Lakers Practice Report: Kobe Bryant Will Play Some Point Guard Reviewed by Momizat on . Both Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash were out on the Los Angeles Lakers practice floor this morning, but there's still no definitive date for their return to game ac Both Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash were out on the Los Angeles Lakers practice floor this morning, but there's still no definitive date for their return to game ac Rating: 0
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Lakers Practice Report: Kobe Bryant Will Play Some Point Guard

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Both Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash were out on the Los Angeles Lakers practice floor this morning, but there’s still no definitive date for their return to game action. Head coach Mike D’Antoni said today that he expects Bryant to return sooner than Nash, who participated in 10 minutes of practice yesterday with the hope of upping those minutes on Wednesday. With the Lakers thin at the point guard spot, expect Bryant to be an option at the point guard position when he returns to game action.

“Kobe will play some point guard because of Farmar’s status and Steve Nash’s status,” D’Antoni explained before Wednesday’s practice.

Kobe was facilitating the offense during the team’s scrimmage after yesterday’s practice. With Jordan Farmar out approximately four weeks, Steve Blake will be expected to continue to perform at a high level. Unfortunately, a hyper-extended right elbow has limited him from being able to shoot right-handed the past two days. Blake was again shooting with his left hand before practice this morning, but D’Antoni said Blake told him he’s feeling better. Lakers center Pau Gasol is looking forward to having Bryant back on the floor, and says his presence alone will continue to pick up everyone’s energy, but does not want him to return until he is 100 percent ready to do so. Bryant did not speak to the media today but is expected to do so tomorrow. However, D’Antoni said he doesn’t think they’ll know whether or not Bryant can play against the Sacramento Kings until Friday.

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  • jeremy

    im all for kobe playing some point, since he has the skills to handle the ball and do a pretty nice job running the offense

  • Asa Lewis

    Just when we were starting to hit a stride… BOOM. Farmar’s out for a month. Steve Nash is still out for a while. Blake has a messed up elbow. Pau is still recovering. We definitely need Kobe right now, but is he truly ready for Friday? especially if he’s gonna try to be the primary ball handler yet he’s (most likely) is going to be limited on minutes for a while? I still believe in this Lakers team, but guys like Xavier, Hill and Wes are gonna REALLY need to pick up the slack until everyone is back on the floor and healthy.

  • Jim213

    Mic issues?

    • Daryl Peek

      Hate to say I told ya so. LOL

      Bringing in another player was never an option man. That was last minute worst case scenario and even if Kobe was not gonna do it no one was gonna be brought in.

      Money matter too much right now.

      • Jim213

        It’s more of trade thing foremost for myself. Brought this up since the summer while everyone was upset about DH leaving, being that it was the best thing that could’ve taken place. The team now as we see has better depth (my #1 issue) than the previous seasons. However, missing two important parts (Kobe and 1) to the starting rotation hurts the team. But IMO it’s benefited the team today given the bench mob has taken advantage of the situation.

        However, IMO management is just limiting the capabilities of the team if a starting PG who can play position consistently isn’t in the near future. Nash still has issues which may likely be re-aggravated upon his return to the court. Kobe can play the one but he’s a scorer rather than a distributor though will need to adjust but to me it just limits the team’s abilities if players don’t play the positions that benefit the team overall aside of what’s been their bread and butter.

        • Daryl Peek

          The Nash thing can become a problem if he can’t heal but Farmar will be back in a few weeks and X or Kobe (when he returns) can help Blake. The FO is not gonna push a panic button and start spending money that would further the luxury tax plight.

          As far as the near future, I’m sure a move will be made between the open trade date and the dead line. Kaman or Hill will likely be the ones shopped. Pau could be on that block also. Nash has no trade value given his injury status so forget that. Were stuck unless he and his doctors come to the conclusion he’s done.

          Gotta let go of what was not done that should have been in your opinion man. Were at where we are and it’s all about today.

          • Jim213

            ?! Agree and disagree. It’s about today #rollwithit being that the coach has exceeded expectations (roster) givens DH’s departure and management’s belief they’d wait until 2014FA to make a big transaction.

            However, have to plan ahead rather than sit and wait like last year (DH). It’s not just about now it’s about 2-4 months down the line. Would hate to see a good player (1) be snatched by another team that could’ve helped the team today and in the future.

            A change is needed to help the team but given management’s lack of planning aside of business moves they likely wait until 2014. Although, the coach has placed a good product on the floor. Don’t believe management cares as much about the roster more than a franchise player which is likely foremost an owner move rather than a coach decision.

          • Daryl Peek

            Your really being too harsh on the FO about the past man. Gotta let that go… What were seeing now is something that has been brewing for several years not just lately. The luxury tax day of reckoning has been kicked down the road for years now due to chasing rings. Mistakes were made plans were nixed. No ones perfect.

            2014 is the repeat offender shit hitting the fan and hands are cuffed. It’s not so much waiting for 2014 then it is being fiscally mindful of what’s coming. As far as I can tell the FO has done a very good job all considered. Trading D12 was not really an option given any trade would have to be a dollar for dollar match. In scenarios like that your more than likely to be forced to accept some long term bad contracts for a player with a 20 mil salary like D12. That was not an option! If he didn’t stay they had to let him walk.

            The FO got the coach the type of players he needed with the right attitude about playing for the Laker, and understanding the potential short term stay. Many of these guys will likely be resigned next season (deservedly so) especially in lieu of the new Kobe contract.

            There will be no big three in 2014 for the Lakers. At most one max contract player will be brought in. Pau is gone IMO. Whatever they do I’m good with it. I’m just enjoying the good will I see brewing with this current crop. All of the dirty details of the future will be addressed at said time The return and integration of him into this fun bunch is all that matter right now.

          • Jim213

            Yes, Kupcake has to get some credit but it’s mostly due to the coach wanting to acquire the players that fit more of his style. FO likely had to make sure these players fit their restrictions $.

            It’s not being harsh but given the past bad moves (aside of bringing J Hill and sending Fish to the Rockettes/ tough trade) their moves haven’t evoked trust. IMO, seems like their just settling for certain players without looking at the overall picture.

            One thing is for sure the Western Conference is (competitive). Today, 4 teams in the West are just or even at a 500 avg. With the Mavericks and Warriors as the 7 and 8th seeds. Of course, it’s the start of the season but mostly everyone had the Blazers, Nuggets, and Mavericks out of the playoffs.

            Yet they at least average a 600% winning percentage. IMO, these road games this month may prove crucial come March/April in determining if the Lakers can manage to attain a playoff spots. Blazers beat the thunder today too, it’s been awhile since the West has been this competitive

  • Jun Toomuch

    Hell yea I use Kobe at the 1 in video games! With Young at 2, Wesley at 3, and Hill(or Henry) and Gasol?! Lights out!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I don’t Kobe coming off Achilles Tendon surgery guarding waterbugs like Damian Lillard,Chris Paul,Eric Bledsoe,Russell Westbrook,TY Lawson,Jrue Holiday,Stephen Curry,Deron Williams,Tony Parker.I would hope and pray for Kobe to just comeback at the pace he wants not to be rushed into being a PG when he has always been a shooting guard for the Lakers.God bless Kobe for accepting the facilitator role he can make the best out of this situation tbh.I am hoping for wins.

    Go Lakers!

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Meant to say i don’t like it.:-)

    • Daryl Peek

      Why would he have to guard PG’s given he’d likely play with Blake or Meeks? I’m cool with Kobe running the point but I’d rather see Blake continue on at it.

      If Kobe’s gonna play point, Blake should come off the bench. I like Blake playing point better than SG. Anyway you look at it Kobe gonna have to knuckle up defensively one way or another. No hiding, Mamba mentality!

    • Lala Fan

      Zone D with athltic wing players kills speedy point guards. kobe doesnt always need to play isolation D. Also theyd be lengthier on offense for better rebounding. If they play slow half court games, pau’s specialty, they can hang with teams that dont have durant or lebron.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    With all that is happening in NY with the knicks and Nets…. we can solve our 1 with a D-WIll trade… if that is possible.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      My only problem with this is that D-Will eats a lot of salary….

  • Robert Perez

    Offensively he’ll do great . On D, I’m just not too excited about seeing Kobe run after guys like curry, Westbrook and others coming off of this injury. Hope he’s ready when he comes back.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Can’t help but copy paste this comment from a user over at ESPN…

    “Jeremy Blair · Top Commenter · California State University, Sacramento

    This is the miami heat effect in the East. They took 3 franchise players in their primes and put them on one team. No D wade vs Lebron Battles anymore.. Or Bosh and whoever. They cheated basketball. I don’t blame LBJ, but that is one reason I can’t compare his prime, to Kobe’s or MJ.. Kobe in the west had to deal with a few hall of fame players in their primes every year just to advance. The Duncans, Garnetts, Webber’s, Nash..The West has always been loaded and is a all out grind. Lebron and the Heat have a cake walk. The toughest comp was a really old past there prime Boston Celtic team. Every other game we watch Lebron and the Heat beat up on the wizards, 76ers, bobcats, magics, and cavs. While the west is just killing each other, just to make it out of the conference.”

    • Paytc

      How true that is. I always take a lot into consideration and decide things for myself. If we only take what media heads say without considering their bias and everything else, how stupid are we? Some cheat or do things the easy way, others make away regardless the size of the challenge. God bless the ole school.

  • Guest

    The mic is so annoying

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