both Kobe and Howard were defensive with the older teammate from that moment on. Kobe also went through this with Bynum when he demanded Drew be traded for Jason Kidd.

            This is why i draw the conclusion of better off left unsaid publicly. And also why I lean more towards pointing the finger at Kobe for not using better judgement in doing so with Howard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Kobe should suck up or coddle Howard, but he could have drawn from past experience in coming to a less combative public stance from the jump. Our team would have sufficed. Every knows Kobe’s the man and everything runs through him. Kobe is conditioned to fight for his role on a team. Howard never went through that and it’s not his personal make up as a player. He was never gonna last with Kobe.

            I had a big problem with the Nash thing. Once Howard became disruptive I was done with him. The stat sheet thing was the breaking point for me.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            it doesn’t matter if you spend a decade or a week with a player… my thing is, you play the game the best thing you know how and instructed to play how once you step into the hardcourt. YOu are paid to give your all … teammates expect that of you, and fans expect that of you, no matter who is with you or without you, you earn respect on the court not outside it, you are a professional, that is what you do… if a player cannot do that, then he has no business playing with the Lakers…Kobe, Pau, Nash, understood that… Howard couldn’t care less what that means… and that is where my beef with him last year…

          • Paytc

            richard I do agree with you. That’s the point with regards to Howard. He is too immature, selfish,self -centered,and egotistical to be trusted to lead a storied franchise like the Lakers. Kobe did everyone a huge favor by calling Howard out and letting him know that nonsense is not a part of the Laker culture in 2013. We have set the standard for championship or bust. Winning is not an option to us it’s a must. Go Lakers !

          • Daryl Peek

            I just chalk it up to them not being able to coexist. I had a huge problem with his stat sheet buffoonery and the amnesty ISH. I really took issue with his Nash beef. That made no sense given he said Nash was the PG he really wanted to play with.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Exactly… what’s the point of saying Nash is the PG he wants to play with and refused to run pnr with Nash? What’s the point of saying Kobe is one of the greatest to ever play the game and a winner then refused to listen and learn from Kobe? I am not sure he will ever win in Houston with that kind of 2 faced approach. Something is gotta give in Houston.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            thanks… I think enough has been said about this… GO Lakers!

          • Daryl Peek

            Very true but bad relationships sink ships. This is a natural fact of life that can’t be denied no matter how professional human beings try to be. 2004 Kobe/Shaq, Penny/Shaq, MJ/Isiah on the Dream team, Barkley/Pippen in Houston, are the perfect examples.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    We still have Kobe and Pau… NBA champions! As in the words of Rudy T… “don’t ever under estimate the heart of a champion…”

    Lakers all day!

    • Anthony Wright

      farmar in the house also

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        yes,i forgot Farmar is also a 2 times champion with us…thanks

    • Paytc

      Yes, that can make the difference.

      As long as role players respect that, and exceed expectations when playing out their roles.
      Championships are won with collective efforts from super stars and role player working together harmoniously. It works when young players (non championship) players trust and respect the leadership from proven champions. We did’nt have that last year until we were backed up facing elimination. Well this year we should expect the chemistry to be better with D12′s distractions gone.Alone with his lack of desire to be a Laker champion under Kobe’s leadership. Nash said it best “Howard did’nt really want to be here”. That is obvious because he chose to leave.

  • Lakers4Life

    Looks like a hungry, solid team, except the clown Dumbtoni. We want Phil!

    • vdogg

      i hear you, man. we all do. but phil isn’t coming back… accept that. the team is being molded into the shape that mike d wants. why not get behind the guy? you never know.. he may surprise you.

  • 3339

    Love the fact that basketball is back.
    I think guys like Nash, Nick Young, Pau, and Kaman are about to have great seasons which will hopefully reduce the burden on Kobe and adding Jordan Farmar might be the most underrated move of the offseason. wouldn’t be shocked if he got minutes at the 2.

  • The Rock

    New players Nick Young,Wesley Johnson,Chris Kaman,Shawne Williams,Elias Harris,Xavier Henry,Ryan Kelly,Returning Jordan Farmar.I am sorry but it takes time to build chemistry especially with 8 new players on the roster.It’s a year in transition.

    The chemistry is no guarantee since 8 new players are learning new things on the Lakers.Also new their are new assistant coaches it will take time.But eventually it will all be great and the Lakers will win games consistently.

    Their are also plenty of returning Lakers players such as Kobe Bryant,Pau Gasol,Steve Blake,Jordan Hill,Steve Nash,Robert Sacre,Jodie Meeks so yeah maybe it will be much chemistry than last season since Dwight Howard is no longer around to break up the locker room he used to likely be a major distraction in a very negative way to the locker room also team moral will pick up once they start winning games on a regular basis.It’s all about winning.In the NBA you gotta win.Lakers just need to play hard and win.I will be a Lakers fan no matter what i been a Lakers fan since the Showtime Era in the 80′s.Go Lakers Go!

    • Paytc

      The Rock,
      I agree with you that it will take a bit of time to build chemistry,but dont under estimate how quickly it can be done. They have all training camp,preseason,and 82 regular season games.
      I don’t think Nash and Kobe have the time or patience to use this as a rebuilding year.

      Gasol,and Blake are going to be motivated to ‘STEP UP” to earn new lucrative contracts. That gives you three super stars,and a backup PG with all the motivation in the world to bring it. Then we know we can count on Jordan Hill to man up, and I don’t think any of our new additions will be slackers.

      Remember the team’s chemistry was blown last year with the front office’s poor decision to replace Brown so abruptly. Only a fool would believe that would result in being effective on a team’s chemistry. They needed time to learn, and buy into a new coach’s system and philosophy. Not to mention how immature,egotistical,distracting,and selfish one of the so call superstar was,glad he is gone. All these things can only be seen as positives going into this season.

      Now of course we will be long shots ,but you always aim for the highest point anyway.

      Les Brown once said “most people don’t fail because they aim too high and miss,most people fail because they aim too low and hit” I believe that to be so true.

      This year I am personally calling for everyone to “STEP UP ” and be personally accountable.
      Be the competition,don’t worry about it. Be the player who “STEPS UP ” to make a difference not an excuse.

      Go Lakers !

      • The Rock

        Yeah i agree the Lakers must step up.It’s time to roll fuck all the bullshit.Dwight Howard was already trashed by our fan base last season as a Laker.I never ever wanted Dwight Howard on the Lakers because i knew he was not good for team chemistry.

        Lakers will be just fine.But fuck it no more excuses and like you say STEP UP to everyone.Every fucking player must be held accountable for their play on the court.It’s time to shut he haters up.They are jealous faggots.

        Whoever is hating is probably just some jealous Spurs fan since their team fucked up and lost the NBA Championship because they choked in game 6.Lakers All Day Everyday,All the rest ain’t shit.Tell em haters Paytc!You ain’t shit,You ain’t shit,You ain’t shit.Yup yup Paytc we gunna do big things.Go Lakers Go.Fuck the haters.We riding!Lakers all day bitches.

        • Paytc

          Now ! you said it the way only you could say it ! The Rock is in the building !

          I’m just gonna back it up with my support.

          Go Lakers!

          • The Rock

            Exactly The Rock is in the building.And yes lets talk Lakers basketball for a moment.See the Lakers have weapons everywhere think about it,Kobe Bryant and Nick Young on the wings torching the opponent with a barrage of 3 pointers and mid range jumpers.

            Then the Lakers got Steve Nash the best passer since John Stockton passing the ball to the scorers i mentioned.Then we got Pau Gasol a great big man that has skill on offense and he is a low post threat standing 7’0 feet tall.

            Also The Lakers have Wesley Johnson a young up and coming player he averaged 13 points a game in his last 25 games played last season.He was getting better and better on offense each and every damn game towards the end of the season.Wesley hit a game winner against the Spurs as well last season.

            He was voted one of the best pure shooters in the NBA by his peers in the NBA.Wesley Johnson is going to have a breakout year playing on the same team as his mentor Kobe Bryant and also in the MDA system.Chris Kaman and Jordan Hill will handle all the dirty work for the Lakers on the inside.

            They will provide size and energy and grab rebounds also playing defense while giving it their all every game.Also Jordan Farmar is back he will help out the second unit with playmaking and defense.Jodie Meeks,Shawne Williams,Steve Blake will also factor in the rotation at the very least they provide some fresh legs and they all can make 3 pointers all day and night.

            Also Xavier Henry,Elias Harris,Ryan Kelly will bring what they can to the table and one or 2 of those kids might be a gem.Mike D’Antoni and Kurt Rambis and staff will do a great job with the team.It’s time to play ball.The goal is a championship but playoffs first.Go Lakers Go!

          • vdogg

            well said. i am excited for this year, which i’ll call “subtraction of the distraction”. good riddance, dwight!

          • Paytc

            You know what’s up vdogg !
            Now it’s time for the Lakers to show the world what’s up !

            We’re coming ! Not trying to we’re doing it !

            Go Lakers!

          • Paytc

            The Rock,
            Wow! You know the team already :-)

            I expect the Lakers to call out to you and I as consultants soon.
            It’s personalities like ours that are most capable of igniting a fire under the under achievers . We plan to over achieve. Let’s exceed outside expectations by raising our inside expectations !

            And to the organization my email and the Rock’s can be obtained very easily.
            We are eagerly anticipating to hear from you. Until then…..

            Go Lakers!

  • Paytc

    Yes it already feels like “more of a team”. The players have had time to get to know MDA system,philosophy,and expectations better. We have also work to select players who better fit THE SYSTEM and the expectations.

    This years team will respect the veteran champion leadership, and as the homie T.S. says learn to “Get in where they fit in” .

    We will be accountable enough to “STEP UP ” and personally to a man make a difference,not an excuse.

    We are the Lakers, and we are a united team. Our mission is to win an NBA Championship “This year”.

    Go Lakers!

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