Lakers Practice Report: Gasol And Kaman Are Game-Time Decisions Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_89622" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] After a last-second loss to the Utah Jazz on Friday, [caption id="attachment_89622" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] After a last-second loss to the Utah Jazz on Friday, Rating: 0
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Lakers Practice Report: Gasol And Kaman Are Game-Time Decisions

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Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

After a last-second loss to the Utah Jazz on Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers returned to practice this morning. With four straight losses, the Lakers open a crucial four-game home stand against the Philadelphia 76ers. While the Lakers are only 3.5 games out of the final spot in the Western Conference, they will need to capitalize against these four opponents (Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, Utah Jazz, and Denver Nuggets) that have a combined record of 37-80.

In the loss to the Jazz, Pau Gasol did not play due to an upper respiratory infection while Chris Kaman suffered a left ankle sprain. Both will be game-time decisions against the 76ers on Sunday according to head coach Mike D’Antoni:

Although the swelling on Kaman’s ankle isn’t too bad, Jordan Hill and/or Robert Sacre will get the start if both players aren’t able to go:

While they have struggled with injuries, D’Antoni feels the Lakers are ready to turn the corner and starting winning games again:

For the second consecutive season, the Lakers have been marred with injuries. While the Lakers were embarrassed by an average of 23 points against the Suns and Warriors, they have looked much better with the return of Jordan Farmar. Although there’s still more than half a season left, this is the Lakers’ most important stretch if they want to remain in playoff contention.

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  • Daryl Peek

    Gotta turn the corner NOW. There’s no more good will in we played hard or wait til so and so gets back. The hole in the west has gotten too deep now.

    The casual attitude has to become sense of urgency! GO LAKERS

    • luzzjl524

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      by working from a computer. pop over to these guys J­a­m­2­0­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Jim213

    The coach should be exited, small ball it is though he’ll likely reduce Hill’s minutes now. SMH

  • e3bonz

    I’m guessing both will be ready by Sunday.

  • Lakers Fan

    Kaman should get more minutes than Pau if they both play tomorrow. Pau is a disappointment and I’ve grown tired of watching him disappoint night in and night out. Like I said before, Kaman gives us what Pau don’t and that’s EFFORT AND HUSTLE. He can also put up the same numbers offensively. Ima be pissed if Pau plays more minutes than Hill and Kaman tomorrow, especially after how they just played last night.

    • C. River

      agreed. especially considering the production you get compared to the salary. we can keep kaman and trade Pau and not only can we get something (albeit not much these days) but we don’t get a big drop off in production. Kaman is solid and with a combination of Hill and Sacre, its enough at that position. Trade Pau.

  • Alex

    Trade both of these big fucks

  • GM Jack

    Just for your eyes only:

    Dwight Howard last ten games @ $20 million dollars per year


    Previous 10 Games33.7.62514.

    Gasol Last Ten games @ $19 million Dollars per year

    And, the defense, the intangibles!

  • GM Jack

    New Jersey Nets is on fire. They are paying $80 m in Luxury tax. They would love to pick up some expiring Contracts.

    Send Gasol to them, and this will be the Lakers Chance to go after D William.

    Dump Kaman and Nash, then you can pick up some mid level power forward for next two years to make the Lakers more interesting.

    Then, keep the current young core as many of them as you can. It will at least be somewhat interesting till Durant or Love becomes available.

  • jeremy

    if pau and kaman cant go it be surprising to see what willams,kelly hill and sacre can do

  • Miami Heat Since 1988

    Lakers are way worse than their record indicates.This team is already paper thin and now you add in all these screwy injuries and you got the making of a 30 win team if lucky.Lakers are a lottery team with no hope for a playoffs spot.Lakers are down and out in Beverley Hills.Jim Buss messes up everything he tries.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      Agree with you here… lakers are worse than their record… specially if you look at them on papers… but the games are not played on papers… last time i looked they are still played on the hard court. so, they are what they are, a 13-17 team, with 4 starters injured. Imagine if lakers are 15 man healthy at start of the season? They could easily be 20-10, wouldn’t they?

    • C. River

      i still don’t understand the jim buss hatred. stop listening to talk radio. their job is to get ratings, even if it hits a cord with the ignorance of people.

    • jeremy

      this isnt a great looking team with all the injures, but i wouldnt say no hopes of playoffs when they are only 4 games out of the 8th spot

  • JohnC

    There are a few teams like the Thunder or Portland which would win a championship with the help of a Pau Gasol.

    What does LA offer him? A franchise directed by a D’Antoni who is inventing a science-fictional system that punishes centers: both the best defender center (Howard) and the best offensive center (Pau) have struggled and haven’t been able to find their touch. A franchise which is probably missing the play-offs and can’t offer much until they hire another coach and include another top player.

    You cn go out there with many funny theories, but there is a basic principle of any team and it’s always been this way: you do need a ”spine” you build your team around. In the last years:

    Kobe + Pau + Bynum/Odom,
    or Wade + Bosh + James,
    or Rondo + Pierce + Garnet
    or Parker + Ginobilly + Duncan
    or Westbrook + Durant + Ibaka (Ibaka is a top defender who’s improving in the offensive end, but these guys won’t beat Miami until they’ve got the contribution of a top center!).

    There are other smaller squads which do not have that ”trident” many coaches (the ones with championship rings) have realized they need to make things work. NOTHING can’t be easier than learning from the past.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Small hasn’t worked for the Lakers this season.Inuries are piling up and losses are piling up.Small ball is a one way ticket to the unemployment line for coach Mike D’Antoni if the Lakers continue to lose games at a fast pace.Lakers are 29th in rebounding and 26th in defense this season.No excuses the Coach has a 13-17 record and the Lakers are skidding out of control in the loss column.4 game losing streak currently.The Laker must beat Philly or else Mike D’Antoni should be ousted.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers need the big men healthy and playing.Could be in for a tough stretch.

  • Hobbs

    I’m at a point wherein I’m not even upset anymore when they lose. This team is going nowhere this year and maybe the next few years. Sure, I’d love for them to keep winning, but this is a new NBA with a new CBA and stars/players with a different mentality and vision than the players of old. The old Laker model of reloading on the fly a isn’t as simple anymore. I just look at every loss as getting the team better odds at a top 3 or so pick. They now have to learn to build through the draft, be it developing young talent or amassing picks/assets to ventually flip them for a young star when the opportunity presents itself(ie..Houston/James Harden).

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